My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 215

Chapter 37.5: The Triangle of Three (2)

If he must give a clear answer, Yuihama Yui felt that he should have admired Xiaomu Suzuna.Just as she yearned for Yukino Yukoshita before, Yuihama Yui has her own yearning for radiant girls.The winner of two consecutive miss Sotake High School, as a school idol standing at the top of the school's popularity, Yui thinks that there is no intersection with that world, and the world she has heard about Yukina Oguki belongs to. of.

If facing Yukino, she can still face each other with the same attitude as both of them, then Yui does not have any illusions when facing Yukana, who is both a senior and an unreachable existence of herself. of.

If she and Xiao Mu Shou-sen met, it would be a very disturbed fan and idol meeting. If Yui had such a vision, she felt that the meeting should be like this.

——But the first meeting between Yuihama Yui and Yukuna Yuki was in the kind of arrogant Shura field mode. It all depends on that child!

Yui knew that his younger brother and himself were completely two types of people. His younger brother was much better than himself. Although the two of them were unexpectedly clumsy and bad at some places, they were in many other places. , The kind of "genius" shown by Yubihama Kazuya made Yui always feel ashamed.If there is an intersection between such a Yubihama Kazuya and such an excellent Yukizuna Yukina, then it is not surprising.

——Of course, there are still some weird things, because Heya and Xuecai's acquaintance is not through some superficial means, but a very simple connection between migrant workers and guests.

Then Yui slowly learned about the other side of Yuki Sauna, besides the flower of the high mountain in the school, that is more plain and approachable, more kind, and closer to people.

However, this did not change Yui's vision of Yukina.Because, even if she recognizes the other side of Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai, she still finds that Xuecai has a side beyond her reach.

That is the protection of my brother.Yuihama Kazui also naturally relies on Ogizuna Yukina, but he strongly wants to protect Yuihama Yui.Yui couldn't judge whether it was better to be the dependent person or happier as the protected person.But what she knows is: In fact, as a sister, she should hope to become the "reliant person".

However, if this was Kazuki's choice, Yui couldn't stop it - she had never really stopped Kazuki's words and thoughts.She just plainly hoped that Senior Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai could take over her duties and always guard Heya unswervingly.

Therefore, when she realized that she couldn't do this, even she herself didn't realize that her anger would be so serious.

If you can't protect and support Xiaohe from the beginning, then from the beginning, you should not take my responsibility!Maybe I can't compare to the support for Xiaohe from my predecessors, but I know that only I will never betray Xiaohe!

If Senior Xiao Muzhen gave up Xiaohe, then I should protect Xiaohe now!

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"——Wait a minute, Senior Xiao Muzhen," Yui stood up after being silent for a long time, "I want to discuss something with you, a personal matter, okay?"

Yukina frowned, glanced at the time displayed on her mobile phone screen, looked at Yui's determined pupils, and nodded slightly.

Yukino on the other side glanced at Yui in surprise, she raised her hand, but at the moment she was about to grab Yui's arm, she still put it down.

"It's about Owa, do you know what I'm going to say?" Just like a warrior going forward, Yuihama Yui has no room for retreat. She uses what she is not so good at to get straight to the point. In this way, he directly ran into the camp of Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai.

"I think He should also understand what I mean," Xuecai said softly after considering it for a long time. "He did something wrong before. I hope he can correct his mistake. So, this is what I did to him. Test, or rather, this is what I expect of him!"

"So Senior knows Xiaohe's thoughts, don't he? Know Xiaohe's idea that he doesn't want Seniors to join the Light Music Club."

"He told me."

"Even if you know, you still want to veto Xiaohe's sincerity, just to'let Xiaohe understand his mistakes', Senior Xiaomu, don't you think you are a bit too arrogant?" Yui worked hard. Controlling his own voice, not letting the commotion on his side affect other people, while expressing his emotions unabashedly said.

"As a senior, as a elder sister, I think I should lead and also move in a correct direction-he has gone to a strange logic now. If it is not corrected, it will be very dangerous in the future." He frowned and said, "As his sister, don't you notice the strangeness in Heye?"

"I feel it. I know that something is wrong with Xiaohe, but Xiaohe also knows that there is something wrong with him. Xiaohe is also working hard to correct it? So, why can't seniors use a kind of gentler, like you used to treat Xiaohe How about telling Xiaohe that something is wrong with the way he did so hard to support? Why use such a drastic, almost breaking with Xiaohe way to let Xiaohe do the so-called "understanding"? "

"I admit, maybe it's because there is still a little selfishness?" After a long silence, Xuecai sighed and said, "I just have an idea, if he can understand it. I mentioned it before, it's me. Expectations of him—"

"——If you are looking forward to it, then please speak it uprightly, openly, and clearly! Why do you always use such a cryptic statement? Senior Xiao Muzhen, you joined the Light Music Club, you just saw it On the surface, Xiaohe is unwilling, but do you know how much effort you have trampled on him? Whether it is me or elementary school, I have long proposed that letting seniors join the light music club will solve the problem, but I have been Xiaohe. He was persuaded, Xiaohe told us that the predecessors would not want to join the light music club, and Xiaohe did not want the predecessors to go to the club to be too public. We understand, and Xiaohe also worked harder to not affect In the case of seniors to solve problems, Xiaohe must have never told you about this kind of thing? Your current choice, how much Xiaohe's efforts have been trampled on, do you really know seniors? If it is for your expectations, Why don't you experience Xiaohe's expectations for Senior Xiao Muzhen!"

"——Yubihama!" Yukino reached out and held Yui who was a little too excited.

Yui's face flushed with anger and unwillingness, and a bit too heavy sorrow.

On the other side, Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai's expression turned pale this time without any choice.

"But, it can't be changed anymore!" After a long time, she bit her lip and said.

"Who said that it can't be changed, as long as the seniors quit the light music club at this time—"

"--However, there is no way to change it." Although she was a little confused for a while, it seemed that Xiaomu Yuxue had adjusted her mentality well. "Of course, I didn't say that I would be sorry for the student Beiyuan who prepared together. With Dongma-classmates, and Iizuka-classmates, if it’s just them, just apologize. But if it changes now, then the meaning of the choice I made will disappear."

"Xiaohe's true thoughts, for seniors, can't compare to the so-called'meaning of making a choice'?" Yui gritted her teeth and said seriously.

"However, what I want to tell him is exactly what he calls the'real thoughts'!" For the first time in the conversation between the three, Xuecai also rarely showed some angry expressions, "If, even I also violated my true words, so how should I tell him to express his true feelings?"

"The predecessor meant that you didn't join the light music club because you wanted to stimulate Xiaohe. Is it your real idea to join the light music club?"

"Yui-san, can't you feel it?" Yui said with a bitter smile, "Kazuya is too smart, but he is also too conceited. He is too self-righteous to feel my true thoughts. However, My real thoughts may be contrary to what he thinks, maybe, and what he communicated to you!"

"I originally thought there was no reason for seniors to join the light music club." Yui murmured, "Maybe Owa thinks so too."

"Then, Senior Ogisuo, can you tell us the reason why you joined the light music club last time, and it has nothing to do with Yubihama?" After a period of adjustment, Yukino, who had recovered her calm, interjected at this time.

"Because I like to sing, I hope I can sing in front of everyone. I hope I can use my voice to convey the truth of my heart. Is this okay?"

"This reason seems a little irrefutable!" Xue Nao nodded, lowered her head again, and began to think.

"Then, did you get a satisfactory answer to my'private question'? Yui-san." Yukana nodded and looked at Yui gently, and said.

"If it's someone else, should you be satisfied?" However, what she saw was Yuihama Yui's unyielding eyes. "But if it's facing Oto, I'm still not satisfied."

Yukina looked at Yui in surprise.And the stubborn, reluctant look of the other party is clearly showing that Yuihama Yui is an unexpectedly persistent, unexpectedly strong person in this regard.

"Because Xiaohe is a younger brother! Xiaohe is my younger brother! Senior Xiao Muzhen, your explanation is okay--or, your explanation is so impeccable. Impeccable enough that I can't believe that this is senior Xiao Muzhen What I said when explaining Xiaohe’s problem. Of course, I believe what the predecessor Xiao Muzhen said. I believe that Senior Xiao Muzhen wants to make Xiaohe understand, and wants Xiaohe to understand - but this is not enough!"

"Senior Xiao Muyan who is too sensible has a problem, so gentle, so tolerant Xiao Muyan, how can he become so sensible at this time? You just don't want to admit it, you just don't want to admit it, you There are some more selfish thoughts, and you have some, maybe even darker attitudes that you don’t even know."

"Is the dark side of me? Facing Heye?"

"If, I mean, suppose, if I organize a band at this time and want to participate in the cultural festival performance and invite Senior Xiao Muzhen to participate, would you agree?"

"This is too hasty, right?" Xuecai replied somewhat bewildered.

"Yes, it's really rushed, but I just want to explain that there are actually many ways to sing in front of everyone, but why do you agree to the invitation of Senior Kitahara? You know, Xiaohe and Senior Kitahara are solving The competitor on that issue, you clearly know that Xiaohe does not like Senior Kitahara. When you know these things, in fact, you can make Xiaohe understand his true thoughts, but at the same time it is not exciting. Small and excessive, real choices, isn't it?"

Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai's face dimmed.

"However, the predecessors still chose this path that is not the most ideal. Of course, I don’t hate such predecessors and selfish predecessors--but if they are such predecessors, I would And to you."

"Xiaoxue, that, you can still sign up for Miss Chief Wu Gao's election, isn't it?" Yui turned her head and looked at Xue Nao.

"Yuhihama, what did you mean--" Yukino frowned slightly, "You are overdoing it now."

"Please, Koyuki, only this time, only this time, I want to work hard." However, Yui's earnest eyes made her a little confused.

"Senior Xiaomushu, this time I’m sincere, I want to work hard," even a little unconfident, but Yui still stood up stubbornly, "I want to work hard. Maybe it’s impossible to do this. Maybe even if the goal is achieved, it may not necessarily achieve the result I want. Maybe this may be one of the stupidest choices I have made. However, this time the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao, I will defeat you!"

I'm probably crazy!Yui thought this way. This is completely different from the purpose of my first visit to Senior Xiaomushu. This is completely different from my purpose of helping Xiaohe for an explanation!

But maybe this is my "real" idea!She laughed so softly again.

Senior Xiao Muzhen, you mentioned your inner "reality". You want to tell Xiaohe and let him find the inner "reality", but it seems that you first conveyed this idea to me!

I admire the predecessors of Xiao Mutong, and I yearn for the predecessors of Xiao Mutong, and I understand that Xiaohe is more dependent on the predecessors of Xiao Mutong-but I am the one who most wants to lose to the predecessors of Xiao Mutong.