My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 196

"——What gave you such confidence that you can feel that 30 seconds can comfort me, who is now extremely irritable——"

"——Heya, I just saw the matter between you and Senior Xiao Muzhen!"


"Well, are you not angry anymore?"

"No, I think it took you 30 seconds to make me feel the urge to kill you."

"Ah, if you kill me, would it be better to put me in a concrete pillar and throw me into Tokyo Bay? Or is it better to divide me behind the school and find a tree to bury me underneath? In fact, I am My personal suggestion is not to kill me. It is better to tie me up and hide in a secret room to fend for myself-until I promise you not to expose this matter."

I have to admit that if I say to Senior Xiao Muzhu, I have lost ground because I don’t understand her thoughts, coupled with my own complicated feelings, then Yi Hueiyu is a guy I know exactly what she is thinking. I don’t know how to deal with the devil.

The person who can make me helpless in that state just now should have only one color feather.

"Hey, in fact, the most ideal way for me is to do nothing. My mouth is very strict, so you don't have to worry about leaking out what I just saw."

"After thinking about it carefully, when you usually talk to me about these things, usually when you want to negotiate terms with me-but I don't understand, you and Xiao Muxiao can only barely know each other. You can convince Xiao Muxiao. Does Senpai reject Kitahara Senpai? As for the other side, it is even more impossible. Now Kitahara Senpai will not stop, even his best friend Iizuka Takeshi’s suggestion he will ignore. So I really do It’s very curious, what good is it for you when you mentioned this thing-oh, I don’t really think you can use this thing to threaten me, can you find a threat?”

"Eh-I originally thought that Heye would become irrational in your current state, and then you will discover my purpose later. It is not interesting for you to return to your normal thinking level so quickly."

"Although you look like'meaningless', there is no disappointed expression on your face, and I am very curious if you are following me, otherwise I really can't imagine This kind of coincidence, you saw that thing like this, it is really incredible."

"Ah, what happened just now is indeed a coincidence, but according to your current state, sooner or later you will find someone to complain about? I am confident that I am that person." Isshi confidently Said.

"Oh, I think sister Yui is a better confidant at this time."

"But I won't believe that you are willing to listen to the kind of encouragement that Yui-senpai said to you, "Xiaohe, try harder again, and ask me Xiaomushu-senpai!"

I lowered my head and imagined my sister's reaction, thinking that she might indeed be like this—and then it made the situation I am facing now more complicated.

"So? Classmate Isshiki, what do you want to express with me when you say this? Or, what do you think I should do to get rid of the current situation-looking at your ass, obviously Some ideas, right?"

"Heya, do you remember a proposal I gave you before? The one in karaoke?"

"Let me be an executive committee member and help you run for executive committee chairperson? Do you want to bring it up again?"

"Yes, I told you before. I hope you will think about it. Now, I think the time is ripe. So, I now invite you again-Kazuya, to elect the executive members of the class? Then, help It’s in my interest for me to become the executive chairman, and at the same time, it’s in your interest.” Yi Huayu reached out to me, she looked straight into my eyes confidently, and unreservedly concealed her desire. Say so.

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Xuecai's personality is really good, but sometimes, you should say that she is self-confident, or that she is too persistent, just hope that other people can understand her and understand her meaning by themselves, so often play off— —But this kind of pickled vegetables is also very cute!

By the way, I was very convinced by Cai Yujiang who was stuck in the needle.She has the potential to become a black-bellied boss in this article-provided that she is so proficient in folding the flag and finally playing off herself.

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Chapter Twenty: At any time, one should be alert to a color feather

Yi Hue Yu’s ability to capture fighters has always been awe-inspiring for me. She may not know how to solve a problem the best, but her keenly grasping the best time to intervene in the problem, and then use other people to achieve the goal. The ability is too strong.

And now, the invitation she made to me happened to catch my most vulnerable moment.

"Although there are many things that I am not very clear about, I can see that if Senior Xiao Muzhen joins the Light Music Club, it will make you feel very troubled, is that right?"

I nodded and looked at the brown pupils that Yishishi was proudly showing off.

"Can you ask why you are bothered?"

"Just worry, I don’t like Kitahara Haruki. You know it, don’t you? Play the role of the savior when everyone is desperate. For this reason, he may intentionally, or even unconsciously, unconsciously. When crises and risks are exposed, expand the crisis, and then finally take action. I don't like people like him."

"Well, but this has nothing to do with Senior Xiao Muzhen joining the Light Music Club. You shouldn't worry about it because Senior Xiao Muzhen wants to cooperate with someone you don't like-otherwise I am a person who has been in contact with Senior Kitahara in the student union all the year round. Don't you want to be rejected to death?"

——In a subtle place, have you raised the status of yourself and Senior Xiao Muzhu to the same level in my heart?I murmured silently in my heart. Of course, these words would be avoided. Although it is the truth, if the truth is too hurtful, then it will not stand in the negotiation.

"I don't think it's appropriate. This time, Kitahara-senpai’s invitation was made without Mr. Iizuka’s knowledge. It was his invitation to achieve his personal goals in the name of the Light Music Club. I just feel that Senpai was taken by Kitahara. Seniors invited to join the light music club like this, and they will suffer in the end."

"So, for this reason, have you ever talked to Senior Xiao Muzhen?" Yishi put a smile away and looked at me seriously.

——This girl is always so keen in debunking lies.I shook my head awkwardly.

"That's because you don't even believe this reason? If Senior Kitahara really does what you said, hanging in the name of a society to achieve your personal goals, you can naturally explain to Senior Xiaomushu, but the current situation should be Yes, even though Kitahara-senpai did not get the permission of the president, if he finally gathers members of the light music club, Iizuka will not easily deny his contribution, will he? Also, Ogisaki-senpai is also a smart person, right? If she really finds out that she is just being used by Senior Kitahara, she can of course withdraw. This kind of society has no force on her."

"So, why do you think I am unwilling to let Senior Xiao Muzhen go to the light music club?"

"Well, do you have to ask yourself about this? Anyway, I just recognize this attitude of you now, and then I proposed to you a proposal that you will definitely be excited about." Isshiki blinked playfully--though Her current "playfulness" seems to me the kind of obvious gloat.

What I should know is that Yi Huishu's character is for fear that the world will not be chaotic, and then she can fish in troubled waters!Therefore, even though I am a little angry with her attitude, I can only help her.

"So, now I'm going to elect the executive committee members of the class, join the executive committee, and then help you become the chairman of the executive committee. What good is it for Senior Xiao Muzhen?"

"Of course there are benefits. The executive committee chairman of the school festival, to some extent, in the process of cultural festivals, the authority has exceeded the student council president. That is to say, the approval and inspection of all club programs must Through the hands of the executive chairman, that is to say, as long as I become the executive chairman, I can help you pay attention to every move of the light music club, and provide you with the best possible preparation information for the light music club in different time periods. "

"I can also inquire about these by myself—"

"--But your inquiries can only be surreptitious. In other words, can you inquire about their preparations with Senior Xiao Muzhen over and over again? Even if you can inquire with Senior Xiao Muzhen now, you can't harass many times. Isn’t she? But if the executive committee does this, it’s at most concerned about the preparations of the club." If Yishi interrupted me mercilessly, I knew that she was now starting to attack with all his strength, ready to convince me. It's time.

"Second," Isshiki continued, "Although the possibility of the second point is not very high, if I have the opportunity, as the executive chairman, I can help you deny the opportunity of the light music club to participate in the performance. The student council is responsible for reviewing the club. The list of primary selections for performances, however, when the stage time is specifically allocated, if there is not enough time, the executive committee chairman has the right to propose to veto some clubs to participate in the performance-although I will bear a lot of pressure and controversy. It’s huge, but you know that if you can help me eliminate those stress—"

"--Never mind this, I can't do this kind of thing, to that extent, as long as the hat of'executive chairman abuse of power' is buckled, no one can help you." I flatly refused. The second suggestion.

"So I'm just talking, I can make such a dangerous proposal for this matter of you, can't you figure out a way to get me through the trouble then?" Isshiki curled his lips with some dissatisfaction— -Of course, the so-called "dissatisfaction" pouted, probably just a symbolic dissatisfaction.

"It is of course the best to solve the problem within the scope of the authority, but if you want to solve the problem at the risk of exceeding your ability, it is ignorance and arrogance!"

"Hey, I didn't expect Heye to be such a cautious person. Then, for the third reason, I think you would like it the most."

"The third reason?"

"Hey, Kazuya, I remember I told you before?" Yishi raised a hand, shook his finger, and explained in a pretentious manner, "Senior Kitahara, in the student council, there is a'Chairman of Satoshi'. The title of —— refers to the two previous cultural festivals. Even though he was not the executive chairman, but because his ability to solve problems was too prominent, the executive chairman of the cultural festival almost obeyed his words, even though he was not. The chairperson did not hold any position in the committee, but all the planning and arrangement of the cultural festival must go through his hands. If this time, someone other than me serves as the executive chairperson, then maybe The cultural festival will finally become the stage mastered by the predecessors of Kitahara. Do you think you will accept this?"

"If you serve as the executive chairman of the cultural festival, won't I take the role of Haru Kitahara? Do you mean that?"

"Sa, will you be satisfied with this arrangement?" Yishi smiled and looked at me with an inscrutable expression.

"I am not a control freak like Senior Kitahara. Even if I promise to help you, my only goal is to achieve my own goals."

"I don’t want to be anyone’s puppet, so isn’t our cooperation also very pleasant? How about, the last question, is it very attractive? Only by letting me serve as the executive chairman can we avoid you The devilish claws of the disgusting Senior Kitahara have reached the executive committee!"

"Indeed, Isshiki, your last proposal is very attractive, but you overlooked one point—of course I don’t think you might overlook this. Besides you, if Yukoshita Yukino is the chairman of the executive committee If it is true, she will not obey Haru Kitahara's command-and if it is to avoid the intervention of the predecessors of Kitahara, I trust her more than you, even if she has not communicated with me in advance. The reason is simple , Your ability is not enough to deal with all committee work completely. Once I can't help you, and then, if Senior Kitahara reaches out to you, then will you reject him?"

For the first time in this conversation with me, Isshiki got a little speechless.

"Minister Yukoshita doesn't have to worry about this at all. She has enough ability to deal with the work of the committee, and once she has to take on this task, her excessive self-esteem will hinder anyone from helping her. By the way. , She doesn’t like Kitahara Haruki too, it seems that Senior Kitahara offended her a long time ago when she persuaded the minister to join the Miss Soubu High election. Compared with Minister Yukinoshita, who has already had a clear confrontation and conflict with Senior Kitahara, Isshiki's malicious evaluation of Kitahara-senpai is actually obtained from me. That is to say, you can show your dislike of Kitahara Haruki in front of me according to my ideas, but you may not have something special about him. the opinion of."

"Hey, am I so untrustworthy in front of you?" It's probably because I felt Ishiki's mind more thoroughly, which made her a little dissatisfied, and she protested loudly.