My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 200

"Hey, that's it. Of course I pushed someone onto the table--" Biqigu grumbled and prodded me in the arm. "You see that I was added by that bloody foolish teacher. "

However, I ignored Biqigu's words, because vaguely, it seemed to be my illusion. I saw Haruhi Kitahara who was next to the chairman gently smacked his lips.

Then, as I continued to observe him, his eyes focused on my face for an instant, and then he showed a very gentle and comfortable smile.

On the other end, facing the expected gazes of Mr. Hiratsuka and Chairman Shiroshita, Yukoshita shook his eyebrows, and replied in the most polite but also the coldest tone: "Sorry, please allow me to To participate in this event as an executive member."

"Uh, Xuexia, as the head of the executive committee, there are still many benefits, such as—"

"--Well, chairman, I want to sign up!"

"--Uh, if everyone is unwilling to participate, let me try it?"

At this time, almost at the same time, two voices rang.

One color feather, and the other—to my surprise, Sagami Minami stood up at the same time and said.

Maybe they didn't realize that there would be other competitors. When they noticed that each other was talking, they both raised their eyebrows calmly, seeming to express their strong sense of competition.

"That person, is it Isshiki classmate?" Sagami seemed to think of something, smiled, and said, "Uh, I didn't mean Isshiki classmates can’t elect the executive committee chairman, but the work of executive committee chairman is generally It’s better to be served by experienced second-year students, isn’t it? Isshiki, as a freshman in the first year, is still too tender to do these things!"

Wow, was this kind of ruthless speech at the beginning?This girl seems to regard Isshiki as a real competitor!

"So what specific experience does Sagami-senpai have as executive chairperson? I don't think that one more year of school experience must mean that Sagami-senpai will be better qualified for the task of executive chairperson? In terms of this logic, when the mayoral election is conducted, the one with poor qualifications should directly surrender to the one with the richer qualifications. Does that mean?" On the other side, Isshiki has changed from the usual, and everyone is sleek Retorted mercilessly.

Speaking of this, it seems that Sagami was disgusted by Yishi during the summer vacation, and suffered a small loss. Now the tension between the two men seems to be a continuation of the war during the summer vacation!

"Uh, everyone understands what the two of you mean, so don't fight for the moment. It would be better to let everyone vote at that time--" President Shimizu's anxious voice inserted, Sagami and Isshiki's kind of sudden The smell of gunpowder caught her off guard, but she still had to mediate this intrusive contradiction.

As for Isshiki and Sagami, they should also know that in this situation, if the conflicts become more troublesome, they will only lose the trust of others, so they also quietly died down.

"Uh, now that two electors suddenly appeared, then—"

"——Sorry, President, it's three." At this time, a cold voice rang.

"Student Xuexia, you weren't just now—"

"——I'm sorry that I changed my opinion. It's a bit bad to go back and forth, but I can still run for the election now, is that right?" Yukino Yukoshita stood up, and glanced at the others around him like all living beings. People, her eyes paused slightly on Yishi and mine.

Just as when she entered the door, everyone's breathing was paused for a second, when Xuexia Xuena announced her candidacy, everyone felt that time seemed to freeze.

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Chapter 24: Small quantitative changes may cause qualitative changes

At first, it was a hot potato that no one was willing to take over. In just a few minutes, it became a popular position in the competition. This surprised the president of the city who was standing in front of the stage and hosting.

"Well, if Yukoshita is willing to participate, we are also very happy, but because before—"

"--I understand, it is necessary to compete fairly with the two previous students who signed up, is that right?" Xuexia interrupted President Cheng Ye's words, and gave a cold glance at Yi Shi and Sagami.

She was more or less ready for Xuexia to be ready to become her competitor. She seemed to be prepared for Xuexia's aura, she just squinted her eyes a little, and then showed a harmless smile: "Well, please advise, Senior Xuexia."

But the Sagami on the other side seemed to be less calm. When she first wanted to run for this position, she probably caught the gap where no one else wanted to participate. She was a little bit when faced with the first grade Isshiki. Insufficient aura, besides using the aura of a second-year senior to suppress Isshiki, she didn't think of a better way.Now, under the snow, who is obviously better than her in terms of ability and qualifications, she can barely maintain that smile.

"Well, are there any other students who want to run for the election?" Chairman Cheng Yi glanced at the crowd with some bewilderment, and soon everyone who had just been talking about this unexpected competition was quiet.

"In this case, it is better to vote for the position of the executive chairman. Can the three of you talk about their goals as executive chairman? Simply explain it. Sagami is the first to sign up. Come, can you?"

"Ah, shall I come first?" Sagami jumped exaggeratedly, triggering a burst of kind laughter from the others present, and then she scratched her head embarrassedly and said, "Uh, this, everyone. , I am Sagami Minami in Class F of the second year. I originally saw that other people were unwilling to take up this position, so I felt that there should always be someone who should come out to challenge, so I signed up, so now this situation is more or less Something was beyond my expectation, haha!"

——The very bad beginning is the same argument before. This kind of self-humility is not suitable to be put forward in the election. It is only suitable for expressing humility and buying people's hearts after being elected.

"How should I put it, I am actually not very good at doing these things in front of others. I originally thought that if Yukoshita-san would come to participate—" Sagami's eyes swept under the snow, revealing She has a very humble expression, and at the same time, she nakedly ignores Yishi, "If it is Xuexia student to participate, I will give up this qualification and let it be for Xuexia student!"

This passage is a lot cleverer. He expressed humility in front of Xuexia, one of the opponents of the campaign, so that at least people who have a good impression of Isshi are aimed at Xuexia. At the same time, it shows that it’s okay to quit. This kind of thinking, on the one hand, is to make excuses for my failure, and on the other hand, I want to express my attitude.

"But after thinking about it, I felt that I signed up without authorization and gave up without authorization. I always felt very bad, so let's just give a campaign speech or something. Uh, in a word, my ability may still be lacking, right? How, if I can serve as the executive chairman, this is also an opportunity to improve myself, and as a classmate, I also want to contribute to the cultural sacrifice of the school, so, probably, that's what it means?"

At the end of his speech, Sagami still made a somewhat uneasy expression of guilt, which once again made the others present a relaxed and understanding smile.

"In this case, the next student is Isshiki, okay?"

"OK, let me do the next thing!" Isshi nodded and stood up leisurely. In fact, in the previous process of rehearsing her campaign with me, if she faced Xuexia, she also hoped Shows an attitude of being close to the people to gain the favor of other executive members, but now, this relatively low-profile attitude has been preemptively used by Sagami, so now Isshiki’s method is Plan B, which is a generous election. , Express your strengths.

I have to say that Isshiki is actually a very capable girl who can gain a unique position in the group. Facing different boys and girls, using different ways to surround them, this kind of personality charm is definitely not It can be decided by simply being cute. When she decided to give a speech seriously, her speech was unambiguous.

"Hello everyone, I am a color feather in Class F of the first year. Compared with the two seniors in the second year, I also know that as a first year, if I want to be the executive chairman, I may have qualifications and prestige. What is lacking. But, I also want to explain my advantages. As the president of Chengyou said before, this cultural festival is very special for Sou Wu Gao, because it involves cooperation with Qingquan Middle School. Although the president mentioned earlier The cooperation matters will be the responsibility of the chairman himself, but I think that in the internal preparation process of the cultural festival, cooperation with other schools will definitely be involved. I think that as a member of the student union, especially as a previous I have always been in charge of contacting the members of Qingquan Middle School. The advantage of me being the chairman is here. I can seamlessly connect with the chairman of the city. I think, with this advantage, I should be able to prepare for the committee’s activities. A more flexible arrangement. Thank you everyone!"

Compared to Sagami's hesitating speeches, Isshiki's preparations are obviously more adequate. Not only are the first-year students who are familiar with Isshiki, some seniors in the second and third grades are also obviously surprised by Isshiki's speech.

It can be said that Isshiki's speech this time adopts the style of confronting the opponent upright, clearly clarifying his strengths and sincerely expressing his shortcomings, but at the same time, he also demonstrates his confidence that his strengths can make up for his shortcomings. .

Now, I'm a little curious about how Xuexia would move again.

From the beginning of her performance, she was not enthusiastic about serving as the executive chairman, and she wanted to participate in the election as a temporary intention. When the two more orthodox ways of gaining the trust of others were adopted, the facts Shang, Xuexia is now in a very passive situation.

"So, what about classmate Xuexia?" The voice of President Cheng Ye came.

"Okay," Yukoshita nodded slightly, raised his neck, and stood up, "Yukixia Yukino of Class A in the second year. I think that being the executive chairman, the most important thing is neither Using this opportunity to "improve yourself" is not "cooperating with the student union." The key is to let the executive committee work efficiently."

Xuexia’s approach was to directly address the campaign drafts of the first two.

"The work of the committee is of course a good process of improving oneself. However, if the work of the committee is taken as a trifle for improving oneself, it is too much. Of course, the committee and the student council should maintain close contact, but if it is true If you want to emphasize this part, the chairman of the city is responsible for external communication and re-selecting the chairman of the executive committee. The core task of the committee, as the chairman just mentioned, is to be responsible for the culture of the school. The organization and operation of the festival, I think, I am good at this aspect. In fact, the organization of the cultural festival requires some sense of arbitrariness. I think everyone should agree with this. I think if I serve as a committee member In the long term, it can make the operation of cultural festivals more efficient-more efficient in various senses."

"Domineering speech!" Biqigu beside me sighed softly.

Yes, the very domineering speech first directly refutes Sagami’s views and Isshiki’s advantages. The subsequent remarks are not euphemistic at all. They are almost like "Leave everything to me, and I will lead you to solve it." "That kind of domineering.Compared with Sagami and Isshiki’s "sincerity" attitude, Yukoshita feels like "If you are willing to listen to me, then work with me behind me. If you don’t want to listen to me, I don’t care. "Absolutely confident.

If she is facing a group of high-spirited executive committee members, it will undoubtedly be a big blow to other people’s confidence. However, she is now facing a group of most people who have no ambitions and just want to be all about the work of the committee. Coping with the existence of the matter, so although Xuexia's remarks are very conceited, they will be very appetizing to other people to some extent.

"Since you are willing to take on most of the work, then leave it to you!" Many people will think so, either because of anger and dissatisfaction, or simply because of boredom-which of course will cause Xuexia to suffer Many people's eyes and dissatisfaction, but if they just want to win their votes to allow them to support themselves as chairman, the effect is estimated to be very good.

Undoubtedly, this is also the simple Xuexia's style. It doesn't care about other people's attitudes and feelings. However, it is the best to achieve your goals and solve problems most efficiently.

It seems that some intervention is needed, otherwise everyone will be controlled by Yukoshita in an unconscious emotion of "just do what she wants, and we don't use our brains much". Up.

"Senior Xuexia, you mean that if you are elected, you will also arrange all the assignments, right?" I stood up and asked.

"From an efficiency point of view, this is true. Of course you can express your inclination to me, and I will consider the allocation as appropriate."

"But there must be hot tasks? I want to be responsible for the tasks of aspirational control. If people exceed the standard—"

"——Then I will arrange according to everyone's suitability." Yukoshita glanced at me and replied flatly, "Any questions?"