My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 208

"Although theoretically there is no club activity, I shouldn't interfere with your actions, but Yubihama, can you tell me what you are going to do?" Yukoshita said restlessly on the back of his hand.Although Minister's emotions are not often exposed, there is no doubt that she still cares about her sister, just like when she helped me, although objectively her actions have helped me, but in fact, her primary purpose is to help Yui. sister.

"In fact, I’m not sure. I just have an idea. I want to make a decision after a few days. After all, looking at Xiaoxue Xiaohe and small enterprises, you are all doing it for cultural sacrifice. Efforts, I'm the only one who followed Yuzi and they did little things in the class. I always felt that I was still a little worse." My sister hurriedly explained, but obviously, she didn't want to try to reveal what she wanted to do. The intention of the matter.

Obviously, Xuexia was also aware of her sister's thoughts. When facing her sister, she always seemed to be unable to be tough, although she could see that she wanted to continue to inquire — and I was sure if it was Yuukishita. When asked, the sister would eventually admit her thoughts hesitatingly-but in the end she did not.

"Of course, I don’t have any opinion on what you are going to do, Yuigahama, as long as you don’t make your brother at the other end feel uncomfortable. If you do something that makes him troublesome, his solution is too drastic. I won't wipe his ass then."

It's a typical Yukoshita style of speech. I obviously want to care about my sister, but finally found that I can't intervene, so I asked me to do this shield.But this time, let her do it, after all, I still care about my sister.

I looked at Yui sister, blinked, and motioned to agree with Yukinoshita's opinion. Then, my sister also smiled at me in her own style: "I won't worry Xiaohe, I just Isn’t it Xiaohe’s sister? Especially at this time, it should be when I show my sister's appearance. Xiaohe has helped me solve too many things since I was young, and I feel that I am stupid and can't do anything. "

It seems that what my sister said is not unreasonable. Since childhood, when I was by my side, Yui sister's IQ seems to be automatically reduced by 10%, but in fact she is still a very smart person, otherwise she would not be able to be in Miura. Have a firm foothold in the current circle.

As for the special situation of Yui sister by my side, I can also understand that this is a kind of performance that is particularly doting on her younger brother.

"So, Xiaohe doesn't need to worry about me. I just want to find something to do with myself, right? It's as normal as just finding a hobby. Well, it's as normal as going out shopping."

——Uh, I am even more worried if you explain this way.

"All in all, everyone is working so hard. I think I should also work harder in my own place." My sister clenched her fists, raised them forcefully, and shook them-although halfway through, She seemed to realize that this kind of action was somewhat naive, so she put her hand down again with some embarrassment.

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After resolving my sister's objections, neither I nor Biqigu had any opinion on the temporary suspension of the Ministry of Service.The advantage of a society with few members is here. If four people pass unanimously, then the decision can be carried out immediately-until the end of the cultural festival, this classroom should be temporarily abandoned.

Of course, I still need to report this result to Mr. Hiratsuka, but this matter is left to the Minister, it is not an issue that I need to care about.

"It's just a temporary suspension of the event during the cultural festival, so don't worry too much." However, what is interesting is that when announcing the suspension of the club activities, Yukoshita who was the first to propose this proposal was a little unbearable. After explaining a few words, this also caused a few strange eyes in the department to project on her.

The person who values ​​this society the most, isn't it the minister in the end?

"So, that's it." Aware of the "goodwill" ridicule of other people, Yuukishita obviously felt that her usual serious image had disappeared at that moment, so she left the classroom somewhat hastily.

When she left the classroom, she was stunned as if she had seen something, then turned her head, took a deep look at me, and then continued to leave quickly.

In the discussion process just now, I have always appeared as a good baby who is not in the way, so what have I offended her?

——Although I understood Yukoshita's intentions when I also walked out of the classroom.

Because, outside the classroom of the Ministry of Service, Yi Hueiyu was waiting there. Unlike the usual relaxed and indifferent expression, she was a little worried this time, who was pacing outside the door.

Behind me, Sister Yui seemed to want to say something, but she was dragged away by Biqigu-this kind of person who let Biqigu replace her sister as a role to watch the atmosphere is really novel.

Isshiki let out a sigh of relief, took me to the corner of the stairs without saying a word, and complained to me with some anxiety.

"Why didn't you stay at that time?"

"Isshiki classmate, is this not in your style? According to your style, even at this time, you should remain calm, and then use your as always coquettish and cute expression of asking for help to let me help you solve the problem. Isn't it?"

"This is not the time to make this kind of joke, right? You also know the problem we are facing now, Kazuki." Isshiki sighed and responded with an unusually serious tone.Obviously, she is now more inclined to single-handedly communicated, and does not like the previous round and round probing mode.

Aware of Isshiki's attitude, I also gave up my previous ridiculous tone: "So, what do you want to do now?"

"If I said that I want you to help me gain the leadership of the executive committee this time from Senior Xuexia, how would you answer?"

"I refuse. The risk is too great. In this kind of frontal confrontation with Yukoshita, Sagami must be the fisherman in the end—or Haruki Kitahara behind Sagami. In the end, whether it's you or Xuexia. Below, there will be no winners. The final winner must be Haru Kitahara. If this situation develops in the end, then what is the point of me helping you?"

"But, do we still have a chance?" He asked unwillingly, "As long as I persuade Senior Xuexia and let her take the initiative to take a step back, isn't it all right? Or, if she doesn't want to, use a sharper one. Isn’t it okay to take the lead in the executive committee’s leadership? When you helped me in the election, you questioned Senior Xuexia and could be further used—"

"——Student Yishiyu!" I interrupted Yishi.

"What's the matter?" Yishi raised his head and looked at me puzzled.

"You are too anxious, and you have lost your composure. Before the election, you were a little too imperative about the position of the executive chairman. So, now in this situation, you just want to solve the problem quickly instead of Consider the complexity of the problem. Think about your current state of mind when electing Miss Chief Wu Gao, and think of your peaceful state of mind when facing an insurmountable opponent, Xiao Muzhen, and compare it with you and me now discussing the executive committee This kind of ugly attitude when it comes to the question, Isshiki classmate, if your level is only this level, I would not be willing to help you."

To be honest, I don’t understand why Isshiki is so anxious now. Let’s not say that she hasn’t lost yet. Even if she takes a step back, she can’t become an executive committee member this year. Then she still has the next year and the election of the student council president as a freshman. Isshiki shouldn't have coveted the position of student president. This year's special circumstances gave her a chance, but failure is normal.She should understand this, but now she seems to have no chance if she missed this time. Some are forcing herself to work hard, and also forcing me as the object of cooperation to work hard.

"I don't want to lose." Isshiki said softly.

"Don't want to lose?"

"I don't want to lose to Yukoshita-senpai, um, no," Isshishi shook his head, smiled, and said, "If you lose to her in the election from the beginning, it might not be a big deal, but now it's like this. Losing to her again, it feels like, well, it feels different anyway."

"It is amazing to be able to compete with Xuexia to this level. For example, if in the election of Miss Zong Wu Gao, you and Xiao Mu Xiao had the same vote in the first round of voting, and finally in the final voting process. If you lose, will you be as unwilling as you are now?"

"That's different. From the very beginning, facing Senior Xiao Muzhen, I had no chance of winning." Isshiki shook his head and denied.

"Do you think from the beginning, when facing Xuexia, you have a chance of winning? Without my help, you and Xuexia would not stand on the same starting line? This is the same you were at the time. admittedly."

"That's not what I mean, I just think that if I were to compete fairly with Senior Xuexia, the starting point was similar, maybe I was a bit higher." Isshiki stirred his hand and replied hesitantly.

To be honest, I don’t understand Isshiki's words. Her performance is not like the usual Yishiyu, but more like Yui sister. Sometimes she wants to talk to me but hesitates to tell me. The truth of the matter.

But Isshiki's expression didn't last long. I don't know if I think I might not like her like this, or if I feel that it is a bit difficult to play this look that I'm not good at, she tossed her hair and continued: "Forget it, and you don't understand what I mean. So, what is your suggestion for me?"

——It's a bit uncomfortable to change face too quickly!

I sighed softly, but I didn't want to get too entangled with Isshiki about the things I didn't understand.

"As long as you calm down, you will be able to analyze the current situation clearly. You are now focused on mastering the executive committee, so why do you think Yukoshita doesn't want to, she is more capable than you-and she is now working for the cultural festival , Suspended the work of the Ministry of Service, which proves that she is now going all out to the work of the executive committee. Such Yukino Yukino, you tell me that you want her to retreat, how is it possible?"

"So, the situation you have to face must be a head-on confrontation with Xuexia. I don't think we have no chance of winning when facing Xuexia. However, the place where the executive committee itself requires arbitrary authority is There is no need for two leaders, the two-headed system, the final decision-making power and the deliberation power fall into the hands of Kitahara Haruki-I don’t need to elaborate on this."

"So, is there really no way?"

"Of course there is a way. That is, Isshiki, you take the initiative to give in."

The excitement on Isshiki's face became a little complicated and gloomy. After a pause, she reluctantly spoke: "In the Ministry of Service, have you discussed this with Senior Xuexia?"

"Yes, from my point of view, if there must be a concession between the two of you, you are more likely to give concession than Xuexiata, and let her be the executive committee member. Long, the efficiency should be higher than you under my assistance. After all, many times, the decision of the committee still requires you to make the decision. At most, I will only give you the role of a staff. And Xuexia does not even need me. This staff, if I had not received your commission before, then I would also choose Xuexia."

"So, if I retreat here, what can I get? Is it just a thing that'competed with Yukino Yukino to the last moment but failed due to lack of ability' in the end. Isn't it even honorable?" See It came out that Isshiki wanted to calm herself down, but her mood was obviously more irritable than usual.

"What you can get is the opportunity to speak to your classmates during the cultural festival performance. This is what you want the most? In other words, you want to be the executive chairman, not just to make money in front of the classmates through this speech. Get impression points, and then help your student council president election, right?"

"Of course it's not just that!" Yishi replied anxiously.

"Then what else do you want? The premise of your cooperation with me is to stop Haruaki Kitahara, and now, when Senior Kitahara let Xuexia suffer twice in a row, Xuexia will not compromise with him. So, from my point of view, it’s the same whether you are the chairman of the committee. Of course, I should choose a more suitable one. Relatively, I have also given you the compensation you most want, right?"

"But in the end, you still chose Senior Xuexia, and you obviously agreed with me—"

"——The problem is not here, right? I will convince Xuexia and let her give you what you want. Is this not enough?"

"If it's a cultural festival, it should be enough." A trace of fatigue flashed in Isshi's eyes, and there was also a kind of disappointment. She shook her head and said, "Heya, your suggestion, let me think about it."

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