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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 212

However, this is obviously not the result that Sagami wanted.However, she should have discovered that she has no use for her at least today.

"Um, it's not bad to go to Wenshi to work, but Yuushixia, I still have the task of adjusting the conflict between you and Isshiki. If you go to Wenshi to work, will it be because the tasks there are too busy? So I ignored the problem on your side—"

"——I will notify you when I have a problem with Isshiki." Xuexia replied coldly.

When there is a problem with Isshiki and I, I will notify you-which means that if I think there is no problem between Isshiki and I, I will not notify you.When Xuexia said this, it meant that she even deprived Sagami of his authority to judge whether the two were in dispute.

Sagami would not accept this, she stood up, bit her lip, and finally managed to squeeze a smile.

"Ah, by the way, I remember. I still have a lot of things to do in my class. If I don't have other tasks now, can I go back to the class to observe the situation? After all, I am not in the right class. The situation here is not very reassuring, haha!"

——If I remember correctly, you and Biqigu are in the same class, which means that you, sister, and Ye Shan are also in the same class!There is Yeshan Hayabusa in the class, and you are still worried about the situation in the class.Obviously it retreated because the atmosphere was too embarrassing, didn't it?

"No question, Sagami-san, you can go back first, I will notify you when I have a conflict with Isshiki-san." Almost unchanged words came from Yukoshita's mouth, and slammed Sagami's face abruptly. on.

She has no intention of retaining Sagami.After judging Sagami as the object of interference, she just used the quickest way to deprive Sagami of all the opportunities that might affect her.Yukino under Xuexia is a bit scary now!

It was as if she had received a great insult—of course she was indeed insulted to a certain extent. Sagami stood up with a "swish", and then, grudgingly smiled, opened her mouth to say a "goodbye", but she finally Still said nothing, just left the classroom.

Yukoshita frowned, but finally ignored Sagami.

Compared with this kind of Sagami, I looked at Isshiki's face on the other side, but I still admired Isshiki's patience.After all, compared with Sagami, a puppet with great or small power, she is the one who has power but is emptied under the snow.Of course, it is relatively difficult for her to accept this reality.

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Probably because Yukoshita's performance at the beginning was too bold, and the executive committee's classroom was also less sloppy at the beginning, and everyone was busy with work.Occasionally, a few people will report to Yukoshita sporadically. For those who report the situation, Yukoshita behaves fairly friendly-this is just compared to the kind of person who doesn't care about Sagami at all. .This kind of friendliness only guarantees that people will not feel disgusted after they are in contact with her. It is too difficult to get the goodwill of others.

However, the benefits of this are of course obvious. The efficiency of the executive committee is obviously very high. When the executive committees who have handled their own affairs came to Xuexia to report these results, Xuexia also happily agreed. They went back to their class.

In a short while, the people in the classroom became sparse.

In fact, there are not many chores. The reason why I stay in the classroom is because Isshiki is still here. She works very hard to show her sense of existence, but in front of Xuexia, these efforts are somewhat ridiculous.

However, it is obvious that she did not give up directly because of this huge power gap, which made me a little surprised.In the end, even Xuexia had begun to pay more attention to her.

"Classmate Isshi, according to the time report, your task has been completed."

"However, it is clear that Senior Xuexia did more work than me, didn't it? As the executive chairman, I don't want me to lag behind Senior Xuexia too much." Isshiki said stubbornly.

"Same as the executive chairman, but—" Yukoshita frowned and wanted to say something, but in the end she didn't say anything. Compared to Sagami Minami, she should have a certain degree of guilt for Isshiki, but before She couldn't soften her heart to Yoshiki until she confirmed the leadership of the executive committee.

But when there are not too many people in the classroom now, her cold attitude towards Isshiki can no longer be maintained.

It seemed that he was competing with Xuexia, and Xuexia sat down again to continue processing the documents. Yishishi didn't mean to stop at all.

When Higiya Hachiman left-in fact, he, like me, seemed to have been observing the farce in this situation, but as a member of the Homecoming Department activities, he finally chose to give up and continue observing after a little late in time. .

After Biqigu left, only me, Yukoshita and Isshiki were left in the classroom.

Yukoshita Yukino and Yi Huoyu faced each other awkwardly.

However, it was Xuexia who gave up first in the end.

"That's it for today? Later, I will make an appointment with Yuihama Senior Ogisaki to talk about Miss Chief Takeshi. Originally I wanted you to go with you, but since you are a contestant, there is no way. "Xuexiaxia's tone is a rare soft tone. Isshiki's expression of a bit too stubborn is a bit like an older sister, and Xuexiaxuno seems to have always been helpless against such girls.

"Then I will process these documents before leaving? It's okay for Senior Xuexia to leave first. If you really have a problem, discuss it with Senior tomorrow, can't it be fine?" Without looking up, he answered in one glance. With.

Xuexia frowned, but finally looked at me helplessly.

I made a no problem gesture to her.

"Then, I will leave first. This is only the first day. There is no need to work so hard." Being able to make Xuexia, who has worked hard to a certain extent, say such words is enough to realize what Isshiki brings to Xuexia. How deep is that feeling.

Yukino Yukino arranged her bag and left the classroom.

"There is no need to work so hard!" I sighed, and said, "Why do you try to be strong? The guy under Xuexia is too strong, you don't need to push yourself to this level-doing this to the end, you will not only If you can’t beat Xuexia, you might break your health!"

I am sincere about Isshiki's remarks.This girl, maybe in some places like to do some opportunistic cleverness, maybe in some places she will choose to use other people, but she has never been a person who will completely rely on other people for nothing. When she needs her own efforts, she Always go all out.

I never hate girls who are a little stubborn in these places. Xiaochun at the time attracted me because of this, and the current Isshiki is the same.

"There is a big gap in strength, but I still want to work hard. If I don't work hard, I just give in. This is really too bad!" Isshishi smiled reluctantly and said.

"But you tried too hard, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I worked hard, I can't bear it. This is only the first day. The gap with Senior Xuexia is still too far," Isshiki raised his head and waved at me, "Hey, Kazuya, you can let Should I give it a hug?"

"Heya, you know, anyway, I don’t like you, I just like to molest you, so, this time is the same, I just molested you, and by the way, because I am really tired, because of you This guy doesn't help me, so what does it matter if I give a hug and rest?"

I looked at Yishi, and she showed a long-lost humorous expression in front of me—although there was still unconcealable fatigue in this hint of humor.

I walked over.Isshiki sat on a chair and gently hugged my waist.

"Hey, Kazuya," she asked in a murmur, "If you can keep helping me, that would be great!"

I know that Isshiki's words are always not so trustworthy, but this time, she doesn't seem to be cheating.

Her soft body leaned against me, really leaning against me weakly, and then she closed her eyes as if praying.

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Chapter 37: The Inevitable Dilemma

The reason why human beings are different from beasts is that human beings possess rationality. At critical moments, human beings use rationality to make the best judgment.But the reason why human beings cannot completely transcend the beasts is also because not everyone can suppress sensibility with reason.This is true for anyone who seems to have a thorough understanding of this truth.

I have seen many sensible people being irrational at critical moments-including myself, including Xuexia, and now, it also includes a color feather.

I know that Isshiki's exhaustion is sincere. When she leaned against me, I felt that I could feel her feelings.If you consider it from a later point of view, this is actually a matter of course.In fact, she has been working for a position beyond her current ability, but when she was about to succeed, she eventually fell short.When she was about to regain her strength, I told her that the best option was to give up. For anyone who worked hard to this degree, this would be a huge blow, right?

When I judged the optimal solution, she was still working hard for possible results other than the optimal solution. In the final analysis, she still could not get rid of the obsession of failure.She still has unrealistic fantasies. She still does not admit the answers analyzed by her own reason, and chooses emotions at will.

But now, after working hard to this level, she still can't persist after all, right?

I was standing next to Isshi. She sat on a chair, hugged me with some difficulty, and leaned her head on my belly. I don't know how long it took.

"Heya, do you really think I can't stick to it?"

"Did you see today's result?"

"Actually, it's only a little bit? Only a little bit, you can embarrass Senior Xuexia." She rubbed my abdomen and said, squinting.

"Don't be like a cat, or be like a fox-after all, I also noticed at the time. Are you unwilling to make Yukoshita too embarrassing? At that time, when you questioned her, there was still something Can't bear it, isn't it?"

"That's a mistake. Senior Xuexia is my competitor. Isn't it a normal thing to beat my competitor by various means?"

I didn't answer Isshiki. She probably felt that she was too persuasive to say these things, so she stopped in embarrassment.