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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 214

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Chapter 37.25: The Triangle of Three (1)

Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai sat in the family dining room off campus with some embarrassment. She has rarely shown her face in this place. At this time, she has attracted the attention of many bystanders.With the news that she is going to continue to run for Miss Zong Wu Gao, Xuecai once again became a core topic figure within a certain range. The discussion about whether she can set an unprecedented three consecutive championships is also a recent discussion by Zong Wu Gao. An important conversation resource in the gossip circle.

Xuecai doesn't like to be the focus of the crowd in this way.However, this is inevitable. When she makes this choice, the discussion on this topic will definitely become a focus-this is what she can expect.But she still hopes that this kind of storm can be calmed down as much as possible, but it seems that this is no longer possible.Because, just this morning, the cultural festival executive chairman who had just taken office approached her, hoping to discuss with her the situation of the Miss Chief Military High election.

It stands to reason that the executive committee chairman of the cultural festival should avoid suspicion in this regard, but neither Xuecai nor the other party felt that this incident was an event that might affect Xuecai’s reputation. This can only prove that Xiaomu Shuxue Cai still has an absolute advantage in this election.

In all fairness, this time she took the initiative to participate in the competition, and Xuecai's willingness to win is much higher than the previous two. Therefore, if the executive committee really intends to clear up the accident for herself in advance, she does not want it last year. This situation happened again.This is why she still agreed to participate in the discussion with the executive chairman after hesitating.

As for the reason for hesitating again and again, it was because the executive committee chairperson who came to her was the second-year Yukino Yukino.

Xuexia Xuena is also a well-known figure among the students of Zou Wu Gao. The impeccable appearance and undisputed top grades make her a topic worth discussing among some boys in the third grade-this Xuecai I know.If her personality can be more friendly, her popularity is estimated to be higher.However, Yukina’s understanding of Yukoshita was not due to the gossip news of the group of boys. She felt that she might understand a more real Yukoshita, this "more real Yukoshita" came from Yubihama Kazuya .Of course, she also had a relationship with Xuexia, but that kind of contact did not allow her to make a complete and thorough evaluation of Xuexia Xueno. Her impression of Xuexia still came from Kazuki's narration.

Poisonous tongue, stubborn, insisting on an absolutely correct concept, and constantly indulging in it-this is Heya's comment to Xuexia. Although the evaluation seems very low, he has to admit that Xuexiaxue is a powerful existence. , To advance their goals with their own will, without compromise, without mercy.It's not that Xuecai can't deal with such people, but she knows that if such people really want to achieve their goals, it is difficult for others to stop her.

So sometimes, Yukina would compare such kind of Xuexia with Haruki Kitahara, who recruited herself into the light music club.She knew that there was an invisible duel between the two on the issue of the recovery of the light music club-the same person who hoped to solve all the problems. Yukino Yukoshita adopted the upright way of crushing, but she lost this time. Kitahara Haruki, whose sword goes slant, may not necessarily agree to Kitahara in other situations, and the Dongma and Sa students will continue to be stubborn, but at least this time, Kitahara Haruki’s slant sword turned into a decay. It's amazing.

And allowing Beiyuan Chunxi to do this is also related to dislike him.

"Hey!" Xuecai sighed softly with a smile that looked a little indulgent but somewhat helpless.

She likes the boy who is as smart as her own brother-yes, even Yubihama looks smart no matter how smart he is, how good at controlling everything and understanding everything in front of others, but in front of her, he Always just a somewhat clumsy boy.In fact, there are some people who are tied up in front of me. Xuecai has seen many people. Xuecai doesn't hate this kind of shyness, but don't expect her to like such boys-those boys who confess to themselves are used by themselves. Rejected in the most euphemistic way.

However, and is also different. Although Xuecai doesn’t know why and is also different, but in her heart, the boy who has a little second-degree aura often wants to ask her for help is not the status of the boy. the same.It is precisely because of the difference that she hopes to convey her expectations of him to him, but it is also because of his difference that she is unwilling to tell him directly what she thinks.She hoped that he could understand her intentions.

She always hoped that he could understand. She felt that she also believed that he could understand.So, if he can comprehend, if he can understand, what will happen?Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai narrowed her eyes and showed a lazy, somewhat charming expression, causing the boys who had been observing her by her side to swallow abruptly.

I think I like him too, if he confesses to me, I can accept it!Although the age difference of two years seems a bit strange, the impact is not big!Like a little devil, she thought a little mischievously.

However, her smile quickly closed, because she saw the two girls who were walking towards her now—she began to realize that maybe, the simpler meeting she expected at the beginning might be a little different. The same.

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"Sorry, Senior Xiao Muzhen, the executive committee has dealt with things a bit late, and the executive committee on the first day came up with a little accident." Xue Nai walked quickly to the snow, nodded, and said.

"It's nothing, I haven't been there for long," Yukina glanced at Yui next to Yukino with a slightly puzzled look. "Well, so, is Yuhihama-san also working on the executive committee?"

"Uh, actually I—"

"--Yes, Yubihama is my assistant for the time being." Yukino interrupted Yui's words to explain.

"Okay? So don't tell me that all the current members of the Ministry of Service are members of the Executive Committee!" Xue Cai said half-jokingly.

"Since Mr. Xiao Mu Shu asked this question, the answer is indeed yes. Even now, Yuihama is still helping another executive chairman to process documents!" The corner of Yukino's mouth showed a slight curvature, gently To say.

"Really, hey? Is he still at school now?" Xuecao was slightly stunned, then cast a glance at Yui, and said.

"Yes, he is now helping Isshiki with the files."

"Classmate Yi Hueiyu?" This time, Xuecai's face became paler, but she quickly adjusted it, "They are next to the classmates, and help her friends. It's normal, isn't it? Heya, now and when school starts, it has actually changed a lot!"

Yui looked at the two with some uncertainty. After her first sentence was interrupted by Yukino, she realized that her "battle" with Yukino and Xiaomu Yukuna had actually begun.She can also roughly feel the occasional stagnant atmosphere and not-so-friendly attitude in the conversation between the two.If it was her in the past, she might have to do some things to adjust the atmosphere at this time-but now, her position is to question Yukina's position, so she can only look at Yukino and Yukina in silence. This kind of unobviously dewy conversation between.

"We're not discussing the issue of Heye? After all, it has nothing to do with our conversation today." In the end, Xuecai was the one who gave up in this conversation first. Discussing the issue of Heye is likely to make her feel a little uneasy. , She doesn't like that she is showing this state in front of others now.

"It's just mentioned by the way." Xue Na nodded, and she was not prepared to delve into these words.

"So, Xuexia, what are you going to talk about when you come to me in the name of the executive committee?" Xuecai took a deep breath and asked.

"I looked at the election situation of Miss Chief Wu Gao in the past two years and found a very interesting thing. Everyone thinks that Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai's two consecutive championships in Miss Chief Wu Gao is a very easy thing, but In fact, this is not the case, is it? Senior Xiao Muzhen encountered some accidents in the two previous elections, didn't he?"

Xuecai nodded with complicated expression.

"We don’t need to discuss the details of the successful election of the senior in the first grade. Last year, someone sent a bad rumor to the senior? In the end, it was only through the explanation of the student union. If there is no explanation from the student union, then last year In fact, the predecessors may have been involved in some unexplainable scandals, right? Then there is no need to consider the issue of participating in the Miss Chief Military High election, right?"

"But the past events are over, and the problems that have been solved will not appear afterwards." Xuecai said calmly, "So, what exactly does Xuexia-student mean?"

"I just want to emphasize that this year's Miss Ms. Wu Gao's election by Xiao Muyu will not necessarily be too smooth, and the executive committee hopes to help the seniors to remove obstacles in this area-at least to eliminate the situation last year, I think the seniors are too. Only in anticipation of this situation would you agree to discuss with us?" Yukoshita folded his hands and said seriously.

"I did expect it," Xuecai nodded, sighed, and said, "But what I want to ask is why Xuexia had to take the initiative to propose this proposal-I admit that this proposal is very beneficial to me, but , What benefits can the executive committee get from this that will make you take the initiative to propose this proposal?"

"Because the unprecedented three-in-one tyrant can add to the topicality of the school, this is a good talk for the general manager of the joint school festival project with Qingquan Middle School, right? And this year we plan to resume the suspension last year. Lottery-the reward for the special prize is still a trip to Strasbourg. I heard that Mr. Xiao Muzhen was the winner of the previous year, but you gave up the special prize. Now two years later, I don’t know if the predecessor’s mentality is correct. Has it changed?"

"If, I mean if," Yukino's eyes narrowed, revealing a deeper gaze, "If Senior Ogishu can once again be the Miss Chief Military High this year and win that special award, then this is the only thing. , You can add some legendary color to the school. If you want to promote Zong Wu Gao, it is also a good thing to promote in this way of highlighting the legendary individual!"

"In that case, does the executive committee hope to create a'legendary' image of Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai in order to increase the topicality of the school?"

"Of course, if Senior Xiao Muzhen is not willing to become this'legend', we will not reluctantly. The executive committee will not promote seniors to become this'legend', of course. We certainly will not do things that deliberately interfere with the election of seniors. "Xunai said confidently.

Xuecai looked at Yukino seriously and shook her head. Finally, she showed a complicated expression: "Student Xuexia, do you know how Kazuya evaluates you in front of me?"

"Yuhihama Junior Brother? It's probably a poor evaluation, right?"

"Minister Yukoshita, the firmness she used when trying to reach her goal, the firmness that she continued to persist even if she was wrong, is very annoying—" Xuecai paused and smiled bitterly, "However, that This kind of self-confidence, but it makes people feel sparkly."

"Is this the assessment of that guy?" During this conversation, Yukino rarely lost consciousness.

"Yes, Kazuya still admires his minister-but," Xuecai shook her head and said, "As he said, I don't like your kind of Xuexia classmate, even if it's a mistake. It’s annoying that you have to stick to it. Maybe you don’t think this is wrong, but I don’t like your unauthorized positioning of me. I am very grateful to Xuexia’s respect for me and discuss this matter with me in advance. However, since it has been discussed in advance, please allow me to refuse."

"It's not that I don't want to be a'legend' or an'idol', but I don't want to be a shaped idol. Respect my heart, work hard in my own way to achieve results, and if I can't do that If it arrives, then I don't deserve to be a competitor for Miss Chief Wu Gao's three consecutive championships, am I?" Xuecai gently, but smiled firmly, looked at Xue Na and asked.

"Did the negotiation break down?" Xue Nai was silent for a while, showing an obvious frustrated expression. She had no idea that Xue Cai would refuse so decisively.

The fact is also true. In this election, Xuecai's desire for victory is stronger than the previous two times-so strong that she will not refuse the help of the executive committee because of her self-esteem. For her idol or school legend, Xuecai Not annoying, because she actually already exists like this now.Therefore, Xue Nai couldn't find any reason why Xue Cai would obviously oppose his proposal.

——However, she rejected Yukino on the grounds that she was "unwilling to be molded."

"Unwilling to be molded means, unwilling to be controlled by other people's ideas, controlling your own future?" She muttered a little, not so surely to herself.

"If there is anything else you want to do, Yuukixia, if you can convince me, I can think about it again."

"Nothing." Xuexia turned her head, the firmness and forward aura that she had shown before was just like a deflated balloon, suddenly disappeared a lot.

"Then, if there is nothing else, I will leave first—"

"——Wait a minute, Senior Xiao Muzhen," Yui stood up after being silent for a long time, "I want to discuss something with you, a personal matter, okay?"

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