My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 188

"If you don’t come to the house, you can bear it yourself. You don’t need to be limited to the Ministry of Service. For example, sports festivals and cultural festivals will be coming soon. Let Xuezhi go as an executive committee member, or even the executive committee chairman, while waiting for her to be busy. When I get up, she naturally doesn't care about these things, right?" Thinking of the things I had mentioned to me before, I said casually.

——Then I really want to slap myself severely. It is clear that not participating in the competition under the snow is the best result for Isshiki. Why should I encourage Xuezhi to go down and participate in the election of executive chairman? At that time, Isshiki used any way to persuade me, openly let me help, and directly conflict with Xuexia, this kind of thing is too cost-effective.

"Wait a minute, this matter doesn't count—"

"--Is that so? Does Oto think so?" Then Yui sister at this time generally reacted very quickly. Before I could finish my negative words, she also nodded thoughtfully.

"Wait a minute, Yui, is the Koyuki you mentioned just now the same as the Koyuki you usually mentioned?" Moreover, my mother, Master Shang, also subtly intervened at this time.

"Yes, it's that very powerful Xiaoxue!"

"Eh, does Yui mean that Kazuya often quarrels with that Koyuki?"

"Yes indeed."

"Hey, Yui, if you often quarrel, it's a close relationship, right?"

——Ahhhhhhh, the topic seems to be developing in a bad direction.

"Is the relationship between Xiaohe and Xiaoxue? It shouldn’t be bad, right? Xiaohe and Xiaoxue’s sister have met several times. Xiaoxue’s sister seems to have a low evaluation of him? So Xiaohe’s relationship with Xiaoxue is OK. It’s just a bit more quarrel."

——Sister, take out one thousandth of your usual EQ, do you know how misleading you said?

"En, have you met the parents? He Ye, the child, is also very capable in this regard. Quarrels are not a problem, and quarrels are also a way to enhance feelings."

"—Hey, mom, I think you can stop at your own pace. Where did you take the topic? Also, dad, you should also look at the situation!" I know, if I don’t come out and change the topic at this time If so, then today’s dinner is a bit dangerous.

However, at home, my dad who used to be Akalin just folded his hands together, made an "I'm full" action, picked up the newspaper on the side and read it.

——Hey, how can there be such irresponsible parents!

"Hey, Kazuya, what do you think of that Koyuki? Yui said he is a great beauty! The grades are still very good, but the family conditions are so good, I don’t know if we deserve it—"

"—So how did you get to this—"

"--But Yui also said that you went to meet Koyuki's sister--"

"I didn't mean that, mom, you misunderstood it! How could Xiaohe and Xiaoxue have something to do, Xiaohe is, ah, it's not that interesting—" The sister who finally realized it started trying to explain to me, and then she seemed to Said something that made people misunderstand and became bigger.

Once again, Yuihama Yui, what about your ability to take care of the atmosphere?

"Hey, there is nothing wrong with that Xiaoxue, which means something else with others?"

"No, this, I don't know, I don't know how to say it—"

"——So it has nothing to do with anyone."

"But Kazuya, Yui said it all!"

"That's because the old lady is not talking today—"

"Heya, Mom is also very concerned about your feelings—"

"Can you pay attention to the relationship problem of Yui sister who is one year older than me?"

"But is the child of Kazuya easier to worry about? He doesn't seem so sensitive in this respect—"

Then at this moment, my cell phone rang.

I was a little anxious, so when I took the phone out of my pocket, I accidentally dropped it on the ground.

Sister Yui subconsciously helped me pick up the phone, glanced at the phone screen, and then showed a surprised expression.

"Xiaohe, I don’t know if you are still with Vice President Sonoda—well, although this is understandable, Xiaohe only went to high school after all, but Vice President Sonoda, after all, is only in the second grade of junior high school, uh, this ——"

"——What? A girl in the second grade of junior high school, Heya is a little bit beyond my mother's expectations!"

"What's at work! What are you two gossip thinking about!"

I snatched the phone from my sister—I didn't want to use the word frustrated, so I took the phone out of my sister's hand with gentle gestures as much as possible, and then hid in my room.

That’s why I don’t like girls. No matter what I say, I can get involved in inexplicable gossip. Is this really embarrassing?

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Chapter 12: Prelude

Regardless of the accident that Vice President Sonoda’s phone call brought to the two gossip women in Yubihama’s family, I am still very pleased with this report.

Although I must restrain my unpleasant mood of being gossipped and the peaceful communication with my completely unaware partner is indeed a bit troublesome, but the news that Vice President Sonoda brought to me can clear almost all the unhappiness.

"Yuhihama-senpai, um, I did something according to your wishes. Now the suspicion of the Student Union in the school is very serious. Senpai Kimura meant that before the sports festival, we must quell this suspicion. I asked her Her idea of ​​holding an open questioning meeting to solve the problem in a unified way has also been recognized by her.” When Vice President Sonoda said these words, his tone was not relaxed, on the contrary, a little heavy.

Of course she knows that the advice I gave her to lead a snake out of the hole is easy to play with fire and self-immolation if she is not careful. When she carefully implements my plan, she must have thought about it. If not so bold, use a more cautious and conservative way. Wouldn't it be better to quell this crisis-but she finally followed my method.

When it came to the most critical moment, this could be reversed if it was done well, and it would be irreversible if it was not done well, she must be a little nervous.

"How is your student union prepared to answer their questions?"

"Chairman Kimura meant to avoid the problems of Sugiura-senpai and Yubihama-senpai in the previous national competitions. After all, no one can tell about that matter. If the opponent catches this handle, it will be chased. Then it will be difficult to step down. Moreover, after all, the football game is only an internal issue of the football club. It is only an introduction to Sugiura-sen's suspicion. We only need to prove that Sugiura-senpai did not take the initiative to sell during the negotiation with Sotake Takao. The interests of Qingquan Middle School are enough."

"But how do you prove it?"

"Sorry, I am not very clear about this. Although from my current view, it seems that the president and the others have no particularly good way. They can only try their best to clarify. Senior Sugiura usually has a good reputation among his classmates. I can only count on this. Right?" Vice President Sonoda paused on the end of the phone, speaking uncertainly.

"You girls really dare to compete head-on with each other without being fully prepared. Should you say that you have courage? Or are you too reckless?"

"However, the other party is definitely not ready to face us head-on, right?" Vice President Sonoda retorted unconvincedly. "When I made this proposal, Senior Sugiura supported me very much. Her original words were: ' Those little characters will only let themselves out in the dark. If they are asked to express their questions directly, they will also lack courage. In the end, it is estimated that only a few guys who don't know the truth can confront us? If this is the case, they are They cannot achieve their goals.'"

——To tell the truth, this sentence really looks like Xuexia!This kind of appearance doesn't care about the survival of the small character, in order to carry out his core purpose, and move straight forward without detours.I don't know if Xiaochun can become Xuexia Xueno, at least, in these words, she seems to have some understanding of the source of Xuexia's sense of justice and correctness.

Although I have never agreed with Xuexia's philosophy, I agree that Xuexia's problem-solving method and logic of thinking about problems are very useful when facing a group weaker than her. The way, using the information you have, and your own strength to unreservedly crush, this is the method when the strong against the weak under normal circumstances.The question is, Sugiura Koharu, who has learned Yukino's self-confidence, can she learn Yukino's consistent implementation?

"Yuhihama-senpai, why didn't you speak anymore? Is there anything wrong with this passage?" Of course, listening to the voice of the now cautious Vice President Sonoda is also very interesting. This girl who has always been aggressive in front of me lies in my cooperation. After that, because I couldn't determine the next steps, I was almost the only one looking forward. This kind of before-and-after comparison is also a very interesting behavior.

——It's so interesting that I want to tease her!

"It's nothing, I'm just thinking, since Xiaochun is so confident, it is not impossible that I will not attend the questioning meeting tomorrow and let her solve the problem alone, is it?"

And Vice Chairman Sonoda also showed the reaction I expected: "No, this is absolutely not possible. Don’t you know the character of Sugiura-senpai? She is very stubborn and always tries to solve all problems on her own. , But there are some problems that she can’t solve. Although she is very confident, she probably pretended that confidence. If senior, if Yuihama doesn’t help, senior Sugiura, neither So easy to succeed."

Although there is a phone call, I can also imagine Vice President Sonoda's face flushed on the other side of the phone, and he kept trying to explain the serious expression, for example, the kind of eyes widened, because every word I said I was horrified at the words, showing different expressions according to my different answers, and finally became helpless again.