My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 176

"I think I should express my doubts about you at this time, right?" I helped my head helplessly, "Why did Yui sister come to the first grade classroom to come to me? Also, you can It is understood that I telepathically touched Yui sister so I came out to welcome you."

"That's wrong with you, Xiaohe, why can't my sister come to look for my brother!" My sister pursed her mouth in dissatisfaction, "I have said so many times, Xiaohe must be aware of being a brother, understand?"

So if you can have a little sister's consciousness at other times, I will also be very happy, eh.

I probably felt that my lesson was not as convincing as before. Sister Yui bit her lip and continued in a panic: "Well, in short, it's another matter to find you. The small business said that she would come to school in the morning. I met Xiaoxue when I was in, and the club activities should start today. You know, the Ministry of Service does not have such a break, so I said—"

"--I see, sister, you don't have to spend so much effort to explain, besides, when the Ministry of Service will start its activities, isn't it all our Minister will be the finale?"

"That's what it says, but if the first activity in the new semester is small and does not participate, it will be incomplete."

"You mean the minister organizes occasionally to give me and Biqigu a cup or two of tea, but more often it just ignores our tea party after school?"

"Why does Xiaohe resent Xiaoxue so much?"

"In fact, there is no complaint, it has always been good," I shrugged and said, "I didn't care, but since you mentioned that we lost contact with a summer minister, let me complain a little bit?"

"Actually, Xiaoxue also has a lot of difficulties? I can feel it, when she was taken away by her sister last time, and the small company also said that when he saw Xiaoxue in the morning, he always felt something was wrong. ——"

"Sister and Biqigu talked a lot?"

"--And Xiaoxue has been--Eh, have you talked a lot with small companies? Actually, no, but how can I say, I haven't seen small companies for a long time. I usually send few emails, and small companies don't like it. Reply to the email, so say—"

"—Stop, stop, stop!"

It seems that Yui sister did not understand the meaning of my words. Why is a person with such a high EQ always confused at this time? Let's take a good look at the thoughts hidden in your brother's words!

"Did I say something wrong again?" Sister Yui rubbed her hands in embarrassment, lowered her head, and looked at me embarrassedly.

"When Yui sister didn't say anything wrong in front of me, well, let's not mention Biqigu, what happened to the minister?"

"Well, the small enterprise said that Xiaoxue's appearance is a bit wrong, and it feels like she is angry with someone, and she seems to be frustrated because of something, but she has been concealing her state and pretending to be something. It didn't happen."

I have full confidence in Biqigu’s ability to observe people and then make judgments. Since he said so, I think of some hidden things that she revealed when she communicated with Yukoshita Yono. Snow does cause some problems.

I won’t be surprised by this. Yukino Yukino’s actions are fundamentally wrong-although she has been using her abilities to advertise her rightness, this will eventually be a more and more tiring process. After the gap between what I am looking forward to and the belief I am pursuing becomes larger and larger, the ability cannot make up for this gap after all.

So she needs to give herself confidence, whether it is what she finds or the confidence given by others, just like the emperor's new outfit, as long as no one opens it, she can continue to support it.

For the time being, she promised her sister to help her, and it depends on the situation.

"Originally, Xiaoxue can be solved by sending an email to Xiaohe, but there is one more thing. I think Xiaohe will pay more attention to it, so I think it would be better to tell Xiaohe in person."

"What's the matter?" I looked up at my sister, and found that the dodge attitude in Yui's eyes became more obvious.

It seemed that she was very reluctant to tell me about this, but she felt it was necessary to tell me about it. She was in a struggling and inconsistent state.

In the end, as if she had made up her mind, her sister raised her head, looked at me, gestured and said: "Um, Xiaohe, I just heard that, I just heard that in the third grade, someone confessed to Senior Xiaomushu. ."

"Well, what then?"

"Eh, isn't Xiaohe nervous? Aren't you surprised? I think Xiaohe likes Senior Xiaomuxiao, uh-or I understand it wrong?"

"Let’s not talk about whether the hypothesis behind you is true or false. This kind of thing can’t be normal? Every semester, there are so many people who confess to their predecessors. Do I still need to confirm one by one? Let’s talk about this kind of thing. Without thinking about it, you will definitely be rejected by the seniors, right?"

"Xiaohe still knows predecessor Xiaomushu very well!" My sister gently rubbed the dumpling head behind her head, and said with some embarrassment, "It seems that she was indeed rejected very cleanly by senior, just like Xiaohe said. ."

"Isn't that over?"

"But, this time it seems to be different from before!" My sister's expression immediately became mysterious again. "According to the observer, Senior Xiao Muzhen was surprised at first when he rejected the boy, and then he was sorry. Although she refused in the end, it seemed that when she decided to refuse completely, she changed her mind again and said that if she was asked to think about it for a day, maybe Senior was still a little moved?"

"Consider a polite way of saying a day?"

——However, even if it’s a polite statement, there is indeed a stormy sea in my heart. Senior Xiao Muzhen is very kind, but she will not be too kind in this kind of thing, and will use the most efficient way to reject the other party politely , Instead of using the words "give me a day to think" to give the other party hope, this is a basic criterion for her to deal with this problem.

If it is really "thinking about a day", it means that the seniors are really hesitating.

But what is going on?If there is such an object worthy of consideration, why didn't any news come out during the summer vacation? Given my relationship with seniors, she didn't have to deliberately conceal these things from me, right?

——No, there is the possibility of deliberate concealment. If the senior is unwilling to misunderstand me too much, she may deliberately refuse, but if she does not want to misunderstand me, directly express her attitude to me, or reject the other party directly Both are better choices.

Damn, the information is lacking!In the second half of the summer vacation, I didn't contact Senior Xiao Muzhen. If it happened in the second half of the summer vacation, I couldn't predict it.

"I agree with Xiaohe's point of view at the beginning. Senior Xiao Muzhen may just be a little polite to the other party, so don't worry too much about Xiaohe." Judging from the way my sister carefully comforted me, my expression was still a bit gaffe. Up.

However, if you calm down and analyze it, seniors do not have the need to tell me everything. The approach just now is somewhat of an original sin of jealousy.

In short, wait until tomorrow, all results can be decided!Then, wait until I have settled Xiaochun's affairs, and then tell Senior Xiao Muzhen my current thoughts, the misunderstandings with seniors, and the rifts in the relationship, they can naturally be bridged.

"It’s nothing, to be honest, I don’t have much say in the affairs of Senior Xiao Muzhen, but I believe that Senior will not answer the confession of the other party so easily." I looked at my sister’s eyes and connected me with a I also felt calm and replied in a terrible tone, "If I really agree, it can only mean that the senior was really moved by the other party and liked the other party? What qualifications do I have to stop?"

"Xiaohe—" My sister called me softly, but she didn't mention anything else, but I knew that she wanted to say a lot in her heart.

"It's really okay, old sister, why don't you worry about your boyfriend's problem-but I'll say it first, the guy from Qigu is not good, that kind of gloomy guy must pass first, understand? "

"Why did Xiaohe get to me again!" I have to say, in this regard, Yui sister is still a pure girl, I don't know what Biqigu, who has always been calling her "bicho", thinks .

"By the way, old sister, do you know who the person who confessed to Senior Xiao Muzhen is?"

Well, I think I should pretend to be more casual, right?

"Uh, actually I think that name is familiar, I feel that I am a little and I should know him, and the third grade should be considered a more popular boy? Ah, it seems to be from the light music club—"

"Director Iizuka? The director really wants to achieve the achievement of finding a girlfriend in every class of the school."

However, if it's Director Iizuka, there is no need to worry at all. It is impossible for Senior Ogishu to like that kind of frivolous boy.

"No, it's another person. Xiaohe also mentioned it. It's called, Senior Kitahara or something?"

I was stunned.

My sister's voice still echoed in my ears.

"Ah, remember, is it called Kitahara Haruhi-senior? Xiaohe mentioned it, um, Xiaohe doesn't seem to like him, but he is very popular among many of his third grade classmates. I know-uh, Xiaohe?"

I was stunned for a while and couldn't reply to Yui sister, Haruki Kitahara?Isn't he supposed to be pursuing his neighbor?At this moment, he asked Senior Xiao Muzhen, what kind of mentality he was!

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Tuanzi: Xiaohe, whose problem do you want to solve first, is it Xiaochunjiang's, Xiaoxue's, or Xiaomushu's senior?

Heya:....... Why do all the problems erupt at the same time?

Tuanzi: Then Xiaohe will solve my problem first.

He also:.......

Isshiki: Caiyujiang's big victory requires Kazuki's promise first!