My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 203

"If I said yes, what would you think?"

"Is that why you were so anxious that you wanted Xuexia to hurry up on club activities last time?"

"Yes. But in the current situation, after Yukoshita became the executive chairman of the cultural festival," I shook my head and looked at Yukoshita, who was thinking about something in the distance. Is it still her first choice to solve the problem of light music clubs in a special way? After all, the current layout has been completed. If there are no other factors, then we will naturally help Minister Iizuka achieve the results he wants. Xue Xia must think so, so she will not take too much risk in this matter. After all, this is not the first priority for her."

"Her judgment is wrong!" Biqigu shook his head and said.

"Her judgment was not wrong. According to the information she had, she used her prediction to judge. Her judgment has never missed. However, the problem with Yukoshita Yukino is that sometimes, she doesn't know how to consider people's feelings. Up."

Xuexia is not a person who does not consider human nature, or that Xuexia should consider other people's malice against him as a predetermined condition set in advance.But the problem is that she only regards this malice as a predetermined condition.For example, in the case of the light music club, she would definitely consider how to make decisions if Liu Yuanpeng realized that the entire atmosphere of public opinion came from the manipulation of the Ministry of Service, she would reduce Liu Yuan’s awareness of this possible opportunity from the beginning. At the lowest level, this is the manifestation of taking the evil of human nature into consideration.

However, she also tends to ignore some other sudden obstacles in the process of solving the problem-this is not because she did not notice, but based on her deduction, these obstacles will eventually be crushed by her plan.

The problem is that the creators of these obstacles often play cards out of common sense.Just as I questioned Yuushita during the chairperson election just now, if it was simply "how would you assume the responsibilities of the executive chairperson", she must have prepared a complete answer, but , I questioned her directly against her quality, and at this time, her response will be very weak.In the case of the light music club, Kitahara Haruhiri's secret action with the purpose of "recruiting the best singers and best performers" is also a plan beyond her knowledge. This kind of scheme, Xuexiaxia's judgment is generally very unlikely to be realized, so she will directly ignore the threat posed by this approach.

However, Haruhiro Kitahara is about to succeed now.

The task of helping Isshiki to be elected as an executive committee failed. This was the first failure. At the activities of the Ministry of Service in the afternoon, I needed to propose my plan again.

If you don't want to be defeated by the same person twice in a short time, I glanced at Xuexia in the distance and thought, then, Minister Xuexia, you should stop being stubborn in the afternoon!

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Chapter Twenty-seven: Many words must be lost

After deciding on the responsibility system of the executive committee or executive committee, the next question is to allocate the work of the executive committee.And this task naturally fell under the snow.Isshiki gave up the task of allocating the work "magnanimously". She is a smart person. At this time, if she is not as capable as Xuexia, if she rushes to fight for this position and finally cannot arrange her work, she It can make other people more disgusted.

And Isshiki's active concession at this time also made Sagami, who was full of energy and trying to solve the problem, hit cotton with a punch, somewhat of a sense of tragedy of exerting strength but unable to create results.

However, this gave me a revelation: of course Kitahara Haruki’s solution to the problem is ingenious, and the way he wants to intervene in the cultural festival is of course concealed, but the premise of all this must be based on the role of Sagami. If you want to play a role, this means that there will be conflicts between Yukoshita and Isshiki. Then, if you just handed over all the cultural sacrifices to Yukoshita from the beginning, just like Isshiki gave up, then What will happen?

In that case, Sagami’s coordinating role would be impossible, right?Although it is difficult to persuade Yixin to try to use the opportunity of cultural sacrifice to show his own color, delegating power in this regard is somewhat difficult, but this is somewhat a solution that can be considered.

However, this problem must first give way to the current problem, and Xuexia's calm and clear voice came over: "Then now, let's start the arrangement of the task distribution of the cultural festival!"

Probably because of the farce of the executive chairman of the competition culture festival, I became a little exhausted. The process of getting the job distribution of the culture festival that should have been very lively seems relatively quiet. Of course, everyone's general tendency is still very clear. .

Propaganda and newspapers may seem glamorous, but in fact thankless jobs are certainly not accepted, but the main task of aspirational control definitely attracts the attention of most people.

As for this, Xuexia was very comfortable, asking the person who signed up to briefly state her name, grade, class, specialty, and activities prepared in the class. She quickly recorded these basic information while inquiring. They are classified, and finally, they are assigned according to their specialties and grades, and the list of personnel who are aspiring to control is determined.

The whole process was smooth and smooth, without a trace of procrastination. This also made me admire Xuexia’s ability to quickly sort out the results in this regard. If it were me, it should be possible to do this, but the interview process must be a lot more cumbersome. ——Under the current situation, too many cumbersome behaviors will cause other people's dissatisfaction, thinking that the executive chairman is putting on airs or something.

However, Xuexia's quick and effective actions left almost everyone speechless. Even those who were excluded from the wish list, although they were a little unwilling in the end, they could only accept Xuexia's offer to them. Other tasks arranged-after all, Xuexia's assignment is too convincing.

Under Xuexia’s arrangement, I was initially included in the “Propaganda and Guangbao” group of people-probably because she was also aware of the ability to guide public opinion that I demonstrated before. In a sense, this and "Propaganda" is consistent.But Isshiki made her only interference in the distribution of tasks.

Under the strong request of Iseki, my job was determined to be "Miscellaneous Records". This is the most boring and meaningless work-but it is precisely because it is the least meaningful that people doing chores will always be treated by others. People from the department were transferred out to solve other problems.

The reason why Isshiki asked me to be responsible for this part is of course very simple-so that she can summon me to solve other problems at any time.Obviously, although she gave in during the task assignment process, in other aspects, she still hopes to compete with Xuexia with my help.

——This should be the situation that Kitahara Haruki hopes to achieve. However, it is not wise to directly refute Isshiki's opinion at this time, and can only explain it to her slowly later.

By the way, Biqigu was also assigned to the chores. According to his own statement, "Xuexia probably feels that I can only perform tasks in this area."

Of course, Biqigu, who is considered "low-capacity", seems very happy. After all, for that guy, spending his life among a group of low-motivated people is the most meaningful thing as an executive committee member.

——Although I think from the eyes that Xuexia occasionally swept over at the two of us, the mystery in this so-called "Miscellaneous Record" is still very deep!

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After allocating the tasks, the meeting naturally ended. Of course, Yukoshita, Isshiki, and Sagami were left, and they had to discuss the situation with the chairman of the city and Mr. Hiratsuka.Judging from the frowning brows of Mrs. Hiratsuka and Chairman Shiro, they also seem to be dissatisfied with this three-headed executive committee responsibility system. It is estimated that in the following discussions, they will also try to persuade the three to negotiate an agreement. Better results to solve this problem.

But I am pessimistic about this.Kitahara’s strategy is not to allow Sagami to completely replace Yukoshita and Isshiki, but a nominal "coordination" role, just as Sagami can expand this "coordination" role, if Yukoshita or Isshiki wants to strengthen his own It is not difficult to "execute" the role and then make this executive chairman worthy of the name.For example, Yukoshita completely grasped the operation of the executive committee when he gave up just now, and Sagami couldn't do much at this time.With such an opportunity, neither Yukinoshita nor Isshiki would give up easily, let alone Sagami Nan, who exists because of this special plan.

When I was leaving, Isshiki seemed to signal to me slightly, probably because he wanted me to find any reason to stay and listen to the committee's work arrangements—it would be convenient to discuss with her.

But after hesitating for a while, I still didn't stay.On the one hand, of course, if someone else stays, it will definitely make the attitudes of Mr. Hiratsuka and President Castle more subtle. On the other hand, I want Isshiki to realize that if I take the initiative to give up, maybe The result will be even better.

I walked out of the classroom with Biqigu, and then walked towards the classroom of the Ministry of Service—well, at least that's how I went, but Biqigu and I went in the opposite direction.

"Are there no club activities today?"

"The minister is in the meeting! Although the classroom should be open at ordinary times, what's the point of the minister's absence from club activities?" Biqigu spread his hands and said, "or it should be the opportunity to be lazy while the minister is away. That’s the right way! Going home is the truth, isn’t it?"

Poor Biqigu, the executive committee meeting just now was not the situation he was used to. Although his expression was very calm, his every move told me that his body is thirsting for lazy air.

"There are four people in the Ministry of Service, three of whom are executive committee members. This is really a coincidence."

——Then, I thought of a terrible question.

"Uh, this, Biqigu, did you talk to your sister about this when you came to a meeting after school?"

"Uh, your sister, she should know that I am an executive committee member, so there should be no problem, right?"

"But, does she know that Xuexia is an executive committee member?"

"The two of them usually send emails to communicate, but in school, it seems a bit uncertain."

"Of course, I did not tell my sister that I was an executive committee member."

"Uh, Yubihama, so you mean—"

"——I wish I thought more. If my sister sees that there is no one in the classroom, she should go back first."

"Well, Yubihama, you know your sister better than I do. Think about it for yourself, is this kind of thing possible?" There was a sad expression on Biqigu's face.

I can see the meaning of his expression. This is the expression of a comrade who intends to become an excellent member of the homecoming club when he realized that he was still at a loss.

"Uh, it shouldn't be possible." I held my head with a headache and said.

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As predicted by Biqigu and I, when we hurriedly rushed to the classroom of the Ministry of Service, my sister was waiting there.

——Although it seems to be sitting upright, but looking at her expression, you can feel how turbulent behind the so-called "sitting upright".

At this time, sister Yui first opened up and grasped the topic situation-even if she was disintegrated by her tears offensive, then she would lose.

"Sister Yui, please explain, I, Higiya, and Minister Yukoshita are all executive committee members of the cultural festival, so I have just participated in the executive committee meeting of the cultural festival and come back--that, you should understand? "

Sister Yui blinked, her expression was a little aggrieved from the beginning, and slowly turned into curiosity-very good, the effect was very good.

"So, apart from small companies, are Xiaohe and Xiaoxue also executive committee members?"