My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 195

"So, even though I rejected the predecessors at the time, I have understood afterwards. I have found the right theory to help others!" I raised my head and resolutely said to Senior Xiao Muzhen.

"Is it right to help others...?" Senior looked at me and asked, "Is this what you want to say to me?"

"Yes, I just want to say this to senior. During the summer vacation, the reason for the conflict between me and senior is not because senior thinks I should help Xiaochun, but I think I can't help Xiaochun. The core of the problem is not here, right? ?"

"The core of the problem lies in helping or not helping?"

"Isn't it?" I felt a hint of helplessness in the tone of the predecessor-is this an illusion?

Obviously it should be like this. Seniors want me to help Xiaochun, but I cannot help Xiaochun, but now, when I have helped Xiaochun, I have found the right theory to help others. , The contradiction between me and Senior Xiao Muzhen has now been resolved.

"For the time being, can you think so?" Senior Xiao Muzhen sighed deeply, "Then, Kazun, you tell me the truth, there are other purposes behind it? Can you tell me also?"

"During the summer vacation, the predecessor said that now you can no longer stand behind me, right?"


"However, at the moment when I corrected my mistakes, when I found the right theory to help others, and then I can help others, I also proved myself by helping Xiaochun. Is it possible for me, seniors, Come back behind me and become, the one who supports me?"

"What does Heya mean?"

"Senior, I hope you will directly refuse the invitation of Kitahara-senior-even if he invited Dongma and Sa as the keyboard player." I raised my head and clearly expressed my thoughts.

"Is that so? That's it! It really is! Hey, sure enough, this is typical of your thoughts. Your thoughts are as easy to understand as always, but, as always, they feel tired." Senior Xiao Muzhen showed a helpless and even tired smile, and then she turned around, "Sorry, Kazuna, I still reject your proposal-now, I still cannot stand behind you. Be the one who always supports you."

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Although I think everyone should have guessed the ending after the chapter was released yesterday, but I am still very reconciled. I want to change the outline. I want to change the outline. It's sad to be spoiled by the comments in the book review section. But this A plot is that the core plot cannot be changed, tat.

Then, I really want to complain: Xue Cai is picturesque, and He is also a scum.He Ye, you just think too much and too complicated to force the problem into this kind of understanding!


Chapter Nineteen: Yi Huei Yu offered another invitation

A long time ago, I realized that I didn’t know Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai as much as I thought. Maybe I can know some of her secrets that I don’t want others to know-but that’s more of a coincidence with her. In the end, let me learn about Senior Xiao Muzhen. In this regard, I have been doing very poorly.

Yubihama also couldn't understand girls' psychology. Even though I had a so-called love experience, even if I could see what their expressions meant, but I still couldn't accurately grasp the girls' true thoughts.The quarrel with Xiaochun was the reason, but now, facing Senior Xiao Muzhen, it seems that it is also the reason.

Knowing a person’s intellectual needs is much easier than knowing a person’s emotional needs, because to understand the former, you only need to list all the things the other party has already mastered and what they haven’t mastered, and then based on the known It is enough to derive the unknown condition.However, to understand the latter, you cannot analyze it through simple and clear logical reasoning. The needs of emotion can never be judged by reason.

Therefore, I chose the simplest but also the most effective method. If the seniors expect me to do anything, then I will fulfill the expectations of the seniors. This is the simplest and I think it is the most able to respond to the seniors. The way of feeling, right?

——But I still did it wrong.

"Can you tell me why? Is it because I haven't been able to prove that I can really help other people?"

——I need an answer. Only with an answer can I have a direction to work hard.

"It's not because of such naive reasons," Senior didn't look back, she sighed and said, "It's not because of this seemingly superficial reason, Heya, you still don't understand, you still don't understand my expectations of you. ,Is that right?"

"If the predecessors don't say anything, then I really can't understand. I really have worked very hard. I am trying hard to find the truth. I am trying hard—"

"——So the question is not a question of justice!"

I have never quarreled with Senior Xiao Muzhen, never before, Senior has always used her patience and tolerance to contain my strange thoughts that may appear to others.But this is the first time, Senior Xiao Muzhen said to me loudly.

Although she quickly returned to her normal appearance, at that moment, the short-term gaffe of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen, perhaps the only gaffe of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen since she was in high school, was exposed in front of my eyes and impacted my soul.

"If you say it, then you lose the meaning of your own search, Heya." Softly, like a dream, Xiaomu Shuxue said something that I can't understand.

Maybe I can understand it, but I just don't understand what I should be looking for.

"You can understand my current attitude as my hypocritical, but, at least for now, I can't tell you what I expect from you."

As I said, I don't understand Xiaomu Yuxuecai. Despite my hard work, I still can only respond awkwardly and helplessly to her expectations.

The door of the second music room opened, and Kitahara Haruhi's expression was decadent. Obviously he did not grasp the opportunity I gave him to "fight" to convince Dongma Hesha again.This makes me somewhat admire Dongma and yarn. It is also an ability to be able to disagree to such an extent-or, if you think about it badly, maybe let Xiaomushu senior join the light music club. The reason for her refusal now so decisively?

After coming out of the second music room, Kitahara Haruki looked around hesitantly, and finally fixed his gaze to the corner where I and Senior Omushu were.

"Heye and Xiao Muzhen, did you know each other before?" He frowned and asked, somewhat surprised.

"Well, I and He also know each other." Senior Xiao Muzhen replied before I could answer.

"Uh, Heya? Are you already able to call each other by name with Xiao Muzhen?" Kitahara Haruki's brows wrinkled tighter.

So, I have a relatively good relationship with Senior Xiao Muzhen. Is there such a concern for you?I’m not in a good mood right now. If it’s not for the remaining basic intellect that tells me that I shouldn’t lose my temper here, if it’s not because I’m still paying attention to the image of Senior Xiao Muzhen and myself, then I should do it now. Will explode to Haru Kitahara without reservation.

"Well, He also helped me a little bit before." Senior's gaze seemed to stay on my face for a second, but he quickly moved away. "However, Kitahara-student, just persuaded Dongma-student. Work is still not going well enough, is it?"

"Ahem, this, there is still a chance, there is a chance." Kitahara Chunxi responded with a little embarrassment. Even the cheeky, he must feel a little embarrassed after being mercilessly rejected by the other party twice. Right?

"So, can I help if needed?"

"Uh, I just wanted to say sorry to Xiao Muzhen. I deceived you clearly and said that I had found a good keyboard player. In the end, I couldn't convince the other party. How can I trouble Xiao Muzhen for help?"

"Student Kitahara, I said, what can I do, can I help?" Although this question seemed to be asked to Haruki Kitahara, but at that moment, I had an illusion that when seniors asked this question, Asked by looking at my face.

The expression on Haruki Kitahara's face turned from embarrassment at the beginning, slowly into disbelief, then turned into surprise, and finally, there was a flushing ecstasy: "Xiao Muzhen, what do you mean?"

I turned around, not wanting to hear what Senior Xiao Muzhen said next.

However, Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai's next words came straight into my ears when I was reluctant: "Student Beiyuan, I agree to join the Light Music Club. Then, I would like to ask you for your advice."

When the last self-righteous fig leaf was also stripped off, I discovered how ironic sometimes the inexplicable self-confidence seemed.

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I also know that Senior Xiaomushu agreed to join the light music club, which does not actually mean anything. After all, the leader of the light music club is Minister Iizuka. Even if Senior Kitahara finally convinced Dongma and Sa, they only had three.Under the guidance of the Ministry of Service, Minister Iizuka has begun to contact many members of the previous light music clubs. The method adopted by the predecessors of Kitahara is to gather the best teammates and win by surprise. However, in the confrontation, they are crushed in an upright manner. The opponent is the right way.

At least, I think that Minister Iizuka will abandon the members who have been persuaded to come back for the two who temporarily joined the light music club-even if his best friend Haruki Kitahara stands on his opposite side.

However, Senior Xiao Muzhen was still persuaded by Kitahara Haruki-maybe she was not convinced by Kitahara Haruki, she chose to join the Light Music Club because of her disappointment with me.I don't know if she joined because of anger or other reasons.Before, she expressed that she wanted to join because she helped me. After I rejected her proposal, when another person offered her an olive branch, she hesitated, but in the end, she still chose agree.

I believe that when I left, Senior Xiaomushu should have been watching me, but now I listen to me, Haruki Kitahara, who is behind me, is constantly trying to explain to seniors how to get Senior Xiaomushu to persuade Touma Kaisa, I feel this The remarks were particularly harsh.

I think that the second music room sold my favored winter horse and yarn, and I will be extremely disappointed in the end, right?She would probably also expect me to draw Senior Xiao Muzhen, the "rival in love" in her eyes, closer to Haru Kitahara, but in fact, I seemed to push Senior to the side of Kitahara.I would be a little curious about how she would look when she looked at Xiaomu Yu Xuecai helping Haru Kitahara together.Although this matter has nothing to do with me temporarily.

"Heya!" An accident, but an unexpected voice reached my ears.

Yi Huishu, I don't know why, I always think she should be the most free person in school-otherwise, how can I explain that she can always catch me in such strange occasions.

"I have every reason to suspect Isshiki that you are always following me. Please note that I am in a bad mood now. If you say something that makes me unhappy, I don't rule out the possibility of running away."

"Sa, if I really had been stalking you, what would you think of Kazuya? I think I am a stalker who is particularly interested in you and then justly reject me? Or should I call the police directly?" Isshiki's face With a constant smile, and this smile also made me feel particularly mad, and her ability to talk about other people's topics is really amazing.

"Very well, you have successfully annoyed me now. I will give you three minutes to calm my anger--"

"——It doesn't take three minutes, thirty seconds is enough." Yishi waved his hand carelessly, with a confident look.