My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 184

Seeing the other person's flushed face and holding the handle of the coffee cup without letting go, I suddenly felt some inexplicable guilt in my heart.

For Vice President Sonoda, who observes etiquette and strict rules, it is too stressful to meet a boy whom he is not familiar with in a coffee shop alone—it can be understood as a "dating" in a sense.It is precisely because of this point that I once suggested that she could bring a few of her friends-but the other party resolutely opposed a veto that "Honoka and the others have nothing to do with this matter, so there is no need to trouble them". My proposal.

Then, the situation now appeared-your highly nervous appearance made me no longer know how to negotiate with you. It is obviously a very simple matter, isn't it?

"Hey, Sonoda-san, if you continue like this, I think it would be better for me to go directly to Chairman Kimura." I am not good at comforting people, so knocking on the table and using a kind of aggressive method may help The effect will be better.

"No, Kimura-senpai is too busy, and her identity is too sensitive to do these things. Just leave it to me. Didn't Yuihama-senpai consider this before approaching me?"

"Yes, I took this into consideration, but I didn't consider that you will be so nervous now. Less than two weeks ago, you were still a person who could show my teeth and claws to me in public. Why are you so bad at talking now? Don’t worry, not every boy and girl meeting in a coffee shop alone is a'date'."

"Of course I know. Didn't Yubihama-senpai say that he always has a bad attitude towards you is not in line with his education? I think what you said makes sense, so, so—"

"——So I became Jiao Didi and stopped talking? Are you very good at Yan Yi?"

"That's not the case! The reason is very complicated." In the end, Vice Chairman Sonoda yelled like an explosive. "In short, I will adjust it. Now, Yuihama-senpai, what you said about Sugura-sen's help Just tell me about things. Do you want me to do something for you?"

I looked at Vice President Sonoda, who seemed to be pouring a whole cup of coffee into my mouth while panting, and shrugged. Since this guy who has always been so serious said that, then I too I can only believe that she will do this.

"As you said, Vice President Sonoda, I will help Xiaochun. Some of the slanderous words against her are partly related to me. Therefore, it is not unimportant that I will help to resolve them."

"Being able to say these things barely proves that you are still a responsible boy."

"I am responsible or irresponsible. Of course it is not for you to evaluate, that's it."

"So, Yubihama-senpai, what do you want me to do?" I have to say that after Vice President Sonoda expressed his adjustment attitude, the speed of self-adjustment is really surprising. Now, she can already Discussed with me in a serious tone.

"It's very simple. Now my request is to continue to let the rumors progress. The current rumors may only be a level of small-scale suspicion by everyone. However, to solve this rumors, we must catalyze it and expand it until, Let it develop to the point where the student council must officially come forward to give an explanation."

"Are you kidding? Senpai wants to help Senpai Sugiura now, or do I hope that Senpai Sugiura will become more dangerous when she is in crisis?" Vice President Sonoda stood up, his eyes widened. Looked at me incredulously.

"Although I also anticipated your reaction, I am prepared to explain. However, I still hope you can pay attention to your own image in public!" I pointed to the surrounding people because of Vice President Sonoda His excited words cast our eyes and said helplessly.

"I know, I know!" Like two weeks ago, when I found that my excited expression was being watched by others cruelly, Vice President Sonoda blushed, but now she can only shake To sit down swayingly, and not to run away in anger, to a certain extent, this is also a shame play.

It is very difficult to persuade Minister Sonoda to accept my plan, but it is not impossible.After all, this way of expanding the problem before solving it is a very dangerous way.But I have no choice. After all, my involvement in this matter cannot be too deep, so I can only enter at the right time when the contradiction has completely erupted, and then resolve it-the core time to resolve this contradiction is in the student union. When the official came forward and confronted the doubter.

Under the situation of confrontation, the doubters who were previously hidden in the dark side will also be forced to appear in front of the stage. There will be Asada inside, and maybe there will be other people we don’t know who don’t like the members of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union, that At that time, if they are defeated with irrefutable facts, then the rumors will naturally be crushed.

The members of Xiaochun and Qingquan Middle School Student Union have been passive in this rumor struggle. This is because they play the dual roles of the chief referee and the defendant. It is impossible for humans to say and express the means to the defendant who plays such a dual role. Show trust.However, if the position of the referee is given to everyone, then the student union can be less restrained and confront the rumors.Of course, out of distrust of power, the student union may not get more trust. At this time, I, as the party concerned, tell everyone the facts, and the problem will naturally be solved.

In contrast, without allowing the contradictions to be completely exposed, even if the rumors can be resolved by some small means now, as long as the people who are dissatisfied with Xiaochun are not exposed, they can create second and third rumors.At that time, the student union, which was struggling to solve it, could only use Xiaochun as a scapegoat to solve the problem.

In the final analysis, students are still innocent, and there will be some intrigues among students, but most people still hope to solve problems in a fair and fair way at the last moment. With this mentality, many things do not need to be considered too much. On the dark side, all we need to do is to rely on strength and facts to crush.

Of course, this kind of risky plan, if you talk to President Kimura’s student council, she may not agree to it. Her position can only require her to make the choice with the lowest risk.However, the Vice President Sonoda, who wanted to completely help solve Xiaochun's problem, and who was not standing high enough, still had a chance to agree to this plan.

So, despite hesitating for a long time, Vice President Sonoda agreed with me. She didn’t actually have to do a lot. When President Kimura decided to control the rumors, she raised objections to delay the decision, and implemented the decision. Don't make every effort, objectively let the speed of the spread of rumors not slow down.Of course, it is also very important to tell me the time for the last questioning meeting of the Student Union.

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Without deliberate suppression, the spread of unpleasant rumors is always very fast.When the Ministry of Service started discussing the scandal of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union, I knew that the time for the final response was approaching.

The topic was rarely provoked by Xuexia.

"The last few times I have contacted, Qingquan Middle School is a little less enthusiastic because of their own affairs?" This is the second day after a routine contact, when I walked into the club classroom. What Yukoshita said.

Although it sounds like a small topic that Yukoshita provoked to everyone, the meaning contained in these words when I walked in was too rich.

"Anyway, the student union will always have to face these problems. If the students don't question the student union, then the school will not be saved."

"You mean that the General Wu High Student Union is out of help, is that right?" Xuexia said with a very faint smile on his face.

"Now, this is your own understanding, Minister. If the president of the city is angry, don't blame me."

"However, it seems that the person who makes the students over there suffers a lot of trouble has something to do with Yuihama's younger brother. After all, did you want to take time off to solve the problem last time, was it because of this?"

"So? Minister Yukinoshita, who rejected my request for leave at the time, now wants to be a good person and let me solve the problem? Thank you, but I don't need it anymore."

"Sa, is that true? Of course, I really don't have this idea. How does Yubihama think that I will be at ease for a guy like you who may cause damage to society if you let go?"

"I'm really sorry for the moment of tenderness that you might produce!"

"Well, I will actually be gentle for a moment, but it's not you."

Having said that, I still vaguely remember what my sister mentioned, what Biqigu had said about what changed in Xuexia this time.Although when I first met, I suddenly felt that there was something different in Xuexia, but then again, is this still an illusion?A venomous tongue, to people-to be exact, Xuexia who is not gentle to me, really is the original minister!

"However, according to what Xiaohe just said, you don't need to let Xiaoxue give you the opportunity to ask for leave. What Xiaohe means is that you have thought of other ways to help Xiaochunjiang?" Among the crowd, only the sister is the kindest. The person of, she keenly grasped the information revealed in my words-sister Yui would always be particularly sensitive in these magical places.

"Yes." I nodded.

"Finally, isn't it that violent way? You seem to be your normal way of dealing with problems?"

——This sentence was said by Higiya Hachiman, who has been silent for a long time.

I have not ignored the existence of Higiya-but this neglect is because Higiya Hachiman is the only boy in this classroom besides me-although there are only four people in the club.

Although I know that Biqigu has a keen sense of observation and his own unique thinking logic, this still cannot change the fact that his presence is too weak—especially when Yukoshita and I began to quarrel with each other, it seems that Yukoshita Even the main target of ridicule was only aimed at me, which caused Biqigu's sense of existence to become even more meager.

——Although it was necessary to use Xuexia's venomous speech to increase the sense of existence, the one who seemed more pitiful than Qigu.

However, he would still show up at this unexpected time, speak, and then see through the essence of the matter at a glance.

"I will also take gentle measures, but that problem, it will be easier to solve it by violence-besides, I don't want to be solved by the predecessors of Biqigu using dark and self-destructive methods to solve all problems. People are coming!"

"Obviously, when I was working on rumors, I pointed out that using violence to suppress the rumors was the worst way to solve the rumors?"

"But in the right circumstances, moderate and irrefutable violence is also the best way to solve the problem."

"Yuhihama, are you too confident?" Higiya said a lot today—as if the last time we had such an intense conversation, he also said a lot, just like today.

It's like the kind of thing that I insist on, the feeling when I'm shocked.

"I am not self-confidence. I am modest. Because I am humble, I know the deficiencies. Because I know the deficiencies, I can make the right key changes. A truly confident person will not feel that he has any deficiencies, even if If you notice something wrong, you have to persevere. A truly confident person has no way out."

When I said this, I didn't look at Xuexia, but I knew Xuexia would understand what I meant.

Although the remarks that Yukoshita Yonoi made me "responsible" made me a little bit awkward, since I agreed, there is no problem with beating the minister at an appropriate time.

Biqigu did not continue.

In fact, I know that Higiya Hachiman and Yukoshita Yukina are the same people. They both implement their own ideas paranoidly and think that their attitude towards the world is the most correct.The so-called "really confident person" is not about me, but about Biqigu himself.

However, as confident as Yukino under the snow, there will always be a crack in her worldview. Can Higiya Hachiman stick to it?

Human beings will always be deceived, especially by what they don’t know. I already knew when Bigiya Hachiman questioned me. Bigiya Hachiman is just an idealistic person with self-construction. People.

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