My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 213

"If this is the case," she sighed and spoke again, "I understand, and I accept your proposal. But, on the contrary, the right to speak in front of all the students in the school that you have guaranteed must be given I fight back. Otherwise, I would lose too ugly."

Isshiki's hands were still around my waist. She raised her head and looked at me with some tears. If it were in the past, of course I would know that she is pretending to be pitiful now, but after the statement just now, this Once, I was really not sure.

"Xuexia doesn't care about this. I can feel that what she cares about should be her ability to handle the entire cultural festival. If the cultural festival is arranged successfully, she shouldn't fancy these false names. "

"That's good." Isshiki finally put the hands around my waist down, drew her hair a little, and nodded.

It can be seen that she has returned to normal mode.From yesterday afternoon’s uncomfortableness, until just now that the color feather that collapsed because of too much effort is not a normal color feather, and now, when her eyes slowly become clear, and then a little sly, it means That little devil has returned.

——Although I think I am more willing to face the one who can see through the face with all the thoughts in my heart.Now this one is too shrewd.

There is a red mark on her face, probably because she just pressed too hard against my body.Isshiki also noticed this, and patted his face carefully, as if he wanted to quickly disperse the mark.

"Is it necessary?"

"Of course it is necessary! If others realize that I have just been leaning on a boy for so long, it will affect my reputation."

"Your reputation?"

"Yes," she replied naturally, "Although you are pretty good now, but you are not a prince recognized by the whole school like Senior Ye Shan. If you let others know that I chose you, not only them I will be dissatisfied with you, even with my eyesight evaluation will be lowered by one level. Although I believe that you will definitely be better than Ye Shan in the future, but before verifying my vision, I still can not be exposed-until later you reach the level of Ye Shan After that, I will tell everyone that I was the first girl to embrace Yubihama Kazuya in high school. That would be great."

"Please return the sympathy and love I have just for you! You snob girl!"

"Eh, didn’t I just say that hugging you was just molesting? Are you serious? Of course I’m a little tired, it’s true, but you think I’m a little tired and want to rest on you, which means you It’s wrong if you have reached my boyfriend’s standard. You still need to work harder. In fact, a little is enough!"

"I don't want to think about where I am, so I don't want to work hard either."

"Yeah, of course Heya will not work hard because of me, because He also likes Senior Xiao Muzhen, right?" Isshi rolled his eyes and pouted, and said.

"I don't like Senior Xiao Muzhen. If all of you have this kind of misunderstanding, it would be difficult for me to deal with it. My feelings for Seniors are—"

"--Alright, alright, I don’t need you to explain what kind of feelings you have for Senpa Xiaomushu—actually to explain how you like those words of Senpa Xiaomushu. Just now, Senior Xuexia said she and Yui Senior is going to see Senior Xiao Muzhen for something? Is that right?"


"It's not just about Miss Chief Wu Gao, right?" Isshi raised his eyebrows and asked.

"This seems to be the only mistake made by Yukinoshita today! Although it has nothing to do with the mistake of the executive committee."

"Yes, if it's just because of Miss Chief Takeshi's problem, Yui-senpai doesn't need to participate, so-is it your problem?" Isshishi looked into my eyes and asked seriously.

"A color plume that has returned to normal, your observation and judgment are still so sharp!"

"Can it be resolved? This discussion between Yui-senpai and Ogisaki-senpai?"

"According to my inference, they can't get any results from the discussion. Neither Yui sister nor Ogishao-senpai, they don’t look like people who would shrink at this time! Yuukishita participated in the discussion together, but they played a role in the middle. The role of regulation."

"It's not just about making trouble in the middle."

"Do you think Xuexia has no moral integrity like you?"

"However, this is good news for me, isn't it?" Isshiki narrowed his eyes and smiled happily.

"what do you mean?"

"Heya, I have a question for you," she blinked her eyes and asked with an inscrutable expression, "If, then, your dearest Yui sister, and your favorite Xiaomu Yu Senior, when you come to the opposite side, how will you choose?"

"I still don't understand what you mean." I frowned.

"Take a simple example," Isshiki sighed. "If Yuihama Yui and Yuki Sauna compete in the Miss Chief Military High Election, who would you vote for?"

--------------------------------------split line---------- --------------------------

I finally did not answer Isshiki's question.I also couldn't answer Isshiki's question. In my subconscious mind, this situation where Yui sister and Xiaomu Shou were completely opposed to each other had been rejected by me.The two of them will not have a frontal conflict or confrontation anyway.The hypothesis like Isshiki said does not exist.Since it doesn't exist, don't make predictions-because predictions are meaningless.

However, this does not mean that I have a clear answer to this question-because, in the final analysis, I avoided this question.

When I got home, my sister had not come back.Obviously, she was still in the conversation of Senior Xiao Muzhu.

Probably because it is rare that I went home earlier than Yui sister, so Sabre ran to me and rubbed.

——Unfortunately, I am still a determined cat pie.

The dog is a very clever animal. After realizing that I am absent-minded in the action of stroking its fur, it wags its tail, turns and leaves, and does not want to get close to me anymore.

At this moment, the voice of "I'm back" rang.

It is very simple to observe a person returning from a negotiation, especially a sister like a person who can easily expose the thoughts in his heart to his face.

But this time, I didn't see any expression on her face that could represent her mood.There is no joy of returning from victory, but no frustration of the breakdown of negotiations.

——Only calm, as if finally made up of calmness.

Before dinner, unlike in the past, Yui sister did not eagerly talk about the completely unreliable "scandal" she didn't know where she got, and then asked the mother to nod her head constantly, talking about "Heya is still very Is it popular".Everyone was eating in silence, which made the atmosphere of the whole family a little dull.

However, after dinner, when my sister knocked on the door of my room, I still knew the result of their negotiation.

My sister kept stroking the dumplings behind her head, and said helplessly: "Xiaohe, as expected, Senior Xiaomuzhen, it is much harder to handle than expected!"

"Isn't this a matter of course? Seniors are not completely unintentional people!"

"So, does Xiaohe think I am a person who has no opinion?"

"Uh-" I raised my head and looked at my sister with some incomprehension.

"Well, in fact, I can understand. I am different from Xiaohe. If I have no opinion, it is not a problem, right? You see, I have always been accustomed to looking at the atmosphere and acting in accordance with the satisfaction of others. . And Xiaohe is completely different from those who make others express their own opinions even if they sin against others. Therefore, if Xiaohe really thinks that I am a person who has no opinion, I can actually understand it. Because I am. Not so opinionated, he is not someone who knows so much!"

"So old lady, you said these things yourself, do you want me to say them again, or say something to refute you?"

"If I can, of course I hope Xiaohe can refute me. In the final analysis, if an older sister is considered to be such a person by a younger brother, she still has no face, right?" The older sister smiled embarrassedly, "But, Xiao You and you won’t refute me? Because in your heart, I really don’t have any own opinions. It’s because I don’t have any opinions, Xiaohe will always solve problems for me, always saying, "Xiaohe is the brother and I am the younger sister. 'In this case, you want to take care of me, don't you?'

I didn't immediately refute it. It was a fact-although this fact would be cruel and embarrassing if it were stated directly.

"But, sister, you are still very assertive in some aspects. For example, this time I went to discuss with seniors about my affairs, not to mention the specific results. You made this judgment yourself. Isn't that wrong?"

"Yes, I will do this for some things that are directly related to Xiaohe. But, sure enough, this is not enough!"

"What do you mean by not enough?" A somewhat dangerous color flashed in my sister's eyes.

"Xiaohe, when I came back, I told Xiaoxue that I was ready to participate in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao." My sister answered me.

"Actually, I had this idea a long time ago. In fact, I can be considered cute, right? Xiaohe always praises me, doesn't it? Actually, compared to the second grade student Yanagihara, I should not be much worse than her. Well! Also, Yumiko and Xiaoxue will support me, so how should I say, I always feel that if I go to the competition, I should not be too bleak. Well, Xiaohe, don’t care too much about this matter. You have nothing to do, you just want to try it, definitely not because you were stimulated by the seniors—"

The sister hesitated to explain.However, in fact, I didn't really care what she was participating in the competition for. I just remembered the hypothesis that Isshiki mentioned to me as a joke not long ago.

If Yuihama Yui and Yuki Sauna compete in the Miss Chief Military High Election, who would you vote for?

The problem that I have been avoiding is about to become a problem that I cannot avoid.