My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 181

Yukoshita Yukino turned her head, and when I didn’t know how to judge her thoughts, she gently added, “Of course, Yuihama, you have to help Secretary Sugiura, that’s your personal freedom, but if you If you really feel powerless, it's okay to ask the Ministry of Service for help."

When Xuexia Xuenao said this, her tone was her confidence as always, but in the midst of it, she also seemed to show a little anxiety.

I don't understand where this anxiety comes from, but my answer will always be the same: "I will come if needed, but I hope that I don't need this help."

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My initial plan to help Xiaochun was to directly sit in the student union of Qingquan Middle School for trading. This is actually the safest way to solve the problem. However, after having the official status of Zong Wu Gao, I participated in too many meetings of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union. On the contrary, people will be suspicious, which may further strengthen the reliability of the rumors.Therefore, what I choose now is a more direct method of defeating with one blow at a critical moment.

In a war, only victory is the ultimate goal. Whether it is a steady fight or a surprise victory, the ultimate goal is the same.Personally, I am a person who likes to form the final crush by constantly expanding the advantage through steady combat, but, if necessary, using a surprise weapon is also an option.After all, not every time will give you enough time to build an advantage.

The implementation of this plan requires a key person to provide me with information. This candidate, Vice President Sonoda is undoubtedly the most suitable.Of course, before that, I still need to confirm from Dongma and Sa to confirm the final reply of Senior Xiao Mu Shu to Haru Kitahara.

——Although when I knocked on the door of the second music room according to the agreed method, Dongma and Sa students looked at my face, still as bad as ever.

"You can rest assured, Xiaomu Yu Xuecai rejected that guy." Although Dongma Kazuna still gave me the information I want to know, despite his stern face, "Also, looking at that guy's appearance, he should Did not confess to Xiao Muzhen Xuecai, what Xiao Muzhen refused was another request of him, understand?"

"Thanks, and I think it would be fine if Senior Dongma can be more amiable when saying these things."

However, what responded to me was Dongma Hesha's huge cannibal look-the attitude of seeing me as a scourge made me wonder if this person agreed with me to enter her exclusive space.

Since this is the case, I also feel that I do not need to spend more time here.

"Then, I have something to do next, if Senior Dongma doesn't mind--"

"—Wait a minute!" It seems that Dongma and Sa particularly like to catch each other when they are about to leave.

"Hey, this, Yubihama Kazuya, you promised me? Yes, how do you say, analyze the reaction of that guy and Xiao Mu Yuxuna-of course, I am not saying what I want to achieve, at least you want to know Some other information?"

"what's the message?"

"After being rejected, that guy didn't feel too depressed, but said, "There is still a chance"." Touma Kazuya's face is not very good, even if it is not a confession of failure, watching the boy he likes to another girl If you are so persistent, you will be a little unhappy, right?

"What is called'there is still a chance', do you know what he is going to do?"

"If I know what that guy is going to do, I still need you to analyze it?"

"That's true, but there is too little information now. I don't know as much about Senior Beiyuan as you.'There is still a chance.' It can only be said that Senior Beiyuan feels that Senior Xiao Muzhen has not completely rejected him, so I can still work hard. hope?"

"Then how hard is he going to work? Obviously, that woman has already been rejected by that woman-well, Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai."

"Senior Dongma, please don't show too obvious jealousy or dissatisfaction with Senior Xiao Muzhu in front of me, otherwise it will be difficult for me."

"Okay, don't talk about it, Yubihama Kazuya, what should I do next? Follow that guy?"

"What kind of a weird romance comedy plot is this? Next, is there going to be various disturbances while tracking, and then expecting that Senior Kitahara did not find us exposed for various inexplicable reasons-this plot is too bad, I refuse to accept."

"Then come up with a way for me, the information is provided to you, isn't it?" Dongma and Sa said unceremoniously, even a little arrogantly, I have to say that even now I can talk to her normally. Now, I can't stand her personality. I really don't know how the Kitahara-senior likes Dongma and Sasha. Is it because that guy is facial control?

However, returning to Kitahara Haruki’s point of view that “there is a chance”, we don’t necessarily have to consider the issue from Kitahara Haruki’s perspective.It can also be considered, what kind of Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai is that will make Senior Beiyuan feel that there is a chance to continue inviting her?

The image that Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai has shown to the outside world is something she has been trying hard to create. She is polite to everyone, but an image that makes everyone inaccessible-but this is obviously not the character of Xiao Mu Xiao's predecessor.Although I am not sure that the predecessor Xiao Muzhen I saw is her truest side, obviously, I feel that the predecessor Xiao Muzhen I know is closer to the real predecessor.

So, how did the real predecessors be exposed?

A direct reason is that I happened to know the secret of her liking to sing karaoke, and as I have analyzed, seniors like to sing alone, but this does not mean that she does not want anyone to listen to her singing.While maintaining the image in the school, the senior will also want someone to know her true side.

Even for a freshman who was only Zou Wu Gao at the time, it seemed a bit terrifying to me. After I learned the secret of Senior Xiao Muzhen, the relationship between the two of us quickly heated up.

So, what if someone else knows the private side of seniors?Senior Beiyuan could think of inviting Senior Xiao Muzhen to participate in the light music club, then he must have known Senior's love to sing and the unrestrained side.

So, what if he knew more?When you know the high mountain flower in school, the lively and enthusiastic side in private, or the simple and kind-hearted side in private?

There are more secrets of Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai, which means that the closer he is to Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai, it means that he has more opportunities to get Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai's help.

Although I don’t know how much Senior Beiyuan knows about Senior Xiao Muyun, what is certain is that only Senior Xiao Muyun after school will be the real Senior Xiao Muyun.

Then, what to do is very simple.

I looked at Dongma and Sa, and she seemed very dissatisfied with my long silence after thinking.However, what I said next should satisfy her: "What should I do next? Of course, it's not to do the shameful things like stalking the predecessors of Beiyuan. What I have to do is just wait for nothing!"

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To be honest, this chapter should really be divided into two chapters, for the 4k chapter forced to become like this.This episode of Xiaochun’s and Xuecai’s incidents are going to be synchronized. If they are not synchronized, the following plots cannot be taken. However, I am really not good at manipulating multiple lines at the same time. These chapters always feel a little messy. , Xi Da Yi rake, can only say that you can control it as much as possible, right?It can also be regarded as gaining experience for the next more lines.


Chapter 7: In the crowd, everyone seems to have achieved their goal

Of course, I finally rejected Dongma Hesha’s request to go to the flower shop where Xiao Muzheng was working with me. This was a matter of course. With Dongma Hesha’s character, let’s not say if Xiao Muzheng would have misunderstood. I can't stand the ugly face she had when she met the seniors and finally asked me to help them round the field.

Although I don't think that Senior Xiao Muzhen would be familiar with Dongma and Sa because of her impoliteness, it is good to be more cautious.

However, Touma and Sa are reasonable in this respect, probably because she did not have the confidence to maintain a normal attitude when meeting Senior Kitahara, so at first she hesitated to go with me and wait for the rabbit, but she gave up on herself. This stupid idea of ​​going in person.

Although I know the fact that seniors go to work in a flower shop, I have not personally seen seniors work-although sometimes when she comes to karaoke directly after work, I have also seen her ponytail blackened Dressed up with glasses.I also remember that seniors and I were nagging for a long time. It was roughly how her father was worried about her. Even though she was working, she only allowed her to work in the store of an acquaintance. If there is a chance, she can enjoy the feeling of being uncareful. Good things.

"You know what I mean? In school, other people kept staring at me, paying attention to my every move, and then finally tried to find the feeling of ordinary employees in the place where they were working, and the result was still the same in the end. Although the store manager treats me as harshly as other employees, when I encounter problems, because of my father’s relationship, I still receive too little punishment. This is still a different treatment, isn’t it?" One day in the small talk, what Senior Xiao Muzhen said when he fiddled with his hair.

"Then seniors will come to work in karaoke. Anyway, you and Obasan Inoue are already so familiar with each other. You also know the essentials of karaoke work-more importantly, if you come here to work, I will become your senior. Isn't it?"

"So, did you make this idea? Is it good for you to become my senior?"

"Isn't there a lot of benefits? For example, isn't the reason why I have been relatively weak in front of Xiao Muzhen is because senior is senior?"

"Do you really think so? Heya?" Senior Xiao Muzhen narrowed his eyes, put his chin on, and seemed to ask very seriously.

However, I did not give Senior Xiao Muzhen a clear answer, because at the time, I just treated these words as a joke. I couldn't look at Senior Xiao Muzhen with a serious expression and respond with a new joke-like tone.

Even now, I don't know if I can give seniors an answer.

I hope to be the senior of the senior, is this really my true thoughts?In other words, do I really hope to become a senior Xiao Muzhen, a person who can rely on?

From the beginning of the relationship with Xiaomu Shou-sen, the relationship between the empathetic seniors and the somewhat awkward juniors in the second half has been established-I am sure I like this kind of relationship, this is the me who has been taking care of Yui sister , The inevitable choice when enjoying the care and understanding of the predecessors Xiao Muzhen.

Have I considered changing this relationship?Maybe when I was joking, I would mention it, but, as I said just now, I really hesitate when this issue is placed in front of me in a serious form.

I have always regarded Senior Xiao Muzhen as a place to understand when I was frustrated, but the establishment of this relationship is the infinite tolerance of my seniors-and infinite tolerance itself is a false proposition. No one except the saint’s accident. This can't be done.

"Really, I'm sorry, Kazuya, at least in this matter, I can't stand behind you anymore!" This is the last word I said when Senior Xiao Muzhen met for the last time.At that moment, Senior chose not to patiently tolerate my willfulness anymore.

It was also after losing the backing of my predecessors that I tried to find a change, and then I found an opportunity for change.

However, after all, it was a change that was only discovered when I was alone, and it was not a change brought about by the persuasion of Senior Xiao Muzhen. If I cannot prove that my mind has changed, Senior will not be because of me. Just a few words, don’t you?

I stood at the door of the flower shop where Senior Xiao Muzhen worked, and stopped looking at Senior Xiao Muzhen who was carefully sorting out flowers from a distance.The braid is dressed up with simple large-frame glasses, which makes people never imagine that it is the flower of the school.Occasionally, she would look at the guests coming and going, responding with a gentle but somewhat working smile.

In the past, if I saw this scene, I would be proud.Because I have seen seniors not working or socializing smiles.