My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 180

I looked closely at Xuexia's eyes for a long time, and after confirming that there was no insidious expression in the other's eyes, I felt that after this summer vacation, it seemed that everything I was familiar with had become different.

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"At present, the Ministry of Service is still undertaking two tasks. One is the work of liaison with Qingquan Middle School in the Student Union-but because now both Souchou High School and Qingquan Middle School have to hold sports festivals, the chairman of the city and I said hello, saying that our work can be suspended for a while; the other is to help Senior Iizuka’s light music club to return to the stage. Judging from the current situation, the discussion about the light music club has cooled down a little bit-but cooled It’s when the student Liu Yuan is most likely to choose to rejoin. After all, if you join a light music club when everyone is discussing, it will make people feel a little bit fanciful. This is when she chooses to join. The best opportunity for you, I think I can let Senior Iizuka inquire about Yanagihara’s intentions in a few days. So, from the current point of view, the Ministry of Service does not have anything urgent to complete, although I don’t know. Why did Yubihama suddenly become so enthusiastic about the activities of the Ministry of Service, but please trust the basic judgment and professional ethics of my minister."

After I explained my thoughts, Yukoshita fluently expressed her opinion-as perfect as always, as always, I cannot refute it in this regard.

Of course, I also knew it, or I knew it when I spoke under the snow. It’s too hasty to solve all the problems now. The reason why I want to make all the decisions in the camp so much, I was still worried about the turmoil on the side of Senior Kitahara.

However, looking at the current situation, we can smoothly carry out everything. The initiative should still be on our side. After all, Minister Iizuka is the president of the Light Music Club. If Kitahara-senior can't use the Light Music Club to be fair and honest It’s more troublesome to invite people.

"I understand the situation, so the best way now is to wait, is that right?"

"Yes, just wait," Yukoshita glanced at me, then paused, as if she was making up her mind. Finally, she gently flicked the tea cup in front of her and asked, "Of course. I’m curious, when did Yubihama Kazuya become such a enthusiastic person for the ministry’s activities? As far as I know, this doesn’t match your personality very much, right?"

"When did the minister become a nosy person? I think this doesn't match the character of the minister very much, right?"

"Oh, in the beginning, as a minister, he should have corresponding concern for the members, but now that Yubihama said that, I naturally understand that you don't need the minister's concern. That's probably the case." Yukinoshita maintained an awe-inspiring posture, nodded gracefully, and then stopped talking.

"Xiaoxue obviously cares about Xiaohe, and Xiaohe clearly wants to let Xiaoxue know about her situation, but why are you two not honest?" However, at this time, her sister's vigorous voice rang.

Although I think my elder sister now has the feeling of teaching a disobedient little brother, I have to say that the present me and Xuexia really want to be taught by her.

"While telling Xiaoxue Xiaohe what he didn't come here today, Xiaoxue's face became unsightly--"

"--That's because the members took time off on the first day of the club activities, and they normally expressed dissatisfaction with this behavior--"

"Then Xiaohe finally came to the Ministry of Service today. There must be something to say, right?"

"By the way, I feel that the Ministry of Service is too leisurely and asked everyone to work hard, but the Minister refuted it in a nearly perfect way, so now there is nothing to say."

"But how did Xiaohe know our current state before coming to the Ministry of Service? This shows that Xiaohe is thinking about other things and other things that he wants the Ministry of Service to help."

"To be honest, what I want the Ministry of Service to help is to let the Ministry of Service solve the task at hand quickly, but since step by step is the safest way, I have nothing to ask the Ministry of Service."

"Eh, didn't Xiaohe want to—"

"——About that matter, I found a more reliable helper."

"Wait a minute, I can't pretend I didn't hear this! Although I don't know what the Yubihama student is talking about, but I think what you mean is to choose me when it comes to commissioning something. Why don't you choose another person?" The frozen light under the snow fell on me, as if to kill me with his eyes.

"It's just that people make the best use of them. The other party has a unique advantage. This advantage is not something that you can solve with your ability."

Yukoshita showed an uncomfortable expression, but she seemed to understand what I meant, so in the end, she reluctantly nodded and said, "Yes, this happens occasionally."

"By the way, considering this, I do have one thing I want to ask the Ministry of Service."

"So?" Xuexia's head tilted slightly, even Biqigu, who was silent on the other side, turned his head to me.

"In fact, it is not my personal commission, it is just an internal task of the Ministry of Service. I want to ask for leave during the routine contact with Qingquan Middle School-at least for a month, I may not be able to participate in the official capacity of Qingquan. Links to the Middle School Student Union."

"Reason?" Yukoshita asked briefly and forcefully.

"The reason is that, as a private person, I will help the secretary of Qingquan Middle School Koharu Sugiura to solve some problems. During this time, if people find out that I still have the official status of Sou Wu Gao, it will be somewhat Not suitable."

Afterwards, I saw Yukoshita’s frowning brows, and her fingers tapped the tea cup again; my sister happily covered her hands and looked at my expression with a smile, and, for the second time today, Higiya Hachiman Looking up, this time, I was a little puzzled, as if I didn't know what I was going to do.

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Well, in fact, I still remember that I owe more. For example, now my collection number exceeds 3000, theoretically I can add another one, so I still owe five more, uh, this, in short, tomorrow should be the last day and it will be busy It's about time. I have completed the formalities, and I should be fine after I get the double degree certificate. Then I will officially enter the summer vacation, that's it.


Chapter 6: Coping strategies for different incidents

For a short time, it seemed that all the air had been drawn away, and after the vacuum state where everyone could not hear the other party's voice, everyone in the ministry seemed to have recovered from a still picture and started to act again.

Yukoshita raised his head and looked at me: "Although it seems that it doesn't matter if I ask this question, but Yuihama, can you tell me why you want to help Secretary Sugiura as a private person?"

"Since the Minister knows that this matter has nothing to do with you, it is okay for me not to answer?"

"But this is difficult," Xuexia frowned, and his tone suddenly became cold. "After all, if you ignore the mission of the Ministry without permission, it will still make me feel very troubled! "

"When did the Ministry of Service become this kind of organization that provides mandatory services to members?" I shrugged and asked, "Or the minister feels that your powers are already large enough to ignore the opinions of specific members. The behavior is—after all, is the Minister’s words compelling?"

Xuexia was slightly stunned, as if he hadn't expected that I would respond to her in such a determined way.

"Why are you arguing all of a sudden? Xiaohe," at this time, my sister patted my shoulder vigorously. She said anxiously, "It's a good thing that Xiaohe is going to help Xiaochunjiang, and Xiaoxue well. Just explain it? There is no need to be so angry."

"I'm just dissatisfied with our Minister's exuberant desire to control now."

"However, Yubihama Kazuya, I think your desire to control is also very strong today!"

"Well," I looked at Xuexia, her snow-white cheeks now seemed to have a faint blush, as if she could not completely control her emotions, "It is not wrong to have a strong desire to control, the key is to understand, what At that time, Minister Yukoshita, you are qualified to control what kind of people."

"In other words, do you think you can ignore my opinion now?"

"I don't think so, but didn't the minister also argued against my opinions on club activities before? The Ministry of Service now has a lot of time, and it is not a matter of not requiring me to do regular contact in a short time. The big deal can be resolved by regular contact once a week, and other people can coordinate with a little bit?"

"Yes, it needs other people's coordination-then, Yukihama, when you are expecting other people to coordinate," Xuexia's mouth showed a slight smile, "Why do you think so, Will other people be willing to help you complete your tasks for your personal reasons? Or, if you also return your words to you, you should be ineligible to control other people and act according to your ideas, right?"

I was a bit confused for a while. Indeed, I didn’t take this into consideration. Although it’s normal to ask for leave at work, I let my companions make up for the vacancy when I am absent. In this kind of society where different people lack sufficient coercive power, Very difficult.

"Um, actually I have no problem!" My sister raised her hand hesitantly, "I support Xiaohe to help Xiaochunjiang, but Xiaoxue—"

My sister, who has been trying to ease the atmosphere, has shown support for me, but she seems to be reluctant to make Yukoshita feel too hard, so she is not so firm in her promise.

"I can predict Yubihama's attitude, but Higiya's thoughts are not necessarily?" Seeing my sister's hesitant support of my attitude, Yukinoshita was not surprised at all, and she simply turned her head away. , Looked at Higiya Hachiman.

"Student Yubihama, if you don’t think there are too many things right now, you don’t need to take time off. It’s the same as if you have homework assigned by school in the summer and have to participate in a summer cram school. Attend a cram school, so you won't finish school homework, right?"

"--But, unlike school homework, the mission of the Ministry of Service is not compulsory. Moreover, my purpose of asking for leave is to avoid suspicion."

"Yuhihama, do you really think that the mission in this place is not mandatory?" Hichigu gave me a glance and said, "Well, that's right, you seem to have no communication after being caught by that woman, but, Even without considering the teacher, uh—"

I could clearly see that Biqigu glanced lightly under the snow, and then, under the freezing light under the snow, he carefully retracted into his seat and stopped talking.

"I have never bothered to persuade people with violence. Please don't confuse me with Hiratsuka-sensei," Yukoshita said coldly. "In addition, Yubihama, your so-called'the mission of the ministry is not compulsory' is really gone. Inferior, if you just take advantage of the verbal loopholes in "No one has required me to do this" to make yourself feel comfortable doing something that violates the rules, do you really think this kind of reason can convince yourself?"

——Of course, this kind of reason cannot convince myself. I also know that when I said "No one stipulates that I have to perform the mission of the Ministry of Service", I was entangled in madness, and under the snow, I was also awe-inspiring. , Completely exposed my mistake.

From this point of view, Xuexia Xuenao still maintained the correctness as always, as always, sticking to her own path where she firmly believed.

People who stick to their own path are valuable, and those who have a clear understanding of their own path and think rationally are remarkable. I admire Yukino under Yukino.

——Of course, the premise is that Yukino under Xuexia is really sticking to her own path.

Although she convinced me with irrefutable logic, if her starting point is wrong, then this kind of persuasion is just a set of duckweed without a foundation.

I looked at Yukino under Xuexia, her eyes were very clear, she was not confused, but she couldn't see the direction.