My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 193

"I just heard about some situations, and then I watched the excitement. As for thanking you, I don't have to. I didn't help you solve the problem. I just said something objectively, which made the next situation easier for you to operate. "I turned my head, kept a distance from Xiaochun, and said.

"I know, but Senior still helped me. From this point, I am still very grateful to Senior."

"Well, if there is no accident, you can solve it yourself, can't you? Within your expected range, I don't need my action."

"But when I was the manager of the current football department, I should have been taught by the senior. Nothing can be expected. Before the game, a perfectly designed tactic can be because a player Injuries during the warm-up have changed the whole situation; when contacting other schools for friendly matches, it is clear that the time agreed by both parties will be cancelled due to some special circumstances of the other party. Always make preventive plans, this time , We didn't do it." Xiaochun bit her lip and self-examined.

I don't like the term "senior". After I get used to the girl opposite me calling my name directly, the terms "senior" and "senior Yubihama" always give me a sense of alienation.However, this sense of alienation is indispensable. Although he took the initiative to stop me, the body that Xiaochun slightly resisted, leaning backwards, and unknowingly distanced from me, also proved that Sugiura Xiaochun understands that a sense of distance between us must exist.

This is not only because of the reality that we have been separated, but also because she chose the path of a public break with me for the sake of the student union.

"Anyway, can the cooperative planning go ahead, right?" It didn't make sense to continue to entangle on this topic. I took the lead to change the topic.

"The plan can continue, but Ji Zi's side—" Xiaochun nodded hesitantly.

"——I know, I won’t bother about the internal affairs of your student union, otherwise it seems that I can really interfere with the decision-making of your student union.” Indeed, I said something unexpected on the stage before. Kamihara Himeko, who almost made the student union’s trust value fall to the bottom, must face the censure of her predecessors at this time. As for whether she is the mastermind of this matter, or a link used by others, this is no longer What I need to worry about is what Xiaochun and others need to worry about.

What is certain is that even if President Kimura and Koharu’s personality are so gentle, they will not endure this kind of naked betrayal from the inside, classmate Himeko Kamahara, at least in this session of the student union, will no longer have her position. Up.

"Actually, as long as the seniors are willing, you can interfere with us? That was the case when I was the head of the football department, and this time, it is the same."

"Secretary Suiura, it is a good thing to make bold assumptions, but bold assumptions must be based on facts. This time the problem, I was completely improvised. Why do you think I interfered with you?"

"Because that kid Haiwei sometimes understands too well." Xiaochun whispered something softly. Then, before I knew what she said, she shook her head and said, "Sorry. , Senior, this time I jumped to a conclusion."

From Xiaochun's expression, I can see that she does know something, maybe she has spied some clues from some actions of Vice President Sonoda.However, for whatever reason, she finally gave up the idea of ​​asking the truth about the matter.

At the other end came President Kimura’s voice calling for Koharu. President Kimura is a very considerate girl. Under normal circumstances, she should not actively interrupt the conversation between Koharu and me, but it is obviously not normal now. Happening.Therefore, even though the tone was not serious, President Kimura still called Koharu over.

"Sorry, Yubihama-senior, if I have the opportunity, I will thank you more solemnly." Xiaochun turned away in a hurry.

Until the end, I didn't understand why she stopped me.

Until she finished speaking before leaving: "Yuhihama-senpai, sure enough, even if I work hard, I can't reach the level of Yukoshita-senpai?"

At that moment, I understood that Sugura Koharu imitated Yukoshita Yukino, and she always looked forward to Yukoshita Yukino, but when she felt that she could reach that level slightly, she lost to cruelty Reality.

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From the beginning, I thought that Xiaochun's behavior in learning Xuexia was wrong.Xiaochun has worked hard enough, but an incorrect direction will only make her go further and further away from the correct path. This is something that can already be expected.

If I have more time, I might find a chance to stay here to correct her wrong views-but I have no time.

I remember the truth about my intervention in Xiaochun's incident. At the same time, I also remember the original purpose of my intervention in Xiaochun's question-in order to prove myself to Senior Xiaomu.

In order to prove to Ogizuma-senpai that the changed Yubihama Kazuya is a person who has met the expectations of the predecessors. This is my initial and smallest goal. Therefore, now, I need to prove this to Ogizu-senpai. .

"It seems that Xuecai has just been called away by a boy! Well, it's the one from Class E called Beiyuan, isn't it? He has been looking for Xuecai many times, and the boys who were rejected by Xuecai soon gave up Now, this Kitahara is really persevering!" This is the information that I found out after I came to Class A of the third year without even paying attention to the strange glances other people gave me.

"Senior Xiao Muzhen was called away by Senior Beiyuan? Didn't I hear that he has rejected Senior Beiyuan? Why would he still go out with Senior Beiyuan?"

"I don't know this anymore. Anyway, the Beiyuan seemed to say something like, "Student Xiao Muzhen, I have found that person." So Xuecai was surprised, but agreed to go with him. I don’t I know where they are going? But my little brother, it looks like you are in the first grade, right? Although I know that many people come to ask Xuecai to confess every year, it’s not uncommon for a first-year child like you, but You still have to prepare well. After all, Xuecai refuses people like you. I don’t know how much. You have to know that Kitahara Haruki is also famous in the third grade. Only by reaching this standard can he be invited several times. Xuecai can make her not disgusted, can't she?" The girl opposite, who seemed to be a friend of Senior Xiaomushu's friend, continued to chatteringly.

But I don't care about these anymore.

"Thank you, senior, I know, I will go to senior Xiao Muzhen--"

"--Uh, I haven't finished yet. Did you find Xuecai now? You don't know where she is now, and even if you find it, insert it when others confess. Then it must be rude to interrupt others? So—"

I didn't care what the classmate of Xiao Muzheng behind me said.If it’s Senior Kitahara looking for Senior Xiaomushu, it’s basically certain that he is looking for Seniors or saying the same thing, that is, inviting Seniors into the light music club. What I don’t understand is, Senior Kitahara who has been rejected by Seniors once, this How did he try to convince Senior Xiao Muzhen once.

Therefore, the key question is the phrase "Student Xiao Muzhen, I have found that person."Kitahara Haruki, who will he find?How can this person make seniors change their minds?

"You also know that the person in the second music room is a genius? It would be great if he could accompany the light music club." I suddenly remembered what he said.

Senior Kitahara has never given up the effort to gather the best singers and the best performers. If the best singer is Xiaomu Yuxuecai, then the best performer is naturally Dongma Washa.Although he didn't seem to know that the person in the second music room was Dongma and Sa, there were too many opportunities to expose this news.If Senior Kitahara recruited Dongma and Sa, and then used it to recruit Senior Xiaomushu, it would be impossible to guarantee that Senior would not be shaken.

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My judgment is not wrong-Kitahara Haruhiro and Senior Omu Shou did appear at the door of the second music room.But this only means that I seem to have judged their position correctly, but for another aspect of the problem, I seem to have made a wrong judgment.Because, the current senior Kitahara is sticking out a foot and stuck at the door of the second music room, confronting Dongma Kazuza in the door, and Senior Xiaomuzhen just followed him embarrassedly, somewhat curiously Looking into the music room.

If it weren’t for the light music club is still in a semi-disbanded state, this magical scene found in the corridors of the school will surely make many people stop and watch-fortunately not many people are here now to watch this grand occasion I should be the only one.

"Tongma, I knew it was you, and it should be you too, please, let me go in and talk, okay?" Senior Kitahara's pleading look reminded me of those who were wronged because of mistakes. The poor husband whose wife was behind closed doors, even the senior Xiao Mu Shu on the side looked at Haru Kitahara with interest, his eyes narrowed, not knowing what he was thinking about.

"You are so annoying! Why should I let you in? Also, don't get your feet stuck in the doorway, I can't close the door." Although the door is narrow, I can't see the expressions of Dongma and Sha on the opposite side, but I still Can imagine her look.Tsk, this guy, is still so arrogant and not honest at this time?Overdoing this kind of character will easily make you lose your best opportunity!

"Then I won't go in, but Dongma, don't close the door, can we discuss it again? You can join the light music club, right? I have brought the singer here, and you have also worked well with Xiao Muzhen's songs before. Isn’t it? As long as you join, our light music club will definitely be more powerful, and there will be absolutely no problem in performing at the school festival.” I have seen some of the troublesome skills of Kitahara Haruhi’s classmates just mentioned by Mr. It's also because of the good-character Senior Xiao Mu Shu. If it were someone else, he would have long been impatient with Haru Kitahara's stubborn bubble and kicked him out.

——For example, the current Dongma Hesha should be on the edge of this state: "Hey, you guy, I haven't said that many times. I have no interest in this light music enthusiast. You usually just stay in class. It's so long-winded, why is there so much nonsense until now!"

"Dongma, take a look at Xiao Muyan, and cooperate with Xiao Muyan—"

"——What does that little Muyan have to do with me."

"Why? You obviously cooperated very well with Xiao Muzhen."

I don’t understand Haruki Kitahara’s emotional intelligence anymore. Even the predecessor Xiao Muzhen behind you who is not clear about the situation also smiled bitterly. When inviting a girl, he kept praising another girl-especially the girl who still liked it. Under the circumstances, there are still a few people who will do this kind of thing to add fuel to the fire. What are you thinking about!

"If you don't let go, I'll just clamp your feet here!"

"I will not give up."


Soon, I saw the door of the second music room suddenly opened. Kitahara Haruki didn't seem to be ready for it. He kept supporting our feet and couldn't control the balance-of course he didn't need to control the balance anymore. With a beautiful high leg, he was completely kicked out of the classroom.

Then, the door of the second music room was heavily closed.

"Hey, this, student Beiyuan, what should I do now?" Senior Xiao Muzhen, who was beside Senior Beiyuan, held his forehead with one hand, and said with a troubled expression, "If the invitation is not successful, I will not join you!"

"It's okay, there's still a chance." Kitahara Chunxi shook her head, sorted out her state, and said.

——No, there is no chance anymore, I will no longer give you the opportunity to harass Senior Xiao Muzhen!

I walked forward and thought to myself.

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