My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 204

"The minister has just become the executive chairman - well, at least one of the executive committee chairmen. He is still in a meeting, so Biqigu and I will come back first."

——Very well, slowly divert attention, especially to emphasize that Biqigu and I came back first. It is not necessary to point out the idea that Biqigu once tried to go home directly, and then we did not inform my sister about the situation. I took it in one stroke, and it was probably like this.

"Xiaoyue became the executive chairman? This, that—" The short-term injection of a large amount of information made Yui sister seem to be unable to react. Of course, this is the effect I want to achieve. If I let her react and sort out the incident If the cause is concerned, it is still impossible to get through.

"Yes, Xuexia was very popular on the executive committee today. Such a high-profile minister is still rare!" I pretended to sigh.

"Xiaoxue is the chairman of the executive committee? Cultural festivals, and Xiaohe and small enterprises are all executive members. So these things-wait a minute, why didn't you tell me about these things. Of course there is no way for small enterprises, so small and What? Especially Xiaohe. You didn't tell me about this before. What is going on now?"

However, today’s Yui sister’s reaction seems to be much faster than usual-or her reaction has been much faster than usual in recent times. I don’t know if this is because Yuihama Yui has recently developed a reaction power game. s reason.

Then, even more unfortunately, it seems that now Yui sister’s spearhead is only aimed at me. Biqigu, who should have taken on the fire with me, is now ignored-of course, it seems that my sister and I started talking. At that time, Biqigu slowly disappeared from the sight of the two of us in the way he was best at. When I started looking for him again, he seemed to have been in the corner of the classroom for a long time.

"Although I didn't need to report to me until Xiaohe did things, I remember that you were not enthusiastic about the executive committee of the cultural festival before? You also discussed with me about Xiao Caiyu inviting you to be an executive committee—— "

Uh, it’s not great. Although I’ve told you about these things, there is still another person here who saw me helping Isshiki on the committee. In this way, the partnership between I and Isshiki is already in place. Really!

She must be stopped.

"Uh, sister, let's calm down—"

"——I'm talking to you now, Xiaohe, didn't you explicitly say that you didn't want to agree to Xiao Caiyu's invitation? What do you mean by repenting now?"

"No, no, old sister, you made a mistake, I didn't regret it—well, I did regret it, but the treat was different, didn't it? Isshiki and I are now in a cooperative relationship, uh, but—"

"--Oh, are you in a cooperative relationship with Isshiki classmate?" However, a cold voice rang.

If Biqigu knows that this matter can be covered up, now, for me, the person who I least want to let the other party know about the situation is now standing behind me.

I don't know when, Xuexia Xuena has reappeared in the classroom of the Ministry of Service.

"So, are you and Isshiki in a cooperative relationship? Yubihama? Although I have thought about it, I didn't expect you to admit it personally. Therefore, I can also be sure that the executive committee's decision to me today Are all those attacks that you deliberately dealt with me for Isshiki's classmates? It's really boring, Yubihama Kazuya!"

It’s been a long time since I felt the icy light under the snow, but this time, when the cold eyes of the snow swept across my body, I still felt that the whole person felt powerless to resist. The ice cold.

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Chapter 28: The Discontinued Ministry of Service

Of course, the fear of Xuexia is only fleeting. The dissatisfaction with me that she broke out in a short period of time is indeed a bit terrible for a while, but after all, it is only for a while. Even Xuexia should understand it. , I help Isshiki, this is actually not an unforgivable mistake.

"It's just that I have a common interest requirement with Isshiki," I replied with a shrug after calming down, "It's a pity that the final result is still not satisfactory."

"If you don’t get in the way, there won’t be such a result that dissatisfies everyone, and if you have any needs, you can also discuss with me. I’m not saying that Isshiki’s ability is not good, but, is it? Shouldn't it be more in your interest to help you?"

"But Lord Minister, before I go to participate in the committee meeting, I am not sure whether you will run for the chairmanship, and I don’t even know whether you will participate in the executive committee meeting, let alone discuss with you,'If you are elected you What could you give me in return? This kind of question is meaningless! Your hypothesis is meaningless! After I agreed to Yishi, I will change my mind and turn my head to support your camp. This kind of grass-like performance is not good!"

Xuexia did not answer what I said. Of course, it should be more difficult to answer.

"Moreover, compared to Isshiki's cooperative relationship based on the exchange of interests in advance, it is too difficult to persuade the Minister that you help me. After all, you are such a person who sticks to your principles. Moreover, help you get the executive chairman. It’s less difficult to be in the position than it’s to help Yoshiki get the executive chairman — people always thank the person who gave them the help, not the icing on the cake, don’t they?"

A blush flashed across Xuexia's white face, as if he was a little annoyed, but also a little dissatisfied because of excitement.

"So Yubihama Kazu is such a person who judges problems purely from the point of view of interests?"

"Minister, you have lost your mind. Just like what I did in the executive committee classroom, attacking another person's quality is an inferior approach. I clearly wanted to defeat you just now, so I used this method. But now, the argument between the two of us is meaningless. If you use this method just to beat me in this bickering, then I have to look at how many levels you have under the low snow. "

The current Yukino Yukino is not a normal Yukino Yukino. She shouldn't get angry so easily—it is true that she can be angry for my "betrayal" to her, but this is at best as a member of the Ministry of Service Betrayal of the minister.From the perspective of personal relationships, my personal relationship with Isshiki is not weaker than the personal relationship with Xuexia, so it is normal for me to choose to help anyone.

So, even if she feels angry about this, she shouldn’t be able to hold me accountable just like just now—and if she did this, she would have no pressure to refute her, because this time, Xuexia , Has not stood on the so-called "correct" level from the beginning.

However, this quarrel probably ends here. I glanced at the sister behind me, and it should be time for Yuihama Yui to intervene in the quarrel. The countless quarrels between me and Yukoshita before—though absolutely absolutely In most cases, my failure ended up, but my sister would always stop the two of us in due course.

And this time, my sister didn't let me down either. Although she was less aggressive and decisive than before, she still stopped it.

"Okay, Xiaohe, Xiaoxue, that, that's it for today! Regarding the executive committee, let's stop here, can we?"

I nodded slightly to show my approval. On the other hand, Yukoshita also tilted his head slightly, and finally did not say much.

"Well, in this case, what are the activities of the Ministry of Service today? Although I also know that we have no activities, but since Xiaoxue is now the chairman of the executive committee, does it mean that the Ministry of Service should also help prepare for the cultural festival? Work or something, or that we can use the opportunity when Xiaoxue is the chairman of the committee to present a program in the name of the Ministry of Service or something-well I until I was wrong, shouldn't let Xiaoxue abuse his power."

Sister Yui tried very hard to change the atmosphere in the classroom and also tried very hard to stir up the topic, but the other three people in the classroom had little reaction to this.

Even, the first to respond to Yui’s words was even Higiya, who rarely speaks: “As for the role of the Ministry of Service in the cultural festival, haven’t you already been cooperating with the Student Union before? This is enough. Right?"

"Yes, I have forgotten the cooperation with the student union during this period!" My sister scratched her head embarrassedly and said, "But now that the executive committee is formed, I really want to show it on the stage of the cultural festival. Come on! But, okay, I get it, let’s forget it! However, wouldn’t it be better for us to help prepare for the cultural festival together? Uh, Koyuki is the chairman of the executive committee. It's just right."

"On this point, people in the Ministry of Service don't have to participate. Yubihama and Higiya are already on the executive committee. You can do your job well. As for the work of the executive chairman, these things are somewhat arbitrary. On the contrary, it will be better-I just hope that Isshiki will not cause too much interference with me, which will affect efficiency." Xuexia gave me a cold glance and warned.

"I agree with this. If possible, I will persuade Isshiki to delegate power to you." I replied simply.

Probably because my decisive answer was a little bit beyond her expectation, Xuexia's mouth opened slightly, and in the end, she just reluctantly answered "um".

"But, this, everyone is doing the work of the executive committee. It doesn't make sense for me to be in the ministry alone, so I think it's better to help Xiaoxue--" On the other side, my sister is still weak. To fight.

Indeed, the current Yuihama Yui is like an object isolated by all of us. Although she pays attention to the atmosphere in the classroom very hard, even though she works hard to stir up the topic, every time, there is no need to say a few words. Otherwise, she will be naturally isolated-not an executive committee member. At this moment, it seems to her that she has cast a high wall in her communication with us.

"So, regarding the Ministry of Service," Yuushita glanced at Yui sister, her eyes hesitated, but she finally made up her mind and said, "About the Ministry of Service, I have also considered it now. In view of the sports festival and culture The preparations for the festival are very busy, and the three members of the club have executive committee members, so I'm considering suspending the activities for a period of time for the Ministry of Service—Yuhihama, you also have a lot of trouble in the class, right? So—"

"--Why?" However, the steadfast question of her sister interrupted Xuexia's opinion.

"So, because the three of us are all executive members, there will be a lot of things during the cultural festival. Taking into account various situations, it is the best choice to temporarily stop the activities of the Ministry of Service. Of course, this does not mean that the Ministry of Service is only there. It's over. After the cultural festival is over, we will run normally—"

"——So I asked, why?"

This time, Xuexia just looked at her elder sister in surprise, some not knowing how to answer.

"I waited for everyone in this classroom for so long today, and the result was that Xiaoxue, you said that the ministry is going to suspend activities? Xiaoxue, have you considered my mood and the mood of others?"

"Sister, although I just had a quarrel with Yukoshita, what she said is not unreasonable. Of course we have to continue the entrustment that the Ministry of Service already has, but I think the minister meant that we should not accept new entrustment for the time being. No, don’t waste the time after school drinking tea in this classroom—well, I’m not saying that drinking tea in the classroom is really a waste of time—"

"——Don’t talk to you! You are all very strange! Cultural festivals, cultural festivals, do you only have cultural festivals in your eyes? Of course I know that everyone values ​​cultural festivals, and I also value them, but When are cultural festivals and ministry activities a separate proposition? If the executive committee is busy, let me join in and help? Although I am not sure whether I can do it well, I haven’t tried it. How can we know it afterwards? So why is there an opposition between the Cultural Festival and the Ministry of Service? It was obvious that we also took into account the activities of the two before, right?"

"About this, Yubihama—"

"--Xiaoxue, so are you. Just tell me why you don't want me to help the cultural festival. Do you really think that you can do the cultural festival completely by yourself?"

My sister's outbreak was a bit sudden, but after thinking about it carefully, it wasn't for no reason.Indeed, she waited for such a long time in the classroom of the Ministry of Service alone. In the end, the others who came in hardly expressed their condolences to her, but kept mentioning the issue of cultural sacrifice - even as she tried to integrate into the collective When she adjusted to the atmosphere, she was also slowly isolated unconsciously. The huge irritability that she had accumulated, finally turned into this kind of explosion, is not difficult to understand.

"Didn't I explain it, Yubihama, the work of the executive committee, requires more arbitrariness. Not all work in this world can be done better with teamwork." Yukoshita frowned. , She also looked a little depressed.

I have felt the strangeness of today's Yukoshita more than once. If it is the usual thing, Yukoshita Yukino will use her as always calm and accurate judgment to convince the other party even if she speaks like this to her sister. But today, she does Just repeating a few words that I have said many times without meaning.

"Xiaoxue, please answer my question directly. Are you sure that you can do a good job of the cultural festival alone, or join everyone, after everyone works hard together, can the work be done well?"