My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 197

"This is not to say that you are not trustworthy. I also think that if I agree to cooperate with you, you will not just let go of the agreement with me so easily and ask for help from Kitahara Haruno, but it only takes into account character factors and some Objectively, your betrayal is more likely." I shrugged and replied.

Yishi didn't answer me for a while. The expression on her face seemed a little uncertain, her shoulders twitched, her mouth closed and she seemed to want to explain something to me, but in the end, with a trembling body, she turned her head away. Go, there was some trembling in the voice asking: "Sa, is that true? In your heart, I am such a role, is it already entrenched?"

Isshiki's attitude is a little bit beyond my expectations. Although my evaluation of her just now was a bit harsh, isn't this all my evaluation of her under normal circumstances?She looks a little sad like this, as if she is really not cheating!

"I know, of course, I also understand and won't just trust me like that, I know." She whispered a little.

——Uh, Yubihama Kazuya, calm down, this is a trap of colored feathers, showing the enemy's weakness, gaining sympathy from the enemy in this way of injury, and then winning with one blow.

"Heya, do you mean that the negotiation broke down? I'm sorry, I just used the problem of Senior Xiao Muzhen to coerce you, but rest assured, I won't talk about this matter. After all, I I also hope to keep a bit of my trustworthy image in your heart."

——I'm pretty sure, Yi Shiyu is disguising.

"Neither did I say that I can’t help you! It’s more in my interest to have someone like you have a closer relationship with me and listen to me as the executive chairman than to support the voluntarily guy under Xuexia. Is it? The first reason you mentioned is also a very powerful one. Xuexia will not bother to help me pay attention to the situation of the light music club. Also, you guy, this is a negotiation strategy. In order to strive for the greatest benefit for myself, I have to point out the loopholes in the other party’s negotiation. Even if I wanted to agree to your idea from the beginning, I can’t just say "no problem" so carelessly? I have to look away from you. A lot of benefits can be used to give up, can’t you? But you are crying like this, and you don’t play your cards according to common sense! No one would look like this when negotiating.” Then, after seeing through her disguise, I But I still surrendered to her obediently. This is not only because I still agree to her, but the more important reason is-well, I am still worried if the same color just now is her true thoughts. , Then I have to be accused of crying a girl who didn't have much ill will towards me.

I hate girls crying, so I refuse to take this risk.

——Of course I realized right away that this time I was deceived by Isshiki's little tricks again.Moreover, this time, I lost another ten percent.

Yi Huishu turned her head, and there was an extraordinarily brilliant smile on her face, and she couldn't even tell that she was crying just now.

"For me, this is also a kind of negotiation skill, you know, you caught the loopholes in the negotiation. I have no way to refute, so I can only use the most advantageous weapon of girls, right? It seems very useful!"

What this girl said, the girl's expression, the way this girl was crying, can't believe it at any time!Can't believe a word!Seeing Isshiki's flamboyant look, I secretly made up my mind.

——But, at least in the case of the executive committee chairman, I still believe her once?

Isshiki seemed to be happy because he achieved his goal, and I was a little refreshed.

That's right, this contest with Haru Kitahara is not over yet!

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Chapter 21: The trapped beast that belongs only to the weak still fights

The annual cultural festival is a student carnival. This is true. After all, for students, as long as classes are suspended, it is worthwhile to spend a lot of time every day to do seemingly repetitive and tedious preparations.Except for classes, doing everything is a vacation and relaxation, not to mention that you can do some idle work in troubled waters during the cultural festival and really have nothing to do.

But this does not mean that the executive committee of the cultural festival is a very leisurely position-otherwise, why don't the members of the student union take the initiative to concurrently serve as the executive committee? Why do the monitors of each class have to reorganize the election of the executive committee.Although we can explain that power should not be too concentrated, I prefer to explain that this kind of troublesome work still needs to be pushed to others.

Therefore, a considerable part of the executive committee members are forced to be elected to the stage-especially for those who are abandoned by the group or the squad leader.Of course, the rest of the people are really ambitious.

The prestige in the class brought by the executive committee, and even the exchanges of executive committee members of other classes, or the impression of appearance in front of ordinary students and the student union are all good promotion capital for ambitious people.However, ambition must also be matched to the ability to match it.A person who leads others, of course, does not necessarily have to be better than his subordinates, but he should have at least 80% of his subordinates' abilities. This is to ensure that he can make decisive decisions in all complex situations. The basis of decision-making is also a prerequisite for his people to work for him convincingly.

I don't know how the previous executive committee members of Sobu Gao exist, but it is probably a group of ambitious but incompetent guys-otherwise it would not be so easy to be controlled by Kitahara Haruki.Isshiki's idea of ​​using the organization of cultural festivals to gain other people’s approval and ultimately become a bargaining chip for her own student union election, I don’t know if any of the previous student union members have done it-but she is a first-year student Being ambitious in this respect means that she has to do something out of the ordinary, which is not very surprising.

"Hey, Kazuya, what's your plan? What should I do if I start preparing for the election of the executive chairman now?"

"Don't think about it so much for now, maybe no one will compete with you for the post of executive chairman!" I shrugged and faced Isshiki's somewhat excited question, "However, I was highly dependent on me from the beginning. , Is this really good? You know, if I have some other ideas at this time, and even take away the position of executive chairman you dream of, then you have nothing to do."

"But the problem is that you are a person who has enough ability but is not willing to do too many things. If you are asked to be the executive chairman, you will definitely think that there are too many and too cumbersome things and you will not do it. Once this is done, I can rely on you with confidence!"

"Occasionally I have to try to work hard on my own. Leveraging force is a good way, but if you continue to borrow force and borrow to the highest point, then there will be nothing to borrow."

"I know," Isshi nodded, revealing a sly smile, "but when you can borrow, use the process of borrowing to learn, improve, and make progress. Isn't it a good choice?"

"I hope you can still remember the purpose of your borrowing by then, and then, don't find yourself dizzy when you are unable to borrow—in addition, the cooperation is pleasant."

"Happy cooperation." Isshiki stretched out his hand and shook it solemnly.

My mind was in a trance, and in a situation similar to this scene, it seemed that Isshiki and I did this a long time ago.

But at that time, I was very different from who I am now!

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The election of the executive chairperson in the class is a little more complicated than I thought.On the girl's side, Yi Huei Yu was elected without any suspense.The problem lies with the boys.

Of course, the situation at the beginning was not much different from what I expected. Everyone avoided it because of the cumbersome tasks of the executive committee.When everyone had given up, I raised my hand-and then, I should get this position without competitors.

——This is my original plan.

But this plan produced a slight deviation. It seemed that at the moment I raised my hand, there was a small fluctuation in the circle of a boy.That probably belonged to a circle of the Isshiki Guards.That is when the squad leader was somewhat fortunate to announce, "Then, Yubihama will serve as the male executive committee member!" Finally, a representative was elected there.

The boy named Shancheng, my impression of him still remained long, long ago. At that time, he seemed to be trying to compete with Ye Shan in order to win his favor. Of course, I finally discovered that it was me who challenged Ye Shan. He left the field dingy.The typical so-called small role, but if the small role has to work hard, it will always add a lot of obstacles to those who think they must win.

Winners will assume that they will have to deal with more difficult challenges in the future, so they adopt a conservative approach when facing small roles. However, in the face of small roles desperate, this fear may be In the end, it will be the reason for the failure of those who are better than them.

Shancheng stood up like this, interrupted the monitor who was about to conclude, and said, "Wait a minute, I also want to participate in the election of the executive committee."

I can see the complicated expressions on the faces of class leaders and classmates now, and his mind is probably "this troublesome work is finally over, you can't just add it in and mix it up."

Yamashiro glanced at me politely and asked, "Yuhihama, you have no opinion on my competition, right?"

"Of course not." I replied with a smile and bow.

You can think of the meaning of the Shancheng gang with your toes. Perhaps they didn't have much desire for the position of executive committee—or even some rejection.However, seeing me raise their hands to run for the election, they will have a sense of crisis-because the female executive committee member is Isshiki, and the male executive committee member is often the person who has the closest relationship with Isshiki.If it's normal work communication, of course it doesn't matter, but the key to the problem is that I and Isshiki are at the same table, and I and Isshiki are also very close.This group of members of the Isshiki Guards has always had a deep hostility towards me. When I might be able to further impose contact with Isshiki through cooperation on the executive committee, they are probably unwilling, right?

But this group of sad guys didn’t realize one thing: that is that Yihueiyu has been using her own way to make you serve her goals. People who are not aware of her way of dealing with problems cannot be compared with Isshiki. Maintain a normal and equal mode of communication-even if they beat me and become an executive committee member.

What's more, I am not going to give them this position.

I glanced at the girl next to me from the corner of my eye.She was squinting her eyes, observing everything in the class for a long time. She should also be very clear about the source of this farce, but she didn't seem to have any plans to intervene, she just watched it all easily.Even when I looked at her, she gave me a meaningful smile, as if she was expecting how to solve this first difficulty.

——Oh, it should be when Ishiki smiled at me, Shancheng-student's face was obviously whiter.

"Uh, since both Yubihama and Yamashiro want to select executive committee members, can you please tell me about your plan after being elected as executive committee member?" The class leader who finally realized the situation said, "Yamashiro's thoughts what is it then?"

I don't think Shancheng is an idiot. His ability to be recommended by the Isshiki Guards to compete with me at least means that Shancheng is the one who has the biggest win against me in the hearts of those people.And his performance did not disappoint me too much.

"The cultural festival of Sobu Taka has always been an event that students participate in together. When I was in junior high school, I was just an ordinary member of the cultural festival. I still remember that our class was different because of the type of cultural festival. The controversy prevented us from truly enjoying the cultural festival. From that time on, I was thinking that if I was elected to the executive committee, I would do my best to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening. I think that the cultural festival is the most The important thing is to increase the participation of the students in the cultural festival. In the selection of the content of the cultural festival and the specific preparation process, I hope to fully absorb the opinions of my classmates, rather than my own arbitrariness. After all, although I am an executive member However, I am more of an ordinary student serving everyone’s ideas. Although I may be the first to organize such an event, I believe that with everyone’s efforts, the culture of our Class F The festival will definitely be a successful cultural festival!"

Shancheng smiled, squeezed his fist slightly, and said to the other students in a somewhat agitated manner.Afterwards, there were some sparse applause from the audience.

To be fair, this is a speech that is not too bad, at least not too bad for high school students, just like an inauguration speech, where "collective", "everyone", and "effort" are mentioned everywhere-I said Now, this is not a bad inaugural speech.

"Yamashiro-san meant that he hoped everyone would hold a happy cultural festival together. So, what about Yubihama's view?"

I stood up, and to be honest, I am very grateful to classmate Shancheng for his speech just now, which means that I can use some of the ideas in his speech.

"Thank you very much for the thoughts of Yamashiro. It made me think about a lot of things." I looked at the classmates, and most of them had an indifferent attitude in their eyes. "About the other countries mentioned by Yamashiro. The cultural festival in the middle period reminds me of the cultural festival in the middle period of our country. A similar situation occurred in my class-but I think this kind of controversy is inevitable, and the opinions of the students cannot be reached. Absolutely consistent. In the end, there are always some students who need to compromise. I think this is what the cultural sacrifice has taught us. In the face of collective choice, we may have to give up some of our personal ideas. But at the same time, of course we also cannot The compromise, that is, when our plan is decided, each of us will work hard. Let each of us work hard for the final success-I think this is the core task of the Executive Committee of Cultural Festival After we have decided on the plan, no matter how strong the competitive pressure of other classes is, we cannot shrink back and win our position. This is the first; second, the most efficient allocation of work, so that everyone can quickly prepare for the cultural festival Status; third, according to whether our plan is public display or class display, we will strive for the best time period and display platform. This is what I hope to do for everyone after being elected to the executive committee. The executive committee is of course the existence of serving everyone , However, if the executive committee is only used to negotiate the views of the people and cannot accomplish tasks that others cannot do, the significance of the executive committee decreases. And I believe that I can accomplish the tasks I promised ,That's it."

Compared to Shancheng's speech, when I sat down, there was no applause in the class-this is a matter of course. Applause is always just a polite response given by people when they don't know how to respond.The real speech is to make people think.

Yamashiro’s speeches mentioned “collective” everywhere, which seemed to unite everyone, but subconsciously, it was just an escape from his personal responsibility-when all his decisions were kidnapped by everyone’s opinions, He would not have to bear the price for his decision-making mistakes.