My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 174

Then, although this chapter is only 2k, I actually wrote it for a long time. If you feel that the number of words is not enough, then it will be counted as a chapter together with Chapter 0 of the fourth volume tomorrow. This chapter is not an additional chapter.If I think it is possible, then I only owe four more, um.


Summary of the first three volumes

Probably at this time last year, the group casually discussed why I didn’t write WA2 doujin, and then I said that I actually had some brains. For example, I thought about writing a WA1+WA2 linkage doujin. Use WA1's Dong Ge as the protagonist, and let the two generations of white album heroines carry out the plot-then think for yourself, according to the setting, let the 30-year-old Yuki Rina and the high school students Yukina Dongma was so horrified, so he abandoned it.Then I forgot who it was, and I brought up the topic of writing Chunwu Doujin. I said that Chunwu Doujin was too difficult to write, so I smiled.

Although I have laughed, I still want to write, writing Chunwu and WA2 fans.Of course, I needed an opportunity to write the white book at that time.So, after I finished reading Isaiah Berlin’s "On Freedom", this opportunity came, because in my opinion, this book actually has a feeling of excessive self-yy for a person who has two senses. Of course, my personal feeling is that many political and philosophical works have this routine.Therefore, through the re-splicing and high school biochemistry of some of the views of this book, I have the unpleasant protagonist of Yubihama Kazuya-saying that I am not suitable for writing the original protagonist. Both protagonists of the two books have been People scolded so badly, probably this is the reason why I didn't write the original protagonist when deciding the next fan project.That night I completed the white outline and basic settings from nine o'clock to three o'clock in one go. I didn't stay up all night for other reasons except watching football.

Just as I have vomited before, I wrote this book as a fan of Chunwu.And I think that the comrades who write Chunwu must be a little compelling.Whether it’s a literati, or I’m too proud, I always feel that writing Chunwu colleagues, if you are just because of Meng Xuena, Meng Danzi, Meng Isse, or Shaxi, Yang Nai and others, then I think because I like these. So people want to capture them, want to write plots that interact with them-whether it is a light comedy or a sadomasochistic drama, this is qualified as a novel of a campus fan, but it is not qualified as a Chunwu fan .If you just like the characteristics of the big teacher's Cannian Department, and try to imitate the big teacher's writing of another Cannian Department's character that almost overlaps with the big teacher, then the way to solve the problem is not much different from that of the protagonist of the big teacher, this It is also unqualified, because such descriptions are too superficial to the thinking of the characters.If you just set up an open-hanging force, without fail, or even directly crush the protagonist of Yang Na, this is still unqualified, because the entanglement and transformation of adolescent thoughts and emotions that Chunwu is very important have not been written.

It feels like this Tucao has opened a very uncomfortable map cannon to most of Chunwu colleagues. Although I am a lone ranger, there are almost no other authors or gangsters I know, but if other authors see it, I First apologize for the arrogant remarks.However, this is what I really think. Among so many Chunwu people, I think there is only one book that does not fall into the above clichés. However, the hidden goods in that book do not match my values.Therefore, I still have to pretend to say that the other Chunwu colleagues almost mean it.Of course, objectively speaking, in terms of readability, writing or plot, there are certainly many better than my book.However, I still think that this book of mine is unique. According to my own standards, I just have the confidence to write better than others-although I know that everyone shouldn’t take this aspect of mine. The particularity is serious.

What should you write about Chunwu Douren?I think the very important point is the collision of different people’s thoughts, the collision of different people’s problem-solving methods, and on the basis of this collision of thoughts, grasp the line of feelings and use that subtle, suggestive Sexual language changes, to suggest feelings, to show everyone's thoughts changes.In the first three volumes, I feel that I still wrote this effect. Yubihama is also very annoying, but everyone can feel the conflict between his ideas and the ideas of others (the conflict with the teacher was not written , This is a shortcoming, probably because I pay too much attention to describing female characters), under the premise of non-interventionism, the conflict between the methods of solving the problem will be relatively small, but I also pointed it out in the incident of studying in the United States. After Kazuya decided to intervene, I think everyone will feel this opposition more clearly.As for the emotional line, referring to the main line of Jiao Jiao is feelings, and the posture that the world is broken, I feel that I have a lot of control over the feelings of the white book, and I gently hide the feelings under the main logic of the protagonist's secondary 2 , It’s not obvious, but if you take a closer look, you should be able to make up for it yourself.

Then there is the protagonist. I have explained the protagonist’s character before, so I will not discuss whether he is pleasing or not.In fact, everyone should be aware of the routine of this book. Yubihama’s character is distorted, and he is over-second. Through the collision of ideas and the exchange of feelings, he can reverse his character to "normal"—at least It is what the author thinks is "normal" and is the main line of this book.This is also imitation of spring things. Everyone likes the big teacher, because the big teacher sees the problem thoroughly and resonates with himself, but if everyone really thinks that the big teacher’s thinking is a kind of "correct", I think I You can seriously doubt whether you have the ability to adapt to this world (laughs).

The protagonist’s thoughts in this book are actually divided into three stages, one is non-interventionism, the other is conceit after the transformation, and the third is normal. The first three volumes are over, which is the end of the first part, and then the second part .During this period of time, everyone will not see the protagonist's self-repression and general restraint, but will see the protagonist solve one problem after another-but the result is also predictable, just like his previous black history, repeating the mistakes of self-destruction.Maybe everyone will like the protagonist who is countless, enjoy the pleasure of IQ crushing other people time and time again, and like the cool texts that pretend to be forced to slap their faces. However, I do not like such people-for example, I hate Stalin-Stalin is A typical genius who slaps everyone who looks down on him in the face.Therefore, in the middle of Riman, compared to people like Gu Aotian, I will still prefer the traditional Nikkei protagonist who can introspect-whether this introspection is imposed by the author or not.This is the little gentle expectation of a liberal for this world, sympathy for the weak, or, in other words, this is the so-called "Mother" feelings (well, it can also be understood as Wenqing thought hhh).

Some are too far away. I watched myself assault other spring things with others. In fact, my own book has a big problem.What I criticize others in fact I think I control them well, but it is precisely because I want to achieve those results that I have many shortcomings in this book that may not be felt in other books except me, except for writing and In addition to the basic quality issues of writing style, the most core point is that you can never control the balance of private goods and plot in the book. This is particularly evident in the second volume. During that period, in order to highlight the process of the protagonist’s psychological transformation, use After a long psychological monologue, I felt scared by myself.Another example is that there is not enough cool plot for everyone to accompany and coerce together, and never really pretend to be successful. You must know that in Chunwu, although the way the big teacher solves problems is abusive, it is actually quite open. of.I have never considered Chunwu to be abusive essays. Chunwu is a typical cool essay, otherwise it would not have such a high popularity-but my book really seems to be written as abusive essay 23333.I always think that my first volume is well written. In fact, the first volume is well written and only the last five chapters. In the final analysis, I also like to be cool and the feeling of incisiveness-but I want to restrain it. This kind of feeling, this is the so-called split personality 23333.Aware of these problems, I can only say that I will slowly correct them later.

In the evening, Chapter 0 of the fourth volume will be released, and maybe we can try to write the first chapter.The second part is probably the climax of this book at this stage of volume 4-6. This book has a very good start, but to be honest, it has laid so many climaxes. In fact, I feel quite unsure, but , Still do our best.


Chapter 0: High Interrupt Chapter-Part Four

I do not deny the ability of other people to think rationally.In other words, in my opinion, the ability of humans to think rationally is the most important sign that distinguishes humans from animals. However, the key question is whether people have excluded the interference of other things to think rationally Ability.

Human personal emotions, the general public opinion environment of the society, and even every word and every move of other people affect people’s freedom and hinder a person from making the last thing that is most correct for him. s Choice.

It is precisely because every individual loses his way in his own judgment and choice for various reasons, so everyone in history tries to find an "idealistic" path, or what we call it The only right way.

For example, in the pursuit of the political system, 25 years ago, after the end of the confrontation between the two superpowers that ran through half of the actual two superpowers, a certain scholar excitedly shouted the conclusion of "the end of history."It is believed that the end of this confrontation indicates the victory of a specific political system.

Although various practical examples immediately pushed his thoughts into the abyss, even he himself was forced to admit the arbitrary judgment of his own judgment at that time-but I don't think we have the right to blame him or make jokes. He, he wasn't brainwashing other people, or had any purpose to say this, he really thought so eagerly.As for why he thinks so, it is because he is an idealist, and he believes that after that confrontation, mankind has really discovered a bright "correct" future.

There are always more realists in this world. They only see the cold and cruel reality. They only see a certain world where the weak and the strong eat.However, there is always no shortage of idealists in this world, because only idealists will build systems. Realists dismiss the system and believe that absolute power can defeat the system. Idealists hope to use the system to do so. Restraint, believing that the system can restrain violence.

So, is there really an ideal system?I think it is not-but this does not mean that I am on the side of the realists. I deny the ideal system itself, but I do not deny the pursuit of the ideal system by mankind, or that it is precisely because of this The pursuit of ideals leads to the development of human society.

The pursuit of the ideal system itself is the ideal itself.

Of course, this kind of macroscopic concept that has risen to the point of view of all humans has nothing to do with me.What I need to pay more attention to is the current code of conduct.

In essence, I am a person who pursues ideals. I am unable to pursue an optimal solution to solve the general problem of human beings. However, I pursue the optimal solution to the solution of each problem, and this optimal solution is from beginning to end. All believe that it should be made by everyone, based on their own rational judgments, and based on their own ideals.

Therefore, what I am after is the state of freedom when mankind is pursuing the solution to every problem. However, if mankind cannot achieve this state of freedom, this idealistic conclusion will be out of the question.

So, all I have to do is to help those who don’t understand what they should do.

If, to be more serious, it is me that brings the concept of freedom to those people-I have borrowed Rousseau’s point of view here: if people don’t know what their freedom is, then I will force them Go get their freedom!

Yubihama Kazuya-"The High Interrupt Chapter-The Four Freedoms"

-------------------------------PS------------------ ---------------

This chapter talks about a few interesting points. The protagonist does not think that there is an ideal system. This view is so-called rational skepticism. However, his approach is the result of absolute rationalism (the connection and distinction between the two are Interests can be Baidu, etc.), I also admire that I forcibly grafted the two together-in short, to carry on the protagonist’s previous thoughts and the next second transformation.

Then, Rousseau’s original statement on freedom is that forced freedom is not true freedom.However, especially in the history of Western political thought after the 20th century, Russell, Hayek, and many liberals including Isaiah Berlin, whom I refer to in this book, pointed out that Rousseau’s actual views would lead to totalitarianism. The emergence of ism, the actual result of this deviating from what I said, well, it is actually very similar to the protagonist.

Of course, this chapter is actually nonsense. Try to write another chapter tonight, otherwise I am ashamed to say that this chapter is an update.


Volume Four: The Debate of Freedom


Chapter 1: New and old posture after school starts

When I was young, I always looked forward to the summer vacation time becoming longer, because in this way I can enjoy longer time for fun.And slowly, this kind of thinking no longer exists, because sometimes, I will find that the long summer rest, the feeling of slack and emptiness from the rest to the end, will only make people feel lazy. I don't like the feeling of welcoming death helplessly in a yangyang state.

I don't know when I will start to look forward to the school day in the last few days of the summer vacation-I think, at that time, is it when I began to slowly transform from a kid?

In fact, in the final analysis, the school is just a big order system, let alone whether there is a tendency to indoctrinate and control ideas, the social hierarchy system in the school is always the same.This kind of social hierarchy will not be changed because of a special event in the summer vacation.

For example, although the Ministry of Service and Ye Shan participated in the summer forest school taking care of elementary school students internship, Biqigu would certainly not dare to talk to Ye Shan because of his relationship with Ye Shan.For example, although I accidentally met Dongma and Sa, I would definitely not go to Kitahara-senpai’s class to find that girl, and just idle to inquire about gossip news such as "have you made any progress with Kitahara Haruki?" .

However, correspondingly, the already formed social hierarchy will continue to operate as usual.For example, in the seat next to me, Yi Huei Yu can still chat and laugh with his supporters. In "Cai Yu sauce, where did you go to play in the summer?", "Cai Yu sauce has learned to make new desserts? I am envious. I want to eat!" In the voices like that, her collective was running.

——Well, I am not a little angry because I just watched a fireworks display with some special significance with my neighbor and she completely treated me as an air person after school started!

It’s no good to admit this. If I admit it, don’t I feel like a arrogant?

"So and because I thought I watched the fireworks show with me during the summer vacation, but I completely ignored you after school started, so do you feel lonely?" A colorful feather-like gangbang asked, and a colorful feather-like self-consciousness was overdone. The question, with a trembling tone in a colorful plume of cuteness.

To be honest, I was still very happy when Isise took the initiative to talk to me—provided that she didn't say the kind of things that came to my mind.

Wouldn't it be embarrassing?

"Uh, could it be that this is He Ye’s newly invented method of pursuing people in a desperate way, first tried to ignore me, but pretended to blush, attracted my attention in a proud manner, and finally successfully aroused my curiosity. Does the heart then pursue my way?"

In fact, I really want to refute, but I feel that apart from the last sentence, there is not much difference with my current state, so I am embarrassed to refute.

Therefore, I still sit tightly and don't say anything.

But this seems to make Isshiki a little embarrassed again, probably because it is habitual to be ready to accept my complaints at this time and find that a punch on the cotton is a bit at a loss.

"Uh, Heya, the reaction at this time is a bit wrong!"

"Yes, something is wrong."

"So, when did I offend you? You weren't someone who would get angry because you ignored you after school started?" Isshiki put away his ridiculous expression, put on a serious attitude, and asked.

It looks serious, but serious Isshiki might be a lie. Therefore, I still kept my face cold and didn't explain much about Isshiki's questioning: "No."

"So, during the fireworks display?"


"Uh, it's not because I talked about you privately during the summer vacation and then you know?"

"No—wait a minute, what did you discuss about me in private?"

"Well, it's just some facts that everyone knows, Yubihama and Kazuya Hayama actually have a super good relationship with Senior Hayama—not to mention this," Isshiki rubbed his hands and continued to ask, "It's still because I have Are you jealous when you go shopping with other boys?"

"Please don't feel so good about yourself when you are asking seriously-by the way, I think the former question makes me more concerned than the latter question."

"Actually, I didn't find a boy to go shopping during the summer vacation. Even the senior householders and the others have such easy-to-use transport tools or something!" Isshiki curled his lips and said with some regret-true I don’t know if she is regretting that they did not find the Ministry of Household to make their own transport tools, or that I am not jealous because she and other boys go shopping.