My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 182

However, I used to abuse the tolerance of my predecessors without restriction, and finally, the patience of my predecessors disappeared.So, what am I doing now?Because of a speculation of catching the wind, because of the same simple jealousy as Dongma and Sa, trying to intervene in her life without the permission of her seniors, this kind of me, and the me who abused the tolerance of seniors at that time what differences are there?

Senior Xiao Muzhen raised her head, she seemed to perceive something, and looked in my direction.However, I jumped up like a conditioned reflex, and hid at the corner of the intersection, avoiding the glance of the seniors.

Although I am a little sorry for Dongma and Sa, I understand that before I really told Senior Xiao Muzhen with a fact that I am not the same as I was in the past, I can’t, and I can’t stand upright. Standing in front of Senior, I went to tell Senior Xiao Muzhen, my true choice.

As for whether I want to be a reliable person for my seniors, I still don't know, but, at least, I hope that I should not become a person who brings too much burden to my seniors.

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When I walked cautiously away from the corner of the street, I saw Harunuki Kitahara coming oncoming.He seemed to be thinking about something with a tangled expression on his face. The state of concentration was almost as if he was going to ignore everything in the whole world that had nothing to do with him.

——Of course, I think that he did ignore these things, because, at the point where he and I passed, he completely ignored my existence.

If it was a normal senior Kitahara, he would be impeccable in terms of politeness and norms, and he would stop at this time and say hello to me. However, he hurried past me like this.

In a sense, at least, my judgment when talking to Touma Kassa is correct. Kitahara Haruki really has something to do. Looking at the direction he is heading, it is the flower shop where Mr. Xiao Muzhen works. There is no suspense. .

Although I have decided not to interfere with Senpai's choice, this still does not prevent me from being curious about the conversation between the two. Therefore, from a distance, I still followed Kitahara Senpai and watched him hesitate. After a while, he stopped Senior Xiao Mu Shu.

Obviously, Senior Xiao Muzhen was caught off guard by Kitahara's appearance of her dress, and she had a headache watching Senior Kitahara bowing and apologizing.However, even though there is no intuitive impression, I can still see that although Kitahara's apology is very sincere, his expression is not because of the expression of regret for exposing other people's secrets without authorization.

It was a firm expression like a hunter who felt the arrival of prey.

Kitahara Haruhiri, in a somewhat unreasonable way, forcibly penetrated into the self-confessed private realm of Senior Xiao Muzhen. If Senior had never met any other such person before, it was her kind. At a loss, Senior Kitahara could already end this confrontation.

Fortunately, after a brief astonishment, Senior Xiao Muzhen's expression gradually became calm. The kind of expression that often appeared in school, gentle but insulting from thousands of miles away, resurfaced in her. Face.

Senior Beiyuan seemed to be asking for something, and it seemed to be explaining something. However, Senior Xiao Muzhen just kept shaking his head gently, and smiling gently, rejecting the other party.

——Until Haru Kitahara said a word.

From a distance, on a noisy street, I couldn’t hear what Senior Kitahara said. I’m not an expert in lip language, so I can’t judge what he said based on the shape of my mouth. "The best", but other than that, I don’t know anything about it.

However, after saying this, Senior Xiao Muzhen was obviously silent. She did not refuse as firmly as at the beginning. She just gently put down her glasses and began to think.

I don’t know how long it has passed—maybe the time hasn’t been too long, but for me it’s too long. After a period of suffering, Senior Xiao Muzhen put on his eyes again and shook his head gently again, as if he still refused. Senior Kitahara.

However, when she was speaking, Kitahara Haruki showed a confident and hopeful expression.

Senior Xiao Muzhen was a little troubled and tilted his head sideways, as if he didn't understand why the other party was so confident.

Regardless, Kitahara Chunxi just smiled heartily, smiled confidently without a trace of worry, and did not answer her doubts.

Finally, the two sides waved goodbye.

Senior Xiao Muzhen straightened her braids and continued to arrange flowers skillfully, as if nothing had happened. However, she occasionally looked at the sky and made gestures that she often did in karaoke. Throwing off the clothes, grabbing the microphone, and linger for a while.

Haruki Kitahara did not come back in this direction, but continued to move forward. I can be sure that he was rejected. However, no one rejected will be as happy as he is now.

Everyone seems to have achieved their goals, and everyone seems to have not achieved their goals.

The September sun is actually not very dazzling, but it will still be a little uncomfortable when the sun is setting and direct sunlight.

Senior has already walked into the flower shop, leaving only the flowers she just planted.

I am not familiar with flowers, but like all girls like divination and also like to study the hidden meaning of flowers, Yui sister occasionally nags some knowledge about flower language in front of me.

The flower that Senior Xiao Muzhen has just picked up is not a flower in my opinion, but a potted plant.

It just so happened that Yui sister told me what it was.

"Xiaohe, actually Huang Yang suits you very well, what would you describe your father's flower?"

"I'm very happy that Yui sister finally realized that I have been helping you, but the older sister also troubles you not to treat your brother as a middle-aged man. I don't want to age so early!"

"But, firm, calm, and indomitable, are these words the same as Xiaohe?"

"So? Yui sister wants to say that I am the same as my father?"

"Hey, I'm just saying that these words are more in line with Xiaohe's personality!"

Of course, my sister must have never bought me boxwood. I bought a pot of plants of unknown significance, and I would not like it. My sister certainly understands this.

Therefore, this matter is almost skipped in a joke.

However, I just remembered those words by a ghost.

Maybe it's just a coincidence, maybe it's a thought in my heart, so my mind is moved. However, Senior Xiao Muzhen, is he looking forward to a firm and calm decision?

Whether this is the case or not, what I have to do has been decided.

One of the last requirements of Senior Xiao Muzhen was to let me help Xiaochun, and now I, after finding the truth, can already achieve this task.

I think that when I complete that request, it will be time for me to stand in front of the predecessors.

Firm and calm decision-making, if only these things are needed, it is too simple, because Yubihama Kazuya never lacks the confidence and courage to make decisions when solving problems.

Maybe my next decision will be slandered by Xuexia, but I think there is no problem if I follow my ideas.Yubihama Kazuya has always been so persistent.

I took out my mobile phone and pulled out a name that I had added by mistake from the long address book, and then dialed the other party's number.

"Hello, who are you?" I have to say, the voice on the other end of the phone is very sweet. If she can sing and become an idol, she will be very popular with her voice alone, right?

However, this is of course not what I care about now.

"Vice President Sonoda, I am Yubihama. May I have a private chat with you about your Sugiura-san?"

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After hesitating for a long time, I still wrote it like this. Every time I write this kind of cryptic emotional drama, it hurts. This chapter is also a statement from the protagonist's personal perspective from beginning to end.Also, I've just talked to the people in the group, if you want to spray the behavior of the protagonist in this chapter, they will help me spray it, hum.Also, I still remember owing more, I really remember...


Chapter: Chapter Seven and Five

Intersection: I hope to be your role model facing your heart

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Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai hasn't experienced this irritable feeling for a long time.In her three-year high school career, she has prepared enough to deny herself the image of thousands of miles away, which makes the boys who confess to her walk on thin ice, and after rejecting each other, she is completely Will not produce an emotion that can continue to work hard.In short, there is no one around her who tries to convince her time and time again.

Because everyone knows that once Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai gives the answer of "rejection", it basically means that all events cannot be changed.

However, the person in front of him is different. He has the successful experience of finally changing his mind through tireless persuasion. He also has enough patience and perseverance. Moreover, his persuasion method is very skillful, even if Xuecai is tired of the other party. This kind of persuasion has never been able to say too much under the other's sincere smile.

Of course, in the final analysis, Xuecai still felt that she was too careless. After saying that to He also, she also felt that she was a bit too much, but she was unwilling to call Heye directly, so She used the same way that she once went back to school and tried to "encounter" Kazuya, and tried to solve the problem clearly by saying something with Kazuya again.

However, instead of meeting Heya on the way to the school’s archives, she was discovered by the Beiyuan classmate while singing on the rooftop, which led to her tireless pursuit of herself.

Xuecai remembers the predicament of the Light Music Club, and knows that Heya's Ministry of Service is trying to solve this problem, so she immediately rejected Kitahara's invitation.However, I seem to have affected the resolution of the Ministry’s problem without knowing it. This actually made Xuecai feel that she owed something like nothing, and eventually made Xuecai’s idea of ​​actively searching for Heya faded. Come down.