My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 187

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Chapter 11: Women always bring their own gossip talent skills

In all fairness, in some places that are not too troublesome, it is okay to help Isshiki. If it is just a few "small victories", then I will promise to help Isshiki. This is something I have already confirmed.However, in order to help Isshiki to involve me in some troublesome things, it is better to be insensitive.

I repeat, I don't reject helping others, but I am not a fool who has nothing to do and wanders around to help others.

However, looking at Isshiki's smiling face, I always feel that she seems to have other killers hidden.

——Afterwards, when Isshiki revealed his killer feature, I found that I really seemed unable to resist.

"I know I won't easily agree to peace, but at least if someone in the class competes with me for the position of executive committee, you have to come forward and help me!" He smiled, as if nothing happened. Continue to say the same as it happened.

"So, besides you, who else would like this kind of thankless work?"

"That's not necessarily true. Although the executive committee is not thankful for their efforts, it is a glamorous job after all. There are always some people who do not consider their actual ability for this glamorous appearance. , Isn't it?"

"Do you belong to that group of people?"

"I don't belong, because even if I can't, don't you still have your support behind me?" Yishi gave me a grin and said naturally.

"When did you regard me as an object of unconditional allegiance?"

"Of course you are not such a character, but, Kazuya, I believe in you! I believe in you, when I face difficulties, you will help me-just like you helped your little girlfriend Koharu Sugiura." Isshiki His eyes looked straight at me, and there were some unclear colors in it, which was a kind of self-confidence and an unclear plea.

I don’t want to care about how Isse knew about Xiaochun’s problems-she always has all kinds of weird channels to get all kinds of weird news. What I care about is how she treats me. Kind of trust that surprised me.As she said, if you really face difficulties, I think I will help Isshiki. Although most of the time she is a little unpredictable and somewhat weird, I still think of her as a People who are trustworthy also regard her as a friend.

However, in Isshiki's eyes, what kind of role am I more?Is it a neighbor who will only complain about her acting skills all day long, is it a worthy object, or is it a friend worthy of cherish?

I looked at Yi Huyu's eyes, but I still couldn't get the answer.Her brown pupils laughed as always, and as always concealed her emotions. She could openly admit that she was inadequate and brazenly ask me for help. However, her ability to drive others to act for her made her Still amazed me. This is also the basis for her people who have the opportunity to pursue higher goals.

However, what on earth this girl is thinking and what she wants, what she is trying to pursue is the status of being praised by the stars, or something simpler and purer, I cannot tell.

I know that Yukino Yukino wants the supreme correctness. I know that Yuihama Yui wants team harmony. I know that what Sugiura Koharu wants to achieve is an impression that meets my standards, but I don’t Know what Isshiki wants.

In the same way, I didn’t realize until now that I still don’t know what predecessor Xiao Muzhen wants—this is one of the most important reasons why I dare not face predecessor Xiao Muzhen now?

"The sports festival is about to begin, and the time for deciding the class's executive committee is also about to come, so I still hope that you can make a decision as soon as possible!" Ishishi stood on tiptoe and patted my shoulder. ——Only then did I realize that this girl's figure is actually more petite.

But there is a lot of energy in a petite body!

"After I explicitly refuse, do you still want me to think about it?"

"Of course, I know you will refuse, but I also have the possibility of persuading you. To be honest, I still have a killer feature more or less! But I still hope not to use that thing, because I use that thing. It’s as if I want to exchange benefits with you, and Heya and I are still friends? For friends, it would be better not to exchange benefits!"

"I hope you can tell me this killer in advance, otherwise I will be too nervous."

"A-secret-makes-a-woman-woman is a secret! A-secret-makes-a-woman-woman, this sentence is very famous, isn't it?" Isshiki put a finger to his lips, whispering. Said.

——Of course, in my opinion, a girl like her, who usually relies on acting like a baby to get the attention of boys, should make such a gesture, it is still a little bad.

"An overly mature posture is not suitable for you."

"Is it true? But it can be considered as trying more for the future! In short, you have to think about becoming an executive committee member!" He raised his eyebrows very distinctively. Like a flower butterfly, it just jumped and walked away.

I don't understand what the assassin she is talking about. Similarly, I still don't know why I want to accompany her to participate in this kind of activity.

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In order to accommodate my time, Yubihama’s dinner time is often postponed until after 8 o’clock. This is something I take for granted. However, occasionally when I think of it, it also makes me aware of the kind from family. Warm.

If there is an emotion in the world that cannot be replaced by reason, it should be the emotion between family members.It is true that we have encountered many stories of parents and children turning their backs against each other, but more families are harmonious. Parents do their best to their children, and children also use what they do to reward them-and neither of them is for the sake of It is an irreplaceable bond between family members to make such a contribution with simple gains.

The atmosphere of discussing problems at the dinner table is of course not the kind of wise atmosphere. No one will put a problem rightly-because even if you write a paper, your family will not care about it, your family will only care about your current emotions. And your emotions that may burst out because of various problems.

"Xiaohe, I think it’s better if you don’t have trouble with Xiaoxue lately?" Of course, at this time, it is also the routine time for Yui sister to preach to me—although most of the time I treat my sister Listen carefully, accept it, and forget it.

So it's the same this time.

"Well, I see, Yui sister." While showing off the appearance of a good child in front of my parents, while dealing with the preaching of Yui sister, I am already familiar with this.

However, today's sister seems unwilling to give up easily.

"Xiaohe, I'm going to be serious with you now. After school starts, Xiaoxue is different from before. Small companies have mentioned it, but I can actually feel it occasionally."

"So, what's the difference between Minister? Same as before, he does things meticulously, and then his shortcomings are the same, he is not gentle enough, or he is very arrogant, he is very arrogant, and no one can change what he decides. It’s just that I have started to provide me with tea steadily before, but now it’s become a casual state-obviously I think she should thank me and treat me a little better!"

"I really haven't noticed the tea thing. I think it is not good for Xiaoxue to do this, but it seems that it can only be decided by Xiaoxue himself-eh eh eh, I am not going to say this thing!"

"Cut, failed to change the subject!"

"Xiaohe, I heard, don't always change the subject when I want to say serious things!"

"Okay, okay! Then just come and see, what happened to Minister Yukoshita?" Looking at the sister who kept emphasizing her "serious" status, I could only sigh, since she had already expressed it. This kind of meaning is not so good to show that it doesn't matter to you.

"Let’s put it this way, Xiaohe, after Xiaoxue came back this time, she seemed very anxious for many times, and she felt like she wanted to find something to prove herself." My sister’s language organization skills are really average, although I will temporarily I understand what she meant, but I still think I might have understood something wrong.


"How come from my point of view, the minister has become a lot lazy when he came back this time? The two commissions that began last semester were only meticulous step by step, and the occasional commissions this semester were also rejected by her. I'm looking for something to prove myself, so I quickly solve some things, isn't it? But now she obviously feels that she is about to forget the purpose of the Ministry of Service!"

"You didn't notice this. Every time someone knocks on the door, Xiaoxue is the fastest to respond—"

"——I think it's because she is the minister, and she wants to remind Hiratsuka-sensei to knock on the door first."

I thought I had a good stalker, but my sister ignored it.

"Every time she listens to a commission, Xiaoxue is very serious. However, the commissions she rejected seem to feel that these commissions are meaningless. At this time, she is very disappointed. I can understand her expression."

"So Yui sister has been staring at the expression of Minister? I can understand that sister, do you have potential lily attributes?"

"Xiaohe, don't always stare at these weird points, I will really get angry next!"

"So, what's the meaning of Yui sister's "Let me not conflict with her"? Because Yukoshita couldn't find enough to prove her mission, she was very upset? Because she Feeling bored, so let me not have a temper with her?"

"Although I feel that there is something wrong in the middle, but it probably means this? There is no way. Why did Xiaohe become very public again recently? Your personality and Xiaoxue are difficult to get along well with, Xiaoxue. While I said these things may be useless, but on your side—"

"——Although you said these things may have worse effect on me, but because I am your brother, I will obey your words a little bit. Does that mean?" I sighed and understood what my sister meant. .

"Hehe." Sister Yui moved her dumpling head embarrassedly and smiled.

"I know, I will try to minimize the conflict with the minister. However, according to my idea, the best way to prevent Xuexia from becoming so upset is to ask her to find something that can prove herself. Ability thing."

"If you can find it, then you don't have to ask Xiaohe!" My sister flattened her mouth and said.