My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 202

I took a hesitant look at Xuexia, she sat down very calmly, and returned to her cold expression.

I still didn’t say the most heartbreaking remarks I prepared: Xuexia refused when there was no competition, and participated in the election when there were other people. Is it just to enjoy defeating through my own ability? The pleasure of other competitors?

If I say this and Xuexiamen still doesn't answer directly, then the trust network for Xuexiamen will probably collapse.

But I still didn’t say it in the end. Maybe it was because it was really vicious, maybe it was because I really didn’t want to win this way, or it was because Yukino’s Yukino seemed to be my illusion. That flash of pleading eyes, right?

However, in this situation, the situation should be reversed?I glanced at the people who were talking about it as I thought.

Then I saw a color. She was obviously aware of the change in the current situation. However, she did not look at me with an expression of excitement as before. When I looked at her, she shook her head gently. .

Sure enough, even if he didn't do the most vicious thing, was his performance just too outrageous?

However, I have also noticed that just before the president of the city spoke to stop me, Kitahara Haruhiro had an exchange with her-and then the president could stop this situation before the suspicion of everyone further fermented.

This feeling makes me think that I have become an evil villain who achieves my own goals by bewitching people's hearts, and has Senior Kitahara become a sinister and intentional justice envoy to stop the evil villain?

"Uh, if everyone has no other opinions next, then our second round of voting will officially begin?" After many unexpected circumstances, the chairman of the city still announced the start of the second round of voting.

"To be honest, I don't have any preference for Yukoshita and Isshiki. If you are willing to ask me, I can give all the tickets to Yishiyu, but now--" Biqigu beside me wrote a note. Write "Xuexia Xueno" on it, while sighing.

"——Biqigu, don’t you think you talked a lot of nonsense today? Restore me to the previous mode!" I said somewhat depressed, and handed over the note with the name "Yi Huei Yu" The student union member responsible for counting votes.Everyone who knows me treats me like a vicious villain, and it feels really uncomfortable.

When the result of the vote count came out, both the student council member in charge of the vote count and the city president who was about to announce the result also showed a somewhat surprised expression.

"Well, although this result is a bit troublesome, but since the result has come out, I still have to confirm it with everyone." In the end, as if he had made some determination, President Cheng Ye nodded solemnly and said, "The final result Yes—Student Yi Hueiyu, 18 votes, Xuexia Xuenai, also 18 votes."

Okay, draw again?

Although it affected the voting options of some people to some extent, the words just now were not enough to shake the foundation under the snow. As a result, the vote of Biqigu could not be added to Isshiki. This is a big deal. Mistakes!

"So, this, because Xuexia and Isshiki both have 18 votes, and only you two are competing, so if you want to vote in the executive committee again, it should be meaningless. Originally this Generally speaking, the final decision is made by internal voting by the members of the student union, but because Isshiki is a member of the student union, the final decision is made by the members of the student union, which seems a bit unconvincing--"Chairman Shiro hesitantly Explaining something, he looked at Shizuka Hiratsuka who was asking for help.

At this time, you can only let the teacher decide the final result, right?

"President Cheng Ye, I have an idea, what do you think?" At this moment, an abrupt voice rang.

"Either Yukoshita or Isshiki can get this number of support votes, which shows that everyone has enough trust in both of them. I think in the end, no matter who Mr. Hiratsuka decides to be the executive chairman, Will disappoint the students who support the other side? So, why set up a separate executive committee chairperson? Let two people serve as executive committee chairpersons and be responsible for different tasks, right?"

"But, in this case, wouldn't the division of labor be unclear?" President Cheng Wei frowned, and didn't seem to like the answer.

"So, there must be someone who can coordinate the work and conflicts between the two, isn't it-Sagami classmate," Kitahara Haruki looked at Sagami Minami with a surprised look, "If you are the overall coordination People, would you like it?"

Sagami paused briefly for a second, then, with a delighted expression, he replied loudly, "Of course I do!"

"So, I think, whether it is Yuukishita or Isshiki, your goal is definitely not only the position of executive chairman itself, but your goal is definitely to do better for everyone in the position of executive chairman. Make a contribution, then, with the coordination of Sagami, everyone works hard together. You must be willing to do it too?"

Kitahara Haruki smiled, showing a full-fledged expression on her chest, and she looked at Isshiji and Xuexia who was completely taken aback by the current situation.

Control the situation carefully, don't let the situation collapse to the point of being unable to solve, but let the situation fall into a huge deadlock, and then appear when no one else can solve the problem, and use your best method to serve as the savior.

This is Haru Kitahara. Although I have been very careful about him, he never made any mistakes from the beginning.

-------------------------------------PS------------ ----------------------------

Of course, two consecutive rounds of tie votes, this result is definitely not under Chunge's control, but this is a novel after all, it's just to choose a more dramatic result that is the most ideal for Chunge. Of course, Xuexia For the possibility of winning or Isshiki's "if", Chung will definitely have alternatives, but Sagami-san would not be so lucky.


Chapter 26: Xuexia Xuena, the loophole in correctness

"Whether it is Xuexia or Isshiki, your goal is definitely not just the position of executive chairman itself. Your goal is definitely to make better contributions to everyone in the position of executive chairman. Then, Under the coordination of Sagami students, everyone works hard together. You must be willing to do it too, right?"

When Kitahara Haruki said these words, whether it was under the snow or Isshiki, they were in a very embarrassing state.After all, no one would admit that she came to run for the position of executive committee chairman only for the power of executive committee chairman, even if it was a person like Isshiki who was elected as chairman and pave the way for further student union elections, this At that time, it is impossible to show the attitude of "not the chairman of the committee" naked, otherwise it will incur resentment from others.

"Sagami may not be as trustworthy as Yukoshita and Isshiki in completing the work, but I believe that if it is a coordinated work, Sagami will definitely be able to do a good job, and this will also help Sagami to train you. Isn't it the ability? This is probably killing two birds with one stone?" Kitahara Haruki continued to look at Sagami with a smile.

"Yes, yes, if it's just a coordinated work, I'm confident." Sagami nodded like a chicken pecking at rice, and she had realized her advantage.

The so-called "coordination" actually contains a lot of articles that can be done. If used well, the final result of this "coordination" is the "command".It is equivalent to saying that although Xuexia and Isshiki are the executive chairmen in name, Sagami, who is responsible for coordinating their tasks, will have higher authority, and the "executive chairmen" all have to "execute."Sagami undoubtedly understands this. She was ruthlessly eliminated when she was originally ambitious and wanted to show her skills in the executive committee. But at this time, it is possible to get such a position. This must be a huge surprise for her. Right?

The previous competitors Yukoshita and Isshiki also fell silent. The timing of Haruki Kitahara’s choice to intervene is really good, and his opinion seems very convincing, not that he can’t agree with him. The debate continues, but time has run out.

The vast majority of the executive committee members present did not expect that the determination of the executive committee chairman would take so much time. Many people's faces were already showing a bit of boredom. Hearing this from Kitahara didn't seem to be a big problem. , And even a proposal that can resolve conflicts peacefully, the idea in their minds is estimated to be "accept it quickly, and then proceed to the agenda"!In this case, it is undoubtedly an unwise thing to argue with him over the proposal of Senior Kitahara.

Not only is Xuexiahe and Isshiki, even me, it is a very unwise thing to argue-especially when I fired at Xuexiaxia twice in a row and have been blacklisted by many people. .

The issue is at a deadlock. The majority of the participants are in a depressed state. They seem to be unbiased, fair and impartial, and finally give everyone an opportunity as much as possible. The background and content of the proposal by Kitahara Haruki are really good. It couldn't be perfect, and at this time, all other people with ideas were already powerless.

The first compromise was Yukoshita. She had already lost the trust of some people because of my doubts. Now if she is to confront Haruki Kitahara, who has faintly gained the support of most people, then Before starting to work, she might have been isolated in the executive committee. Yukoshita, who had always been isolated by other girls, was able to clearly realize this, so she could only give up this time.

"I have no opinion." She nodded briefly, sat down, and expressed her acceptance of the proposal. When she sat down, I could see her take a deep look at Kitahara. Maybe, that person was before her. It seems that it was just an overly nagging boy who persuaded her to participate in the Miss Chief Military Academy election. So after today, her impression of Haru Kitahara should have changed dramatically, right?

Xuexia's compromise means that even if Isshishi fights, she will face a situation of loneliness-maybe not alone, but my continued help will undoubtedly be even worse.Yi Huayu, who is good at observing the emotions of people, will undoubtedly not make such a low-level mistake. She also smiled quickly and said: "In this case, I have no objection. Just work like in the student union, right?"

However, when she sat down, the clenched fists with her hands still showed her unwillingness now.

President Cheng Yee was even a little puzzled to look at the current situation. Judging from her rejection of Kitahara at the beginning, she did not agree with this proposal-as she said, this proposal looks like a A proposal that will satisfy everyone, but in fact, after implementation, it is very likely to cause confusion in the committee.But, probably before she was able to control the situation, Kitahara's decisive action made her completely unable to interrupt the other party. In the end, she could only accept the so-called "public opinion" in a depressed manner. ".

Senior Kitahara sat down. He should be very satisfied with his own "one-shot victory". When the rest of us were still engaged in even some excessive arguing against each other for the chairmanship of the committee, he must be a kind of drama The attitude of looking at our competition with each other.

If he made the only mistake this time, it is that he did not consider Hiratsuka teacher who has been silent in the classroom. It is true that the cultural festival is the student’s own activity. There is not much room for intervention in the decisions I make.However, directly intervening under the observation of Mr. Hiratsuka will undoubtedly make the warm-blooded teacher notice him. At that time, some other actions of the predecessors of Kitahara would have to be guarded and resisted by the teacher, right?

However, in any case, Kitahara Haruno achieved her goal.Sagami Minami in the distance smiled happily. She should be the happiest of all people right now. She and her two companions are discussing something-but, sadly, she still doesn't know what she is. What can be done.

A person who doesn't have enough ability himself can't control a person whose ability is much stronger than him-and Nan Sagami belongs to this person who doesn't have enough ability.Therefore, if it is just "coordination" and finally do things according to Yukoshita and Isshiki's own wishes, the impact will not be great.However, if Sagami Nan really wants to play her potential "control" role, then neither Yukoshita nor Isshiki would take her opinion seriously.

At that time, she had only two choices. One was to completely evade responsibility and let the two executive committee chairpersons act according to their wishes, and the other was to ask others for help, and if they asked for help, who would be better than Kitahara Is Chunxi more suitable?

As long as Sagami chooses the latter approach, as long as Sagami chooses to ask Kitahara to help him, then Haruki Kitahara's status as the "Chairman of the Satoshi" in the cultural festival will not change.

So, in the final analysis, Sagami Minami is just a puppet. However, most puppets still have a puppet consciousness, and Sagami, even the fact that she was used as a puppet, is not clear. This is also doomed to her future. It's a tragedy.

In the face of unfreedom, people’s attitudes will be diverse. When facing social pressure, the vast majority of people will choose the last resort to compromise. This is a kind of unfreedom, but, at least, they know that they are being socialized. Kidnapped by emotions, they will feel that this is helpless and unfree.However, there is no shortage of people like Sagami in this world. They don’t know that they have been deceived, they don’t know they have been deceived, they don’t know that they have become the puppets in other people’s hearts, and they have control over their own self-righteousness. The situation is as sweet as they are, and they are as sweet as the fact that they are potential puppets of others.And such a person is really sad.

"Then, since everyone has no opinion, let's follow Kitahara's opinion!" In the end, President Shimi reluctantly accepted Kitahara Haruki's proposal. "Then the conclusion is that Yukino Yukino and Ichiba is the executive chairman of the cultural festival together, and Minami Sagami is in the middle to coordinate. Do you have any comments?"

"No opinion." There was a rustling and not very enthusiastic response in the classroom. Obviously, most people were tired of the exhausted chairman election just now.

"Did you expect that person would do this?" Biqigu next to me narrowed his usually rotten eyes and asked in a casual chat.

"Do you think I might have expected it? If I had such an expectation, I would not attack Yukoshita in that fierce way. For me, both Yukoshita and Isshiki were elected as executive committee members. Long, it's much better than the current results."

Biqigu nodded. He didn't say much. In this farce, he was also a complete spectator. At first, he should have no interest in intervening, but in the end, like me, he was unable to intervene.He had had a positive contact with Kitahara Haruki, but, like Yuukishita, this time Kitahara Haruki should give him a radical change in his impression.

"I said, I don't like that guy. What he did this time is too explicit."

"Yeah." Biqigu nodded, and then he suddenly thought of something, and said, "Yes, you said, regarding our commission for the light music club, he will have some ideas. get ready."