My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 172

"Yeah, obviously I have nothing to do with Heya, I was also taken by you!" Ishiki also jumped out, with a frown--ah no, it should be a smirk.

I looked around and felt the resentment of the single men and women around me.

Well, look back on what I did before. I took two beautiful girls to watch the fireworks display. Then I met three other beautiful girls. In the conversation, they mocked the leader of the three beautiful girls. Finally, She was so angry that she fled without self-reflection.

Uh, it seems a bit too much.No wonder passersby look at me so strangely.

"Now, old sister, Isshiki, I started to run away!" I held my sister's palm with one hand, and I held Ishiki's wrist with the other—well, this seems to be my first physical contact with Isshiki?

——Well, don’t worry about so much, it’s important to leave this place of right and wrong first!

Fortunately, onlookers will always be just onlookers. They will kill people with their eyes, and they will kill people with comments, but they will never take actual actions.Therefore, it is not difficult to get rid of them.

The difficulty is that in this quiet corner, silently watching my sister Yui and classmate Yi Hueiyu.

The sister was embarrassedly twisting her hair, stomping small steps, and spinning around in circles.Isshiki's eyes turned quickly without a focus. When I looked at her, she turned her face away and turned to another place.

Okay, let's sort out the current situation.In the contempt of the crowd just now.I arbitrarily grabbed the hands of the two beautiful girls I brought, protected them from the scene-as if I did have an affair with them.

Also, with sister-sama and Isshiki's gossip cells, the conversation between me and Vice President Sonoda just now is enough for them to keep shaking.

Therefore, when going to see the fireworks with my sister in the future, we must find a place farther away, this kind of place of right and wrong, it would be better not to get involved!

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Chapter 53: The Only Light in the Darkness

Misunderstandings must be resolved.

"Ahem, let me explain. What about the girl just now, she has always treated me very badly, probably because of my relationship with Xiaochun, and then she admires Xiaochun very much? I explain this, can you understand it?" I used Looking at Yui sister and Isshiki with a fearless expression, he explained the current situation clearly in the simplest way.

However, what was exchanged was the "stare" of the two people.

"Uh, let's put it this way, I think that Sonoda Umi is a girl who likes girls, so I said, because I have strange feelings for Xiaochun and then-well, I don't believe it myself, so I really It has nothing to do with her, don't look at me with such a look, okay?"

"I didn't think Xiaohe had anything to do with that girl, but Xiaohe desperately explained that it was a little weird." My sister pouted and hummed a little dissatisfiedly.

Well, this is a bit embarrassing.

"In fact, Yui-senpai was interested in the thing that the girl mentioned,'Rejecting Sugiura-sen's request', right?" Isshiki glanced at Yui-san with slanting eyes, and then showed a cunning expression.

However, when I cast my eyes on her, she still seemed to rub her hands unnaturally.

Didn’t I tell you that you have to perform a full set of acting?Or this unexpected and innocent performance is also part of acting-a color feather, really can't be underestimated.

However, looking at the serious eyes of Yui sister, I think Isshiki should be the place to judge the interest of sister.Her hands were clenched on her chest, and her eyes flickered, as if she was waiting for me to tell her something.

"There is no need to worry about that. It's probably because Xiaochun asked me for help. I refused at first, but I have figured it out now, so you can just treat Sonoda's remarks as a little girl's joke." I didn't. Explain what Xiaochun asked me for help. For me, this is a personal request to me. I personally assumed this commission. Therefore, there is no need to involve unrelated people.

Moreover, as my first help to others after I understand their ignorance, it is necessary for me to solve the problem most beautifully in my own way.

"What is the request? Are you in a hurry? If you are not in a hurry, you can discuss with Xiaoxue and others after the beginning of the next semester. If you are in a hurry, actually contact the small enterprise and Xiaoxue via email and line—" My sister's eyes became a little excited. Some.

"—No, this matter is not taken over in the name of the Ministry of Service. I just leave it to myself." However, I interrupted my sister's habit of thinking about problem solving from the perspective of the Ministry of Service.

"But, at least you can ask for their opinions!" My sister insisted somewhat persistently.

"That's just a trivial matter. If that trivial matter can't be solved, then I don't deserve to be Yui sister's brother!" I stretched out my hand and patted my sister on the shoulder. Actually, I wanted to be like before. I made a model of her head, but now this hairstyle might be messed up if I touch it, so forget it.

"Then you can tell us a little bit, if you think Yukoshita-senpai and Biqigu-senpai are not so good to talk." Isshiki blinked and asked casually.

When girls are aroused by curiosity, it is still difficult to calm their mentality.

"It's not a big deal, it's just a time gap when everyone is busy, which led to a bit of public opinion, but what is false is a false thing, and as long as it is face-to-face, it is enough to calm this hypocrisy. "

"So is Xiaochunjiang being slandered? But didn't Xiaohe say it before? It's actually hard to calm things like public opinion. If Xiaochunjiang can calm down the slander, then she won't be Xiaohe asked for help, right?"

"That's correct. As a party to public opinion, if Xiaochun wants to defend herself, it will only cause more doubts, and people related to her interests will say these things, and others will not believe it. However, if a person who had absolute authority in the past and who is now the opposite of Xiaochun personally refutes this kind of thing, the reversal of this kind of thing could not be easier. Because the vast majority of people are such a mob. They will only be led by a few people and fall into the collective unconscious carnival. The difference lies in whether the person leading them is right or wrong."

My sister held up her head, her eyes kept looking at me, blinking and blinking, and then—

"Xiaohe is a little complicated, I don't understand it!"

"Heya probably means that his status is special. It would be more advantageous to help Secretary Sugiura clarify?"

"In that case, I only need Xiaohe to explain to the other party? It doesn't seem to be very difficult!"

"Although I think Isshiki's explanation and sister's understanding are not too wrong, I always feel that there is a subtle deviation, but if you want to achieve the effect, you should stop here. So, are you still worried about Yui sister? "

"Well, it's okay." My sister nodded heavily, "Although I still think it would be better for Xiaoxue and Xiaoqi to take a look, but since Xiaohe said that, it's actually fine."

It seems that I haven't solved the problem beautifully for too long, making Yui sister a little worried about my problem-solving ability, and I feel underestimated, a little uncomfortable!

"Oh, by the way, does Senior Xiao Muzhen know about this?" Somewhat casually, but also some too suddenly, my sister throws up such a topic.

I can already see the handkerchief in her hand and her feet rubbing the ground restlessly.Speaking of senior Xiao Mu Shou, it shows that Yui sister actually still pays much attention to the identity of her sister!After all, the attention of the elder sister's attributes has been snatched away by the predecessor Xiao Muzhen, or something will make her feel a sense of crisis, right?

Then just make a joke.

"Senior of course knows it. When Xiaochun asked for help, Senior was staying with me!"

"Ah, is this really the case?" Yui sister's face turned pale, and she was obviously disappointed. "I think that this kind of thing, Xiaohe is very likely to talk to senior Xiaomushu, but I didn't expect that, That's it."

The always-spirited dumpling's head drooped, and the feet rubbing the ground did not know when it stopped. With the sound from a distance, it was not so clear, like the sound of fireworks from another world, the body shape of my sister, It seems a lot lonely.

Okay, seems to have played with fire again?

"Uh, that, Yui sister, I haven't finished talking yet! Although Xiao Muzheng knew that Xiaochun asked me for help, she only knew that I refused Xiaochun, and she had been persuading me to help Xiaochun. , So I’m going to talk to senior after helping Xiaochun and tell her that I’ve done this according to your idea-uh, did I say something wrong again."

Indeed, although my initial thought was to play Yui sister, but seeing her increasingly unsightly face, even if I am a stupid, I should know what I seem to say to make my sister more sad Words-inadvertently.

"Uh, I also know that, compared with my kind of sister, Xiao Muzhen's predecessors are more powerful and considerate? In fact, it is not considerate? In short, it is to make Xiaohe feel more reliable, right? Yes, Senior Xiao Muzhen is a great beauty. It is possible that he will be a character of the three consecutive misses. Boys should like such girls, right?"

Well, at first it seemed to be explaining the superiority of the senior's attributes to his sister, and later, uh, it became a subtly topic of feelings between men and women.

All in all, the depression of my sister's emotions is something that everyone can detect.

"I can’t say that. Compared with Xiaomushu-senpai, Yui-san also has many good things. For example, Xiaomushu-senpai is too dazzling. I don’t need my help for anything, but Yui-san can let me help; for example, and It’s a bit troublesome to get in touch with senior Xiao Mu Shou, but Yui sister doesn’t have to have these worries. Okay, I won’t talk about it."

Okay, I feel that the way of comforting people today is not in the state, such as the expression "Are you comforting or hitting people" behind Yui sister-it seems that people are all like this, without thinking about showing off I behaved well when I was myself, but when I wanted to show my ability, I was constantly slapped.

So, in the end, I was depressed and got comfort from Yui sister.

"Xiaohe, you don’t have to be so depressed, right? I was the one who mentioned this at first, but I know it too. I’ve never been as good as Xiaoxue and others. It’s just because Xiao Muzheng sometimes treat Xiaohe. It’s just a little bit lost for me to take care of me too much, but now I think I should be very happy to take care of Xiaohe in this way? Let’s talk about that thing Xiaohe also said. Indeed, Senior Xiaomushu doesn’t know what Xiaohe thinks. So I am indeed ahead of the game, haha!"

I was so moved that I would cry. With these words at this time, Yui sister is enough to become my sister!It's so healing, Yuihama Yui is an angel!