My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 191

"Of course I have evidence, but the facts I said will not be adopted because I am a client-so I can only tell you the facts in a'reasonable inference' way, right? From this perspective In terms of evidence to prove my authenticity, I still suffer!"

"Then, just say it!" Asada raised his head awkwardly and replied reluctantly.

"Very good," Koharu nodded, cleared his throat, and said, "Of course I might unconsciously soften Yuihama-senpai because I was guilty to him during the negotiation process. However, if I now treat Yuihama-senpai Don’t you think there is such a possibility? After the finals, if Yubihama-senpai blames me, and I feel that I did not make a mistake, because such a misunderstanding caused It’s possible that your emotions will be broken. Then, when I met Yuihama-senpai for the second time, I felt that what I should do more is not to be merciful to Yuihama-senpai because of guilt, but because I am right. Since Hihama-senpai criticized my performance at the time, I wanted to prove myself more and wanted to let the other party fail. Isn’t this also a reasonable way to explain it? If I really compromise to the other party because of guilt, I will completely There is no need to negotiate with him on the surface. I just need to hand over the work to other student council members and provide him with some clues in private. Asada-san has been talking about me and Yubihama-senpai This should be the basis for my clear conscience!"

Xiaochun proclaimed loudly, but she was lying--or she was not telling a complete lie, she told a lot of truth, such as trying to prove herself, such as not compromising with me--but she was still lying.In order to give her these actions a reason for everyone to believe, she portrayed an image of Sugiura Koharu who also resented Yubihama.

But it has to be said that this is also the easiest image to win the trust of people-because of resentment, so harder to beat the other party, this is a kingly plot that conforms to the recognition of all students.

However, this kind of lie is based on sealing her feelings. This statement is tantamount to a declaration of a public break with me. She firmly renounced her feelings in a decisive way. Earth has the upper hand in this duel.

I can't imagine how determined she must be and how much pressure she has to put in her heart when she speaks these words.However, she still carried it through and handled the problem in an absolutely correct way.Using your own reason, using the most efficient technique, and starting from the opponent's perspective, thoroughly smash the opponent's foundation for attacking yourself.

This is the typical Xuexiaxuno's approach-go straight forward without shrinking, and then, cleanly smash all obstacles.

I admit that the current Sugiura Koharu has become an excellent Yukino Yukino student-even though she may have given up more things for this reason, more, maybe she herself has pursued, But in the end, I gave up something to achieve my goal.

Asada stared at Xiaochun blankly. He didn't seem to expect Xiaochun to express his attitude in such a decisive way.Finally, he struggled and moved his mouth, and finally sat down reluctantly.

The audience in the audience was silent.

The student union members on the stage were also silent.Whether it was President Kimura or Vice President Sonoda, they also stared at Koharu with wide-eyed eyes. They knew Koharu’s true feelings. Therefore, they knew better than others. Sugiura Koharu’s declaration actually represented What do you mean—it can be seen that they hadn’t expected Xiaochun’s words before.

However, the effect she was going to do seemed to be achieved.

The storm is over.I shook my head and turned around to leave. In the end, Xiaochun Sugiura didn't need my help. She resolved the storm in a tragic way and by her own means.

Would it be better if I told her that I would intervene in this matter?When I left, I thought so.

President Kimura picked up the microphone with some confusion, and said hesitantly: "Well, if no one else doubts, then I think the current problem should have been explained clearly, so today's questioning meeting will come. That's it, I hope everyone will work hard to prepare for the sports festival!"

However, at this time, an abrupt voice rang: "It's not like that. Just now, Senior Sugiura, what she said was not true."

I stopped and looked in the direction where the sound was coming from—this is a direction that I would never expect to make a sound.

Not only me, everyone looked at the voice with surprise and bewilderment.

However, just as an assassin in the dark always shows his fangs at a critical moment, when it is truly dangerous, it is often when everyone feels that the victory is set.

On the rostrum, the one who was quiet, almost always ignored by me and by everyone, even the first-year student union accountant who I still don’t remember her name stood up, and then walked to the rostrum. central.

Indeed, the strongest fortresses are often breached from within.

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Well, don’t bother to find out if I have this foreshadowing. I didn’t think about the plot of this questioning meeting until three days ago. (Is it really good to admit that I’m casual?) After so long, the protagonist is finally back Doing nothing will suffocate everyone-at least when I wrote "The storm is over", I feel this kind of anticlimactic feeling.

In addition, I would like to emphasize again, starting from this week, adding one more change, 250 votes plus one change, that's it.Then, during the recommended ticket increase period, the collection increase is suspended (distant eye)


Chapter 15: Crash

I have seen that girl in the first grade, who hasn’t seen her?As always, she was like a good child, standing behind Xiaochun, behind President Kimura, and even behind Vice President Sonoda. She watched in panic as her seniors were facing one after another. When it is difficult, she always solves the problem. She is at a loss to watch all kinds of farce that she hasn't expected.

Everyone told her: You are still a kid who just went to middle school, so you only need to experience the hardships of these things. I believe seniors, seniors will help you solve these problems, so she just follows everyone obediently. Behind her, she obediently watched the seniors helping her shelter her from the wind and rain.Therefore, in the end everyone ignored her, and everyone felt that this junior was insignificant.

Then, she showed the most ferocious fangs to the predecessors who had been caring about her.

I don’t know if she planned all of this, or if there are other behind-the-scenes behind it, but this is not important anymore. When everyone thinks that the student union has a winning ticket, this student union accounting classmate is like a poisonous snake. He bit his predecessors severely.

President Kimura didn't seem to react yet. She lowered her voice and said softly, "Kamihara, go back, now is not the time to talk about these things."

However, a first-year girl named Kamahara stood straight in front of the stage and said seriously: "No, President Kimura, I don’t want to lie. It’s wrong to lie. I don’t approve of the slander against Sugiura-senpai, but Sugiura-senpai’s explanation is a lie, why don’t you tell the truth? Can you not be forgiven if you tell the truth?"

In fact, we don’t need to question whether a first-year student has the ability to make a comeback in a place controlled by others-three years ago, Yubihama Kazuya did just that. Therefore, Kamahara’s approach, although out of the ordinary Expected, but not unacceptable.

Kambara stood on the podium, watching the commotion under the stage, and said sincerely: "I am only a first-year student, and I only have one semester in the student union. However, I think that as a student union, the first thing to do is What comes is honesty to everyone, although I know that sometimes honesty does not lead to the best results, and sometimes it may be appropriate to deceive, so that everyone can continue to move forward under the same goal. But if After opening a deceit, the student union can continue to deceive everyone in the name of "for the good of everyone". By that time, the student union will no longer be the student union of the classmates. So, although I also think that today may be the senior Sugiura After saying this, it can be over, but I still don’t want to, because, I don’t want, the student union that everyone sees is a student union full of lies."

Kamahara's remarks were justified and well-founded, and they seemed unbiased, and even the other student council members on the stage were unable to refute them.All the members of the Student Union, including Xiaochun, looked at their junior in amazement. They had no idea. Since when, this person who has been hiding behind them has such admirable eloquence. .

And the students in the commotion in the audience became more agitated. They may not even know what Kamahara's words meant, but they were able to sensitively grasp several sensitive words in Kamahara's words. : Honest, deceitful, belongs to the students, the student union.

There is nothing more exciting than a conspiracy theory covered by authority.Even adults, when they learn that they have been deceived, manipulated, and affected by conspiracy theories, they will go crazy and try to proclaim the truth, proclaiming the truth that "I have seen through the disguise of the manipulator".Throughout the ages, various conspiracy theories have emerged in endlessly. Although most of the so-called mysterious organizations cannot be confirmed, people still want to believe that this world is controlled by certain mysterious organizations, and that this world is controlled by certain mysterious organizations. Controlled by a big family or a big consortium, but what use is it for people to know this "fact"?Can people change this "fact"?Of course not, but people still like, even obsessed with this argument.

This is because they feel that they are smart enough to understand these facts enough to "see through"-so when they find that authority is deceiving themselves, they will not suspect that they are under the control of another lie, and Will carry on endless carnivals to prove that I am smart, I have never been deceived, and I have never been dominated.

However, when they find that they are almost controlled or dominated, they will change to another face-of course people will not admit their ignorance and unconsciousness, but will only complain about external control Powerful, they control all the media of public opinion, and they control the communication channels of language, so I was deceived, and I was helpless.

When this reality is exposed, their only idea is anger.They will vent their anger on the subject of their conspiracy theory, and they will treat the person who debunks the conspiracy theory as a hero-if the hero comes from the side they hate, then they will be happier, because it will make They feel that there are always people in this world willing to speak up for justice.

——Although, this justice is self-righteous justice.

Kamahara is not tall. If she were to be included among elementary school students, it would not arouse any surprises-and the words spoken by such a petite and cute child are often more important than those spoken by a stern and vigorous woman. It makes people feel more trustworthy.Because she is petite and cute, people are more willing to believe that she has no scheming, and they are more willing to believe that she said this purely because of the "justice" and "purity" in her heart.

Even if it was me, looking at the look of the student Kamahara on the podium that might be blown away by the wind at any time, I would believe in the intention behind her words, right?

The other members of the student union can only look at Kamahara quietly and observe what she is going to do. They know that if they want to stop Kamahara at this time, the students' last trust in the student union will be lost.

"Hello everyone, here, let me introduce myself to you. I am the secretary of the student union, Himeko Kambara. I don't know what I should say now, but I just think I should probably say something I know. I respect the other seniors in the Student Union very much. It is the seniors who have been telling me that as a member of the Student Union, one should serve and be responsible to the students. Therefore, without telling the truth from the seniors, I think I have Obligation to stand up and tell everyone the truth." Kamahara’s hairstyle is the common childish double ponytail, and the ponytail keeps shaking when talking. Compared with Xiaochun’s capable single ponytail hairstyle, this double ponytail hairstyle The shaking posture undoubtedly made more people in the audience sympathize with her.

"It's okay, Kamahara-san, what do you know, you can tell it? It's a questioning meeting now. The other seniors in the student union dare not do anything to you." I don't know what corner of the audience. Such a remark.

There is nothing wrong with this sentence-everyone thinks this sentence makes sense, but unconsciously, these words have separated Kamahara from the other members of the student union. Kamahara is the brave in that system. The rebels, and the other members of the student union, may be evil bureaucrats who oppress and deceive the students.

"I know the seniors will give me a chance to speak," Kamahara explained in a panic, "I just don't know where to start."

"Just start with what you think Secretary Sugiura said wrong! It's okay, Kamahara-san, we are all looking at you!" The voice of encouragement with a chuckle from the audience, obviously, this is what Himiko Kamahara said. Chu Chu's pitiful attitude has aroused the sympathy of many people. If the classmates who talked with Kamahara at the beginning may have been informed cooperators, then the current classmates may have begun to spontaneously try to hear the "truth" from Kamahara's mouth. Up.

"En, okay," Kamahara pursed his lips thankfully, seeming to have received encouragement from other people, and said, "I know what Senior Sugura said is wrong. The most important thing is that Senior Sugiura does not I don’t hate Yuihama-senpai, Sugiura-senpai, I should still like Yuihama-senpai."

"How do you know about this?"

"This, that," Kamahara's face showed a fascinating crimson. In the end, she just lowered her head and said embarrassedly, "I have seen some things, these things, other student council members I should have seen it. Although I have never been in a relationship, I don’t understand what Sugiura-senpai’s expression was like at the time, but I think it should be love, jealousy and other feelings? Anyway, I am also It’s not very clear, but I have seen it."

In court, this kind of vague remarks naturally cannot be adopted as evidence. However, this is not a court. This is just a turbulent mass trial unit. Kamihara Himeko’s hesitating speech is matched by her crimson. Face, this is a vivid image of an innocent little girl who saw some embarrassing things and then didn’t know how to express it because of shyness—and that’s enough. As an internal member of the student union, she was always She who is "honest" to express her position and express her own position is enough. This will make the students believe that what she said is the truth.

Let me emphasize again that in this questioning meeting, everyone is fighting against each other based on illusory empty talk. The goal is not to use evidence to convince people, but to make others feel that their words are the most reasonable, and then let People are convinced.

At first, Asada's words made people feel very reasonable, and later, Xiaochun used his carefully prepared counterattack to silence the opponent, but now, everyone, they believe it is Kamahara.

"So, Kamahara-san meant that the Secretary Sugiura said that he wanted to prove himself to Yuihama-senpai because he was dissatisfied with his words, so if he opposes him, are these words false? It should be the former Asada-san who should be accepted. Did you make a speech? Secretary Sugiura might still have problems due to his own feelings, is that true?"

"No, no, I just said that Sugiura-sen's attitude toward Yubihama-sen was false. I didn't say that the others were false. I saw it. During the negotiation between the student union and Sotake Takao Sugiura-senpai was very arguable. After he came back from an agreement with Sotake Gundam that day, Sugiura-senpai was still very gloomy. It seemed that he was very regretful because he didn't strive for greater benefits for us!" He waved his hand in a panic and said anxiously, as if desperately trying to clarify his thoughts.

However, her actions only aroused a burst of kind laughter from the other students in the audience.

At this point, there will never be a shortage of smart people.

"That's because Kanbara-san, you may have been deceived by Secretary Sugiura. As a simple person like Kanbara-san, you need to understand more when working in the student union!"