My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 210

I stretched out my hand and held the hand of Dongma and Sa that was a little rough because of long-term piano practice: "Senior Dongma, in any case, for the second time, I hope we can achieve the results we want. "

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Chapter Thirty Four: The Seed Planted

After agreeing to cooperate with Dongma Kasa for the second time, it seemed that the barrier was broken, and my communication with her became smooth.

"However, Senior Dongma, have you considered whether or not, now I have a very clear attitude towards Senior Kitahara. It is hostility. Don't you find it a bit ironic to work with someone who is hostile to Senior Kitahara?" I was in the second music room. Asked while walking around casually.

The second music room has a large space, except for a piano by the window and other musical instruments scattered around in the corner, there is nothing else-unlike the first music room, it was once full of Various chairs and scattered music scores.It deserves to be called Dongma Heza's private music room, which is a bit too luxurious for Sogo Takeshi.

However, for her mother, Dongma Yoko, who gave Dongma and Sasha this status, she didn't know how she would evaluate the current choice of Dongma predecessors-after all, Dongma and Sasha This genius also belittles the worthless person.You might feel that she was led away by others again.However, instead of being immersed in the joy and depreciation of his own mother, he was completely influenced by the other's feelings and accidental comments.I feel that the current Dongma and yarn, relying on their own judgment and cooperating with others for the people they like are more "free"-although the freedom to be guided by other people is essentially a kind of being led by others. Blinded performance.

"Someone has said that the person who knows you best is your enemy. From this perspective, there is nothing wrong for me to cooperate with you for that guy. Moreover, if you are really against that guy, I will also I can stop you at any time." Dongma replied coldly.

"So, don't you wonder why I would rate Kitahara Haruki so low?"

"I don't need to know." Dongma hesitated, then shook his head, "Actually, I roughly understand the reason why you dislike that guy. If you really find that point, many people will dislike him, but- "

"--But because you already like him, you feel that there is nothing wrong with him. Deliberately create a chaotic situation that is beneficial to you and save the world as a savior. Or, you may I still like his careful thinking, watching the boy I like shine in front of other people, as if you have achieved success yourself, right?"

Dongma and Sa turned their heads and didn't talk to me. She might not agree with what I said, but she probably didn't have the intention to refute my words.

"Well, ask a more presumptuous question." I smiled softly. Under the premise that Touma and Sa acquiesce that she likes Haruki Kitahara, many sharp questions are asked, and her response will be very interesting, such as The next question.

"If Senior Kitahara liked you, what would you think?" I asked.

Dongma and Sa's head turned, and for a moment, an angry, happy, and confused expression flashed across her face, but in the end she became calm.

"He won't like me." She said coldly, rather self-deprecatingly, "I am like, um, bad girl, how could it be?"

"I devalue myself into this image. I think he doesn't like you, but he still has to work hard for him? Where is the dedication and self-sacrifice I learned from? Do you think this kind of self is great? Or, you Are you just lying?" I looked at Touma and Sae calmly. Now, I want to provoke her unwillingness, provoke her anger-of course, not to make her become too excited and completely reject me. Outside.

"Helping that guy stop the band and having hope for that guy are two different things."

"Then, what is it about helping me inquire about the information of Senior Xiaomushu? If you have no expectations of yourself, then there is no need to cooperate with me. You only need to "complete" Senior Beiyuan and Senior Xiaomushu. Now that you are. If you are not so magnanimous, it means that you still have expectations for him. You still think that he has special treatment for you. You still think that as long as there is no Senior Xiao Muzhen, you have a chance."

"Yuhihama, what do you want to tell me? Even if what you say is true, what do you want to express?" Touma Kassa's anger was almost on his face, but she apparently maintained it With the last trace of reason that wanted to continue communicating with me, she didn’t kick me out of the second music room.

"What I mean is very simple. If there is no Senior Xiao Muxiao, you think you have a chance. But now with Senior Xiao Muxiao, do you really have no chance? You cooperated with me in order to let me persuade Senior Xiao Muxiao Separate from Kitahara-senior-but if you work hard on your own, why don't you think that Kitahara-senior's balance will not favor you. Or, let me say something bad-now Kitahara-senior is not inclined to you. Is it because He thinks he prefers Senior Xiao Muzhu because he thinks he has no chance when facing you."

"Haruki Kitahara is a hard worker. What the hard worker looks forward to most is to make his efforts have a commensurate return-but if he finds that his hard work has not been able to return enough in return, then he may also give up decisively. This period of hard work, to find a way that can more reward his hard work-what on earth am I going to say, do you understand?"

Dongma and Sa walked a few steps toward me, and I saw her legs were lifted up, but she finally put them down.Her always indifferent white face flashed with undulating red.I even saw her rare gritted teeth.

In the end, she did not drive me out of the second music room, but she did not respond directly to my words. She was just like herself, sitting in front of her piano all the time, playing a chaotic, but stormy tune. .

When Dongma Kazue is no longer the candidate to stop Haruhiri Kitahara from achieving his goal, then she should be pushed even more to move forward and arouse her possessive desire for Haruki Kitahara—even further arouse her. The hostility to the predecessor Xiao Mu Shu.Senior Xiao Muzhen can actively choose to be consistent with Dongma Hesha on the topic of light music clubs-but this does not mean that senior Dongma, who has a more awkward personality, can do this.

Of course, I don’t expect Dongma and Sa to take immediate action. However, the seeds of dissatisfaction, the seeds of trying to work hard on their own, have been planted. As long as the outside world has a reasonable opportunity to touch, that kind of seeds will be generated to make me feel comfortable. Unexpected result.

What is the purpose of my words, Dongma and Sae of course also know, but even if she knows my purpose, she will first consider my hypothesis of these words.I do not deny that my words are full of malice and encouragement, but the necessary malice is also an attitude that induces people to make the right choice.

If Dongma and Sa have been adopting this evasive attitude to silently endure avoiding everything, her future must be tragic-so my selfish and even malicious words might make Dongma Hesha finds a path that truly fits her heart.Dongma and Sa knew this, so she couldn't let me leave the classroom, who had said so much.

"Leave me your mobile phone number and email account." In the end, she didn't answer my question, she just said, "In the future, I will guide Kitahara to practice guitar. If you knock on the door without authorization, he will find us both I will be very troubled by the connection between them. Therefore, it would be better for us to contact us by phone or email."

"Okay." I nodded, took out my phone and exchanged email addresses with the other party, Dongma and Sa were still in a trance.She might not be able to compose well today.

When I was just walking around in the second music room, I saw what Dongma and Sa were doing now, holding a copy of the lyrics, and she was composing music for it.This is probably the new song that the Light Music Club will perform at the cultural festival, right?

I didn't see the content of the specific handwritten lyrics, but I saw clearly that the name of the song is "Uncommunicable Love". I always feel that the name of this song is ironic in many ways!

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The plan to fight back against Kitahara Haruki almost started preparations after he had influenced the election of the executive committee.Being able to be so confident, even at the risk of letting Mr. Hiratsuka pay attention to him, influence the final result of the executive committee election, which shows that he is bound to win the final outcome.

In fact, from that time on, I should have thought that Kitahara had solved the problem of Touma and Sae. Although Iizuka's unresistance was beyond my expectation, the idol of the school, Yukina and Piano. Under the temptation of the existence of genius Touma and Sa, it is only natural for Minister Iizuka to compromise easily.

Although everything is just for the sake of senior Xiao Mu Shu, I really don't like the whole situation being played by Haruaki Kitahara and applauded.Therefore, the next counterattack is justified.

The first is to combine the powers of the executive committee.As Yukoshita has become an ally against Kitahara Haruki, letting Isshiki continue to argue with her is the worst choice. So, although I am a little sorry for Isshiki, I reached a compromise with Yukoshita and persuaded Isshiki to be In this respect, decentralization-under the snow that fully grasps the situation of the committee, as I explained to Touma and Sae before, is the best channel to "interfere" the contact between Haruaki Kitahara and Senior Oguki.As long as Kitahara Haruki himself cannot secretly manipulate the executive committee and question Minister Iizuka who is in charge of submitting the application through formal channels, he will be forced to come forward and solve the problem. Of course he can solve the problem, but he must accordingly. To consider how to meet Xuexia's requirements, distraction from these chores, and time for guitar practice, then even if he wants to make other contacts with Xiao Mu Shou-sen, there is not enough time.

Second is Dongma Hesha. It is not difficult to grasp Dongma Hesha's mentality. She cares about Kitahara, but because of her awkward personality and long-term self-denial, she lacks the hard work and toughness to proactively attack.However, just buy a seed of restlessness in her heart like just now, then she can make her attitude more positive.Especially the statement "Haruki Kitahara may also like you"-the fact that she imagined herself and the news told to her by other people have completely different weights in her heart.A Dongma Kazuya who had his own ideas and became more "selfish" is equivalent to burying a nail beside Kitahara that he does not know.

However, there are still several accidents in the current plan.The first is Isshiki. She needs to think about it for a while before she can accept my proposal-but it is an abnormal thing to think about it for a while. Her unwillingness is far beyond my expectations, even if she agrees now. The compromise under the snow will also be an uncertain factor in the future.

The second is my sister. The communication between her and Xiao Muyu-senior is a factor beyond my control. Because I can't guess the thoughts of seniors, so after my sister communicates with her, the possible actions of my sister and the changes that seniors make because of this are also beyond my control. definite.Compared to unpredictable results that are good or bad, a result that can be controlled by oneself is better for me.It is a pity that this is very difficult to achieve in front of Yui sister-I can only hope that Yukoshita can help me deal with my sister's problems when facing Xiaomushu-senpai.

The final problem lies in the predecessor himself-I have to admit that my method of competing with Haru Kitahara is not so fair-using power to suppress people and burying nails by his side. These methods are not so glorious.Although I think that these methods are necessary "evil" when facing Senior Kitahara, but I am not sure whether the current senior Xiao Muzhu can understand my use of these necessary "evil".The worst result is that if the predecessors find out about my practice and become disgusted with it, the problem will be very difficult to save.

Of course, we must also consider some special circumstances brought about by accidents, but there is no doubt that I have lost the battle to prevent Haruaki Kitahara from leading the light music club. However, his other goals, I will Stop it, and I must stop it.

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Chapter Thirty Five: Xuexiaxue will not make mistakes again

I still remember the feeling of unfamiliarity and disagreement with the Ministry of Service five months ago, but now, after five months, it is my habit to go to the classroom of the Ministry of Service.

Of course, on the other hand, I was asked to go to the executive committee office in the opposite direction to the classroom of the Ministry of Service after school. This is a bit strange. Of course, in a sense, the other two members of the Ministry of Service besides Yui Sister They are all there too, which adds a unique "ministries color" to this executive committee.

Isshiki did not go to the office with me.In fact, all day today, she looked absent-minded and did not speak to me. Even though Isshiki’s performance was as smooth as ever when facing the crowd congratulating her on being elected as the “Executive Chairman”, but, in When no one else is paying attention to her, her distraction is still obvious.Naturally, she did not give my proposal a final answer.She also deliberately avoided me on the way to the executive committee, which proved that she was still unwilling.

Without my help, it is difficult for Isshiki to compete head-on with Yukoshita-but this is not to say that Isshiki is a completely incompetent person. She cannot obstruct Yukoshita's decision, but if she wants, she can Simply become a good person who pulls the hind legs under the snow.

Therefore, I can only hope that she will realize that her actions are in vain sooner.

As the executive chairman-or the only executive chairman he thinks, Xuexia should be the first to reach the executive committee classroom.Just as she was always the first person to appear in the classroom when she was the Minister of the Ministry of Service, I am confident that she will do the same on the issue of the Executive Committee.

So, when I opened the door of the classroom, I was not surprised to sit under the snow directly in front.She organized the materials in her hands in an orderly manner-in sharp contrast with the other executive committee members who were chatting in the classroom.It is of course wrong to accuse those people of negligence. After all, there are more people who have not yet appeared in the classroom. However, at the beginning of the cultural festival, the executive committee has no interest in the work of the executive committee, which is not good. thing.

In terms of other personnel, the president of Cheng Ye has not yet appeared, and her time in the third grade is obviously not so abundant.Hiratsuka-teacher is naturally not there, otherwise the students who chatter will more or less converge.What surprised me was that Sagami was sitting upright next to Yukoshita, she was looking at Yukoshita tentatively, with some energy, but the indifferent aura on Yukoshita seemed to be Let her not know how to talk to each other.

The current Sagami Minami is obviously full of enthusiasm, but she will know the difference in strength immediately, and then lose the idea of ​​working hard, right?This is a common problem for people like her who always like to make tricks.

It was at this time that Isshiki walked in with a group of her own companions, and when she entered the door, she quickly glanced at me—I know, she was expressing her own unwillingness.

I know what she wants to do. Through her social circle, she can form a circle with her acquaintances, surpass Xuexia with a numerical advantage, and then compete for the dominance.This is an opportunity to use one's own advantages. However, in the face of absolute correctness, this is meaningless.

"Since everyone is here, let me arrange a timetable for the various schedules!" Xuexia almost ignored Isshiki and Sagami around him, and stood up first after all the staff were there and picked up a stack of paper , It was distributed, “Because this year’s sports festival is ahead of schedule, the executive committee’s daily schedule is expected to be a tight schedule. Everyone has more time to prepare for the cultural festival, but relatively, the time for preparing the sports festival is I'm a little nervous, if everyone has no opinion, just follow this timetable!"

I also got a timetable under the snow.In all fairness, there are a lot of tasks for everyone on the timetable—but not too many unacceptably.After all, sports festivals are not the same as cultural festivals. This activity, which is organized solely with the class as the organizational unit, has to be allocated to different executive committees to the extent of the whole school, and there are relatively few things to deal with.Xuexia’s task arrangements are too many, and more are to use the opportunity of sports festivals to familiarize the executive committees of various departments with existing work, so as to better pave the way for the organization of cultural festivals-on the one hand, solve problems, on the other hand The most efficient way to exercise the ability and lay the foundation is Xuexia's own characteristics.