My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 177

He Ye: The author, you cheated me!

Author Jun: I didn't cheat you, besides, come, Min Nasang, open your mouth and take medicine!


Chapter 3: The relationship of cooperation can also be very delicate

Of course, Kitahara Haruhiro knew Senior Xiaomushu, and I still remember my guess at the time that Senior had changed his mind to participate in the election of Miss Chief Takeshi. Kitahara Haruhiro should have played an important role in this regard.

However, this does not mean that Kitahara Haruki will confess to his senior. According to my understanding of him, he is actually a very cautious person. When he does not let all factors develop in the most beneficial direction, Kitahara Haruki has Patience enough to create these conditions-for example, he should be pursuing Dongma and yarn secretly now, and he should be creating this environment methodically.

However, when it comes to Dongma and Sa, this girl is indeed a good target for inquiries. She is next to Harunaki Kitahara, and she likes Haruna Kitahara. She carefully observes the behavior and behavior of the predecessors Kitahara, except that her temper is not that good. She is simply the best spy to be placed beside Kitahara-senior.

It would definitely seem a little bit abrupt and reckless to ask Senior Ogisao about the situation in this regard. It would be even more deadly to ask Senior Kitahara directly, so instead of asking people like Iizuka for some unreliable information. , It’s better to start directly from the people around him, right?

"Sister, please ask for a leave for this afternoon's activities?"

"Are you asking for leave? No, Xiaohe, today is the first club activity Xiaoxue said this semester. It's very important!"

"Anyway, the so-called'very important' thing is probably that Minister Yukoshita may bring some other high-end teas and give me some merciful rewards? There will be a commission on the first day of school, so is this person troublesome? Did you save up for a summer vacation and wait for the ministry to solve it?"

"Uh, although Xiaohe also makes sense, isn't it the same as other club activities? The first gathering at the beginning of school is very important, whether it is meaningful or not." My sister replied hesitantly, but it seemed , Her tone is not as tight as it was at the beginning.

"It's my sister's responsibility to solve this kind of trivial matter. I believe you can be submissive, right?"

"Hey, Xiaohe has said so, but small companies have also said that Xiaoxue has some problems. From what he means, he still thinks that it is Xiaohe's influence. In short, this—"

"——Doesn’t that guy from Biqigu always have some incomprehensible remarks about God’s way? Don’t care about these, right?"

——But can Biqigu really feel my little influence on Xuexia?Sure enough, people who enjoy observing human behavior all day are scary!

"I think Xiaohe seems to be talking about yourself!" My sister responded to my slightly sharp complaint, but it seemed that she was finally convinced by my pleading, "But if Xiaohe you must ask for leave There is no way, I will explain to Xiaohe and Xiaoxue, but Xiaohe must apologize to Xiaoxue by himself tomorrow!"

"Uh, I may not be able to go tomorrow. If this matter today is resolved smoothly."


"Well, I can probably go."

——Well, don’t continue to beat Yui sister. If today’s thing goes well, tomorrow I only need to get the result of the incident and the result of the other party’s analysis. It doesn’t take much time to go to the Ministry of Service It's okay to brush a sense of presence.

"Well, Xiaohe, I mean, it would be better not to go directly to Senior Xiaomuzhen?" Before I left, Yui sister hesitated to stop me, she could see what I wanted to do now. Therefore, she will naturally put forward her corresponding suggestions, "If you go directly to Senior Xiao Mu Shu, you may be hated by the other party? Er, although I know Xiao He and Senior Xiao Mu Shu have a very good relationship—"

"--No problem, thank you Yui sister. Of course, I won't directly ask about this kind of thing like Xiao Muzhen, but I have nothing to do with senior, but if you want to understand this kind of thing, I am more reliable. Channel."

------------------------------------split line------------ --------------------------

The entrance of the second music room.

Although when I knocked on the door of the second music room, the piano inside suddenly stopped, but if I say that there is no one inside, I don’t believe it-I don’t think Dongma and yarn can disappear like this , She is a pianist, not a magician.As for why I can be sure that the person inside is Touma Kassa without seeing the other person's face-can I be sure with the superb piano skills just now?In addition, during the summer vacation, I was "invited" by the other party to be a guest, although I used a not very good method.

Okay, although I now have to use a not-so-good method to let the other party "invite" me in.

For example, the simplest self-talk: "Say I recently met a predecessor who is not very honest. I like Senior Kitahara but have not said it. Moreover, that guy seems to be a genius, even though he has been abandoning himself."

Of course, what I said at the beginning should be simpler. It would be best if the other party can understand my identity and prevent me from using a killer trick. Of course, this kind of beautiful wish is generally impossible to achieve, because the second music There was no one in the room.

Well, Dongma and yarn, this is what you told me to say!

"Well, isn't such a senior Beiyuan too pitiful? There is a person who likes him but he doesn't know. I think that senior is also very pitiful. He likes senior Beiyuan but dare not confess to him. Let me help both of them. Give it a hand--ah, senior Kitahara, you are here, do you know--"

Before I finished saying this, the door of the second music room suddenly opened. Then, a slender arm stretched out from behind the door and grabbed me tightly in the second music room—of course, the other party’s arm strength was not there. So strong, I mostly cooperated with her and fell into the second music room.

However, Dongma and Sha are definitely not fools. She should have understood that she was fooled the moment she saw me successfully grabbing me into the second music room.After all, Kitahara Haruhi would definitely not appear so coincidental, and she didn't have the strength to pull in someone who was ready.

So, as soon as I entered the door, I saw the murderous eyes of Dongma and Sa. If it weren’t for me now leaning on the door and blocking the position of the doorknob, I think she would definitely kick me out with a kick— —Of course, it is not ruled out that she would lose her reason and kick me out with the door and lead.

However, Touma and Sa were sane in the end. After realizing that the fact that I had invaded her private space again was unstoppable, she seemed to give up trying to blast me out.

"Summer vacation, didn't you go to the club activities next door?" Normally, I was prepared for Dongma and Sa to ask me "What are you going to do when you come in". However, this girl always seems to be unreasonable. Playing cards, this question can't help but make me a little hoodwinked.

"Uh, Dongma, did you remember it wrong? I'm just a ghost member of the Light Music Club. It should be said that it is normal if I don't participate in the club activities next door! Also, I often come to talk to someone, no Has it interfered with your chance to cultivate relationships with Senior Kitahara?"

"I don't like that guy." Dongma Kazuya still said coolly.

"It doesn't matter, whether you like him or not is your freedom, but I still reserve my right to self-judgment, right?"

"I have an opinion!" However, the other party gave me another unconventional answer.

"Hey, how can you say "I have an opinion" at this time? You should definitely say "No object", right?"

"I don't like that guy, so you can't misunderstand." Touma and Sae paused, and said more.

"Okay, okay, just as you want, you don't like Senior Kitahara."

Although I know that Dongma and Sae will definitely not believe that I just accept it, but for both of us, only a nominal recognition is enough. So, I said that, Dongma and Sae are also He nodded and accepted with satisfaction.

After that, we stopped talking.

As if nothing had happened, Dongma Kazuya sat in front of his expensive piano and looked at the score seriously.

Hey, should you come to ask me at this time?

"Hey, don't you ask me why I came in at the risk of being kicked by you?"

"Naturally you would say it." The stinking face of Touma Kazuya looks really annoying, and it is difficult for Senior Kitahara to be patient with this person for so long. Here, I need to help Senior Kitahara Patience and endurance express deep admiration.

"What if I don't say it?"

"Then I will kick you out, because you have left the door now." Dongma and Sa glanced at the direction of the door and said seriously.

In order not to waste the rare opportunity to have a good conversation with Dongma and Sa, I decided not to go too far.

"Then, straight to the point, I want to know the confession of Senior Kitahara and Senior Xiaomushu-don't tell me you don't know about this matter or you don't understand this matter, otherwise I can tell you directly about the fact that you like Senior Kitahara He, this is not just a joke, after all, it is much easier to find Senior Beiyuan than to find you."

Dongma and Sa's body moved visibly, and I could feel her urge that she might really want to blast me out at a certain moment, but in the end she still controlled her emotions.

Today's Dongma and yarn have controlled their emotions twice, so gratifying!

"Indeed, I know some, but I don't know more than others." Finally, with some careful consideration, Touma and Sae said.

"You don't necessarily know more than others. The judgments you make must be more accurate than others. I still believe in your ability to observe Senior Kitahara."

"So, I'm not observing that guy—"

"——Don’t worry about these details, Dongma and Senior Sa, I just want to ask a few questions, you can answer them."

"That Xiaomu Yu Xuecai, do you like her?" Dongma Kazuya's slender eyes were narrowed, and a thoughtful expression appeared in the thinner eyes.