My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 179

"Sa, who knows?"

"However, Kitahara-senpai thinks there is anyone who can be more than Yanagahara-" I said naturally, and then stopped naturally.

——I'm so stupid, we have already thought of the singer who is more dazzling than Liu Yuan Peng?It's not just me. When Yukoshita realized that person's abilities, the first thing she considered was that person. So, is there any reason that Kitahara-senpai couldn't think of it?Is there any reason why he would not invite that person?

The fact that Harunaki Kitahara "confessed" to Xiaomu Yu Xuecai, I think I already know.

That would definitely not be a "confession". As I said, Senior Kitahara wouldn't do such an unprepared battle. If it was a confession, he would definitely be more cautious.This so-called fact, and hesitation, in fact, it was Senior Kitahara who was inviting Senior Xiao Muzhen to participate in the light music club.

Although I don't know how Senior Kitahara knew that Senior Xiao Muzhen likes to sing, but as long as he knew this, he would be tempted by Senior Xiao Muzhen.Moreover, the unresolute attitude of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen is understandable, because she is not clear about the situation of the light music club. She once thought that it was her own fault and tried to help me. If she still has this idea, So, it is normal to hesitate because of the persuasion of Kitahara-senior.

"Heya? What's the matter?" Kitahara Haruki's voice awakened me from thinking.

"Sorry, nothing." I lowered my head and didn't want the other person to see the panic in my eyes. I have full confidence that Senior Xiao Mushu will reject the "confession" of Senior Kitahara, but if I only join the light music club to sing If you invite, it really might be.

A long time ago, when I first met Senpai, when I was still a loyal fan of Xiaomushu Senpai in karaoke and listened to her singing, I thought of a question: Xiaomushu Xuecai, she is really only Do you like singing alone?Still, she is eager to let her singing be conveyed to other people.

At that time, I concluded that she was hopeful-and I later forgot that.

When seniors offered to help me, did she just because she felt guilty, just because she wanted to help me?Maybe that's not always the case. Probably, the predecessors at the time also had a little selfishness in their hearts?Maybe it only requires me to agree with the help of seniors at the time, so for us, this is more a win-win choice, not just the unilateral help of seniors.

However, I didn't take into consideration the psychology of Senior Xiao Muzhen.And now, when someone else tells her that you have the opportunity to sing freely, wantonly, and unreservedly in front of everyone, Senior Xiao Muzhen, will you consider this issue from the heart?

I think it will.

Therefore, I felt an incomparable hesitation, that feeling, it was as if the unique garden of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen who only I knew, and the unique field of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen that only I could understand, was invaded by the predecessor Kitahara.

Perhaps what Dongma and Sae said are right, and what Yui sister said is also right. I like Senior Omusuo, or it’s not really the kind of love between men and women. I don’t believe it, I just can Out of the concern of the younger generation for the elders, or the concern among friends, they are so nervous about this phenomenon.

Senior Kitahara didn’t realize the turbulent waves in my heart. He just continued to smile and said, “However, to be honest, it’s really difficult to find a singer who is better than Yanagahara, although I also had hopes. However, it seems that it is still too presumptuous, right?"

After listening to this sentence, my guess can be confirmed. Senior Kitahara did invite Senior Xiao Muzhen, and now he is waiting for the answer from Senior.

"So, seniors can try to correct the arrogant personality of senior Yanagahara. Isn't this also a way?"

“I think it’s easier to correct Yanuhara’s character than to find a singer who is better than her,” Senior Kitahara shook his head, then patted me on the shoulder, and continued to speak earnestly as a senior "Heya, you know, we still need to have some dreams. The best singer, the best keyboard player, as long as you work hard, nothing is impossible. For example, I am still looking for the first The person behind the second music room wants him to join us. This is the embodiment of this dream, isn't it?"

——I think this kind of dream of yours will come true. Although she will make a lot of unwilling gestures, if it is Dongma and Sa, she will eventually agree to Kitahara's invitation.Therefore, the rest of the problem lies with Senior Xiao Muzhen.

To be honest, Senior Kitahara, I am a little envious of you. It is much easier for you to achieve this so-called dream than you imagined!

"So, I will continue to practice in the music room, and if I want to participate in my own club activities, I should hurry up! After all, it is not a good thing to be late for club activities on the first day of school! "

Kitahara Haruki naturally exhorted that if I had been in the past, I would definitely have to complain about this guy's desire for preaching no matter when it was so strong.But now, I am a little confused about the situation.

If you want to stop Kitahara-senpai, then you must complete the commission of Director Iizuka. The core point of this commission lies in the Ministry of Service and the Student Union of Kiyizumi Middle School.

I thought I didn’t want to go to the ministry today, but let’s check it now!In addition, the question of helping Xiaochun is imminent.

I have no qualifications and no position to persuade Senior Xiao Muzhen to reject Senior Kitahara. Then, the only thing I can do now is to do my best on the position I can have.

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I tried very hard to write Heya not like a little boy who is jealous of fighting for the wind. However, reading it by myself seems to be going in that direction. I don't know if everyone feels it.All in all, for self-comfort, with the setting of Kazuya, at least there won’t be the ugly state of 486 in the recent re0 (I feel like I have set a very bad flag for myself)


Chapter 5: The Ministry of Worship with Wrong Style

If I look at it from the point of view of a pure bystander, the Ministry of Service of Sotake High is a very magical society.Of course, this miracle does not mean that there are three problematic children gathered here except for the sister. The magic is that it is such a place, without advertising or other means, and often they actually become certain and these people. The whereabouts of the connected person when they went to hospital in a hurry.

Moreover, it is surprising—or not surprising at all. The Ministry of Service has solved the problem in most cases, regardless of whether the problem is solved in an upright manner or in a way.

As a member of the Ministry of Service, I have been close to five months, and even in these five months, I have developed a strange sense of identity with half of the members of this society that I don’t like. To be honest, even I don't know what is going on.

If you review the problems solved by the Ministry of Service at this time, and then make an evaluation on them, then it is the "summary chapter" in a typical animation-fortunately, the situation I need to face is complex enough now that I don’t need to use a general set To make up the number of articles to delay the plot.

——Although, when I opened the door of the Ministry of Service, the leisurely atmosphere in the club classroom was really incomprehensible.

The Ministry of Service is probably the one that doesn't know what it should do the least. After all, all the activities of this club are commissioned by others. When there is no commission, this is generally the normal state of the Ministry of Service.

What catches the eye is Yukoshita Yukino by the window, her long black hair draped softly on her back as always, but she couldn't find a trace of mess, showing the owner's meticulous maintenance and meticulous care for it. She frowned, holding a library of books quietly, and occasionally stretched out her right hand to pick up the teacup on her hand, put it to her mouth and sip gently, constructing a picturesque scene-if she did not speak Enough.

"Yuhihama Kazuya, who has already asked for leave but appeared without authorization, if you were so scornful of your football club when you were in junior high, then I quite doubt how you, the president, should serve the public?"

Tsk tsk, as soon as he appeared on the stage, it was the predecessor Xuexia with full firepower--to be honest, she missed her poisonous tongue a little bit.Uh, it doesn't mean that I am a jitter or something. This is the usual practice at the beginning of school, isn't it?You must experience something that must have existed when you went to school before you can have a clear sense of the beginning of school, which is probably what it means.

"If I were a minister, I would not hesitate to encourage him if my members took time off due to some forced reasons and insisted on participating in club activities."

"Well, then to encourage you, other punishments for being late will not be given, but today's tea will not be yours." Xuexia pursed his mouth, there seemed to be a Ruoyouruo hanging on the corner of his mouth. No smile-but even if it is a smile, it is a black-bellied smile.

"Well, I don't care about that anyway."

"Well, it just so happens that my set of tea set only has three cups, so I'm still hesitating whether this cup is for you or Biqigu, but since you said that," Xuexia nodded, with an understanding look He glanced at me, "Then this cup is better than Qigu."

On the other side, Higiya raised her head, nodded slightly at me involuntarily, and said in a very soft voice, "Yuhihama, thank you."

The second member of the Ministry of Service, Higiya Hachiman, is more famous in some small circles for his blindfold eyes that make everyone retreat.However, in view of his own burnout character and some over-precision of his attitude towards others, his social network is extremely narrow.

Of course, to be fair, if you don’t look at Biqigu’s eyes, he looks pretty good--but the premise of “if you don’t look at his eyes” feels like “if the protagonist of the jump comics doesn’t have a good father, They also rely on their own efforts to achieve success." This kind of routine cannot be ignored.

Therefore, when Biqigu squeezed his dead fish eyes out of an arc and said to me words that seemed to be grateful for insincere, the kind of damage was absolutely outstanding.

"But the tea set of Xiaoxue I saw last time clearly has four cups? Did Xiaoxue change the tea set?"

"Well, the tea set is changed."

"Then use the original tea set. I don't think small businesses and Xiaohe would care about the type of tea set, right?"

"Sorry, Yubihama, I care."

"But, Xiaoxue, wouldn't Xiaohe be too pitiful in this way? Did you know? Xiaohe still often drinks tea at home, so what he said to you just now is just kidding!"

Stupid old sister, how can you dismantle your brother's station like this-although I know that your goal in saying these words is for my own good, but subtly, this situation makes me feel that I have fallen behind in front of Xuexia !

That's right, Yuihama Yui, the third member of the Ministry of Service, my elder sister-the body is the iconic dumpling behind her head. If the scorpion of the elder sister shook, it would prove that the head of the elder sister started to sway. Then it proves that my sister is expressing her own opinions or her feelings; if the dumplings are drooping, it proves that my sister is in a bad mood, and even with this thing that should not be related to the mood, she will become listless. Of course, Yubi Hama Yui is also a beautiful girl, although not as stunning as Yukoshita, I still think that if my sister is more confident, she can fully show her charm.

Of course, my sister’s problem is somewhat natural in some places. Although from what I sometimes find out from other people, Yui sister is not a fool, but in front of me, Yui sister always seems to make some mistakes. People think it's a ridiculous mistake-I'm thinking this is probably a problem left by my long-term care of my sister.

"Well, if Yubihama can apologize to me for his stubbornness just now, it's not impossible for me to equip this new tea set with a new cup."

"By the way, you don't want to wear a new cup, but your tea set has four cups, right?"

"Sa, so Yubihama-san is not going to apologize?"

"No, all in all, the current Ministry of Service must not be able to discuss things like whether to provide me with cups all day long. The point is that the current Ministry of Service has tasks. Don't you remember? The ministry with a mission can enjoy a leisurely time to drink tea like this?"

"So, what tasks does the Ministry of Service have now?" Minister Xuexia raised his head and asked confusedly.