My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 194

Hosaka probably did three things in these days in Xicuizhuang

One is to help the shy girl be strong

The second one is to help girls who chase dreams realize their dreams

The third is to let hard-working girls see a bright future

If there is one more thing, it is to promote the runaway girl to accept the reality that her childhood sweetheart has a girlfriend.The main thing he did was these small things, and Hosaka was ashamed.

"True Tears" × "TariTari" × "Flower Blooming Iroha" doujin

Hosaka: I played with Nan Haruka, but everything has to be done according to the author's law and let her appear, right?


Chapter 18: Rejection

Of course, although I don't want to give Kitahara Haruki more opportunities to harass Senior Xiaomushu, it is not a wise choice to stand directly against Kitahara Haruki in front of Senior.If I yelled "You still don't harass Senior Xiaomushu" in front of seniors in front of seniors, then within a day, a bad freshman of a certain grade and a good third grade student with good academic performance will be jealous for Xiaomushu Xuecai. The rumors may spread.This is not only not good for my assessment of the school, but also affects the influence of the seniors.

Therefore, at this time, I can only ask Dongma and Sa, who just drove Kitabara out of her second music room. Although I have not communicated effectively with her before, I believe Dongma and Sa are the same Smart man, when she sees the current situation, she should understand the purpose of what I did, right?

So, I walked forward, in the surprised eyes of Kitahara-san and Xiaomushu-san, through the gap between them, came to the door of the second music room, knocked on the door of the second music room-rhythm It struck three times.

"Uh, Kazuya? What's the matter?" Senior Kitahara didn't seem to understand the situation at all, but he still looked at me with a weird expression, "Didn't you say that you didn't know the people in the second music room? Right?"

"I just knocked on the door casually. I think the person who was talking to Senior Kitahara just now is too unreasonable, so I think she should give you another chance."

"Hey, hey, are you kidding? Do you know who is inside? If it's just a knock on the door, she will never respond, eh—"

Under Haruki Kitahara’s surprised gaze, the door of the second music room slowly opened, and then a somewhat dissatisfied voice from Touma Kazuya came from inside: “It’s not impossible to come at this time, but I think that in the future You can’t always come to me unilaterally, and you should give me a channel to contact you safely, otherwise this cooperation is really unfair—what's the matter?”

From the beginning, Dongma Kassa’s expression was only a little unhappy, and slowly became a little angry-before she completely felt that she was betrayed by me, I walked forward and said, "Hello, this is Dongma. Senior? I met for the first time, I am Yubihama Kazuya in Class F of the first year."

"Huh?" Dongma and Sae looked at me dumbfounded.

——So Dongma’s reaction speed is slower than I thought!

"Well, I'm sorry to disturb you, Senior Dongma, I happened to see you arguing with Senior Kitahara just now. Senior Kitahara is a senior I respect very much. I think the way you talk to him just now is Isn't it a bit impolite?" I stepped forward and faced Dongma face to face. At the same time, Senior Kitahara and others couldn't see the expression on my face, and kept showing Dongma with his eyes.

Finally, Dongma and Sa seem to understand what I mean by letting her cooperate. She took a step back slightly and raised her head, showing her usual way of ignoring people: "First grade Don’t talk too much nonsense."

"Senior Dongma, you can understand that my sense of justice is too strong, but from my point of view just now, Senior Kitahara doesn't seem to have made too many outrageous actions. I think you can discuss with him. Well? Even if you want to reject Senior Kitahara, it's best to listen to his reason for inviting you, right?"

"Well, yes, Dongma, I didn't finish the reason for inviting you just now." Kitahara Haruki behind me seemed to have finally reacted and added hastily.

Touma and Sa's murderous gaze locked on me—I had only seen this gaze in the eyes of Xuexia before.

She glared fiercely behind me, making Kitahara Haruki a step back embarrassingly, then glanced at me and asked me "what are you going to do with her?"

With my hands crossed in front of my abdomen, I pointed at the predecessor Kitahara behind me insignificantly, and pointed at the predecessor Xiao Mu Shu-although I don’t know if this will make Dongma Kazuya understand it, this time it’s only Can test her comprehension ability.

"Of course, maybe Dongma-senpai doesn’t want too many people to hear your talks with Beiyuan-senpai. This is okay. Of course, you shouldn’t be willing to let too many people into that classroom. I'll go in and talk with you, is that okay? I will stay outside and wait for the results."

——At this level, Dongma should understand what I mean, right?

She finally understood what I meant.Glancing at me fiercely, as if she was expressing "I owe her a favor." She cleared her throat and said roughly: "Then Kitahara, come in, I'll give you five minutes. "

"Uh, is this all right?" Senior Kitahara showed an incredible expression on his face.

"Don't come in quickly? Otherwise, there won't be even five minutes!"

"Okay, okay," Senior Kitahara stepped into the second music room hurriedly, while looking at me with some doubts.

I can also hear his last words to himself: "Is that all right? Could it be that I was a little too rude?"

But I don't care about this anymore. The "five minutes" that Dongma and Sauna gave Haruki Kitahara are also the "five minutes" for me. Within these five minutes, I want to let everything end.

------------------------------------split line------------ ---------------------------------

Senior Xiao Muzhen and I stood near the stairs of the first music room, looking at each other awkwardly.

This should be the first time I face to face with Senior Xiao Muzhu since the misunderstanding of the summer vacation.

Before meeting with senior, I felt that I had prepared a perfect set of rhetoric. However, when I was in front of senior, I was a little daunted and didn't know what to say.It's like a shy boy who wants to confess after he has been at home for a long time, but he doesn't know what to say after asking a girl.

——I’m like a fool. When I faced the exciting group of middle school students, didn’t I behave well?Why now, in front of Senior Xiao Muzhen alone, I seem to be so insecure again?

Compared to my embarrassment, Senior Xiao Muzhen seemed calmer. She even hummed the tune of "white-album" with some contentment, and tried to say what to say but didn’t know. What should be done for me is in sharp contrast.

About one minute has passed, but to me, this minute is as difficult as a century.

In the end, the one who took the initiative to speak was Senior Xiao Muzhen: "Heya, the Dongma student just now, is the first grade student Dongma Hesa ​​who won the piano competition in the first grade last time we saw in the archives, right? As expected, she is a great beauty, just like in the photo!"

"Now, it should be?" I replied dumbly.

"Then Kazuya, you and the Dongma Kazuya classmate just now, should you know each other before?"

"Hmm-eh, this?"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, it is like this!" Senior Xiao Muzhen's insightful gaze turned to me, and said, "Heya, you can fool Beiyuan student who doesn't know much about your character, but you can fool No way for me! You never talk to a stranger in that tone, and you are not the kind of warm-hearted person who will fight for others because of the stranger's impolite behavior. At the same time, I still remember that your impression of Beiyuan was not good. Although this does not prevent you from showing politeness in front of him, you will definitely not help him out because of his suffering, right?"

"All in," I can only admit that I am deflated in the face of Senior's clear judgment. "Senior, you should be a detective."

"Of course, the main reason is because I saw you and Dongma gesturing from behind-you deliberately adjusted your posture to cover up that gesture, blocking the sight of Kitahara, but on the other side behind you I, but I can see it clearly!"

"Hey, hey, your story is the story of Conan Doyle and the coachman, right?"

"Eh, I haven't heard of it!" Senior Xiao Muyan blinked playfully.

"However, when did He meet that Dongma classmate? I'm a little curious!" Senior Xiao Muzhen approached me and asked seriously.

Senior Xiao Muzhen's pupils are close at hand, but I can't tell her real thoughts from the look in her eyes. Is it pure curiosity or something else?

"Well, I haven't asked Senpai how to have such a close relationship with Senpai Kitahara! I was shocked when I saw you two together today, didn't I?" I took a step back and counterattacked.

"Sa, does Kazuya really feel that I just discovered this situation?" Senior asked indifferently, drawing the tips of his hair together.

——Damn it, today’s senior Xiao Muzhen feels something is wrong. What she says is normal, but there is a feeling of holding everything in her hands. This feeling is the same as when Isshiki faced me occasionally The wrists that see through everything are somewhat similar, but the problem is that I can understand all those wrists with a color feather, but I don't know what the current senior Xiao Muzhen is doing.

I stepped back again and didn’t answer the question of senior. Of course, I couldn’t answer it. After all, I already knew Haruaki Kitahara’s purpose to senior Xiaomu Shou. At this time, if I really said "I didn’t realize it before." Then, even myself would be a little embarrassed.

"Then the relationship between Heye and Dongma will be discussed later?" Senior Xiao Muzhen did not continue to ask, she raised her head, the hair of the sideburns turned out a curve in her hand, "Then, specially used Dongma The classmates called Kitahara off, just to be alone with me. Heya, what do you want to say to me?"

In the end, it was still seen through by Senior Xiao Muzhen.It always seems like this. In front of other girls, although I may not be able to see through all their thoughts, at least they don't know what I am thinking.However, in front of Senior Xiao Muzhen, I always seem to be one level lower. When I feel that I understand what senior is thinking, I can't grasp that specific point. However, Senior Xiao Muzhen can always accurately Grasp my purpose-even if she sometimes doesn't understand what I have prepared.

The aura of pride that used to prepare to face Senior Beiyuan and Senior Xiao Muzhen is now gone.Looking at such senior Xiao Muzhen, I can only answer honestly: "What I want to say is that I helped Xiaochun solve the problem just now. When she came to me before, I asked me to resolve the rumors against her in her school. The problem-although it is not completely resolved, she can handle the next little things."

"Well, I see, it's great, Kazuma, you still went to help in the end!" Senior's face became calm, her eyes seemed a little complicated, it seemed like an expectation, but again There seems to be a kind of sadness.