My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 207

On the surface, I have been shielding Yui sister from wind and rain, but she is definitely not a person who can only hide behind me.Her efforts, her outbreak, have been going on where I can't see.

"Xiaohe, I'm not saying that there is something wrong with Senior Xiao Muxiao. I just think that if there is a misunderstanding between you, you better clarify the misunderstanding. Isn't that the case? I believe that, as Xiaoxue said, Senior Xiao Muxiao The fact of joining the light music club makes you very unhappy, right?" My sister's voice became softer.

I know what my sister meant. When Senior made that choice, I was also very angry and I didn’t understand it. I would also wonder why Senior didn’t tell me what she wanted me to know, before I could not understand Senior Why did she still make these hints that I don’t understand?I thought so at the time.

I was in the same mood as my sister now.

However, my current mentality has changed.

I tried to prevent Senior Kitahara from taking measures on the issue of light music clubs because, I think, Senior Kitahara may not know the real Senior Kitahara-if she and I have the same opinion of Senior Kitahara, then she definitely does not Will choose to join the light music club.Now, she accepts my negative evaluation of Kitahara Haruki, but obviously she believes more in her own judgment of Kitahara Haruki.The judgment of most people is the same, Kitahara Haruki is a hardworking, serious, and always willing to help other people's existence.

Because Senpai made a mistake in this regard, I want to prevent Haruki Kitahara from deepening his misunderstanding in this regard during the activities of the Light Music Club.This is why I tried my best to interfere with Kitahara Haruki's plan.

——However, this is different from the misunderstanding between me and the predecessors.

Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai has never let me down, so this time she let me down.It means that she must want me to comprehend something by myself, and the idea of ​​letting me comprehend even if I am disappointed is definitely not something that can be obtained by simple inquiry.

There are many answers in this world that can be obtained by asking, but there should also be many answers that need to be comprehended by yourself.

So, at this time, I can't ask Senior Xiao Muzhen.Similarly, when I understand the thoughts of the predecessors, the misunderstanding will probably be clarified naturally?

"Xiaohe, let's talk to Senior Xiao Muzhen? I don't know what you misunderstood before, but just say it—"

"--No need, Yui sister." I rejected my sister's proposal, "I won't ask for the answer from Xiao Mu Shou-sen. I don't know what she wants me to know. Then, I only need to use my own efforts. Use my own actions to tell her that I am changing. When she thinks it is suitable, she will naturally take the initiative to tell me the answer, right?"

"But you don't want Senior Xiao Muzhen to join the Light Music Club, don't you? If the misunderstanding is clarified earlier, then maybe you can still persuade her from the club—"

"——In this case, it is the same as what I just said to the minister. What is the difference between making things worse and then letting us serve as the savior again? Moreover, once the seniors have made up their minds, they cannot be changed. ."

"So, if Xiaohe is unwilling to ask, then I can go to Senior Xiao Muzhen, right? As a sister, when the relationship between younger brother and senior is conflicted, it is the time when I appear to adjust, right? "

When I made my answer, I had already predicted the ending.

However, I didn't expect Yui sister to be so determined.I also remember how she looked in front of Senior Xiao Muzhen, cramped, overwhelmed, and polite to make people feel restrained. In the end, she had to rely on Senior Xiao Muzhen's initiative to calm her down.

My sister walked out the door anxiously.

"Yuhihama, please wait a moment."

"Xiaohe can't stop me, so if Xiaoxue wants to stop me, it's useless."

"I didn't want to stop you," Xuexia's expression was very calm, it seemed that the softening of my attitude towards me just now did not happen, "Although I don't understand your brother's approach, you should look for it now. Senior Xiao Muzhen, what are you going to question her? Is it "Why join the Light Music Club" or "Why should I have a conflict with my brother?" Why would Senior Xiao Muzhen give you the answers to these questions? Or, you are so What kind of identity came to'question' her?"

"As Xiaohe's sister, well, as a member of the Ministry of Service."

"Then, the question is, does Senior Xiao Muzhen want to expose her usual connection with Heya?"

"The usual contact with Xiaohe? What does Xiaoxue mean?" My sister seemed to have finally reacted.

"Yes," Yukoshita sighed, "That senior Xiao Mushou, in almost everyone's eyes, is the so-called "flower of the mountain". The relationship between Yubihama and her brought you and Her mode of getting along is not the normal mode of getting along with other people. In this case, do you think your current questioning, at least, these questions in school can get a satisfactory answer? ?"

Xuexia’s analysis is very accurate. Although she was a bit too neutral when doing this analysis-as if I was not on the scene, she undoubtedly caught an important issue of Xiao Muzhen’s predecessor, that is, the school Senior Xiao Muzhen, and senior Xiao Muzhen, who works outside the school, in karaoke, and works in a flower shop, have two completely different images.

Although I will not take the initiative to ask seniors what she wants to tell me.However, even if I wanted to do it, I wouldn't choose the time now-it would only make the predecessors feel bad.

The elder sister stomped her feet unwillingly at the door, but in the end she admitted Yuukishita's judgment.

"But, if I can't meet in school, then I can't meet Xiao Muzhen in other places? I won't let my Tiantian District Xiaohe work in the karaoke, right?" My sister asked unwillingly.

"I just learned about some of the main activities of the cultural festival with the president. In this election of Miss Chief Wu Gao, the participation of senior Xiao Muzhen is very important. I will communicate with her on this aspect. I will meet with her outside the school. At the time, Yubihama, you go with me, how about doing this?"

"Will this affect Xiaoxue's work?"

"It won't affect my work. There are not many problems to talk about. It can even be done in school. I did this only to provide you and Senior Xiao Muzhen with a chance to communicate. Is this okay?"

Sister looked at Xuexia with a pleasant face, she seemed to be unable to understand why Xuexia would take the initiative to help her so much.

However, she finally chose to trust Xuexia, showing a happy smile. She walked to Xuexia and gave her a big hug: "Understood, thank you Xiaoxue! Sure enough, Xiaoxue is still very gentle!"

"Pay attention to the occasion, Yubihama, I don't like being held like this."

Xuexia dodged her sister's embrace with some help, and glanced at me lightly. Her mouth was saying, "Are you satisfied?"

I made an "OK" gesture to Xuexia.

Indeed, although she did not ask Xuexia for help, this time, she still helped me a lot.

If at this time my sister directly asks Senior Xiaomushu, although she may not get the answer from Senior as Yukinoshita said, the scene will obviously be very chaotic, and I don’t want Yui sister and Xiaomushu senior to be positive. Conflict.

However, after the sister calmed down, the seniors outside the school could show her relatively real side, coupled with the cushion and helper under the snow, the atmosphere of the conversation should not seem too tense.This is why I am very grateful to Yukinoshita. Not only did she help me stop my current sister, she was also responsible for the task of cooling down the somewhat excited Yui sister.

The question about the predecessor Xiao Muzhen seems to come to an end.

"Then, the next question is whether the Ministry of Service should continue to work when the commission of the Light Music Club has theoretically terminated." Yukoshita knocked on the table and continued the discussion, saying this. At the time, her eyes seemed to glance over my body quickly.

Although Yukoshita's previous proposal to "help Yubihama Kazuya resolve the Yukina Ogizuna crisis" was in a strange way, I didn't expect her to help me.

Probably because I realized that I was not ready to delve into the previous issue, Xuexia finally sighed slightly and continued: "My opinion is that since the commission of the Light Music Club has ended, then the Ministry of Service There is no need for the activities to continue-at least, I myself cannot stay in the classroom of the Ministry of Service for a long time. I am worried about whether this club can continue activities in the absence of the Minister."

——It is as if the activities of this club are very formal in the presence of the Minister. Isn’t the daily activity the Minister making tea, giving herself a cup, Yui sister, occasionally giving Biqigu a cup, and occasionally giving me a cup, Then do everyone do their own things?

"However, even if Koyuki is gone, we can still do activities in this classroom. If there is a commission, Koyuki feels it is worth taking over, then we can try to solve it and see if we can?" Sister Yui still proposed Objection, but I don't know if it was because Xuexia had just wanted to help her on the topic of Senior Xiao Muzhen. This time, her opposition was not very firm.

"I said before on this point. We are no longer able to take over more commissions. Even if I think a commission is particularly meaningful, I will not agree to accept it, so you don't have to consider these circumstances, Yuihama. I now want to concentrate on the work of the executive committee."

"So, if Xiao Caiyu can help Xiaoxue with the work of the executive chairman--"

"——Regarding this issue, I think you can ask your brother. At this time, it is better to let Isshiki's classmates'help' me, or let me solve it by myself."

I shook my head to my sister. One thing that both I and Xuexia, including Isshiki, should be aware of is that if Isshiki and Xuexia are in conflict, there is only one fisherman who will benefit, and we don’t like one. People.

"Then, as you suggested before, you work in the classroom of the executive committee, and the rest of us stay here—" Today, Biqigu played this kind of trying and muddy role too much, but I have to say, His way of proposing a compromise proposal is particularly blunt.

Xuexia frowned and seemed to want to refute.

——However, it was Yui sister who gave up first.

"If this is the case, then there is no way, right? As Xiaoxue said, if Xiaoxue is not there, then our activities will be fragmented. I was indeed thinking about it just now."

"Well, just right, I remembered another thing just now. If you don't participate in club activities, then you can use the time after school to do other things, is that right?" My sister hesitated, but He asked with a smile without hesitation.

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