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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 205

"Yuhihama, do you have to ask me to give you an answer?" Yukoshita's eyes became sharp, and she looked at her sister.

"Yes! I just asked for an answer, and after giving me an answer, I won't protest—but, I want your real answer!" My sister raised her head reluctantly, just like that with Xuexia's sharp His eyes met each other.

"Okay, then I'll tell you," took a deep breath, and Xuexia raised his head, revealing the swan-like neck, and said proudly without any room for turning back. "It's enough for me alone. !"

The sister's body shook slightly, she nodded and sat down.

"Satisfied?" Yukoshita also shook his head exhaustedly. "So, do you have any comments? Starting tomorrow, the activities of the ministry will be suspended."

"Uh, I mean, as Yubihama said just now, the Ministry of Service just suspends accepting new commissions. Is this okay? After all, we still have commissions, the student union, and the light music club, and the student union. Regardless of the commission, I think it is necessary to gather regularly to do some intelligence analysis and discussion about the situation of the light music club. After all, the effect of public opinion is about to come out during the recent period, and Iizuka-san should also I began to persuade his staff. If the Ministry of Service ceases activities during this period, Iizuka-senpai will have trouble finding us, right?” Higiya raised his hand and proposed something that seemed very constructive. Program.

Sister Yui's eyes lit up quickly, but immediately, as if outrageous, she quickly lowered her head and fell into dimness.

"Allowed," Yukoshita nodded briefly, "but because I am the chairman of the executive committee, I usually need to work on the executive committee. If Iizuka-senpai comes to us, you can come and find me over there. I will arrange the work of Higiya and Yuihama to work in other places, so you can wait in this classroom, and then just to speed up the efficiency, can we contact Iizuka-senpai now? Now, ask him what is going on right now—"

"--Excuse me, are you discussing my question?" Somewhat unexpectedly, Iizuka-senpai's voice rang.

Probably noticing the dissatisfied gaze that Yukoshita had swept over him, Iizuka-senpai also completely lost his ease of dealing with other girls. He subconsciously took a step back and then hesitatedly explained: " Well, the door to the classroom of the Ministry of Service just now was open and not closed. I originally wanted to knock on them first, but because I heard that you were discussing the issue of light music clubs, so I came in first. So, is there any problem? ?"

"Well, there is no problem." Yukinoshita sighed, "Then, Iizuka-senpai, can you please tell me about the recent situation?"

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Chapter 29: Failed Commission

Director Iizuka's face looked a little solemn, and referring to his purpose of coming here, I can only draw a conclusion that "the current wooing work is not going well".

Of course, I have deliberately ignored another potentially more terrifying possibility. At this time, I can only believe more in Minister Iizuka's responsibility to the Ministry of Service, instead of begging for more results.

"In fact, the situation of pulling people is relatively smooth." Like a strong man who slaughtered his neck, he swallowed and said, "I have reconnected with some members who have a good relationship with me. Among them, there are those who support Liu Yuan and others who are against Liu Yuan. Of course, they have also noticed the atmosphere of cultural festivals, so they are somewhat tempted. They also said that as long as Liu Yuan does not make excessive demands, they will Will be back, and if Chunxi can help, the performance of the cultural festival should be in time."

"Isn't this a very good result? How do you look at your expression as if the progress is not going well?" Xuexia raised his eyebrows and asked.

"The problem is that it went so well. It's also on my side, that, and Chunxi's side." Director Iizuka sighed and replied.

I turned my head, did the so-called worst possibility appear at this time?I originally hoped that Dongma Hesha's arrogant attributes would continue to play a role, and I had to postpone it for a while, so it seems that almost after Xiao Muzheng's predecessor joined the light music club, Dongma Hesha immediately compromised.

Please, at any rate, because you are dissatisfied with the membership of the predecessor of Kitahara Ra Xiaomu, don't compromise so quickly!

"Haruki Kitahara?" Obviously, the accident at the executive committee meeting just now has made Yukoshita fully alert to Kitahara-san, so this time, when Director Iizuka mentioned his name, she too Immediately reacted.

"Well, it's Chunxi," the annoying Minister himself obviously did not discern that Xuexia's reaction was a little more excited than usual when he heard the name of Kitahara-senior. He just continued with a little embarrassment, "Well, Chunxi for Our performance recruited two new members, um, one is a singer and the other is a performer. The strength of those two is too outstanding, so I don’t want to give up."

"That's fine if you don't give up," Yukoshita sighed lightly, "It's unlikely that you will only rely on the four of you to come on stage to perform? The number of people using musical instruments is not enough, is it? It will affect you to continue to win over other members. Of course, the possibility of winning over Liu Yuan is not high. However, there are always people who dislike Liu Yuan in the first place will be willing to come back, right?"

"That's right!" Minister Iizuka said with a sad face, "The singer Chunxi's new arrival is good to talk. The problem is that the player is really good, but she is a little messy. Join After that, the first request was to let Chunxi take charge of the guitar, and she also asked that the new recruits must go through her review, saying, "If it doesn't match my level, then don't play." This attitude is so arrogant that I dare not explain it to the members who intend to come back."

"But Kitahara's guitar level should be the worst in the club, isn't it? Dongma, um, that new player will allow Kitahara to be responsible for guitar?"

"About this," Iizuka-senpai glanced at me suspiciously. The words I just accidentally said obviously made him suspicious. "That person meant that she would give Chunxi a special training, and Chunxi himself I also agreed. That guy is definitely a hard worker. It is not impossible to achieve a qualitative leap in guitar level through special training, so this is not something to worry about."

On this point, I can understand that with Touma and Sasha’s character, special training is really necessary. It must be a Spartan-style special training, coupled with the hard work of the predecessors of Kitahara, just like Minister Iizuka. As said, the result will not be unsatisfactory.

"According to your statement, there may be irreconcilable contradictions between the two newly joined members and the members you were wooing before, right?" Xuexia's voice became cold, obviously. When the result of choosing one of the two is reached, it actually means that the work of the Ministry of Service has failed.

"So, what I mean is, if the delegation can be changed, I'm wondering if I can find a solution to ease the relationship between the newly joined members and the members who are returning before. After all, I still hope that all Everyone participates in the cultural festival." Director Iizuka hesitated to say his commission.

"I can't do it, right?" Biqigu in the corner took the lead. He had discussed this matter with me before. Obviously, he is also very concerned about the solution of the problem. "Not to mention the new one who joined you. How resolute the performer is, isn’t the way she just came to the Light Music Club is the same as the willful and willful way of the former classmate Yanu Yuan? She is very critical of the people she collaborates with, but she is cronyism-of course I know You can explain that she will train that Kitahara Haruhiro very well, but in other people’s eyes it is not like that? I would rather give up the guitar masters I already have, and train people who are close to me to the stage. This This approach will not satisfy the previous members in any way, does it? After experiencing the Liu Yuanpeng incident, an even more exaggerated Liu Yuanpeng appeared in the club. They will certainly not be willing to repeat the same mistakes. So, at least from this Looking at this commission, the new player and your old members, they are a one-or-other relationship."

"What Biqigu said is not wrong," Yukoshita glanced at Biqigu, and she seemed surprised at how much he said now, but she continued to say it soon, "So from my personal opinion, if If you are unwilling to give up your previous members, then at least please expel this new player. Just like the former Liu Yuan Peng, the unstable factors in the team should be removed first. I don’t know what to do. How does Senior Tsuka feel."

"This is very difficult!" Director Iizuka waved helplessly. "When Chunxi pulled the two new members in, they were one of the three, and the singer's attitude was also very clear, even though she treated other people. There is no requirement, but if the player quits, she will quit too. I just expelled the two new members who Chun Xi pulled over, which is somewhat embarrassing."

"——Are you more embarrassed to fire the newcomers than a bunch of your good friends? According to our original plan, we can almost recruit Liu Yuanpeng now, that is to say, even if you give up the two newcomers, you can light the music club. Perform as usual-or say," Xuexia raised his head and asked seriously, "To what extent are the two newcomers so good that you absolutely can't bear to give up on them. With two people, you can play with classmates including Yanagahara. More than a dozen people competed against each other. What kind of character is this?"

"I really don't want to give up the two of them," Minister Iizuka raised his head and told the information I already knew, but the other people in the Ministry of Service have not yet grasped the information. "The two newcomers are both Haruki who used a lot of effort. The person who dug up. The player is Touma Kasa, who has just transferred from the music subject to the general subject, but it is said that she won the first place in the national piano competition in the first grade. She is a rare genius in the music subject. Let her come to us For such an amateur club, it’s definitely an underachiever. As for the singer, it’s Xiaomu Yu Xuecai. You’ve all heard of this, right? The winner of the miss total military high for two consecutive years is expected to win an unprecedented three consecutive championships this year. The flower of Gaoling from Weiye’s school, to be honest, she was willing to participate in club activities, which surprised me more than the winter horse and yarn, so, if possible, I still don’t want to give up-uh, what's the matter?"

Director Iizuka’s narrative slowly turned into surprise. I know that this is because at the end of his talk, both Yukoshita and her sister had looked at me with strange eyes, even if they were not so. Biqigu, who understood the situation, also cast a curious look at me under the gaze of the other two.

Inviting Xiaomu Yu Xueca, whether it is Yui sister or Xuexia, was their first choice in solving the problem of light music clubs - but this choice was completely denied by me at the time.Out of trust in me, because I firmly believe that Senior Xiao Muzhen will not participate in the light music club, the two of them gave up this very attractive solution.

But now, the fact that Senior Xiao Mu Shu joined the Light Music Club at the invitation of Haru Kitahara is undoubtedly the biggest irony of my arrogance at the time.

If Xuexia's expression was just ordinary doubts and slight regrets, there was a deeper level of worry and confusion in the eyes of my sister.

Compared with Xue, Yui sister should be more aware of the relationship between me and Xiao Mu Shu-senior, so, under my slightly sad face, she should be more aware of my unwillingness to this matter.

"Uh, is there any problem with Kazuki?" Director Iizuka also looked at me in confusion.

"So, did Yuhihama know this in advance?" Higiya tilted his head and asked, "Not long ago, you emphasized in the classroom of the Ministry of Service that we need to speed up the completion of the commission because you have already I learned about the accident of the Light Music Club."

"At that time, this accident had not happened. In fact, I didn't think it was very likely to happen. This is why I didn't argue with you to the end, but the development of the situation afterwards completely exceeded my expectations."

"So, Xiaohe's emotional excitement at that time was because Senior Xiaomuzhen--"

"Sister!" I took a warning glance in Yui's direction and interrupted her.My sister stopped reluctantly, but after that, her sad or angry eyes kept rolling on me and never stopped.

"So, what happened to Isshiki's classmates--" Yuushita nodded if she was enlightened, but compared to her sister, she seemed to be more vigilant. After understanding the situation, she was wiser. The ground closed his mouth, his eyes were a little erratic, not knowing what he was thinking.

Seeing that because of his own words, the center of the topic of the Ministry of Service inexplicably changed from his own commission to Yubihama Kazuya, which obviously made Director Iizuka a little depressed, but he quickly sorted out his emotions.

"So, do you think there is still a chance to solve this problem?"

Director Iizuka's words caused everyone who seemed to be distracted for a moment to suddenly react.

Finally, Minister Yukoshita gave the result: "From my personal point of view, there is no room for solution to this problem. We fully understand your unwillingness to give up the attitude of the two newcomers. But there is no doubt that yours The two newcomers are diametrically opposed to your old members. This is a simple question of choosing one of two. Since you are unwilling to give up new members, then you don’t have to recruit your old members. Four members form a band. Although it’s a bit difficult, it’s not impossible. Is it true? With the harsh attitude of that Dongma Kazue, she must be prepared for this situation, right? So, Iizuka-senpai , Congratulations, your commission has been completed."

"That's right, but in this way," Minister Iizuka rubbed his hands embarrassedly, "It's as if I asked you to do so many things, but in the end there was nothing the same. In the end, I felt very different. I'm so sorry."

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about." At that moment, I saw Xuexia's face changed slightly, but she quickly became the tone of business. "To help you, solve problems with you is to serve. What the Ministry should do, we have done everything we can do, but if you can solve the problem itself by other means, the Ministry of Service will not have too many opinions. After all, the final result is reached, then it will be fine."

The Ministry of Service helps people solve problems, so if someone else helps you solve the problem, then the Ministry of Service will also be very happy to see this result-Xuexia said.

But I believe that she does not think so.

For her, if the Ministry of Service cannot take the lead in solving the entrustment, it is a failure.And this time the commission of the light music club, although Minister Iizuka did not directly withdraw the commission-Yukoshita actively proposed to terminate the commission, but this is still a failure.

And, as I predicted before, Yukoshita Yukino lost to Haruki Kitahara twice in a single day.

Although Kitahara Haruki may not have targeted Minister Yukoshita, it must have been a heavy blow to Yukoshita, who has always been arrogant.

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