My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 175

"In short, I have returned to normal vomiting, gratifying!" Yishi smiled lightly, put his hands on his chest, nodded at me with a smile, and said, "New semester, also Please advise!"

Although she still cares about what rumors she has created between me and Ye Shan-I hope not to be understood by the rotten girl as another pair of CP or something, but looking at Isshiki's appearance, I decided to let her go first. .

"Well, in the new semester, please give me some advice."

Isshiki's hand reached out to me, and I reached out and held her back.This feeling has a full sense of sight.Compared to four months ago, Isshiki's hands are still soft, with a soft but very smooth touch-reflecting the care of the owner of his hands.

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The next conversation became much more normal, for example, the time when a Huishu routine complained in front of me.

"Although the second semester is the time for cultural festivals and sports festivals, it is completely unexpected to prepare for sports festivals! To be honest, the previous sports festivals were all held after the cultural festivals, but this year The sports festival is arranged before the cultural festival! In other words, we have been busy preparing for the cultural festival for a semester before. We have to put it aside first, and consider the sports festival if it is not completed. This is really true. Isn't it too childish?"

"So, what's the reason for this?" I ignored the look of expectant "You should know what I want to say" and asked.

"At this time, it should be at least a symbolic response to'please come to me if you have trouble.' It will be better? Minghe hasn't changed a bit, hasn't it?" Isshiki replied with some complaints, obviously, I Not a good partner.

"At least you should make a decision after you understand the reasons for holding the sports festival in advance. Although I will help others now, I will not be too foolish. For example, the sports festival is held in advance because sports clubs have to prepare for national competitions. I can’t handle the protests or something.”

"Although you seem to make a lot of sense, but if it was Xiao Muzhu-senior who said this, you would blurt out for help regardless of the reason? This is a different treatment, and I'm protesting!" Saishishit said. .

"It is normal to treat differently. This society has been unfair from the beginning." I replied calmly.

However, Isshiki's words made me a little irritable. It has been a long time since I had contacted Senior Xiao Muzhen - I didn't take the initiative to call Senior, and Senior didn't take the initiative to find me.Although I didn't take the initiative to talk to my seniors about my help in Xiaochun's matter, my attitude has changed. At this point, I am a little too hypocritical.But the predecessor didn't find me, and even according to Isshiki's statement, he might deliberately avoid me at the fireworks display, which is a bit strange.

Well, when it comes to Xiaochun’s question, although I have hinted with the Vice President Sonoda that I will help, based on her state of excitement at the time, whether or not I will take my words to heart must be calculated separately. , Just in case, I also need to check with Xiaochun in person.

"So, did you hear Kazuya?"


"——Although I know you are a walking god, I just answered your question, okay?" Isshiki jumped in front of me like a dance and said to me.

"Student Yi Huishiyu, the reminder you just gave is quite the demeanor of Senior Xiao Muzhen!"


"Uh, at this time shouldn't you say something like'Misunderstood me as Senior Xiao Muzhen is to use this way to implicitly express your good feelings for me and then imply that I confess to me'?"

"Because Kazuya, you didn't realize that I am really not in the mood to play this set with you now." Isshiji looked tired, as if I said these things like nonsense-it felt like I fell into accidentally. After being inferior, he was still alive just now, right?

However, I was finally embarrassed by Isshiki's appearance.

"So, please repeat the reason I just gave, please?"

"In fact, the reason for the advancement of the sports festival is very simple. It is because the cultural festival should be carried out in conjunction with the cultural festival of Qingquan Middle School. The cultural festival of Qingquan Middle School is in November. It was postponed to that time. The sports meet was held in December, and the weather was too bad. So the patrol sister discussed with the student union members and the head of the sports club and decided to arrange the sports festival before the cultural festival."

Having said that, I really remembered that the anniversary of Qingquan Middle School’s establishment was in November. The school festivals of previous years were usually held in November to coincide with the anniversary of the establishment of the school. Naturally, it was impossible. When the sports festival was held in December, the time of the sports festival had to be moved forward-in this case, the time of holding the sports festival was also changed.

"I understand," I nodded, and if it is for this reason, it is not a problem to respond to Isshiki, "I will help you, but can't you just go to the Ministry of Service? Anyway, the Student Union will ask the Ministry of Service. There are enough things to do, I think Minister Xuexia will start to protest that the Ministry of Service is not a branch of the Student Union!"

"Heya, you still don't understand," Isshiki gently closed the temples of his ears, approached me, and said, "This is not a commission from the Student Union to the Ministry of Service, but I personally propose to you. A request for help!"

"Is there a difference between these two points?"

"You are such a smart person, should you understand what I mean?" Yishi blinked, and looked at me with some teasing.

I can still understand Isshiki's meaning.

"So, is it to miss Chief Wu Gao, or to stay in the student union?" I looked at Isshiki's eyes and asked straightly.

"If I said, I want to achieve both goals? Even, both goals, I will expect more?" Isshiki seemed to look back at me without fear, and, what was in her eyes The flickering light, which is dangerous, seems to really have an idea about these achievements.

"Then I will persuade you to give up," I replied simply, "Look forward to things that are inconsistent with your own abilities and your own position. You will fail completely. This is my warning to you, no, or say You should understand it as my advice."

"What if I insist?"

"I will stop you-I will at least treat you as my friend, but sometimes, it is better to do less moths to the fire. On the issue of Miss Chief Wu Gao, you can't compete with Senior Xiao Mu Shu. In the same way, you cannot bear the pressure of the student council president."

I and Isshiki looked at each other like this. This was the first time the atmosphere between me and her became so solemn. In the end, it was probably because everyone else started to think that the atmosphere between us was a bit strange, some members of the Isshiki Guards. When I was about to start gearing up and trying to teach me, he laughed out loud with a "poof".

"What's the matter, do you really think I would do this? Heya? Although I am very ambitious, as you said, I don't want to do things that are unsure at first sight, do I? "

Isshiki's face flushed red, with some seductive tones and light flashing. If someone else stood here, she must have been overwhelmed by her charm, right?

However, I am almost immune to almost any form of a color feather.

"Yes, doing what you can, this is a wise choice."

"However, Kazuya," Isshiki raised his head, approached my ear quickly at a speed that I didn't even react, and asked gently, in my ear, like itching, "If I just want to pursue If a little victory is just a little thing, will you help me?"

I quickly moved away from Isshiki. I don’t understand why she did this—because the blush on her face now looks like a real blush from embarrassment, not a color of disguise. .

However, for this kind of question that seems to have no loopholes, I can only nod my head and replied: "No problem, if you think it is possible, I will try my best."

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Chapter 2: Before solving the problem, troubles will come one after another

I don’t know when to start. At the beginning of the new semester, greet, talk, and contact people in a circle that I am familiar with. It has become a common practice. Only at the beginning of the new semester, the launch of social networks and Termination is the most frequent.

I personally don't hate social networks and the contact with other people brought about by social networks.What I hate is that there should be so many people like me who don't like this kind of non-nutritive and hypocritical words, but because of the social environment, they are forced to do similar work.Japanese social culture should be the most repressive culture—controlling everyone's life nature and closing people's desire for freedom with a seemingly ritual feeling.

——Then use a grand ceremony to unify the desire to explode, and then a new round of suppression.

In a sense, I think cultural festivals and sports festivals are the embodiment of this kind of culture. In the highly ordered school life, there suddenly appeared a ceremony that could sway almost all of my ideas, using the tip of the haunted house. Calls, satisfaction in a maid’s or deacon’s cafe, or emotional explosion in a drama, alleviate the daily boredom of all students.

Although it seems very unreasonable for me to say this, after all, I have been in this environment for ten years, and it is more or less a piece of paper to say these words without thinking of resisting myself.However, I still hate the routine greetings at the beginning of school.

After achieving her goal, Yishi once again pacified her guards, this feeling of helplessness and boredom reached its peak.

Talking about summer vacation is actually a particularly meaningless thing. For example, the most normal topic is-where did you go for summer vacation?Well, if you take that forest school activity as a vacation, then I did go on vacation; another example-have you ever dated with any girl during the summer vacation?Well, if this kind of dating only refers to "being alone with girls", then there are really a lot of girls I have dated, and every one of them is a beautiful girl of high quality-but the meaning of this date is definitely not This aspect.

Of course, everyone must pretend their summer vacation is colorful. If you just walk in Yokohama, you can praise your experience as if you have been to Okinawa. If you have been to Okinawa, you can tell your own experience. It’s as exciting as having been to Hawaii. If you just meet a girl you like on the road and say hello, it can be said that you have a wonderful encounter with her. If you really have a girl dating yourself, you have to show An expression of "No, it's not that far", and then enjoy the flattery and flattery of others.

In fact, everyone knows that other people are exaggerating, and even many people should not like this hypocritical style. However, the routine response to "Ah, this is really great" has already penetrated people. Can not make any changes.

Of course, people who are popular enough don’t need to do this. For example, a color feather nodded and said, "I’m going for a summer internship." You can get a bunch of people. "Caiyu sauce is really amazing. I’m going to participate in these activities in the first grade." Of course, people with weak sense of existence don’t need to do this. For example, I can imagine that Biqigu is lying on the table and carefully distinguishing whether there is on the table from the holiday to the present. A few more wrinkles.

The most annoying for this kind of problem is the middleman like me.So I pushed away a few guys who tried to gossip about the triangle relationship of Yubihama Kazuya, Yi Huo Yu, and Ogi Sauna, and walked out of the classroom—then I found the bright red dumpling head.

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My sister shouldn't be in such a place, especially standing outside the first-grade corridor with such a worried expression.

"Well, good morning, Xiaohe—eh, no, I just came out from home just now, but I didn't seem to find someone to call you, did I?" My sister looked at me, who was walking towards her, confused. It is incredible that I appear here.