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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 189

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"Yuhihama-senpai, you promised me? You will help Sugiura-senpai. If you hadn't told me that way, I would definitely not help you to make the situation like this. If Yuihama-senpai regrets it now , Then I will go to your house to find you now!"

On the other end of the phone, Vice President Sonoda is still trying to express his dissatisfaction.

"Hey, don't be so excited, I was just joking."

"Huh—" The sound of unlocking seemed to be heard on the other end of the phone. That girl, isn't she really coming to my house to find me?She doesn't know where my house is, right?

"This joke is not funny at all, Yubihama-senpai!"

"A joke in a tense situation can help ease the tension. If you are not nervous, you will be able to perform well. Whether it is an exam, a competition, or the question of tomorrow, this is the truth. Don’t you have a similar relaxation method when you compete in the Kyudo Club?"

"No, before the game, I mainly focus on it. How can I do this kind of distraction and let me relax?"

"It seems that everyone has a different attitude towards the game? But then again, are you really going to come to my house to find me just now? You don't know my address, do you?"

There was an awkward silence on the other end of the phone.

After a long time, Vice President Sonoda's persistent voice rang: "Although I don't know, I will find it. No matter who I ask for the news, I will find it."

There was a trace of unhesitating certainty and unwillingness in her words. To be honest, I really appreciate such a character-this somewhat changed the image of Vice President Sonoda in my heart. At least, persistent, hardworking girls, after all, won't be annoying, will they?

"Don't worry, Vice President Sonoda," So, facing such Vice President Sonoda, I replied in my most serious tone, "Tomorrow, I will appear, if Xiaochun encounters difficulties, then , Just leave it to me."

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The time for the questioning meeting was arranged after school at Qingquan Middle School the next day, which was of course not to affect the usual teaching order.However, according to my opinion, one advantage of arranging after school is that some students will always consider club activities or going home more important than participating in this kind of inquiry meeting.As long as the student union spends a little more time in the initial preparation process, the number of onlookers will always be reduced.

The problem facing the Qingquan Middle School Student Union is not actually against the opposition represented by Asada, but the ordinary students who are brought in by the opposition.Ordinary students are natural rebels. They naturally distrust authority and naturally like to question authority. What's more, they represent the so-called "public" that cannot be violated.At the same time, they are also particularly susceptible to being trapped by their surroundings, forced by the idea that an environment requires them to "must", and then say something they think they are "correct".

I am not talking about their "stupidity" as the general public. In fact, it is precisely because everyone is too smart that this happens.Everyone thinks that they are to decide whether their judgments are correct or not, while ignoring that the social environment itself is influencing their judgments and basic actions.

Of course, I am not disrespecting the public, nor am I disrespecting the public. I just think that there are always some people in this world who should tell everyone and tell the vast majority of them whether there are any before you make a judgment. Something you didn't expect has confused your sight.

Middle school students, maybe they do not know the spirit of resistance, but they have realized the beauty of resistance, maybe they do not know what is the most important thing about independent thinking, but they already feel that they are thinking independently.This has caused them to naturally stand on the opposite of power. In schools, if they face the board of directors, they will be supporters of the student union, but if they face the student union, they will become the opposite of the student union. They are just habitual. Just stand with the weaker side.

Therefore, when choosing a student may not gather together, this is the best choice for the student union, which is now the "controller of power."

Of course, this is also the best time for me to get into Qingquan Middle School. After all, if they really choose to hold an inquiry meeting during lunch break, then I have to think of a good enough reason to ask for leave.

Although the uniform of Qingquan Middle School in the third grade of junior high school was a little short on me now, and my height is higher than the average middle school student, as long as I am fishing in troubled waters, I can still watch the crowds of Qingquan Middle School. It seems less obvious among students.

I was mixed in the crowd like this, looking at the people in the Qingquan Middle School Student Union preparing on the podium in the playground.

President Kimura and Xiaochun get together. The third-year students of the two student unions are discussing something nervously. From the well-meaning side, they should be discussing how to explain the previous situation to the students, while the malicious side looks at it. Come, they are probably discussing how to get through it!

Vice President Sonoda seemed to be the most absent-minded person on the stage, although the eyes of the students should be focused on the two third-graders, which made her absent-mindedness not noticed by too many people.

Although before coming to Qingquan Middle School, I sent an email to Vice President Sonoda to reassure the other party, but, obviously, she is still not so at ease with me, who is preparing now.Her dark hair was tied into a neat single ponytail and hung behind her, her eyes still kept sweeping under the podium, she should be looking for me.

Of course I won't be so stupid to raise my hand to greet her at this time-otherwise, my "undercover" among the students would be discovered, and the problem would be serious.Therefore, even though Vice President Sonoda tried her best to find me, I can observe from her anxious eyes that she still did not find me.

I am not noticeable now, this is the ideal situation, otherwise, once the students who know me find out, the problem will be big.However, it seems that most people have forgotten the appearance of their former heroes, and I am mingling among a group of purely onlookers wearing first-year ties, so it still seems very safe.

Of course, let’s say something untimely: It’s interesting to see Vice President Sonoda, who is nervously searching for my trace at this time, but is afraid to call or email me to confirm.

At this time, I saw Xiaochun approaching Sonoda and asked her about the situation. Sonoda responded in a panic. Xiaochun stretched out her hands with some doubts, but finally nodded in understanding and patted the other party's shoulder gently. .

Sonoda lowered his head in frustration, probably because he was comforted by the senior who was supposed to help himself, right?

However, at this level, I have to admire Xiaochun.Although her expression was dignified, she didn't panic at all. Even her eloquent command and care for the emotions of the younger generations made people unable to feel that she was on the cusp of the storm.

A month ago, when she asked me for help, she was still a little at a loss, but now she, at least from the perspective of others, is completely a confident and reassuring female image.

I remembered the first time I met Xiaochun who was too real and didn't pay attention to his image at all, and then Xiaochun who looked calm when we broke up but her hands were trembling all the time, and then when we met again, she was under the snow. Xiaochun finally issued a statement to be a "female like Xuexia Xueno" Xiaochun.

When I knew, but I didn't realize it, Sugiura Koharu, she has faded away from the initial image of childishness mixed with children and girls, and has become more and more of a calm decision maker.

Perhaps, in some respects, she will still be a girl with a sense of justice, but when necessary, she will no longer solve problems with pure blood.

For this kind of change, some people call it maturity, some people call it rationality, and I am willing to call it comprehension.

This is a young girl’s understanding of her own path, and this understanding is, in fact, irrelevant.

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Chapter 13: Questioning Meeting

The assembly order of middle school students is very general, and it feels like a group of mobs get together under the feeling of unknown circumstances-of course they are indeed unknown, and then noisily want to prove something.

In this case, if the guidance is good, the children's idea of ​​"participating in politics" is satisfied with vague words, and they will naturally disperse.However, if the guidance is unsuccessful, it will make them even more passionate-usually at this time, the school will send a teacher to guide this situation, often it is to persuade Xiaochun to take responsibility and calm down.

Therefore, regardless of my intervention, if I are allowed to organize this questioning meeting, the most important thing is not to answer the other party’s doubts, but to satisfy the other party’s feelings of questioning, using ambiguous but seemingly correct answers. Responding to the other party's doubts lightly—that is, the usually so-called diplomatic rhetoric approach to solve the problem is the best choice.

I didn't tell Sonoda about this suggestion. It would only make President Kimura and Koharu suspicious if she made this suggestion. After all, this did not fit her serious character.

Therefore, if things go well, I also hope that Xiaochun and the others can take more flexible measures.

Then, from a distance, I watched Chairman Kimura Minami of Kiyizumi Middle School stand up, cleared his throat, and said, "Well, let's start! Today's questioning meeting is mainly for solving everyone's problems. For some questions, the sports festival is about to begin. If the student union can give you a satisfactory answer today, I still hope that the students will make every effort to prepare for the sports festival."

I don't know the abilities of President Kimura, and apart from the high degree of understanding between her and Xiaochun, I don't see anything outstanding about her.However, the post of student council president is never necessarily held by the most capable person. Because of the sensitivity of this position, it is easier to unite students in character, and it will not easily offend others, or even those who are not very sharp. The possibility of serving as the president of the student council will be higher-the kind of student president who uses decisive methods to control the school generally does not exist in reality.

President Kimura seems to have this kind of personality. At least, in terms of the decisiveness of handling things, Xiaochun, who has been tortured by me for two years, should be better than her. Such an opening statement is also in line with her personality.

However, such a slightly weak and concessionary opening statement seems a bit out of place in this situation.The weakness of the student council will make these students who are not sure whether their own questioning is valid or not, they will have a frustration of "they are right." At this time, their problems will be more difficult and their sophistry will be stronger.

Of course, if the party being questioned is well prepared, it is also a good choice to ask you to enter the urn, but the problem is that the preparation of the party being questioned is not that sufficient.

Sure enough, after President Kimura finished speaking, the crowd below became agitated, and then, a boy who looked very energetic was elected and seemed to be the temporary representative of these students.

I don’t believe that this kind of election is accidental. Most students who watch the excitement don’t want to speak. Therefore, even if this boy has nothing to do with the previous attack on the student union, he at least did a good job. Question preparation-as to whether this is to satisfy his own desire to resist authority, or is he really conspiring in private, then I can't stop it.

The boy's voice was not loud, but when he was speaking, his surroundings suddenly became quiet, which also enabled his articulated voice to be clearly transmitted to the ears of everyone around him.

And his question, from the very beginning, has been directed at the core: "The students want to know whether the student union has betrayed the interests of our students in Qingquan Middle School, or whether certain people in the student union are working with Zongwu Gao's negotiation betrayed the interests of our classmates in Qingquan Middle School."

This is a very insidious question. From the very beginning, the questioner was not prepared to attack the entire student union. If the unity within the student union is not close, then this question will easily turn into a personal questioning of Xiaochun. At that time, This time the questioning was successful.

"The members of the student union have always the same ideas. There is no dispute about this. Any decision made by any one of the students in the process of negotiating with other schools is the result of the collective discussion of the student union." However, also As I know, at least at this time, the student union headed by President Kimura is still firmly standing on Xiaochun's side, and will not let Xiaochun fight alone or split the student union.

"Then, please explain the suspicions of the classmates, the president?" The boy in the audience nodded slightly and said.

"In fact, we don't know where the rumor that the student union has betrayed the interests of classmates came from," President Kimura nodded, probably replied with the rhetoric he had already prepared, "As everyone knows. That way, when this student union was established, the school faced some minor crises, and the cooperation relationship with Qingquan University High School was cancelled, so that many students’ on-campus transportation opportunities no longer exist. From the perspective of our student union, this itself It should be the decision of the board of directors, which has nothing to do with us. However, with the idea of ​​helping students, the Qingquan Middle School Student Union is still trying to connect with other schools to establish new partnerships-please note that in our and other high schools When we contacted, we got permission from the board of directors, but we did not get their support. We were completely spontaneously looking for better opportunities for students to advance to higher education. It was also at this time that we were fortunate to be able to cooperate with General Wu Gao , May I ask, for such a cooperation opportunity that we have won, why should we betray the interests of our classmates. We have worked hard for so long, is it to betray the interests of Qingquan Middle School? We and Zong Wu Gao, before this, have any Are you entangled? So, if you think about it carefully, you’ll know that the so-called student union betraying everyone’s interests in negotiations with General Wu Gao is simply nonsense, isn’t it?"