My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 186

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Chapter 10: A color feather demands for granted

When I sent two companions of the same color to the box and walked back to the counter, I met a color feather. I don’t know how she avoided the aggressive interrogation of Senior Inoue. Now she is waving at me at the entrance of the corridor with a smile. .

Under normal circumstances, I would ignore Isshiki's appearance. However, today, I feel that I need to ask her some questions.

"Heya, I don’t seem to have much opinion about what I said!" He lowered his head and showed a squeaky little girl's outfit, blushing, saying something hesitant, and then begging for forgiveness-if If it's someone else, she will definitely be blinded by her acting skills, but unfortunately, I don't like this one.

"Let's talk, what's the specific situation, don't you think it's bad to do this kind of thing without discussing it with me?"

"Hey, it's really boring, and you can't pretend to be soft to me once?"

"I think this scene has some visual sense, but we don't care about these details, so do you really think I am such a convenient shield?"

"You know, there is no way. Without your shield, I can't maintain my popularity among girls!" As usual, Isshiki shrugged after discovering that the cute offensive had no effect on me. Said as if it were a matter of course.

"Why is it related to girls again? I thought it was related to blocking boys."

"So you don't understand the mystery of this aspect," Isshiki raised his head high and said excitedly, "Although the boys who are close to me now don't mean that to me, it seems to the girls. It’s not like that. Girls will wonder if the boy they like was fooled by Caiyujiang. At this time, if I tell them that I already have someone I like, this It is equivalent to implying that I will not deceive your potential supporters. This is very important for maintaining a balance in a group."

"You are very confident to say this openly! But why don't you find someone else to act as a shield? For example, a student from the Faculty of Medicine or Law at Fengcheng University, or at least from another school. Senior students, let me, who sits next to you, be this kind of shield. Do you know how much unnecessary trouble this will add to me!"

"Is there no way? If I like other people they don't know, and they always talk to you, support you in the game, or something, wouldn't it make me look like I'm a bitch. People shouldn't have this impression. "Isshiki grabbed his hair and said confidently.

"In the final analysis, you deal with so many boys, and you play them all around. Is this a very bitch performance?"

"But I rejected all the boys who confessed to me well, clearly, and without any chance!"

"However, I am not here to tell you about your popular history. What should I do if I am involved in this unwarranted disaster inexplicably?"

"Don't worry, Heya," Yishi squinted his eyes, with a look of compassion. "Your identity is only known to Aimei, and I will not make things like'I like people' all the time. Know-and don’t you think it’s a sense of accomplishment? Isshiki can be regarded as a more famous beautiful girl in the high school, and he can become the object of my favorite--ah, although it is a deceit, but also a Capital to brag about."

"I have nothing to brag about, and if you remove the phrase'although it's deceptive', my sense of accomplishment may be even greater."

"Hey, Kazuya, do you really think that I am looking for you as a shield because I like you so you think you might have a chance and try to confess to me? I'm sorry you need to do more preparations. Now it's too fast for me I can’t accept it. That’s it.” Isshiki lowered her head, bent over 90 degrees, and did what she likes most-or what I think she likes most-the action when issuing the card to me, without getting stuck. These remarks came out.

Yishi lowered her head, I couldn’t see her smile--or she looked very serious when issuing the card, and she didn’t smile, but I’m sure that this part of the long-prepared lines can be said. Must be very satisfied now.

This is the evil taste of a color feather.

Therefore, in order to prevent a color feather from enjoying a greater sense of accomplishment because of his own evil taste, the best way is not even to complain, but to completely ignore it.

Since the facts cannot be changed, it is my best choice to deny the relationship with Isshiki at an appropriate time. There is no need to say anything to her now, so naturally, I bypass Isshiki without squinting. , Ready to walk back to the counter.

However, Isshiki stopped me: "Ahem, I still have something to say, why did He leave?"

"Are you sure your business is not to use my compassion and your cunning psychology to give me another card issuance training?"

"Isn't this kind of thing commonplace, so it's definitely not a business!" Yi Hueiyu replied without feeling ashamed. Well, this guy is indeed someone who can completely ignore my gaze in this regard.

"So, what are you going to discuss?" I stopped and looked at Isshi.

"Since He doesn't like to make corners, I'll just say it right now," Isshiki's finger gently wiped on her lips, I don't know if she wants to express a temptation or a dedication-I prefer So the latter, because she quickly said: "Kazun, I want to become an executive committee member at the next sports festival and cultural festival."

Well, sure enough, if you want to be an executive committee member, then you really have to be a little more serious-uh, wait, become an executive committee member?Is this such a serious topic to discuss with me?

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After Iseki finished speaking, she and I fell into a mysterious silence.Sudden silence for no reason.For example, it's like when class is over in elementary school, everyone is laughing and joking. Suddenly they don’t know the reason. Everyone is quiet. No teacher shows up and the class bell doesn’t ring. It’s that kind of rapid, I don’t know. Reason for silence.The current atmosphere of Isshiki and I is probably like this.

"Hey, Heya, somehow give me an opinion on this idea!" Finally, the leader of the topic Yi Hueyu broke the deadlock first.

"If you want to be, just go behave, believe me, no one will grab this position with you, do you think this position is the position of the limelight of Miss Chief Wu Gao? This is a troublesome thing for the executive committee, Isn’t it forced to be undertaken by the squad leader every year? You have to replace Asama’s as the executive committee member. She is probably grateful, right? This kind of thankless task that takes up leisure time."

"Of course I know that it’s not difficult to become an executive committee member, but I mean, I want to be an excellent executive committee member, and, if possible, I want to become the executive committee chairperson, and I want to be the last performance of the cultural festival. The person speaking."

"So, what's the reason? Is it to build momentum for your student union election? You guy, really want to run for president?"

"Yes," Isshiki replied naturally, "Several seniors in the second grade have already determined that they won't run for the election. Doesn't this give me enough opportunities for this first grade? However, before that, I still need Prove your ability, then, isn't it the best proof to become the executive chairman of the Cultural Festival Committee?"

"Are members of the student union allowed to serve as the executive chairman of the cultural festival? Wouldn't ordinary students be regarded as a manifestation of the student union's manipulation of the cultural festival?"

"I didn’t know before. At least this year, I asked Miss Xun. There shouldn’t be a big problem in this regard. In other words, Miss Xun was also very happy when I put forward my ideas. After the cultural festival officially entered the preparatory stage. The role of the student union will become smaller. Sister Xun is very worried about whether the cooperation with Qingquan can continue. If someone who is familiar with this aspect can accept the job, it would be better for her!"

"Anyone familiar with this aspect is not sure that they are members of the Student Union?" I caught a somewhat unusual point in Isshi's words.

"Sure enough, I can't hide from He Ye," said Isshi with a wry smile, "Although I believe it is not difficult to win the position of executive committee in the class, but at the committee meeting, if there are other seniors If you understand the cooperation in this area, then this position is somewhat dangerous."

"Are you so sure that Yukinoshita will become an executive committee member?" I understand what Isshiki means, and I also understand that if Isshiki really wants to compete for this position, who is the biggest competitor.

"I've inquired," Isshiki bit her lip, and said, "Senior Xuexia was an executive committee member last year, but she was not the executive committee chairperson. However, this may be because she feels that she is not qualified enough, so she is not sure this year. Up."

"Indeed, with that guy’s character that is easily isolated, it is estimated that when no one in the class is equivalent to an executive committee member, someone who usually looks at her upset would boast a few words, "If it’s Xuexia, it will be done. 'Then you will passively become an executive committee member in the referendum, right? That person probably won't have too many opinions on this, but the problem is, Isshiki, you really think Yukoshita will be willing to serve as executive committee Is this the position of chairperson? It doesn't match her character very well!"

"But, I can't take this risk, can I?" Isshiki said calmly, "I also think that Yukoshita should not run for the chairmanship, but if she runs, then let me and her come. In comparison, I am sure to lose, am I not?"

"So? What you have to do now is to pray that Yukoshita doesn't want to be the chairperson. Is there any other way?" I shrugged, feeling that Isshishi didn't mention what I could do from beginning to end. "Or Say you think you can ask me to intercede with Xuexia and ask her not to run-believe me, if she did, she would do it to make me angry even if she didn't have the idea in the first place."

"Of course I won’t let you do this kind of thing! Don’t say whether Yuukishita-senpai agrees, or whether you agree, I don’t want to become chairman of the committee not so properly through this kind of behind-the-scenes means. This is a formal way to win, you know what I mean? Hey?"

"Understand, you love face, I understand."

"That's not what I meant, but it's up to you." The one color this time really looked a little annoyed, and I felt that the sentence I just had hit her a little bit, but she quickly adjusted to her own Feeling, and said, "So, Kazuya, now I want to ask you. The thing I ask of you is to let you help me become the chairman of the executive committee."

"Didn't you tell me? I have no way to help you other than begging for mercy with Xuexia?"

"No, it's not like that," Isshiki said with a confident smile, "You have other ways, for example, if Yukoshita-senpai really intends to compete with me, then please help me. I had a fight with her."

I stared at Isshiki in a daze. I was not surprised because I felt that Isshiki thought I could compete with Yukoshita—I didn’t doubt my ability to compete with Yukoshita under the same conditions, nor was I just taking it for granted. I was surprised at the fact that I came forward to fight with Yukoshita on her behalf—not to mention whether I would agree or not, Isshiki seemed to be able to make this request with confidence, so I didn't care.

What I care about is--

"Wait a minute, let me have a fight with Xuexia, is there a premise here?"

"You found out again, hehe!" Isshiki stuck out his tongue embarrassedly.

"This is a matter of course?" If I'm not working, I think I'm going to shoot the table now, "The premise for me to fight Yukoshita is that I can have a chance to fight with her. Then, this premise is I have to be the male executive committee member of our class and go to the executive committee meeting, right?"

"Well, that's probably the case, but it's not a big deal, right?" Isshiki's eyes rolled up, "I believe in Kazuki's ability to arrange everything in order!"

"It's not difficult to arrange these things, but it's very annoying. I just complained about the troubles of the party executive committee. Then you tell me you asked me to be an executive committee member. Are you kidding me?"

That's right, looking at the smiling color feather, I was a little mad: this girl, does she really treat me as a creature like the boys who were played around by her?