My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 192

"If Secretary Sugiura still likes Yubihama-senpai, then it is undoubtedly that Asada's statement is more reliable! Kamahara-san is too kind, so he didn't see through the predecessor's disguise, right?"

"Yes, Secretary Sugiura's speech just now made us almost fooled, let alone cheating a Kamahara classmate?"

"So, the other people in the student union also know what Kamahara said. Did they make an agreement with Secretary Sugiura?"

"Sure enough, the members of the student union are all raccoon dogs. Good children like Kamahara are rare."

"Instead of letting someone who is capable but who deceives everyone be the president of the student council, it would be better to let the most honest person like Kanbara-san become the president of the student council. At least we don't have to worry about being blinded by the student council, right?"

Unconsciously, the evil student union and the pure image of Himeko Kamahara were confirmed in the hearts of the students.

If the worst result of the previous questioning meeting was to lose the pawn and protect the car in order to sacrifice Xiaochun alone and maintain the image of the entire student union, then in this situation, all the members of the student union, except Kamahara, cannot be separated from questioning. .

If the situation is not reversed now, then perhaps the dissolution of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union will be a matter of time.

On the stage, Himeko Kamahara looked around blankly, as if she really didn't know what happened.And the president Xiaochun and Kimura next to her bit their lips. They knew they needed to respond to doubts now. However, now that the authority has been lost, and now that the enthusiasm is excited, they dare not even go to the microphone to speak. .

The situation is worse than I expected!

Vice President Sonoda hesitated, but tremblingly took out his cell phone.

Hello, boy, are you a fool?Find someone to help at this time, so that you can sit down and settle down on your conspiracy theories even more. Let me calm down and delay a little!

However, Vice President Sonoda obviously won't know my complaint, she has already taken out her mobile phone.

Then it can only be hard at this time!

"What a boring farce!" I cleared my throat and shouted with a voice that suppressed everyone's discussion.

Indeed, this is a boring farce, and I will end the boring farce!

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Chapter 16: Reversal

To be honest, it has been a long time since I yelled so loudly in front of everyone.The last time I did this, it was in the national finals, when the team was equalized by the opponent, I tried to encourage the voice of my teammates.Of course, fortunately, I think I yelled pretty well this time, full of confidence, and didn't yell my throat.

Amidst everyone’s astonishment, I parted the crowd and walked slowly to the podium, passing by a group of dumbfounded student union members, knocking on the microphone, and preparing to speak: “Everyone present, what you may know I, maybe some don’t know me, of course it doesn’t matter, because you will all know me soon, introduce yourself first, I’m Yubihama Kazuya, although I changed into this school uniform that I no longer need , But I did graduate half a year ago-of course, I am a close person to the so-called Secretary Sugiura that you have just been talking about."

There was a commotion under the rostrum, and I was able to capture the expression of undisguised hatred that Asada cast at me in the crowd-I have not seen such an expression for a long time.After I entered high school, I was so like a little sheep. So many interesting things were given up by myself. I couldn't help being a little funny about what I did.However, the student union accountant named Kamahara was just standing next to me with his head down, and I couldn't turn my head to see her expression, which was a bit surprising.

"Now, I found what you want to say, the object of my protection is refuted to be speechless, am I going to stand up for her, am I?" I smiled and looked at the talking crowd below. I enjoyed it This kind of feeling, enjoy the feeling of looking down at everyone from top to bottom, "Or, you can ask Secretary Sugiura if she wants me to appear now."

"--Of course, you don't have to ask," I stopped them when the crowd turned their attention to Xiaochun, who was standing blankly aside, biting her lip at a loss, "Do you believe what she said? You don’t believe it, you don’t believe what she said, so why do you even ask her? You just want to get her answer, and then use your most vicious, most malicious, most self-righteous retort to attack her— In other words, let me tell you that you are just a group of puppets who are guided by your own impulse like walking corpses."

"Yuhihama-senpai, what are you here for?" Finally, one of the people in the crowd seemed unwilling to accept my ridicule and stood up. It seemed to be the boy who questioned the Student Union at the beginning.

"Yes, very courageous. You are the first person who finally realized what I wanted to do after I took the stage, and then expressed his doubts-other people, I ask you, when you are watching the excitement here, Have you really thought about it? Do you really think that you have resisted, you have questioned, are you rational like this?"

Finally, under my constant ridicule, the emotions of the people in the audience broke out.

"Even seniors, you are not qualified to evaluate us like this!"

"Questioning the Student Union is that we are fulfilling our rights. If you have already graduated, don't go wild in Qingquan Middle School."

"Furthermore, after losing the final in January, you were still in the mood to gesticulate in front of us. Are you crazy? Who do you think you are?"

Compared with the question about the Student Union just now, the contempt for me this time is even more slanderous, because of my provocative attitude at the beginning and because of my identity that has nothing to do with them.

"So, I think you are all a bunch of fools, a bunch of hopeless fools!" The microphone's voice was very loud, allowing me to overwhelm them with my own voice, "You think you think you are fulfilling yourself Right, but do you remember what I said about you at the beginning? This questioning meeting was a farce! It was a total farce! That’s right, what I want to say is not only you, but also on the court You members of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union, I didn’t expect that I graduated from this school for more than half a year, the student union is still so little, your ideas are still so easy to understand-of course, the tricks of those who play tricks are still so clumsy!"

A person often does not have an advantage when facing a group of people, because when the collective will of a group of people is crushed, a person is powerless to resist; however, when a person is opposed to a group, he may not be without The way to break the game is very simple, because in most cases, a group of people is a pile of loose sand. Their courage comes from other people around them. When other people around them bravely yell and attack At times, they will follow the public to attack and yell, but when the people around them are silent, they don’t want to become the one who guides everyone and prevents everyone from being silent, but only Choose the same silence as everyone else.

Zhao Yun went seven in and seven out on Changbanpo. This seems like a myth, but if you consider the mutual influence of the atmosphere of the collective, it is not surprising.Naturally, the group of middle school students in the audience could not be better than adult soldiers. When I completely ignored their attacks on me and retorted them with merciless words, they fell into silence—maybe so. One or two people feel that the situation is a bit strange and do not want to be silent, but even when the people around them dare not speak, they cannot raise a sense of resistance.

"If you are quiet, then listen to my opinion!" I looked at President Kimura and Xiaochun on the podium. They may not understand whether I am a friend or an enemy, so they too I don't know what measures should be taken against me. In the end, they just looked at me at a loss.

"When I heard about this questioning meeting, I was very curious because I didn't understand what this questioning meeting could bring to you. The boards of directors of the two schools have already begun to discuss the cooperation plan between the schools. , You want to stop the board’s actions, but it’s much easier than playing with the student union now. The most you can do is to overthrow the student union this year—but it can How is it? The new student union, in the face of the cooperation plan that has reached the final implementation stage, how much can they modify? In the end, you will find that your so-called struggle is the result of It’s still the same. In the final analysis, this kind of struggle only satisfies your superficial self-righteous desire to resist. Has Xiaochun made any mistakes? Does it really matter to you? Of course it doesn’t matter. Xiaochun made a mistake, so much more. Okay, your offense is more justified. Xiaochun didn't make a mistake. It doesn't matter, because at least you have questioned, resisted, and spiritually won. Is that true?"

"--Of course, I know what some of you are going to say," I stopped the trembling hands raised in the crowd, and continued, "What you want to say is that the most important thing is not the result, but the name of rebelling against authority If it were me, I would add lofty reasons such as “this is the awakening of citizenship”. I have no objection to this point, and I also appreciate it very much. This is also me. There are reasons to expect this questioning meeting before. But, as I said, your questioning meeting is a farce from beginning to end!"

"What did I see? I saw you constantly changing your orientation because of the totally unfounded words of several people? The guy over there named Asada told an anecdote about Secretary Sugiura's gossip, and you have no doubt about it. Then he questioned Secretary Sugiura’s work attitude; then Secretary Sugiura explained his emotional orientation, and you think her words are more reliable, and then prepared to give up this question hastily; finally, the student Kamahara here answered with shame. Way to tell you the so-called'truth', you think she made a lot of sense, and then began to attack the student union in a swarm. Well, I ask you, when you are asking, where is your independent thinking? Your self Where is the consciousness? Are you standing here and where is the basis for your questioning? If I stand on the stage at this time, and then Xiaoharu Sugiura snatches my microphone and kicks me onto the stage, are you? Do you think Kamahara is lying again?"

"Yes, at this time you are beginning to think that you might think more rationally-but is it useful? Do you know that just when you think rationally now, your rhythm, your path of thinking, has been I took one turn after another, and I did not know how many times it was right? Do you remember what I said at the beginning? At the beginning, I stood peacefully on the stage like this, you think I might have to replace Secretary Sugiura I defended, so I waited to listen to my explanation, but I didn’t do that. I scolded you in the most violent terms, so you were angry and felt that I was the clown who provoked you. But when you used the collective pressure to do me After the attack was neutralized, you backed down again. You will feel that it makes sense to listen to this guy's words-in the end you think it makes sense, and finally you think you should think about the problem independently. Then the problem comes, and I will be on stage From now on, have you ever escaped from my control of you? Have you ever done something unexpected to me? No! So, isn’t the conclusion obvious? You are just a bunch of fools, if If I want, I can shift your thinking direction 10,000 times!"

To be honest, in fact, I don’t think it’s strange that a group of middle two teenagers or girls, because of the momentary enthusiasm of the collective condemnation and group fanaticism-because even the so-called rational "adults" will All kinds of ingenious remarks lead to the trap of collective unconsciousness. The so-called "rabbit crowds" exist everywhere.

The Creator gave humans reason, but not everyone can use their reason well, not everyone can use their reason to smooth out the obstacles caused by emotional fanaticism and discover their true freedom.

However, I must now use the most violent words to break the most self-righteous fantasy of these young girls—they just felt that they were messengers of justice and did not shrink from the oppression of power, but as long as they broke their quotes The proud judgment makes them all feel that they are just being led by a few people and cannot think rationally. Then they will fall into the realm of unconfidence in their own judgment.

"Of course, I am here. I know roughly what you want to question. From the perspective of my identity, I also think that the so-called facts I have come to tell you are too unreliable, but I just want to ask A few questions from you: Are the rumors you heard trying to catch the wind or is it true? Are your current questions for justice or self-satisfaction? Is your current practice for your own sake, or is it for you? Used by people with ulterior motives? After you think about these issues clearly, you will have another reliable and truly your own questioning meeting. Then it won’t be a complete farce like today."

The audience rustled and discussed. The discussion became louder and louder, and then more and more chaotic. Finally, the students gathered together began to talk in twos and threes.

There was no applause for my speech, nor did I need applause. If everyone supported me unanimously, it would not achieve the effect I wanted.

In fact, I just planted a seed of doubt in everyone's hearts.Among the students in the audience, there will always be a group of people who will continue to question the Student Union, continue to doubt Xiaochun, and even still suspect that I am the person the Student Union invited to help them.However, there are always some people who will stand on the side of the student union and stand against the doubters.

For the student union, this kind of confrontation of views is enough. In the final analysis, even if the student union performs perfectly this time, it can only convince the students of its actions this time.Even if all the behind-the-scenes behind the rumors were found this time, it would actually be of no avail.Opponents hiding in the dark are always more terrifying than the student union standing in the light.

However, opponents who want to overthrow the Student Union can only use the so-called "public opinion", which is consistent and distrustful. When the public opinion is dispersed, it will never become a climate.

As I said, human beings are always too smart, too smart to feel that they have seen through some kind of conspiracy. Some people feel that they have seen through the conspiracy of the Student Union, and some people feel that they have seen through the conspiracy of opponents of the Student Union. Then, the two groups of students will attack each other.Until their mutual questioning forms a result-maybe they will never find this result, the students will always sit back and relax.

Looking at the thoughtful students, I suddenly felt a little sad--until the very end, when they felt that they were really thinking rationally, they were still misled, just so easily.

Of course, behind this, the handling of people who intend to take advantage of the commotion, or those who are really naive and terribly expanding the commotion, is not something I need to pay attention to.If Xiaochun and others can't solve these problems, then there is no need for me to help her.

Under normal circumstances, achieving your goal and then retreating is the most exemplary performance. I do want to do this.

It’s just that I didn’t expect that Sugiura Koharu’s reaction was faster than I thought: "Yuhihama-senpai, can you wait a moment?"

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Chapter 17: Haruki Kitahara Persevering

Although I gave an inciting speech at the questioning meeting just now, people who have a clear observation of this speech can still find that in my speech just now, no "facts" were clarified.I didn't express my clear attitude to any opinions or rumors. Therefore, whether it is Asada's statement, Koharu's statement, or Kamahara's statement, there will always be different people who follow them.

I believe that Xiaoharu Sugiura can understand this. This is why I thought she would not stop me immediately. She still needs to separate from me now.However, I still didn't expect that she would stop me so decisively.Although there are fewer people paying attention to every move on the podium in the busy flow of people, it is still not ruled out that some people with ulterior motives will exert their strength in secret. Therefore, Xiaochun now calls me to stop me, it takes a big deal. Risky.