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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 190

Just like when President Kimura finished speaking for the first time, this answer has also caused a lot of waves among the students-but this time should be a discussion of trust in the student union.It can be seen that although Vice President Sonoda said that Xiaochun and the others were not sufficiently prepared, but this argument is beyond reproach. On the one hand, it exaggerated the efforts of the Student Union silently for the students. , On the other hand, also pointed out that the other party’s doubts were completely untenable.At the same time, this questioning perfectly avoided Xiaochun's personal problems.

Most of the classmates may not know the relationship between Xiaochun and me, and the possible consequences, they just heard the rumor that "the student union may betray the interests of the classmates", and when the students will cut off the basis of this rumor , They will naturally be more inclined to believe in the reasonable side.

The boy who questioned seemed very satisfied, so he just sat down.

The question meeting of middle school students is often like this. The second middle school boy on one side feels that he knows the truth of the world, so he tries hard to express his attitude, but when the authority on the other side proves his mistake with irrefutable facts At the time, he didn't seem to have more reasons to justify.For him, perhaps, at least the fact that he has appeared as a doubter is more important than his purpose of questioning success.

This is a middle school student full of idealism—much cuter than a high school student, or someone who “must prove that they are right” who thinks they are mature.

"However, some people say that at the beginning of the negotiation, the student union of our school had an advantage, but in the end we directly agreed to a more equal cooperation project without the general staff of the high school. Is it possible to think that, The student union is a little eager for quick success in this regard, so it gave up the opportunity to fight for the greater benefit for everyone?" A girl wearing glasses stood up and asked.

From the perspective of this problem, it is a bit tricky, but if you look at the overall situation, this problem actually has no effect-even if you admit this error, it is just a technical error for the student union. , Will not affect the trust foundation of the Student Union itself.Compared with directly questioning the student union itself at the beginning, the current questioning of the improper execution of the student union is simply too pediatric.

"On this issue, let me explain it, who was mainly in charge of negotiations at the time!" Xiaochun and Chairman Kimura looked at each other, took the microphone, and said, "Although I don't know where this student heard the rumor. , But I think the person who told you the news only told you half of the news. At the beginning, we did have a big advantage-this advantage is based on the fact that Zong Wu Gao knows nothing about our situation. On. In fact, everyone should be clear that we have to ask for the general military, more than the general military, we can have an advantage in the initial stage of the negotiation, rely on only the imbalance of information. But In the long-term reluctance of Zong Wu Gao to make major compromises, the risk of our situation being exposed is also increasing. Rather than being stubborn and being caught by Zong Wu Gao, it is better to have It should be better to reach an agreement first if you have an advantage, right?"

Of course, Xiaochun’s remarks are not completely truthful. She was forced to desperate by the Ministry of Service. Under the inexplicable tolerance of me and Xuexia, she achieved a result that was barely acceptable for her. .However, under her explanation, the Student Union seems to have become an organization that wisely avoided the crisis when it was aware of the crisis, which could actually add to the performance of the Student Union.

"But how would the students judge that General Wu Gao might know our position at that time? If we compromise too early, does it mean that we have lost some benefits?"

"This classmate," Xiaochun looked at her with a smile and replied, "How do you judge whether we will lose more benefits if we persist at that time? Or if you are a student union, then you are willing Do you take this risk for all the students?"

The questioning girl nodded silently and sat down.

So far, this questioning meeting of the Student Union of Qingquan Middle School is much easier than I expected, and I believe it is much easier than all the members of the student union on the stage expected.

Most of these doubts about the Student Union are untenable things. As long as Xiaochun and the others are fully prepared, those unfounded rumors can naturally be crushed. This is also the best effect that this kind of public inquiry meeting can achieve.

However, this ease is only based on the absence of real vicious problems.

The classmates in the audience kept whispering and began to feel that the student union’s performance was very decent. When they were about to leave, an abrupt voice rang: "Just now Secretary Sugiura mentioned,'As time goes by, the general secretary learned that we The possibility of our position is getting bigger and bigger. So, what I’m more curious about is, what channels can the Chief Wu Gao learn about our position? Of course, I know that we have so many students. Knowing the negotiation between the Student Union and the General Wu Gao, it is understandable that the information of the school has been exposed. Even if they are interested in investigating, they do not need to pass our students. They can find this problem directly from the official notice between the schools. But ——"

The boy who questioned stood up, and I saw some familiar highlighting blond hair on his forehead

"--But, I am here to make a very presumptuous assumption. If the information leaked is a member of our own student council, what should we do?"

"Student Asada, I think President Kimura has explained it very clearly just now. All members of the student union will not, and there is no reason to do anything to betray the interests of classmates, not to mention proactively exposing our own cards during negotiations. Such a thing." Xiaochun frowned and replied cleanly.

"Of course, I never questioned what President Kimura said just now, and I never felt that members of the student union would take the initiative to betray the interests of classmates," the current director of the football department of Kiyizumi Middle School, Asada, showed a person to watch. Tired of mocking a smile, and said, "I'm just thinking, is it possible, some people in the student union, in the "unintentional", in the situation of their own reason can not control the feelings, reveal our secrets? Do you think? Is there any truth in what I said? Secretary Sugiura?"

On the podium, Xiaochun's face turned pale.

The eyes of the students, who were still a little loose just now, also focused on Xiaochun.A dark, gloomy atmosphere also slowly enveloped the members of the student council who had just seemed very relaxed.

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Chapter Fourteen: Rift

I believe that Xiaochun is not unprepared to be attacked because of this problem, but when she really hears such doubts, I also feel that her expression does not look like a fake.After all, she was just a child who had been going smoothly before, speaking in front of everyone, and then being questioned. At that moment, it was normal for her to be shaken.

Asada in the audience-to be honest, I don’t even remember his name. I just knew that there was such a person. He looked at Xiaochun with some irony. When I was passing by him outside the student union office before, I I can only feel the frivolousness of this person and the instability in doing things.

My perception of him is still the same now. When I don't have a chance to win, I show such a mocking smile, which is an expression of being too self-conscious.However, at this time, Asada was the only one who took the lead. I don't think there are people who are still unwilling to reveal their identities with the city and the aura of the middle school students.

So, this questioning meeting, is it really just the unexpected result of the guy Asada making things so big and unable to end it? Is there really no one else who wants to take this opportunity to fish in troubled waters?

If this is the case, then there is no need to use this fierce way to fish. The most correct method is to solve the root of the rumors directly through negotiations with Asada, and then to eliminate the rumors by step by step means.This time, I am more or less bound by my own conspiracy theory judgment!

At this time, Xiaochun on the podium should have stabilized her emotions. She must have been prepared too. Although being exposed to this wound will make her feel a little lost in a moment, adjusting her emotions is also a required course for her. .

"Student Asada, I don’t understand what you mean. I repeat, any decision made by anyone in the student union is collectively decided, and every member of the student union will do their best in the negotiation process. Maintain everyone’s interests instead of exposing our negotiating capital to others easily."

"So, Secretary Sugiura, you still don't understand what I mean," Asada shook his finger sarcastically. "Of course the student council members will try their best to protect our interests while working. I have no doubt about this. But we are after all. It’s just students. We still have spare time. If we accidentally expose this information in our spare time chats, there is no way, right? Although we can all understand, mistakes are mistakes."

"Student Asada, please pay attention. The Student Union can of course respond to the legitimate doubts of the students, but this does not mean that we need to respond to your unreasonable slander. Do you think each of us as a member of the Student Union may privately Who does our negotiation basis tell?"

"I trust most of the members of the student union. Of course, I also want to trust Secretary Sugiura. However, your resume, Secretary Sugiura, has to be doubted! Chief Takeshi is responsible for negotiating with us. The senior Yubihama Kazuya, is his relationship with you very unusual?"

"I have nothing to do with Yubihama-senpai now. Moreover, my personal contact with other people should not be something you can ask at this questioning meeting. This kind of gossip news, I suggest you can find it at will later. , Instead of chasing after the storm now."

"Are you still defending him until now?" Asada's expression darkened. "You really think that there are very few people in this school who don't know Yubihama Kazuya's name, right? After all, that's the outstanding one. The head of the football department! He led the rise of the football department of Qingquan Middle School in a genius way. In the first year of admission, he broke through the county qualifier and successfully entered the national competition. In the second year, he entered the national quarterfinals and entered the national final in the third year , I regretted losing in the final finals. Senior Yubihama is a legend. Until now, I think I can still talk about his glorious history with the juniors of the football club. Do you think such a senior, everyone at Qingquan Middle School Have you forgotten like this?"

"Yuhihama-senpai’s deeds have nothing to do with this questioning meeting. Moreover," Koharu's expression darkened, "Most people, do they really remember Yuhihama-senpai’s deeds? They remember more, yes. Wasn’t Yuihama-senpai’s defeat in the finals? Because of that game, everyone, they negated all the previous efforts made by them, right?"

"Yes, what is the status of that senior Yubihama in the hearts of the current classmates? This is not the object of my concern. What I am concerned about is that he is now Sou Wu Gao, and he was the negotiator of Sou Wu Gao before. He also seems to be one of the people in charge of the cooperation between the Chief Takeshi and our Kiyizumi Middle School. At this time, as Yuihama’s ex-girlfriend, Secretary Sugiura, do you think you should avoid it?"

In this way, Asada spoke out the relationship that Xiaochun had been avoiding and trying to blur in front of everyone.It was like a rock hitting a pond. The students who were just listening to the debate between Koharu and Asada just now began to become active.

"Is it true? The rumor is true. Secretary Sugiura really has something to do with that senior Yubihama?"

"Hey, what is the rumor? Although they are low-key, everyone in the football department knows about it. You can ask Sato. Although he has withdrawn from the football department now, the gossip is still very clear. . And Secretary Sugiura did not make a mistake just now. The problem of relationship is their free choice."

"Then why do you want to hold on to this point? Haven't they broken up?"

"This is the problem with the previous rumors. They broke up after the final in January. It seems that they had a fight because of the loss of the final. Some people say it was because of Secretary Sugiura, who was the manager of the team at the time. During the intermission, Rayubihama-senpai went out and whispered. He didn't prepare the tactics, and the other players were a little paralyzed. That's why there was that reversal. The loss of that game also hit Yubihama-san. Great, there have also been cracks in the football department. Secretary Sugiura will definitely apologize for this incident."

"So, because you feel guilty, you can't hold your position when facing Yuihama-senpai and Sotake Takao?"

"I don't know about this. But I always think it's very possible. Secretary Sugiura is very capable, but she is a girl. She always makes some mistakes when facing relationship problems. I personally think it is understandable. , But if she really does this, she still has to take responsibility."

"However, the student union does not seem to want to compromise at all! Why should they support Secretary Sugiura so firmly?"

"Probably because the student union has a firm reason to believe in Secretary Sugiura? Maybe you will tell us next?"

"Huh—" The harsh sound of the microphone interrupted the discussion of the students under the podium.Xiaochun looked like a okay person, carefully tapped the microphone, and then showed a calm smile.

She was really ready.

"About this rumor, I have heard people talk about it before, but I don’t think it’s a very important thing. If a member of the student union would make mistakes in this kind of thing for personal reasons, then she will not It’s suitable to be a member of the Student Union.” Xiaochun’s expression did not change, she said clearly, “So, here, I also want to express my attitude, although I am very reluctant to talk about me and Yubihama-senpai. However, I do not deny the fact that we have had a previous relationship. However, this will not affect my position in the negotiations with Somo Gogo."

"Secretary Sugiura, this kind of denial has no effect." Asada frowned and said.

"Yes, so I just stated my position just now." Xiaochun shook the ponytail behind his head and said confidently, "Also, the former Minister Asada thought that I would be against Yuihama-senpai. Feeling guilty and soft-hearted to him-this is all speculation, isn't it?"

"This is just a reasonable inference."

"Of course, this is just a reasonable inference, you don't even need evidence to prove it, but if I want to overturn your assertion under the name of'you have no evidence', it would be really bad. If you follow this logic, there is no need for this questioning meeting to exist, because all the accusations against the student union at this questioning meeting are just as if there is no evidence. However, just as the student union is willing to stand up and respond to everyone’s such Like the "accusations" of chasing shadows, I am willing to speak up and respond to Minister Asada's "reasonable inferences", okay?"

"Then please tell me?" Asada seemed to be shocked by Xiaochun's aura, he involuntarily took a step back.

"The idea that Minister Asada just said is your'reasonable inference'. Then, if I use another'reasonable inference' to make a hypothesis and let everyone judge, which'inference' is more reasonable, is this okay?"

"Secretary Suiura, you have no evidence!"