My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 209

Chapter 33: The Second Cooperation

If you want to use one word to summarize the situation from the start of the executive committee meeting until now when Yishi left, then the best word is definitely "chaos."The executive chairman's control plan was accidentally crushed to pieces. The Ministry of Service, which was still intact, has ceased its activities. The cooperative relationship between I and Yi Hueiyu has also been cracked.

Among them, the most incomprehensible thing is Isshiki's reaction to my proposal.I think highly of Isshiki, which is reflected in the fact that Ishiki is always a person who clearly knows what he wants to do, clearly understands the interference of the world on him, and can turn these interferences into his own strength.Therefore, she should be able to easily detect that the proposal I am giving her is the most reasonable proposal.

As for the so-called "last fight" before gaining a firm foothold under the snow, this kind of risky, but uncertain profit method should not be the same idea of ​​not fighting unprepared battles.Yi Huei Yu is always ready-but this time, she is like a frightened war horse, rushing on the battlefield of the executive committee, if it weren't for me to barely control her emotions, I really don't know what she will do next What is the result.

But I still believe Isshiki will follow my advice eventually.Although I don’t know why she lost her cool judgment this time, I believe that after she fully analyzes the current situation, she will eventually compromise. After all, if she fails to calmly analyze the situation after the initial defeat , Then there is no need for me to help her.

Moreover, even if you can’t become the actual executive chairperson and get the opportunity to speak in front of the entire school, this salary is almost the same as that of the executive chairperson-as long as her student chairperson’s rival is not Yukino Yukino, then Isshiki's certainty is still great.

Moreover, even if the competitor is Yukino Yukoshita, I am sure to send Isshiki to the position of student chairperson-but I don't want this to happen, not because I am afraid of confrontation with Yukino, but I Unwilling to strike another blow at Xuexia.

For the current Xuexia, her sister sees it thoroughly.Because of the potential lack of self-confidence in her own choice, she needs to rely on the confidence given by others to continue to persist, but when she is "correct", she insists on the plan, her own plan is accidentally broken or others repeatedly break At that time, her confidence in "borrowing" from others will continue to collapse-and then avalanche.

The problem is that in order to prove her "right", especially in the current setbacks, Xuexiaxuena will definitely try her best to solve all the problems, and in the process of solving the problems, what she is facing The difficulty is even greater.

Yukoshita Yono once pointed out that "make me take responsibility" probably meant this.She accurately predicted Xuexia's future, the crisis Xuexia is facing now.I even began to suspect that Yukoshita became the chairman of the executive committee, and was secretly encouraged by Yukoshita Yono, which was a little troublesome.

Therefore, if there is no special situation, I still don't want to do things that will really hit Minister Xuexia's self-confidence.

——After all, the so-called "take responsibility" is not that simple.

If I can judge Isshiki and Yukoshita's attitude.Then I have to admit that, until now, I don't understand what Yui-san wants to do, just as I don't know exactly what Xiaomushu-senpai wants to tell me.However, I know that everyone has their own ideas and they are sticking to their own ideas.

And I am the same, I firmly believe that I am correct, I firmly believe that my judgment of human nature is correct, so I also have to do my best in what I want to do.

——Even though, my approach is not understood by the two closest to me.

----------------------------------------split line-------- -----------------------------

When I came to the door of the second music room, I didn't expect too much from someone inside.After all, after the Executive Committee has held a meeting and the Ministry of Service has discussed various bits and pieces of news, there are already very few people staying in the school.So, the lights in the second music room were on, which really surprised me.

After knocking on the door three times, I was still put in the second music room. What was different from the previous one was that this time, Dongma and Sha's face obviously had a tired look.

"Just joined the light music club, why bother? I'm not saying that Kitahara Haruki will not notice your desperation, but he will just take this state as your normal state, and will not feel pity for you. !"

"I didn't do this for that guy--" Touma and Sae retorted subconsciously, but probably even she herself felt that what she said was too persuasive, so she finally changed her words." It doesn't matter, compared to the intensity of piano practice in the past, this little effort is nothing at all."

Then, she seemed to be aware of something, frowned and asked me: "You know?"

There is a very characteristic inquiry of Dongma and Sa-I had expected this guy to feel a little guilty about doing this, but obviously she didn't look like that.

"Of course I know, although in my estimation you will last longer, but how do you say it? At least you were persuaded by Kitahara Haruhiro that it did not surprise me-is it because of senior Xiaomushu?"

"There is no way, your partner is too bad. The previous time, I tried so hard to keep that guy. I was expecting you to pull Xiaomu Shuxuecai away from that guy, but when I knew the result was On the contrary, do you know my mood."

"So you can't wait to go to the battle in person, and then directly fired my unreliable teammate?"

"You said it yourself, you are not reliable, so I think it would be better for me to come and monitor by myself." Dongma and Sa were silent for a while, and then explained.

"But you never considered that if you join, it will only make the connection between Kitahara Haruhiro and Xiao Mushou become closer. Now Kitahara has more opportunities to talk to Xiao Mushou senior? Although you are present sometimes, but now, He wants to look for Senior Xiao Muzhen without you knowing it, but he is more justified, right?"

"There is no situation that I don't know, I have been watching him--" Dongma Kazuya retorted anxiously. Of course, she also quickly realized her gaffe. This is her second gaffe today.

She turned her head away in vain and stopped talking.

"Yes, you are his neighbor, so of course you can always look at him, even if he goes to other places when the class is over, you will look at him. However, this does not mean that you can interfere with his actions, you I can only look at him, knowing that he is looking for Senior Xiao Muzhen, but there is nothing he can do--have you considered this?"

Dongma and Sha did not answer me. Obviously, after she agreed to join the Light Music Club, she had seen this situation countless times-and this was something she didn't want to see.

"However, if you come to me now to persuade me to quit the light music club, please come back! Although I am a bit unhappy to see that guy and Xiaomu Shuxueca contact too often, but if it is that guy’s dream If you do, I will try my best to help him look away, at least, I will not be the one who destroys his dream." But in the end, she turned around and spoke to me.

Dongma and Sa's pair of slender pupils exuded sharp eyes, just looking at me like that.

"I know you definitely don't want me to join the Light Music Club, but shouldn't this problem be blamed on yourself? You yourself missed the opportunity to persuade Xiaomu Xiaoxuecai to give up, so now our partnership should have ended Right?" She said to me anxiously, as if she wanted to get rid of a hot potato like me.

I have a subtle sense of disobedience in my heart-Touma Kassa’s hasty statement is like a wife who has derailed because of a momentary confusion when she decides to regain her loyalty to her husband. Disregard the appearance of the relationship.

But I quickly got rid of this strange association in my mind.

Dongma and Sa are now trying to terminate the cooperative relationship, but, as I know, the basic foothold of our cooperation has not changed.

"Is it too early for you to make this decision?" I asked calmly, "Do you really feel that you don't need my help anymore?"

"No need, as for the connection between that guy and Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai, I just need to pay attention."

"Senior Dongma, I think you made a mistake. The cooperation between the two parties that I agreed with you was not an'exchange of information', do you remember? I couldn't get the information of Senior Xiao Muzhen at that time, so Choose to learn from you the side information of Kitahara-senior. The basis of our cooperation is: I will help you analyze the current thoughts of the current senior Xiaomushu, and the possible dynamics of Haruki Kitahara. Therefore, now you are about the dynamics of senior Kitahara and Xiaomushu. With a better understanding, our cooperation can still continue, right?"

"But, you failed before. It is because you failed, so I can't trust you." Dongma and Sa shook his head, denying my idea, but, it can be seen that she is hesitant now.

"I failed before, but it does not mean that I will fail this time, because I always have the opportunity to try to solve the problem. And you who cannot take the initiative to act in the face of these situations will definitely fail because you even try to intervene They can't do anything, can they?"

"If the intervention you mentioned is to prevent Chun Xi from playing at the cultural festival, then I don't want to participate in this kind of intervention, and I will not betray him in such a place."

——You will not betray him in such a place.However, you didn't reject me this time. In your subtext, if you can make him a little trouble without affecting his dreams, then I can think about it.

"Of course, I will definitely not prevent the light music club from performing at the cultural festival. Let’s not say whether I have this ability or not. As you know, Senior Kitahara has been planning this for a long time. If I stop him like this If I don’t want to have a head-on conflict with him, I’m not that good at dealing with him in a superhuman state.”

"So, what do you want to do?"

"What do you think, if you just add a few small and small things to the predecessors of Beiyuan, within the scope of his ability, but need him to invest a certain amount of energy, what will happen? Don't stop the light music club from coming on stage Performed, but it was even more tricky in the review of the light music clubs-at least not let him arrange performances as he wanted. Another example, use the opportunity of Xiao Muzheng's participation in the Miss Chief Military High election to let her perform as much as possible The members of the committee contact, rather than contact with senior Kitahara. All in all, let Haru Kitahara busy with various chores outside of practice, and then separate him from Senior Kitahara to achieve this purpose to obtain your information. how do you feel?"

"How can you do this?"

"The two executive chairmen of the current cultural festival have a very good relationship with me." I replied simply.

Dongma and Sa did not speak any more, she began to think.

I think she will agree. My suggestion did not touch her bottom line, but it can satisfy her careful thoughts or small thoughts.If she was too arrogant at the beginning to deny her attitude towards Haru Kitahara, then it might be a bit risky to do so.

However, during my contact with Touma and Sa, she almost acquiesced to the fact that I knew that she liked Haruki Kitahara, so her strongest resistance side no longer existed.

"If, I mean, if that guy likes Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai--"

"--But Senior Xiao Muzhen won't like Kitahara Haruki." I replied categorically.

——At least under my intervention, Senior won't, and she can't like Kitahara Haruno.

"Do you like Xiaomu Yuxuecai?" Suddenly, Dongma and yarn gave me such a straight ball.

"I just don't want the predecessor Xiao Mu Shu, whom I admire, to be deceived by Haru Kitahara." I shrugged and replied.

Dongma and Sa showed a smile, but for the first time, in front of me, she wanted to master something that I didn't know.

However, she finally gave me the answer I wanted.

"You convinced me, Yubihama Kazuya, our cooperation can continue."