My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 178

"My feelings for Senior Xiao Muzhen are more complicated, but she is a very important senior to me, so I don't want senior to be affected by the confession of some strange people."

"That guy is not a weird person. Judging from someone other than me, that person is a omnipotent genius. He does everything efficiently and without mistakes. He is eager to help others, as long as he expresses a little bit. The tendency in that respect is definitely the type that girls like."

"But I don't like him. That's enough. I think Mr. Kitahara has a good way of being disguised as the other side under the surface." I shrugged and replied, "Although I say that to the Mr. Kitahara you like It's a bit bad, but I still have to say my thoughts-I hope you don't tell him."

However, Touma and Sa just shrugged and said, "This is your own freedom."

"You don't seem to be too surprised by my judgment! Sure enough, do you still like Senior Kitahara? How can you observe so carefully?"

"If you make such a judgment without authorization, can I also determine without authorization that you like Xiaomu Shuxue Cai?"

"Uh, I give up."

Well, this time, Dongma and Sa were really crushed!

Touma and Sae pursed their mouths and showed an expression that I felt like a smile but I was not sure if it was actually true. He narrowed his eyes and continued to ask, "Then Yubihama Kazuya, what do you want to ask me? What's the problem?"

"Nothing, a few answers based on your judgment, right?"


"The first question, did Senior Kitahara really confessed to Senior Xiaomuzhen?"

"It should be Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai that that guy took the initiative to find, but everyone has said so, so I can only think so."

"In other words, are everything still at the level of'rumors'? So the second question, do you think Senior Beiyuan would like Senior Xiao Muzhen?"

"Boys like girls like Xiaomuzhen Xuecai? That guy should be the same?"

——But I can be sure that "that guy" likes you. I don't know what Dongma Kazuyawa, who has a somewhat unhappy expression on his face, thinks when answering this question.

"Well, it's very general, but not bad. The third question, do you think Senior Xiao Muzhen will reject Senior Beiyuan?"

"I'm not Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai, how do I know?"

"Ah, I'm sorry--I would personally refuse it by the way. Then, the last question, and the most important one, how is Senior Kitahara's mood after speaking with Senior Ogishu?"

When I asked this question, I fixed my eyes on Dongma Kazuza, which made Dongma Kazuza, who had been answering questions casually before, stunned for a moment.

"Uh, it shouldn't be sad, or rather happy, it really feels like the expression of hope after confession has not been completely rejected, but if you just feel hopeful, it seems that it shouldn't be that way. In short , Is it very complicated?"

Touma and Sa's explanations are a bit confusing, but I still confirmed a few problems.First of all, no matter what the purpose of Senior Kitahara looking for Senior Xiaomushu is, his expectations for this are not high, so he is not completely rejected by the other party, he is very happy-this may be a confession, or it may be something else that embarrassed Senior Matter; Second, although Senior Kitahara likes Dongma and yarn, he should not ignore other girls because Dongma is alone. From this perspective, Senior Kitahara may also have some attempts at senior Xiaomushu; third, Dongma and Yau is trustworthy, and letting her observe Kitahara is a win-win situation.

Therefore, I expressed my proposal: "Then, Senior Dongma, shall we cooperate? You are concerned about Senior Kitahara, and I care about Senior Xiaomushu. Then, can you observe the potential of Senior Kitahara and Xiaomushu Trends, and I’ll help you analyze it together. After all, compared to you, I still know more about Senior Xiao Muzhen, don’t I?"

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Chapter 4: The restless mood brings new awareness

I'm not sure whether Touma and Sa will accept my proposal in the end. After all, although I am almost certain of her feelings for Haruki Kitahara, I cannot rule out that this awkward guy will refuse me because of some of his stupid persistence. Cooperation.

Fortunately, Dongma and Sha have not been so confused yet. Although she looks a bit ugly, she nodded gently and agreed with my opinion of establishing an alliance.

Although to a certain extent, I would feel that using this method to spy on the private social relations and networks of Senior Xiao Muzhen is somewhat excessive, although I am almost certain that even if Senior is confessed by Haruaki Kitahara, she will eventually refuse , But I always have an ominous hunch.Anyway, what Dongma Hessa is concerned about is only Kitahara-senior's situation. If it is not a special situation, there will be no overlap between Dongma Hessa and Dongma Hessa.

"Then, let me talk about the key points of the observation first! Because Senior Dongma's observation object is Senior Kitahara, so I said--"

"--I don't need you to teach me about this." However, Touma Kazuya interrupted me impatiently, "Do you think you have more experience in observing that guy than I am?"

Uh, I have to say that Dongma and Sa are a little unexpected and natural at some point. Saying this sentence just proves your obsession with the meticulous observation of Senior Kitahara?

Obviously, when I stared at Dongma Kazuya with funny eyes, she also slowly reacted.

To be honest, I still really want to know what the indifferent and surly girls like Dongma and Sa are like when they become popular-however, I have no chance.

To me, I was unprepared for a high leg. Dongma and Sa's set seemed to be a long-planned combined leg attack, pushing me to the door with a stormy attack posture.

"Come here at this time tomorrow afternoon, and I will tell you what you want." Dongma and Sha's forehead bangs drooped, covering her eyes so that I could not see her eyes.

Then, before I had time to respond to her words, the door of the second music room was heavily closed in front of me.

"Also, when you knock on the door, you can knock three times in a rhythm. If you want to let me put you in in this way like today, the alliance negotiation will break down immediately." This is before closing the door. , Dongma and yarn leave my last words.

——Well, if you can open the door for me the first time I knock on the door, I won’t force you to open the door in the same way, would I?I shrugged and decided to leave behind the contradictory remarks made by the girl who didn’t look like a predecessor, turned around, and prepared to think about what to do today.

Then, just as I turned around, I saw ---Senior Haruki Kitahara behind me.

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From an objective point of view, I seem to have just made a surveillance plan for Haruki Kitahara along with the object Haruki Kitahara is pursuing in secret. Compared to the other party’s uprightness, I seem to have done a very despicable thing. Looks like, so, I am a little embarrassed in front of Kitahara-senpai.

However, fortunately, Senior Kitahara, with a sunny face on the opposite side, did not notice my anomaly, but he seemed more interested in the door of the second music room behind me now.

"Heya, do you and the owner of the second music room know each other?" This is the first question Kitahara Haruki asked me with a surprised expression.His urgent look made me feel more sympathetic.

Although I know that Touma and Sa are very shy in this regard, she can hide from Kitahara for so long. I should say that Touma and Sa are too good at secrecy, or Kitahara is a little too authoritarian?

However, my answer is still certain. I can’t tell the secrets of the real owner behind the second music room of Kitahara, so my answer can only be: "Sorry, senior, I don’t know."

"Really? I just saw you staring at the door of the second music room for a long time. I thought you would know something."

"Well, I just happened to pass by here, and then I remembered that I had heard the beautiful piano sound from the second music room before, and I was a little emotional!"

"Does Heya know?" Senior Kitahara nodded excitedly, and said, "Do you also know that the person in the second music room is a genius? It would be perfect if he could accompany the light music club. "

Really, is the focus of the second music room to find keyboard players?However, there is a problem here, the issue of the light music club. Didn't Iizuka ask us?

"You take the liberty to ask, Kitahara-senior, you know, the club I belong to now, the Ministry of Service, has accepted the request of Director Iizuka to have the opportunity to be on the stage of the cultural festival, and our current plan is also in progress. Proceed in an orderly manner. The cultural festival this semester will be late, so we have enough time to see the results. Will you be doing this now inconsistent with Director Iizuka’s ideas?"

"I know Wu has also contacted you," Senior Kitahara nodded and said, "But if something goes wrong with your solution, my preparation here is a precautionary plan, isn't it? ?"

"But if our plan is successful, and your plan is also successful-for example, the senior successfully invited the owner of the second music room to participate in your band performance, then, who will be the main keyboardist at that time? Is it the owner of the second music room who was asked by seniors so hard, or the first keyboardist senior on Mr. Iizuka’s side, is it difficult to deal with this?"

"I'll talk about this question at the time? It's better to solve this kind of task conflict than to temporarily solve the problem of insufficient staff, isn't it?" Senior Kitahara frowned and gave a vague answer.

The reason Kitahara-senpai gave me is convincing. It is true that, as he said, the problem of overstaffing has at least more room for maneuver than the problem of insufficient staff—however, he avoided the core of my problem. That is, how to solve the problem of staff redundancy.Obviously, he didn't intend to discuss this issue in depth.

"So, does Director Iizuka know what Senpai is doing now?"

"Wu doesn't know, he can cooperate well with you, I just need to do his support work well, don't I?" Senior Kitahara said lightly, "However, I remember that your proposal is for Will Liu Yuan return to the Light Music Club? To be honest, I don’t like Liu Yuan. Her personality is too bad, but since you think so, I can’t help it. After all, this may also be a good solution."

"Senior Kitahara has a very bad attitude towards Senior Yanagahara."

"Of course, I am not a saint, there are always people who don't like it!" Senior Kitahara shrugged and said.

"So don't tell me that Senior Kitahara wants to find a candidate for the singer, right?" I asked half-jokingly.