My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 183

Of course, just like the small conflict between Xuecai and Heya before, as long as the two are careful to maintain these wounds, these wounds will eventually heal. After school starts, after normal contact, I will educate myself about this annoying The younger brother is also quite simple.However, what Xueca didn't expect was that Kitahara Haruki would be so obsessed with herself--of course, this obsession refers to the obsession with inviting herself to join the light music club.

"Student Beiyuan, although I am very embarrassed, I think I have expressed my attitude very clearly." Xuecai fiddled with the bangs on her forehead a little troubled.

"Yes, but, Xiao Muzheng's answer to my attitude has changed, hasn't it? From the beginning of "I haven't considered this issue", to the later "I don't think this makes sense to me", and then I thought about "Sorry, but it didn't work in the end" after the last time, so I think—"

"After the last time I thought about it, the'Finally Still Nothing' has shown my final attitude, hasn't it? By the way, Kitahara-student can really remember every time I refuse you!"

"I'm just good at memorizing some details," Haruhiro Kitahara smiled gently, and said, "By the way, what was the reason why Xiao Mushou rejected me the last time? Can you tell me? It feels like being influenced by some details. It is still regrettable to make a decision!"

"Do you really want to know?" Xuecai frowned and asked, "If I told you, then you won't stick to it anymore?"

"Understand the reason for my failure, I can improve next time, but next time, I won't harass classmate Xiao Mu Shu." Kitahara nodded and replied.

"I just think that it will cause trouble to people! It will cause trouble to a child who has been very confident and working hard to deal with the problem." Xuecai looked at the direction where the focus of her eyes was out of focus, and said.

"Does it bother other people?"

"Yes, it just causes trouble," Xuecai nodded and continued, "I also thought about helping him, but that guy is too stubborn. Although he will discuss many issues with me, but once he makes a decision Even if he perceives the sense of violation and mistakes, he will persuade himself to persevere. At this time, all he can do to support his predecessors is to continue to support them? What's more, I have made mistakes before. Up."

"Before, did you make a mistake?" Kitahara Haruki continued to ask.

"Student Beiyuan, you have asked too much!" Xuecai replied with some dissatisfaction, "Knowing girls have too many secrets is not a good thing!"

"Uh, this, sorry." Chun Xi was stunned, surprised at Xue Cai's rare and playful gesture.

Xuecai also realized that there was something wrong with her behavior. She immediately put away her expression and returned to her usual cold look. He said, “But this time, I’ve already done everything that Beiyuan student wants to know. Did you tell me? Then, I don’t have to harass me about this matter anymore, can I?"

"Well, I won't harass classmate Xiao Muzhen again," Chunxi nodded, "but, can I ask classmate Xiao Muzhen one last question?"

"Student Beiyuan?" Xuecai raised her eyebrows and said dissatisfiedly.

"Sorry, it's really the last question. I hope Xiao Muzheng can think about it," Chunxi said quickly, speeding up his speech, "How is Xiao Muzhen's mood? If it doesn't cause trouble to others, just If you think about your own ideas, then, student Xiao Muzhen, would you be willing to sing on the stage?"

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Xuecai carelessly arranged the flowers in front of her. She had to admit that Kitahara Haruki was a persuasion master with superb persuasion skills.The same was true when he "persuaded" himself to participate in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao, although he has always shown a rejection attitude.However, after the other party insisted again and again, it seemed that the other party was not insisting on his own attitude, but his attitude was inexplicably shaken because of the other party's words. In the end, he felt that he participated in the Miss Chief Military High election. Is the most correct choice.

And this time, the situation seems to have changed.Therefore, Xuecai chose to terminate the topic early.Although telling Kitahara Haruki about these concerns in her heart made her feel a little unhappy, but if she could stop the other party from persuading herself in this way, it might not be a bad thing.

However, when he gave up, he still posed a big problem for himself.

"Myself, do you want to stand on the stage and sing?" Xiaomu Shuxue Cai whispered this question gently.

She felt that she was hopeful.

If it was in the past, it might not be so, but in the present where I and He also misunderstood, if I can express my attitude through singing, this is not unconscious.

——But isn’t it as if I’m trying to show something in this way?Yukina's hand shook, and her left thumb was stabbed by a flower thorn, which made her habitually put her thumb in her mouth, and licked it gently.

In the final analysis, why was he angry at that time because he didn't adopt his suggestions?You know him better, right?That child is just such a person. If he is really wrong, as long as he continues to be a wayward sister who tolerates him, isn't it all right?

So, is it that you are not tolerant enough?Or is it that I am not satisfied with playing the role of a simple gentle sister?Or is it that he is not satisfied with and is just a simple student who knows his secret, and hopes that he can do more and do more in line with his expectations?

This kind of hypothesis would be too terrible if it were to be inferred. Even Xuecai didn't know how to continue, so Xuecai decisively cut off this sign.

"That guy, even if I haven't been in contact for so long, I still don't worry about it!" Xuecai raised her head helplessly, and casually looked at the corner of the distant street. Then, she seemed to see the familiar Yubihama. Also faces.

However, when she blinked and re-observed the corner, she did not see any familiar figure—no, there was one figure that appeared in front of her very frequently recently.

Kitahara Haruhi was walking in this direction.

After carefully observing his hemp braids and large-frame glasses, and after confirming that his dress would not be discovered by others, Xuecai turned around and tried to avoid meeting with the other person.

However, she could clearly feel that that person was coming towards her.

Yukina's hunch was not wrong, and soon Kitahara Haruki's "sorry" voice, which she had been tired of hearing recently, reached her ears.

"Student Beiyuan, didn't you promise me that after telling you the answer, wouldn't you continue to ask me about this aspect?" Xuecai didn't know how Chunxi could see through her dress-she remembered In the past, when he dressed like this to sing karaoke, Kazunari commented: "If someone really pays attention to seniors, then it is normal to see through your outfit." Now it seems that Kazunari’s The prophecy was really fulfilled.

"Uh, I didn't come this time to invite Xiao Muxiao to join the Light Music Club. I was just curious, did Xiao Muxiao think of the answer to my last question."

"Student Kitahara's last answer to that question, what is my answer? Is it so important to you?" Xuecai turned her head as best as she could and tried to answer with a cold voice, but she found out, I seem to have forgotten how to reject others in a cold way.

"Yes, it's very important," Chunxi replied seriously, "If, I just said, if Xiao Muzhen himself wants to stand on that stage, then I still have a chance—"

"——Student Kitahara——"

"——Sorry, classmate Xiao Muzhen, I mentioned this question again," Almost as soon as Xuecai uttered dissatisfiedly, Kitahara Haruhi bent down, bowed at 90 degrees, and said, "But I believe If there is no interference from other things, if Xiao Muzhen wants to sing himself, then, that kind of mood, that kind of desire to convey something, I will understand that we are the same. It is because of What I want to convey is precisely because there is something I want to express that I will work so hard and I will work so hard. Therefore, I feel that Xiao Muzheng who wants to convey something will finally understand what I mean. Is that true?"

Yukina stared at Kitahara Chunxi in a daze. She tried to refute the other party. However, after a few squirming mouths, she found that she could not speak. She had said the simple refusal before, but now she found it so difficult to convey.

She wants to convey something, maybe she is not mentally clear, but if she sings it, she might know it, music, that's it.She is also trying to show something. She doesn't want to be just a gentle predecessor. If possible, she hopes that the person will be the best if he doesn't regard himself as the predecessor first.

Therefore, these words of Kitahara Haruki made her speechless.

"But, I heard that the president of the Light Music Club is another Iizuka student, right? He is also working hard to get the club back to normal work. Kitahara's invitation will not let Iizuka work. Has it become useless?"

"If you can invite the best singer and performer, even Wu Ya will give priority to my side, right?" Chun Xi raised her head and said confidently.

"So, Kitahara-student, this time, I still refuse you." After thinking for a long time, Xuecai gently shook her head with a wry smile, and said, "But when will you find the best performer? You invite me again and I will consider it."

Kitahara's face slowly showed a bright smile.

"No problem, classmate Xiao Muxiao, when I find the best keyboard player, then it's time for you to join us, isn't it?"

"No one will know about the future, right?" Xuecai turned her head, without letting her confused expression show in front of Haru Kitahara.

Behind him, the footsteps of Kitahara Chunxi's departure became lighter and lighter, Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai glanced at the boxwood she had arranged, and walked into the flower shop.

"Heya, if it really troubles you, I'm really sorry. But even seniors, even older sisters, should be willful, right?"

——I know, you wanted to help Xiaochun at the time, but you denied your own heart because of your stubbornness. I was very sad about this, but I was unable to interfere, so I would be angry with you.So, this time, when I am about to face the choice of whether to face my heart, I should be your role model, right?

If you face your heart, it may be different from the predecessor Xiao Mu Shu you remembered. However, I have no choice, because Kitahara-student made no mistake. I am true and I hope to stand on that stage.

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After finishing this chapter, my thoughts are, ahem, welcome to the white album version of True Tears, the similarity between the snow vegetables and the adopted daughter (laughs)

By the way, the three chapters all open a snow vegetable, you have to say that there is no imperative feeling, huh huh.

Again, this chapter is a make-up change, and four more changes are still owed.


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