My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 185

To tell the truth, this chapter is not well written, mainly because the plots of the sports festival and cultural festival want to show the presence of the great teacher, so we still have to show the protagonist's attitude towards everyone at this time.(So ​​Yubihama Kazuya, don't you really think you are arrogant?)


Chapter 9: I feel that this karaoke shop is not very remote

Biqigu did not continue to speak, and I did not continue to explain.The atmosphere in the Ministry of Sophos is always like this. Anyone can provoke a topic at any time, but anyone can be the terminator of the topic at any time.

Looking at Yui sister, I didn't understand, but I was also a little unwilling to look around between Biqigu and me. It seemed that although I didn't know what happened, I still tried to calm the atmosphere.

But in the end, she didn't do it. Yuihama Yui was too able to read the atmosphere. It was because she was too able to read that she felt that there was no room for her to intervene in the current atmosphere.

Yukoshita reopened the Bunkobook, although I felt that before opening the Bunkobook, her eyes seemed to glance at me insignificantly.For Yukino Yukino, once her persistence is reconfirmed, once she no longer feels this kind of confusion, she will unswervingly move forward-even if it brings her righteousness No one can stop her from turning around, unless she encounters a reef herself.

It's like the captain of a ship who hesitated in the direction of the target for a while, but if someone told her that she had misunderstood the actual situation ahead because of the fog, but her direction and target were not wrong, then , She will naturally stick to it-even if the person later explained that her goal might indeed be a little off.

Higiya Hachiman lowered his head again, perhaps observing the lines in the tea that Xuexia was in a good mood today, perhaps just staring at his cup in a daze.However, he will not be moved by what I said today.

Higiya Hachiman is a sniper, a very good sniper. He can lurch in the deep trench he dug, observing the every move of the enemies on the periphery. He can treat everything that is external and anyone he can see. Make the most accurate judgment-however, he is just a sniper after all. He can see everything around him, but he can't grasp the big situation.

So, when he used precise sniping to tackle other people time and time again, he ended up just going further and further in the kind of self-construction mistake he believed in.As a sniper, he believes in the ugliness of the world and does not believe in the goodwill of everyone except himself. In the end, it is just a blind conceit.

A person who cannot clearly realize that he is being deceived is still unfree, no matter how rational he is, no matter how transparent he sees his situation.

Perhaps, in this classroom, the person who has considered these things the least is the most free person right now?This is not to say that Yui sister realized what she really wanted.However, she at least knows that her own adaptation to the atmosphere and her own adjustments to interpersonal relationships are just an unintentional gesture-from this point of view, she is aware of her being deceived, she just doesn't feel that she has The ability to break this blindness is nothing more than that, but compared to some people who think they have seen everything, she is still much better.

This is the actual ecology of the Ministry of Service, two people who think they have seen everything but fail to reach the initial rationality, and one who knows that they are deceived but only passively accepts this state.

Of course, the vast majority of people in this society cannot escape these two forms.

However, there are also people who don't know that they are being deceived and are still happy with the current situation. This is something I learned later.

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I don't know how long it has passed, Xuexiamen and Kuben, gently declared: "If there is nothing to do today, the club activities will end here."

Then, regardless of whether anyone had any objections-of course, there was no objection, and she began to pack up today's tea set.At this time, my sister will also jump to help her, and Yuukishita will express acceptance after frowning in trouble at first.Then, the two girls will whisper something that doesn't hurt or itchy.

Usually Yui sister said something like "Can Koyuki go shopping together today?" Then Yukoshita frowned and said, "It may be a bit difficult today, too", and then my sister started to go shopping with Yukoshita Tug of war.Of course, the battle is won or lost, usually Yukoshita wins, but whenever Yui sister wins, Yukoshita is destined to be dragged to various shopping malls to fight for an afternoon in misery.

As for Biqigu and I, sometimes we would stand there aimlessly watching their chats-to be honest, watching two beautiful girls talking about these things was a very seductive thing at first, but when this This situation has been repeated a lot, and it will not be after this.

Therefore, more often, at least I will choose to leave. Of course, it has something to do with my rush to work. Those who don’t have a part-time job, than Qigu, can resist a pair of dead fish eyes and stay in this classroom after the club activities. Go, but I can't do it.

It’s just a pity that since I entered some subtle state of avoiding contact, I have rarely had the opportunity to "encounter" in senior Kara Oku, even this situation has caused Aunt Inoue’s attention.

"Yuhihama, by the way, Xuecai hasn't come to chat with you in the past few weeks!"

"Isn't this good? Didn't Inoue-senpai always dislike my being taken over by Xiaomusao-senpai, which affected my work?"

"Although I said that, this situation always feels very abnormal. I have to care about it too, don't I?"

"Senior doesn't have time to sing karaoke? What a big deal, Senior Inoue doesn't know the information that Senior Xiaomushu is a candidate?"

"But Yukina sings well at other times, and it feels like she has deliberately avoided Yubihama's time."

"Senior Inoue, when I have time to doubt this kind of accidental situation, it is better to wonder when it is more reliable to raise my position to the position of manager on duty. As a full-time employee, I still have to work with me, a part-time worker. Work, don’t you feel aggrieved?"

"Hey, Yubihama, since you know that you work part-time and I am a regular employee, since you still know that I am your senior, would you dare to say such unreasonable things?"

"That's because I can see that Senior, you are in a good mood today-generally when you gossip you are in a good mood."

"To be honest, Kazuya, although I am really worried, but did you have a problem with other girls, and then annoyed Xuecai? That kid is not like a cheating kid, but Yuihama, you Not necessarily, you look a lot like—"

"--Don't discriminate because of red hair!" For an old woman who is too old and occasionally gossiping, it would be better to interrupt her delusion.

However, the progress of things will not always follow the direction I want.

"Heya, I didn't expect you to work here—"

Well, isn't it that this karaoke is a place that the students of Zou Wu Gao generally don't get involved?Don’t worry if you come here often. I’ve met Yui sister here and Yuukita who was pulled by Yui sister. Ah, classmate Isshiki, plus you, how about you four playing mahjong together for a week? ?

Here, I bet that Yuuki is the first and Yui sister is the second-of course, the strongest is probably Yuxia’s sister. Congratulations, she is no longer a high school student, and what she has to face is the adult world. Wall, that's it.

Yishi walked to the counter frivolously, looking at my part-time job uniform with interest-if it weren’t for the two other companions who were looking at me with interest behind her, I would know She thinks she specifically inquired about where I was working to tease me.Fortunately, this should not be true-but what's the matter with your interest in your eyes, just a sniff on me?

"This is Yubihama, isn't it? Wow, what a surprise, I was able to meet Cai Yu-chan here! You two are really fateful!" The girl behind Isshiki who dyed her hair brown did. Said that she should be one of the good friends of Isshiki in the class. It seems to be called Aimi Koiwai. I can often see her pulling Isshiki out of a bunch of boys and chatting with me. I said hello a few times, but, looking at her with a smile on my face, do I know her so well?

"Ahhhhhhh, is this Yubihama? It looks unexpectedly honest, although the red hair is really conspicuous, but it doesn't look bad in uniform, Cai Yu-chan!" Another girl talking I don’t know each other. I guess it’s a friend Isshiki met in other classes, right?

However, I always feel that there is something wrong in their words?Especially the one in the back, who looked at me seriously-as if he was examining a girlfriend's boyfriend.

I hope I think too much.

"I didn't say that harmony is also bad. You asked Aimei-chan for the same thing. He is actually a good boy. Lizi, you just judge people by their appearance!"

"Allah, I was wrong, but can He give us a discount on Caiyujiang's face?" The girl named Lizi blinked her eyes exaggeratedly and said jokingly.

I have seen this scene. A long time ago, a girl named Miura Yuko who came here with her sister said the same. She should have no hope for this. Why should I say these words one by one? What is your familiar look?This is very troublesome, right?

"Lizi, don't let the peace be embarrassed. Let's find a small box to start? If you really want to find a peace and you have to get a discount, you should also start with drinks, right?"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Caiyujiang has started to maintain Yubihama? I didn't believe it before, wouldn't Yamashiro have no chance again?"

"What do you mean by no chance? I have rejected him. I have been rejecting him. That guy has always felt that he still has a chance. Do I have a character with such a tsundere attribute? Will I use to reject him on purpose? Means to keep him hopeful of me?"

"That's not because Cai Yu-chan has never said that she actually likes Yubihama, that makes them feel hopeful, right?"

"Hey, don't say such things that cause misunderstandings, Lizi!" His face flushed — not as if she was acting flushed, and glanced at me like that.

But this must be acting, because if it weren’t acting, how could Isshiki let me know this kind of thing casually — to take a step back, even if I can let me know casually, with her personality, she has already I have expressed it, and I will not use this way of telling my girlfriends. You know, Yi Huei Yu is a guy who can precisely control everything!

If it weren't for the fact that I'm currently at work, I would now carry Yishi to the corner and interrogate him fiercely.However, now, I can only show the smile that I must have when I work, and endure the hot eyes of Aunt Inoue behind me, "Ah, I was right, there is a problem with other little girls" , Said: "If there are three people, is the small private room in room 27 okay? Do I need to take the guests there?"

"Ah, no, let's let Caiyu-chan stay to deal with some other things. You can point us in a general direction, Yuigahama." Koiwai Aimi said with obvious ill-will when she turned her eyes.

"That's not okay, Yubihama." However, at this time, Aunt Inoue walked up to me with an irrefutable attitude and said, "These guests should not come often. It is still easy to get lost here. , So, it’s better to trouble Yuihama, you take them there? As for this guest, if there are other things, just let me take care of it, right?"

It's over, I was completely misunderstood by Aunt Inoue-even looking at the strange expressions of the two companions in Isshiki, I think it's not surprising that some kind of strange CP will be achieved.

As my superior, I can't disobey what Inoue-senpai said, so even though Isshiki's two companions have counted everything, they can only let me take me to the box.

However, I also noticed that when I left, I glanced at Senior Inoue, and then at me thoughtfully.

Well, at least Isshiki isn't that kind of idiot, right?

It would be better to explain to her after coming out later!

Of course, with regard to what the two friends of Isise said, I also need a good explanation from classmate Yise Yu.Although I can roughly guess what Isshiki wants to do with me, but without my knowledge, he inexplicably becomes a shield, which is also quite uncomfortable!

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