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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 206

Chapter Thirty: The shirk of the wise

After Director Iizuka left, there was a strange silence in the ministry.This is an unexpected silence of frustration. Although the Ministry of Service aims to help others, helping others should not be determined by themselves.However, for all previous commissions, the Ministry of Service has successfully completed.

Thinking about it carefully, this is actually a very abnormal thing. With the abilities of four ordinary students-of course I don’t deny that people like Xuexia are capable, but they are facing all kinds of strange things. When weird commissions, we must always solve them smoothly, which in itself is a very difficult thing.

But the Ministry of Service did it. Under the leadership of Xuexia, the Ministry of Service has always completed its tasks flawlessly. Of course, some extraordinary practices were sometimes taken, but the final commission was successfully completed.This also gave us an illusion-as long as the Ministry of Service accepts the next entrustment, we should resolve them all.

However, the problem of the light music club gave everyone a slap in the face. Let’s not to mention the Yuukishita who was disrupted by Haruki Kitahara twice in a row, even for people like Higiya who didn’t seem to care about these things. , His face is also somewhat awkward.This is a collective sense of frustration belonging to the Ministry of Service.

Although I don't think I have a sense of arrogance like Xuexia or Qigu, I always warn myself not to be blinded by this fluke success, but now I also have some feelings of powerlessness.This is not only because the Ministry of Service did not complete the commission of the Light Music Club, but also because of senior Xiao Mu Shu, but also because, in front of Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai led by Kitahara Haruki, I no longer have any room for maneuver.

Until now, I don't know why the senior Xiao Muzhen rejected my request after the change. What I know is that the distance between me and senior is now rapidly widening.

"So, what should I do now? If the problem of the light music club is solved in this way, will the ministry of service be suspended?" My sister asked with a little cringe, she still cares about the activities of the ministry most now A person who can go on.

"According to Biqigu's plan just now, it should be like this, but before that, I need to ask your brother a question." Xuexia held his head, turning his head to look at me with some uncertainty, probably It’s because of the frustration before. This time she looked at me with less pressure in her eyes. Some were just deeply helpless. "Senior Xiao Muzhen, why did you join the Light Music Club? I remember you told me that she was I will never join the light music club, and it is out of trust in you that I gave up this proposal."

"I want to know why she did this more than you."

"However, judging from your previous anxious performance, you know this news, should you know it earlier than we did?" Bi Qigu interrupted and asked.

"Aware of the potential possibility, it is not the same thing as Senior Xiaomushu who officially joined the Light Music Club. And when I knew that Xiaomushu senior joined the Light Music Club, the Dongma and Sha would compete with Haruki Kitahara. Even if they both joined. I can’t predict that Dongma and Sa will use this drastic method to create this alternative situation. Are you going to put all the reasons for the failure of this commission on me?"

——Yes, they are beginning to shirk each other's responsibilities. Even smart people like Xuexia and Biqigu, the first choice when encountering setbacks is not to analyze what they did wrong, but to complain about what others did not do. .

Analyze the cause of the problem with the most precise attitude, then find the key point, and then naturally add all the blame to one person.Humans are such animals, especially smart people. Because they are so good at analyzing the essence of the problem, they can always use the most brilliant way to clear their own responsibilities.

"Xiaohe, Xiaoxue and Xiaoqi, they just want to determine the problem, they don't want to complain about you or something--"

"——I know, I know that I have to take the responsibility of knowing this information but not reporting it in advance, but even if I report this information, will you really take it seriously? Did I say, "Kitahara Haruki is now abducting Xiaomu Shu Xuecai joins the light music club, will everyone go to make preparations in advance?"

"——At least that will give people some alertness." Xuexia said frowning.

"But there is too much false information and too much information that can be reported. The so-called vigilance, do you really think that information can be your vigilance? For example, if I had previously inquired about'Riu Yuanpeng' Will you be willing to participate in the activities of the Qingyinhui, will you pay enough attention to it? You know it yourself, if you want to pay attention to all similar information, it will be over, of course you know this A little bit, but now you are just shirking responsibility."

"Xiaohe, Xiaoxue means that if you can tell her the information, she can make some precautionary plans. Isn't that reasonable?"

"Sister Yui, do you really think it makes sense?" I looked at my sister who probably didn't understand why I was so excited, and even asked a little funny.

"So, you guys, you have always blamed me for this problem, and I didn’t tell you important information. Let me give you a famous example, the Cuban Missile Crisis during the Cold War, October 1962. On the 14th, the United States determined that the Soviet Union had installed missiles in Cuba, but before October 14, many actions of the US government were contrary to this conclusion: The US Intelligence Committee believed on September 19 that the Soviet Union would not deploy offensive missiles in Cuba; 10 The United States did not order the U-2 to fly over the western part of Cuba for reconnaissance before October 4. So, the question is, does this mean that the United States did not receive any news that the Soviet Union might deploy missiles in Cuba before October 14. ?"

"Of course not. The United States has more intelligence than everyone expected. The United States intelligence agency responsible for monitoring maritime transport once reported seeing two Soviet log ships carrying large items; the CIA spies once watched To the second half of a strategic missile; the U-2 reconnaissance plane even flew and took pictures earlier on August 29, September 5, and September 17, showing that the Soviet Union was building some SAM missiles and other defensive missiles— -However, with this intelligence, on September 19, the US Intelligence Committee still did not believe that the Soviet Union would deploy offensive missiles in Cuba."

"Why does this happen? Because at the same time, there is a flood of other information and intelligence, intelligence agencies need to analyze all the intelligence, and further verification is required to determine the authenticity of the intelligence. Sporadic intelligence cannot represent things. The truth, this leads to a very slow determination of this information and further action."

"Similarly, in this matter, the Ministry of Service is equivalent to the intelligence agency of the United States. Of course, you can say that the Ministry of Service needs to process less intelligence and will be more efficient. However, it is necessary to judge the authenticity of the intelligence, and Have you taken into consideration the time to make further judgments about the possible threats caused by intelligence? At the beginning of school, relying only on information that has not yet been confirmed, you will heed my persuasion and how likely is it to take targeted measures? High? Two days ago, when I just learned that Senior Kitahara invited Xiao Muzhen to succeed, you would fully understand the potential threat caused by this result-I would even doubt if I pointed out this result at the time. When it’s dangerous, you probably laughed at me for making too much fuss about Senior Xiao Muzhen, right?"

"Of course, I did have a problem without submitting the information. However, the problem is, even if I submit this information, will you really value it? An information that is basically guaranteed not to be taken too seriously, and finally becomes Your life-saving straw-in the final analysis, this is just that you are making excuses for your failure. Minister Yukoshita, admitting that failure is not a shameful thing, but if you excuse yourself too much for your failure, this is it. It's a shameful thing."

The expression on Yukinoshita’s face is an especially embarrassing expression that I have never seen before. What I said just now was to further point out after her failure: Don’t try to transfer the responsibility of failure to others, as a decision maker. Of you, the responsibility you have to bear now is the greatest.

The others did not speak, or that they did not know how to answer my question.

Yukoshita's white face slowly turned red as I questioned, and slowly returned to her original calmness. Her lips squirmed, and finally, she said softly, "I'm sorry."

"I don't need the Minister to say sorry. I said, I will take the responsibility. But what I don't like is a smart person like Minister Xuexia. When he encounters a failure, the first thing that comes to mind is to throw the pot. As the leader of the community, shirk responsibility at this time, this is the most irresponsible performance."

——Because I have had this kind of experience, and I know better than anyone that the shirking of responsibilities by the leader can cause harm to a group.

"I'm sorry," Yukoshita nodded sincerely again, "I did something wrong this time. I admit that even if you tell me this information, Yuigahama, I will not necessarily pay enough attention to it. The final result It is estimated that it will continue to plan step by step as when the school starts, and then the result will not change."

After saying this, Yukinoshita pursed his mouth, and seemed to ask me with some uncertainty: "So, Yubihama, do you think there is any remedy now?"

"Is there any remedy here? Is it possible that you mean to destroy the composition of the current light music club, and then ask Minister Iizuka to ask us for help again. This is not help. Just like Haruki Kitahara did, deliberately Let the situation turn into a mess, and then try to save the world?"

"I didn't mean that," Xuexia said entangledly, "Well, I mean, you must not understand and feel very dissatisfied with the fact that Senior Xiao Muzhen participated in the light music club, right? In this regard, no Know how we can help."

I looked at Xuexia with some surprise. I don’t know if it was because I was shocked by the words I just said. Now Xuexia, I don’t have the aggressive domineering that I used to be, and my speech It has softened a lot—including the current way of actively trying to help me, which is completely different from the actions of Yukino under Xuexia.

To be honest, I can't cope with this kind of snow.

"So, Xiaohe really doesn't know why Xiaomu Shou-sen joined the light music club?" Yui sister's unwilling voice was inserted into our conversation.

"I really don't know. I can feel that what Senior did is related to me, but I don't know what Senior wants to tell me?"

"If Senior Xiao Muyu wants to tell Xiaohe something, then just talk to Xiaohe directly, right? Because Senior, uh, Senior Xiao Muzhen, the relationship with Xiaohe is very good, isn't it?"

"Recently, I have been a little awkward--"

"--But it's still very good, isn't it? Xiaohe also said that if I can't find the feeling of sister in me, I will be comforted by senior Xiaomu. Although Xiaohe said that I will make me feel very I'm sad, but I really feel that if Senior Xiao Muzhen could help Xiaohe and sister like that, I would be very happy. Senior Xiao Muzhen is less like a sister than me, right?" I don't know. Why, Yui sister became excited.

"Sister Yui——"

"——Senior Xiao Muzhen, did you know that Xiaohe didn't want her to join the Light Music Club? Senior Xiao Muzhen should also clearly know that Xiaohe deliberately refused to let her join the Light Music Club. This is Xiaohe being considerate of her and helping her, right? ?"

"I think she should know what I think."

"So, even when she knows Xiaohe's mind, she still wants to join the light music club, still, will she trample on Xiaohe's mind?"

"This should also have something to do with my approach. The predecessors are so resolute and should want to convey some information—"

"——So, if you want to convey information, you must tell Xiaohe from the beginning! Xiaohe's thoughts have been told to Senior Xiao Muzhen, why can't her ideas be told Xiaohe?"

I looked at my sister in a daze, at her red face.

"I originally thought that if Senior Xiao Muzhen really treated Xiaohe like an older sister, it wouldn’t matter if I was complained about by Xiaohe, but it’s not like that. The real older sister, no matter what Abandon your younger brother, if you abandon your younger brother, if you don't try to understand your younger brother's thoughts, but just let him try to guess his own thoughts, then she is not worthy of being small and relying on!"

I can't understand the current Yuihama Yui, but I feel that I really want to understand Yuihama Yui again.

I worked very hard, very persistently, although I don't know how to do it, but I have to do my best to help me, sister, she has always been like this and has never changed.

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Chapter Thirty: Xuexia Xueno's Help

When I was very young, I knew that I was a smarter kid than my sister.Although there are things that are also not good at, but every time my sister asks me with a math problem one grade higher than me, I know that I am even better than Yui sister.

The same is true in other aspects. Sports talents, collective leadership, in elementary school, when boys and girls have not yet formed a fixed circle, and everyone will play together without scruples, slowly Compared to my sister who is one year older than me, I can always make others obey my command.

The relationship between Yuhihama and brother has always been reversed.

I am accustomed to gesticulating in front of my sister, and my sister is also used to showing an admiring expression of "Ah, my little peace is great!" in front of me, and then watching me show my talents to solve all problems.

However, she is still my sister.Where I did not notice, she would still defend me desperately. The intimacy brought about by this blood relationship was once incomprehensible to me, but I finally accepted it.The family is such a special existence. The mutual help between family members is not out of rational "interest", but the real "think of it, just do it, without having to consider the consequences."

Because there should be no exchange of benefits between family members.