My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 201

"Oh, OK."

I sat down and, for the time being, let others see the problem of Xuexia as the executive chairman. That is, everyone's chances of fighting for the position they want will be reduced, and they cannot win themselves by clinging together or voting. Responsible position-and rely entirely on the arrangement under Xuexia.

At least, this is a reminder for those who are not completely mixed up and wait for death, but have a need for the work of the executive committee?

The key question is, how many executive members are unwilling to take responsibility?I glanced at the executive committee members around me, some of them were talking to each other, and some were playing with their phones absently.If it’s a one-on-one debate between Isshiki and Yukoshita, I can help Isshiki to say something, but now with the addition of the Sagami spoiler, I can only use this suggestive way to disperse Yukushi The supporters under it.

In fact, when Yukoshita looked at me just now, I knew she already knew my intentions, but because she was too upright and honest, she even disdained some false promises to deal with me.

Absolutely correct. Yukino, who never lies, will become a burden at this time?

However, whether this small-scale quantitative change can be brought into play to the extent of qualitative change is also beyond my estimation—after all, Yukino's speech was too targeted.

"Uh, if that's the case, then everyone should start voting? It's better to use anonymous voting. Then the student union members will send the voting paper to everyone. In order to avoid suspicion, 36 executive committee members will be responsible for voting. Teachers will not participate, is it okay?" Chairman Cheng Ye arranged the follow-up voting process.

I glanced at the predecessor Kitahara next to the chairman with a slightly puzzled look. From beginning to end, he did not make any remarks, but just sat there quietly. Is he really just expecting no one to run for the chairmanship by him? Are you making up for it?

At least, I can't see any place where he might play a role.

I wrote the name of "Yi Huei Yu" on the paper, while thinking with some confusion.

By my side, I saw Biqigu hesitantly, but in the end I wrote the name "Xuexiaxuno".

Isshiki has an advantage in one aspect, that is her grade. According to the principle of grouping in the grade, generally speaking, students in this grade tend to vote for their own electors. This is a habit of voting for themselves. The approach of close people.The votes of the second-year Sagami Minami and Yukoshita Yukino will undoubtedly be separated.

Therefore, the key issue is the third-grade votes-but for the vast majority of third-grade students who are not passionate about the work of the committee, perhaps Xuexia is their better support object. This is for Isshiki said the most dangerous factor, even though I slightly affected their voting choices just now, the result is still unknown.

——Perhaps, I can only hope that Sagami's scattered second-year votes will be enough, and Isshiki's previous public relations work has a certain effect, right?

Thirty-six people counted the votes very quickly. Soon, the president stood up with the note that registered the result.

"Well, the result of the election is here. The result of the vote is—" President Cheng Yi took a deep breath and said.

"Sangami Minami, six votes."

The smile on Sagami's face turned into a somewhat awkward expression of indescribability, but this vote was also normal. Considering her performance in her speech, she was not convincing enough compared to the other two.

"Yi Huishi Yu, 15 votes."

——Wait a minute, this number.

"Xue Xia Xue is a classmate, 15 votes."

So, the final result is a tie.

Xuexia's brows wrinkled slightly. Obviously, she hadn't expected the result of the first round.On the other end, Isshiki still smiled brightly, but her slightly clenched fist showed her inner tension.

"In this case, we should have the second round of voting!" President Cheng Wei looked at the results in his hands with some help and said.

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Chapter 25: The Third Way

The inability to win in the first round of voting is a very unfavorable result for Isshiki. After all, in the first round of voting, Sagami's votes were divided by votes that should have belonged to the second-year support Yukoshita.If there is no interference, the vast majority of the six votes that Sagami's won should be leaning towards Xuexia. In fact, it is equivalent to saying that the fifteen votes obtained by Isshiki in the first round should be what she has now. The number of votes that can be obtained is limited.

Therefore, the key issue is how to control the six votes belonging to Sagami Minami—this must also include Sagami's own vote. From the perspective of Sagami's initial and Isshiki tense situation, let her be in the next one. Choosing Isshiki in this poll is not easy, and the other two who are sitting with Sagami are comforting her partners, and they seem to be consistent with Sagami.

According to this inference, Xuexia had already secured 18 votes and was invincible before thinking about it.

Although objectively considered, it is not an unacceptable result that Yukoshita will serve as the chairman of the executive committee, but as Isshiki said, for me, it is the most ideal situation for Isshiki to assume this position.

Therefore, at least the remaining three votes must be won to the same side-and if there is a chance of reversal, it is Biqigu next to me. He just chose Xuexia. If he can change his mind, then this A vote is a vote of reversal.

So, what are the thoughts of the other three people who support Sagami?If they are unfamiliar with Sagami, between Sagami Minami and Yukoshita Yukino, who are also second-year students, they should be more inclined to Yukoshita with clearer thinking and stronger ability. Then, they did not choose Yukoshita , And what is the reason for choosing Sagami?

Sagami's speech was "Use this opportunity to improve yourself and contribute to the cultural festival", while Yukoshita's attitude is "make the cultural festival run more efficiently", one is to lower his attitude and the other is to raise his attitude. .Although I tend to think that a low profile in this kind of election process will only make people mistrust.However, will Xuexia's conceited and even arrogant attitude really get everyone's praise?

This is not always the case-so if you start from this point, to strengthen other people's impression of Yukoshita's "arrogant" attitude is also the last chance for Isshiki to fight for this position. Of course, I don't think Yukoshita's The attitude is true arrogance. She is just acting according to her own "correct" principle as always. However, this image can be portrayed as "arrogance". If this impression is formed, there may still be a chance.

"Then, if everyone has no opinion, let's start the second round of voting now—"

"——Chairman Cheng Ye, logically speaking, before the final round of voting, we have the right to ask the two students who participated in the election, right?" I stood up and asked.

"Of course it can, but I hope Yuihama can do it as soon as possible. After all, in addition to electing the executive chairman, we still have many things to discuss. It is better to speed up."

"No problem, I can just ask Senior Xuexia a question." I nodded and looked at Xuexia.

If I tried to find fault under the snow twice in a row, everyone present should be able to see that I was deliberately embarrassing the snow under the snow. If it weren’t because I hadn’t been in contact with Isshiki from the beginning, it might be suppressing me. Yukoshita's help Isshiki's suspicion should have risen now.If you are facing Sagami, she may point out this suspicion without hesitation. However, Xuexiaxuenao will not. She who only does the right thing will not use this despicable way of catching the wind. Against other people.

Therefore, I am using this somewhat despicable way to strike against the "justice" belonging to Yukino under Yukino-only the person who wins the final has the right to interpret the "justice". If Yukino under the "correctness" is not enough To support her to win the final victory, it can only show that there are many people in this world who agree with "incorrect".

"Excuse me, Yubihama-san." Yukoshita raised his eyebrows and replied.

"I hope that Senpai can clearly explain the reason why I refused to be the executive chairman when the chairman of the city suggested that you become the executive chairman, and then joined the election of the executive chairman when Isshiki and Sagami expressed their willingness to compete. This kind of inconsistent attitude is not at ease. If you show this attitude when you are elected as the executive chairman, I think everyone will be very troubled."

"Yuhihama, do you really think I will turn back after being elected as executive chairman?"

"Of course not," I narrowed my eyes slightly. "I believe that Senior Xuexia, who is the executive chairman, will not turn back, so how do you explain your previous behavior?"

Of course, I don’t know the reason why Xuexia did this, but I believe that Xuexia must not be able to give an answer that is smooth enough to make people feel that she is sincere-and as long as Xuexia’s answer is not smooth enough, I This answer can be shaped as a kind of "arrogance."

This is not a glorious approach, but it is also a kind of upright conspiracy, because when I make a move, even if the other party knows the purpose of doing this, the other party cannot resist—and, this kind of inability Rebellion, it was only Xuexia Xueno's personal inability to resist.

After entering the classroom, Xuexia's face changed for the first time, and a trace of blush appeared on her original white face. She was shaken, and even for a while, she might not know how to answer my question.

"I refuse to answer your question." She replied with a gentle stroke of her long hair.

——The worst answer. In the face of doubts, even if the real idea is offensive, you should respond positively, because a positive response at least represents your willingness to accept other people’s inquiries.I thought that Xuexia would not make this stupid mistake.

"Senior Xuexia, please confirm your answer. I think, even if this answer is unsatisfactory, everyone hopes you can give us a clear reply. Is that right?"

So, the next thing to do is to tie myself to the chariot called the "collective" so that other people can also identify with my personal question.

Sure enough, a rustling discussion sounded in the classroom.

However, Xuexia was still standing upright, staring straight into my eyes like that, and replied: "I refuse to answer."

For a moment, I seemed to feel a pleading feeling in her eyes-but that should be my illusion, Xuexiaxue couldn't beg others.

Except not just before, during the conversation in the forest school.

"Well, Yukihama, if Yukinoshita is really unwilling to answer this question, then we don't need to force her to change it? There can be many reasons for changing her mind. Maybe Yukinoshita would reject me because she felt that she had previously rejected me. And I felt guilty and agreed to run again? We are concerned about whether Yukoshita is capable of serving as the chairman of the executive committee, not why Yukoshita would regret this incident, right? Yukihama, you This question is a bit off topic!" President Cheng Ye stood up, preventing further commotion in the scene, and even her eyes seemed to warn me.

Chairman Cheng Ye is undoubtedly one of the people who can realize that I am helping Isse, and what I have just done is more or less a trick outside the rules of the game.If you say that the first question is a legitimate question, after Xuexia gives his own answer, kidnap the other party with a collective consciousness, give a forcibly persecuted answer, and then further potentially inquire about the other party’s character issues, that’s also It's over.Therefore, it is understandable for the president to question me at this time.

I nodded lightly and said, "Sorry, President, I have no more questions."