My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 211

If Xuexia is the only executive chairman, the executive committees will complain, but it is estimated that they have accepted the proposal-but the problem is that Xuexia is not the only executive chairman.

And the other executive chairman, now, she is obviously not convinced by my proposal.

"Well, Senior Xuexia, can I ask a question? You know, I am a first-year student, so many things are not very clear?" Isse pulled Raxuexia's arm and asked.

"Isshiki students don't need to ask for my opinion. You are also the chairman of the executive committee. You can directly express your views."

——Uh, in fact, I really want to complain about this sentence. Why didn't you consider the issue of Isshiki being the executive chairman when you just arranged everyone's schedule without authorization?

"Well, Yukoshita-senpai, this is my first year to participate in the cultural festival and sports festival organization of Sobu High, so I don't quite understand that cultural festivals and sports festivals are handled by the same executive committee?" Isshiki He blinked and looked at Xuexia.

"Aren't they the same?" Xuexia raised his eyebrows and asked rhetorically.

However, the reaction in the committee is different from that of Xuexia.

"It doesn't seem to be a committee? I remember it was not last year."

"Yes, last year because it was the cultural festival first! The executive committee disbanded after the cultural festival!"

"Finally, a new sports festival committee was established, isn't it?"

"Yes, then why do we organize a sports festival this year! It's troublesome."

"But this year's situation is special. Didn't the student council president also say that because the sports festival will be held in advance, so the executive committee comes to participate in the preparation of the sports festival. It doesn't seem unreasonable?"

"It's unfair. The president didn't say this when I was running for executive committee in my class. Otherwise, I would definitely not come to be the executive committee. I would do more for nothing!"

"The president didn't mean it?"

"I can understand that the student council president made a mistake, but as expected, these things shouldn't be done by us, right?"

Yukoshita frowned—obviously, like most people, she fell into a misunderstanding in the preconceived introduction of the president of the city—that is, sports festivals and cultural festivals are both in charge of the executive committee.But in fact, sports festivals and cultural festivals are two completely different activities. In theory, the executive committee prepared for the preparation of cultural festivals does not need to undertake the task of organizing sports festivals.If no one pointed this out, the step-by-step executive committee members would probably have forgotten it. However, when Ishiki took the initiative to raise this issue, the minds of the executive committee members who were always thinking about being lazy would probably become more active. stand up.

President Chengyou, who should have been blamed more for this issue, probably because of her usual kind but slightly vague image, and ultimately did not receive much criticism. Of course, Xuexia is not the focus of the target. It is obvious that the timetable prepared by Xuexia yesterday is estimated to be useless.

However, judging from Isshiki's expression, she actually didn't like the result-even if the result was her own.If Xuexia could discuss this task arrangement with her in advance, perhaps Isshiki would not use this method, but obviously, Yuukixia's almost ignorant attitude towards her made her somewhat angry.

It can be seen that Isshiki has not deviated too much from her own position-she should also be able to realize that her influence cannot exceed Xuexia, but she does not want to be a pure Xuexia's subordinate-she wants herself With enough influence, she hopes to make Xuexia realize that not to ignore her existence.

The topic that was just thrown out was the way she gave Yukoshita the prestige — she was telling Yukoshita that even if Yubihama didn't help herself, she also hoped that she could get enough respect from Yukoshita.Even Yubihama didn't help herself anymore, she wrote that she could find her own advantage in the contest with Yukino Yukino.

Sagami's expression on the other side of Yukoshita was very worried.She has realized the estrangement between Xuexia and Isshiki. Obviously, she also knows that this is the best time for her to play a role.However, she didn't seem to be able to say a word - or rather, she knew she should "reconcile" contradictions now, but she didn't know "how" to reconcile.

"Then, let's raise our hands to vote!" Amidst the frolicking atmosphere, Xuexia's voice sounded again.

Everyone looked at Xuexia with an incomprehensible look.

"I admit to everyone that it was my misconsideration to put the executive committees of the sports festival and the cultural festival together before, but as everyone said, the intention of the chairman should actually be to let the sports festival and The preparations for the cultural festival go ahead together-but if you don't want to do this, then we will have a show of hands."

"It is divided into students who agree to prepare the sports festival in accordance with my plan, but do not want this executive committee to participate in the operation of the sports festival. If the latter accounts for the majority, it will be made up of me and Isshiki students, the two current executive committees. Sir, come to organize a small-scale independent sports festival executive committee that is willing to participate in the sports festival operation to take the lead in preparing for the sports festival. Do you think it is okay?"

There was a rustling response from the crowd, but, obviously, the majority of people who supported this proposal under Xuexia accounted for it.

There was no trace of confusion in Xuexia's eyes—she was a decisive move to break her wrist.Before the dissatisfaction of the executive committee is transferred to the task that they need to undertake, before Isshiki prepares to go fishing in troubled waters to reduce his influence, Sagami is even preparing to "reconcile" Isshiki's contradictions with her to play her role as a shit-cutter. Previously, she decisively stripped this dangerous proposal that might affect her control of the executive committee from the executive committee’s agenda.

Establishing the executive committee of the sports festival separately-declares to the executive committees to be separate, but when facing the chairman of the city, it can also be interpreted as selecting members suitable for the operation of the sports festival from the executive committee to work-this It's not alone.

Moreover, the two executive committee chairpersons are leading-although Ishishi is mentioned, but because this is her own proposal, the dominant power is still concentrated on the side of Xuexia, which is even pitted. If Ishishi If she rejects her proposal at this time, it shows that Isshiki is irresponsible, and Isshiki certainly does not want to bear such a reputation.

Of course, Sagami Minami on the other side was completely ignored by Yukoshita in a sense-as long as the sports festival executive committee is independent of the cultural festival executive committee, then as the cultural festival executive committee Sagami, the mediator of a color feather, at least in the preparation process of the sports festival, did not have any legitimate reason to participate in the proposal.

Although this decision should make Xuexia's body more pressure-but in terms of strengthening the control of the executive committee, it has increased unabated.

This is not just a decisive move to break the arm of a strong man, she also cleverly used Isshiki's problems for herself to fight a turnaround.

Of course, under this proposal, the "separation" of the sports festival executive committee is also doomed. After all, the vast majority of members are still lazy and they are not willing to take too much responsibility.

However, do they really not take on too many tasks-if it is me, "you don't have to take on the task of operating the sports festival, so take more responsibility in the preparation of the cultural festival" to persuade those It is almost certain that those who are unwilling to participate in the preparations for the sports festival take on more tasks.

I just don't know if Xuexia will do this.

"Then, students who agree with my initial proposal, please raise their hands."

"Students who agree to the separation of the Sports Festival Executive Committee and the Cultural Festival Executive Committee, please raise their hands."

"Very good," Yukoshita nodded, and said without hesitation, "Then, the proposal for the reorganization of the Sports Festival Operation Committee by my classmates and I was passed. At today's Cultural Festival Executive Committee meeting, We won't discuss this issue anymore, do you have any comments?"

Everyone nodded in confusion.

Yoshishita's side bit her lip and frowned slightly.Realizing that he seemed to be excluded from the specific problem, Sagami shook his head unwillingly, but because of Yukoshita's combination of punches, it was too late to react, so he was helpless.

Only Xuexia Xueno, she gently pursed her mouth, showing a firm expression.

Yi Hueiyu worked very hard, but she faced Yukino Yukino, who had already missed twice in a row, and would never return to allow herself to make another mistake.

And this kind of cleverness is meaningless in the face of absolute strength.


Chapter 36: This time, a color feather did not lie

After stifling a crisis that might explode in the cradle, Xuexia's control over the Cultural Festival Executive Committee has strengthened.At this time, if Isshiki and her friends still want to sing the opposite, it is undoubtedly a moth to fight the fire.

Isshiki sat down in her seat with a little frustration. Maybe this defeat can make her realize the reality-the fact is, under the snow now, she is in the most terrible link of a machine telling the operation, if If Xuexiaxue Nai, who had no sharp edge before, would still feel overwhelmed by accidents, then Xuexiaxue now is a determined person who crushes all obstacles on his way forward.

This is the warning and persecution of a person who has strict requirements on himself, but made mistakes because of others. Yukino Yukoshita with this kind of consciousness is definitely not something that Ishiki can easily overcome. .Even if I want to help Isshiki at this time, I have to think more about it, right?

"Although the timetable I sent you earlier contains a lot of content about the operation of the sports festival, if it is today, you can also act according to the tasks arranged above. Regarding the specific staff of each department , I have tentatively designated the person in charge of each department, but if you feel unconvinced with my arrangement, of course you can also re-election-but it must be completed within ten minutes, I don’t want this meaningless The election of the head of the department affects the planning of the entire time. In addition, for some school-wide activities rather than clubs or class-based activities, such as the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao, I will join Isseki classmates-Ah, Isseki classmates are going to participate in Miss President Is Wu Gao's election right?" Xuexia tilted his head and glanced at him.

Yishi nodded unwillingly.

"Then, for events such as the Miss Chief Military High Election, I'll be the only one--" Yukoshita glanced at Sagami Minami subconsciously, making Sagami's eyes brighter, but soon, she As if he hadn’t noticed anything, he continued, "Well, let me handle it, right? Now, let’s do the activities according to my task schedule for the time being? Tomorrow I will arrange new tasks except for the sports festival. The timetable tells everyone-of course, the executive committee who is interested in participating in the sports festival operation organization now invites me to report his name, grade, and work in the executive committee."

Too resolute, even some arrogant, almost authoritarian remarks.If at this time she could ask Isshiki more to say, "If Ishiki students have any plans, you can come up with them", then the irony effect can be even higher.Probably because of her arrogance and conceit, Xuexia didn't think about this at all. This kind of gave Isshiki a little bit of face, right?

However, in any case, Xuexia had done a little too much.Although I reached a tacit agreement with her, persuaded Isshiki to back down and let her lead the two executive committee chairpersons-but her attitude of unpreparedness and negotiation made Isshiki a little too embarrassed.Even if the last one admits this reality, she, who is a little unwilling in her heart, can't work with Xuexia.

Although I also understand Yukoshita’s current behavior-she just adopted the most efficient way to deal with the opposition of all people lower than her, she used her authority and her ability to obliterate these opposition. As for Isshiki, I feel that she has completely thrown this hot potato on me!

As for Sagami Minami, who is more embarrassed around Yukoshita, and doesn't even know what she should do, probably Yukoshita has not listed that guy as a concern since the beginning-as long as she is completely unable to play a role, Kitahara Chunxi couldn't intervene, she probably thought so.

Yihuhuiyu finally gave in a little helplessly—at least for the time being. She and Xuexia were discussing something, and then, after getting some documents from her, she began to deal with it seriously.However, Sagami Minami at the other end didn't seem to talk so easily.

"Um, Yuukixia, what should I do?" She asked a little embarrassedly, but also a little nervously.

"Well, there is no work that needs Sagami's coordination for the time being. If it's convenient, can Sagami join any department to work. There is still a shortage of people for literature work!"

Yukoshita said nonchalantly, as if she had already planned Sagami's whereabouts.