My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 173

"So, Xiaohe has to come on, help Xiaochunchan to show us!" My sister clenched her fists, waving her hands and said to me.

It ignited inexplicably.However, just as I was about to follow my sister to light it up, Yishi interrupted our interaction again and again untimely-knowing that our sisters and brothers look like light bulbs, let me disperse them. If I don’t have light bulbs, I need to beat them again and again. How can we break us?

After seeking the consent of Yui sister, Isshiki and I had the opportunity to talk alone.

However, when speaking, she seemed very hesitant, not as cunning as usual, but a little cautious.

"Heya, do you still remember what I said to you when I was in the forest school?" This is a question that a color feather posed to me after careful consideration.

"You mean, I will become scary?" I remember it naturally, and I was very impressed.

"Yes, I just think you might be heading in that direction." Isshiki's expression was very serious, not at all frivolous.

"Classmate Yoshiki, don't overstudy in Biqigu. That kind of guy is not the target of a girl like you. It's not fun to say that."

"This is not learning from the predecessors of Biqigu! For me, maybe you are the one I was looking forward to at the beginning, but I still think something is wrong-you just mentioned the relationship with that Xuezhi When I talked to seniors, I felt this vaguely." After I ridiculed, Isshiki's expression was still very serious, which made me dispel the idea that she was teasing me in other ways.

If this is the case, I would just understand that she is caring about me!Therefore, it is better to give her a positive reply.

"The answer at the time was no. I have not changed the answer now. Thank you Isshiki for your concern for me."

Yes, I have never forgotten the horror, so when I help, I will try not to involve other people.

Then, I found that Isshiki's expression was serious from the beginning, and slowly, it turned into smaller and trembling eyelashes, showing the happy appearance of Yishiyu now.

"Ah, Kazuya, is there a feeling that you feel that I care about you and then you express gratitude for your concern for me with great righteousness and then feel that I really have ideas for you, and then you can take advantage of the opportunity to capture me? ? If there is, I must tell you that the look just now is really—"

"——Yihueiyu!" Well, I shouldn't believe that Isse is a pure and caring child.

It turned out to be just misunderstanding what I said without authorization. Have you started to take a step forward and carry out "phishing law enforcement"?Use your own behavior to make me misunderstand and then let me say something that is easier to misunderstand, and then you can misunderstand me-superb methods, I have to guard against!

"But, having said that, you didn't meet Senior Xiao Muzhen at this fireworks show, did you?" Ishiki's expression became interesting as he changed the topic without thinking and changing his face just now.

"Yes, it's a candidate after all. It's too extravagant to come to a place like a firework festival? I can understand the seniors too." I spread my hands and replied casually.

"So, Kazuma, you haven't asked Senior Xiao Muzhen if he wants to participate?"

"Really not, so what?"

"It's nothing," Isshiki shook his head and said, "Of course, I have been wondering whether you failed to'encounter' Senior Xiao Muzhen, or if you missed it by chance."

"what do you mean?"

"Just open your mind and watch the fireworks! It's beautiful!"

"You can't see fireworks in such remote corners!"

"Maybe there will be surprises, classmate Heye!"

As soon as Ishiki's voice fell, I was a little surprised to find that huge fireworks rose and exploded before my eyes, showing brilliant colors.

Indeed, what we found was a corner where the fireworks could not be seen, but, I don’t know if it was a coincidence. There was a gap in the distant sky that had been blocked by the mountains before. In that gap, light flashed, and then, more It's getting more and more dazzling.

Obviously, there is no hope, and it is clearly invisible. However, the yellow, red, and orange flames illuminate this dark corner where we are.

It was as if Isshiki chose this place deliberately, and then let me appreciate the light of the fireworks that appeared in this desperate situation.

"How about, the fireworks here are very distinctive, right?"

"Did you bring me to this place on purpose?"

"Sa, who knows? Maybe it's a coincidence?" He smiled with a pursed lips, did not speak, and turned his head like this.

Of course, just as Isshiki said, that night, I have never met Senior Xiao Muzhen by accident.

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In the end, Caiyu’s plot does not want to be placed in a new chapter of water, so let’s put it out here. In short, I wrote this chapter very carefully. Yui’s thoughts, Isshiki’s thoughts, including the last I thought What is the meaning of the expression, how should I put it, if everyone is free, please understand it carefully?

All in all, the next chapter is the final chapter of the routine. The length of the third volume is beyond my expectations.Then I will write a summary of the first three volumes to help you understand the change in the second (senior second) level of the protagonist in the first three volumes and some of my own thoughts.

Starting from the fourth volume, the protagonist may install a few ****, of course, he will start to put the medicine seriously-the medicines that Xiaochun previously fed are not medicines.But the emotional line of this book has always been well hidden by me, right, so the poison of the medicine will not be too strong, you should be safe to eat, and you don't need to be as uncomfortable as Bing Jiao.


Chapter Final

Yoshihama Kazuya's high school stage summary-third

Freedom is a basic value that everyone desires. I don’t understand why many people would laugh at a value that exists as a value itself. At least, in my opinion, the yearning for personal freedom is to make a personal self. Domination should be what everyone expects.

Regarding personal freedom, one thing that people most often say is that "freedom is not unlimited", of course there is no problem-however, everyone who says this sentence seems to have gained enough freedom, or , As if they felt that they had been free.

In fact, freedom is more difficult than people think, and self-control is more difficult than people think.

I mentioned earlier that Minister Iizuka's misjudgment of the situation when he blindly relied on Kitahara-senpai and gave up thinking about the situation was a manifestation of unfreedom.From his point of view, he does not necessarily know how to make a decision that is best for him, but he gave up the opportunity to make this decision because of his habitual trust in Kitahara Haruki and his deep belief that “Haruki Kitahara must This is a better solution to the problem than Takeshi Iizuka", which made him give up his choice.Of course, many people may think that Mr. Iizuka’s behavior is just a personal act, and they will certainly not make similar decisions on their own. Perhaps some people may think that Mr. Iizuka’s approach is not wrong. After all, leave the problem to Professionals are better than doing this by themselves.

However, what I want to emphasize is that Director Iizuka "has not thought through" this point. Although the results are the same, the operation process in the middle is different, and there are essential differences.After thinking and then giving the right to choose to others, and giving the right to choose to others without thinking, this is a process of whether self-control is established or not.Without my own thinking, this naturally cannot be called personal freedom.

However, what is even more frightening is that there are some people who are still unable to dominate themselves after thinking about it-yes, what I want to say is Tsurumi Rumi.I have told Tsurumi about her future, and Tsurumi also clearly recognizes her future. However, she took the initiative to choose the future that devalues ​​herself and prevents her self-worth from being manifested-just because she needs to adapt to the collective , To adapt to the social environment.

So, is Tsurumi free to make his own choice and abandon his freedom?I must say that she is not free because she did not respect her own heart to make her own judgment-even if the judgment was made by herself.Without the persecution of the general social environment and the restraint of various pressures, Tsurumi would not make this choice.

The choice you make after thinking is a free choice of self-control. This proposition itself is a false proposition. To ask why, ask the people of those totalitarian countries?They chose to obey the leader. It was their own choice, but who would dare to say that these practices belong to their own ideas?

Therefore, through Tsurumi's study in the United States, we know that even if a person can make judgments through his own thinking, a large social environment and a large living condition will hinder individuals from making true free judgments.

So, what if you are in a free environment that does not bind you?At this time, the choice you make after personal consideration must be free?

The answer to this question is given by Dongma and yarn.Dongma Kazuza, who blindly follows her mother’s back, will be discouraged by her mother’s words without any compulsion. Dongma Kazuza, who abandons herself, is of course the result of her own thoughts. , But this is still not a free choice.

Touma Kassa’s nature likes the piano, which can be judged after a short conversation with her. However, she forcibly suppressed her own nature because of a statement that did not force her. Why, because her sensibility as a pianist suppresses reason, because she cannot use her reason to think about what she needs most, what she likes most, and what she wants most, which makes her what she is now Look like.After being pointed out by me, she still could not defeat her feelings with reason. This proves that for many people, if they can’t well control the deception of feelings over self-dominance in the decision-making process, he is still Not free.

Therefore, the conclusion is that the discussion of freedom should not be a discussion of the degree of freedom, but a discussion of the existence of freedom.

First of all, some people will give up the opportunity to think for themselves. This is the most typical situation of losing freedom; secondly, when people think for themselves, the pressure of the social environment may force you to make choices that go against your nature. This is also Not free; in the end, even if there is no social environmental pressure, human beings often cannot overcome their own emotional flaws. Reason is replaced by sensibility and makes impulsive decisions. Of course, this is also a manifestation of not free.

So, how to solve this situation?The answer is simple. When people don't know that they are not free, let others tell them, what is your heart?This may be arrogant and arrogant, but the theory of "the authorities are obsessed and the bystanders are clear" will never be out of date.

Of course, as a bystander, it is necessary to judge how other people’s original minds are naturally unable to achieve success. However, on the basis of other people’s incorrect judgments, replace one with another incorrect judgment. Incorrect judgments will not be weakened from a utilitarian point of view.

So, for a rational person, the next choice is very simple. Bring in the unfree and irrational counterpart, think, think rationally, and then make your own suggestions.

This of course is not to solve the problem on behalf of the other party. In a sense, this is similar to the mission of the Ministry of Service. Tell the other party what you want, and then let the other party understand what they should do.

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The end of the volume is routine nonsense. I think this chapter is relatively easy to understand, and it can be regarded as a systematic summary of the logic of the protagonist's reversal.Also, I asked for a ticket. When I owe a ticket, I will recognize it if everyone doesn’t give it. Now I can be considered as a daily ticket. Hey, to be honest, if there are fewer tickets, I don’t feel much in the mood to add a ticket. Summer vacation I went to save the manuscript for the new hole without adding any updates, I am a real threat!Fan writers are like this kind of stuff.