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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 198

Of course, if there is no comparison, his problem cannot be exposed.

However, when I pointed out the "executive committee's responsibility", Yamashiro's evasion could not be hidden.The existence of the executive committee is not only a microphone for the collective, but also to do things that other people cannot do. It should also bear the responsibility that everyone should not bear, and should also give everyone who does not know what they should do Assigning tasks-this may not be something that every executive committee has to do, but when you point out these tasks, people will only think: Ah, what you said makes sense, if you can’t do this, What is the use of an executive committee?

"Then, let's start voting by show of hands? Students who support Shancheng, please raise their hands?" The monitor's voice rang.

A few scattered hands, even a few boys from the Isshiki Guard, shook their heads with some uncertainty.

"So, what about those who support Yubihama?"

"Well, after voting, it is decided that the male executive committee member is Yubihama."

It was so natural that it could no longer be a natural result. When I finished speaking and saw everyone's reaction, the result was already confirmed.

By the way, I need to add one sentence to the question just now. The desperate efforts of a small character against a character who is stronger than him may produce good results. However, the problem is that if the small character and the opponent's strength gap is too large , Even if the opponent has some strength, the final result is still unsuspecting crushing.

I looked at the mountain city sitting down a bit angrily, with no sympathy-when he stood up and tried to block my plan, the result was determined.

Isshiki looked at me with a smile. Did she treat this incident in Shancheng as a test of my ability?

However, the joy of crushing the opponent and then winning has not been felt for a long time.

——It's like everyone is dancing in my hands. It really makes people feel very comfortable!

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Chapter 22: A mixed executive committee

The formal meeting of the executive committee started faster than I thought, and the formal meeting began on the second day after the candidates for the executive committee of the class were determined.

However, before the official meeting started, my companion, Yi Hueiyu who pushed me into this pit, decided to take a step first.

"You know, Heya, I just asked you to help me run for chairmanship. This is definitely not enough. I have to find other friends who support me. Maybe they may not be able to directly help, but as long as they are voting Just support me when it's time, so say, nah, do you understand?" His hands clasped together, and he bowed his head in front of me, seemingly sincere, and his eyes flickered, showing a pleading appearance.

"So you mean to let me go to the classroom meeting alone?"

"Hey, there is no problem. You can sit with Yukoshita-sen. Yukoshita-sen must be an executive committee member. Moreover, Kazu is not the kind of person who is not good at interacting with other people. Isn't it the problem?"

To be honest, I don’t mind going to the executive committee meeting alone, or, if you think about it carefully, it’s more beneficial for me to help her if I and Isshiki go to the executive committee meeting separately-if the two of us don’t sit. Together, my solidarity with her will be more objective and convincing for others.

——I'm just unhappy with the expressions of gloating on the faces of the members of the Isshiki Guards when they see the current attitude of Isshiki.The expression of "Aha, I'm pleased with Cai Yu but turned out to be ignored by Cai Yu Jiang", really wanting people to bring them to wake up.

"I also know that He is very big, I don't care about the eyes of those people, is that right?" Isshiki obviously doesn't ignore the eyes of those people, but in her eyes, those guys should really not. People who deserve to care too much, so she just mentioned them symbolically.

Thinking that those self-righteous guys had actually been ignored, my mood improved a lot.

This is why I am sitting alone in the conference room of the executive committee.

The executive committee’s meeting room is a long round table-everyone knows the meaning of the round table to ensure the “equal” status of all people. There is no distinction between front and back and left and right, so that anyone feels that he will not be ignored. .Of course, there are special ways to choose the position of the round table-especially for the members of a single team.

For the existence of a lone person, the most ideal position of the round table is in the middle of the corner away from the main speaker.First of all, it is absolutely undesirable to be close to the main speaker, because it will definitely make you the focus of the crowd-the main purpose now is to act as a supporting role, and I cannot expose myself so obviously, especially in helping When Isshiki argues with other people, if my position is too conspicuous, it is easy to be the target of fire, which is unwise; secondly, I must not sit in the middle of the left and right sides of the round table-because these positions generally come It is said that it will be occupied by friends who are in contact with the brigade. Of course, they will not prevent you from sitting in these places. However, when you find that you are surrounded by people you already know, you will find that you have to speak. , You must also take care of your surrounding environment and atmosphere. Of course you can not take care of it, but you will get a strange silence and embarrassment; in the end, you can’t sit directly opposite the main speaker. Once such a person speaks, they will become the focus of the main speaker. The focus of the host is basically the focus of the audience.So, to sum up, the ideal position to be an inconspicuous person alone is in the middle of the corner away from the main speaker.

Of course, I can think of this, and other people should also be able to think of this.

For example, some Higiya Hachiman who walked into the classroom tentatively.It really surprised me that Biqigu would come to participate in this meeting. He is not the kind of person who wants to participate in such troublesome activities on a whim. At the same time, his sense of existence is so thin that everyone ignores him. , No one who hates him will nominate him as an executive committee member.

Biqigu narrowed his rotten eyes, swept back and forth quickly in the classroom, and then walked in the direction where I was sitting as if he had decided something.Of course, without any suspense, he sat down beside me.

"Yo." Since Biqigu shouldn't be a person who would take the initiative to greet others, I took on this task.

"You actually want to be an executive committee member." Biqigu nodded very simply, raised his eyebrows, and asked in surprise.

"It's better for me to ask you this question. Don't tell me that this is your decision on a whim. I won't believe it."

"Someone was pushed aboard the thief ship somehow." Biqigu replied gritted his teeth.

"Isn't it Yui sister? She does seem to be such a kind of person who likes to do bad things." There was an ominous premonition in my heart.

"Relax, your sister hasn't understood the atmosphere to such an extent, she herself was almost promoted to the position of executive committee, but she knows this kind of thing is very annoying, and it was another person who pushed me up— Another person who cannot be refuted."

"That's Ye Shan?"

"It's Hiratsuka, that woman, quickly find someone to marry?" Biqigu said helplessly, "If she gets married, she probably won't become such a passionate teacher."

"I think it's because she is too passionate to get married. Don't reverse this causal relationship!"

"Don't talk about it," Biqigu shook his head, with an expression of "If I am so tragic, you don't want to make up for me", "What are you doing here to attend this meeting, although it is possible for you to participate in this kind of meeting? Sex is higher than me, but I think it’s only higher. You are not the kind of personality that will get involved in such troublesome things that have nothing to do with you, are you?"

"Like you, I've been asked only-it's just that the person I'm asking is gentler, and we are an equal cooperative relationship." I glanced at the one who was chatting with other first-year members in the distance. Color feather.

"Oh." Biqigu nodded clearly.

"—By the way, don’t you think they are boring? They hypocritically said about their experience of becoming an executive committee member—all of them described themselves as if they had not considered this matter at all and had been deceived. , But in fact all of them have their own little abacus in their hearts." Biqigu stared in one direction with a bit of disgust, and said, his words seemed to be talking about the same color, but it didn't seem to be talking about the same color.

"This is the normal mode of communication in the current world, isn't it? You should be familiar with it."

"Sorry, but I just felt that there was someone who could communicate with me, so I said a few more words."

Ah, it’s clear, in a space that you feel out of place, when you find a familiar person, or someone who has a common experience with you, you will always be more willing to talk to him more. I even talk more about my own psychological thoughts-in the final analysis, this is still out of fear of the collective and society, because of the fear of these aspects and unconscious actions.

Human beings are always unable to get rid of emotional distress on these small details!

I turned my gaze to the direction Biqigu was looking at. There seemed to be a girl I seemed to have met somewhere, and some noisy communicating with people around.

"Oh, that's Sagami, the female executive member of our class." He noticed my gaze and explained Bichigu.

I remembered that person, the girl who appeared in front of Yui sister at the summer fireworks display, and then provoked with her sister, and was finally beaten by the girl.It seems that she should also be a member of the existing group, but she and her sister should not belong to the same circle, she is a girl with a little bad personality!

"That fellow is the female executive committee member of your class?"

"What, do you know her?"

"Is it a fate?" I nodded sincerely, then looked at Biqigu, and said, "It must be very hard to work with such a guy? Senior Biqigu, please come on!"

The expression on Biqigu's face is very wonderful. My sympathetic voice obviously made him a little helpless. However, he probably thought of Sagami's terrible deeds, and he should have been unable to think of a way to refute it for a while.

That is, when he was feeling a headache and thinking about how to respond to me next, the noisy voice in the conference room suddenly stopped for a second.

I looked at the door of the conference room.

——Is it finally here?

Isshiki's judgment was correct, and Xuexiaxuna stood proudly at the door of the meeting room.Not necessarily because of her beauty, but perhaps also because of the inherently cold and arrogant aura on her body, which directly shocked the noisy atmosphere in the classroom at that moment.

For me and the members of the Biqigu Ministry, it should be a very normal thing to see Yukoshita, but for most other people, this may be the first time they are close outside the classroom. Under the contact snow.Although there is not the popularity of Miss Zou Wu Gao, but as the top existence of the second grade, Xuexia Xuena still has an extraordinary position in the hearts of many people, so when Xuexia appeared, the audience The breathing seemed to be still for a second, so I couldn't say that too much.