My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 216

Because I am Xiaohe's sister!

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Yui sister in front of Ogisao-sen and Yui sister in front of Owa seem to have completely different attitudes!It's hard work for Yui sister who has been so hard!


Chapter 37.75: The Triangle of Three (3)

When she finally shouted out her duel declaration, Yui's voice seemed a little louder, which also made a group of passersby quietly observing the three high-value girls have some commotion for a while.However, despite blushing for a while, Yui's momentum did not weaken at all.That's how she stood up and looked at Xuecai.

Like everyone else, Yukina's face showed a surprised look at first, but she quickly nodded and said, "No problem, I welcome your challenge, Yuihama Yui-san ."

"I also know that it is absolutely difficult to really compete with Senior Xiao Muzhen, but since I said that, I must work hard to the end. I am not completely out of chance!"

"In theory, everyone's opportunities are not the same, are they?"

"I also have my advantages. If I play well, I have a chance. Don't be careless, seniors!"

"I also said that this time, I will win. This time, my hope of winning is stronger than the previous two times. Therefore, I will not relax." Yuk Cai fiddled with her hair and tidyed it up. The double ponytail behind his head said seriously.

A very strange atmosphere of competition, which is well known to both of them, was born.

Both of them knew the purpose of each other's competition, and both knew that the other side knew their purpose. It seemed to be a duel with very different strengths, but both of them regarded each other as their true competitors.

Yukino on the side was slightly lost looking at Yui and Yukina, who were sparking.

Originally, she felt that she should be the leader of this conversation.Compared with the unprepared Yui and Xuecai, she is most fully prepared for this discussion. She almost calculated and grasped all the subtle interests and ideas of Xiaomu Yu Xuecai in order to let Xuecai accept Own proposal.In her plan, after Yukina accepted her proposal, she was somewhat dependent on the executive committee, and she couldn't express too much attitude towards Yuihama's doubts.According to what I know about Yui, as long as I stop her excitement at an appropriate time, this discussion can be carried out in a peaceful atmosphere.

——But this time, she miscalculated again.The third calculation error in two days left her a little confused for a while.She didn't know these mistakes, and where they were.

Obviously, she is resolutely implementing her "correctness" according to her usual practice, using the most efficient and best way to achieve her goals, but she has missed out on those things that are not in accordance with common sense time and time again. People with cards.

Xuexiaxue is a lonely person-but loneliness is not wrong. To be precise, as long as she always proves her "right", she can prove that her "loneliness" is not wrong. This is when she hesitates, Someone told her to give her a confident "rightism".

Therefore, she cannot continue to make mistakes-she has not allowed herself to make mistakes anymore.If the current self does not have the ability to be absolutely correct, it means that she has to deny the trajectory of her life in the previous seventeen years.This is her unbearable weight.

Is the "real" in yourself?Yukino looked at the two people trying to stick to the "truth".At least, she now feels that her "truth" should be her right.

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After a long absence, Yukoshita Yukino and Yuihama Yui set foot on the same road home.Both Yukino and Yui "missed" the nearest tram with some tacit understanding.

"Sorry, did the unauthorized act just now cause Koyuki's troubles?" Yui's eyes kept turning, and she glanced anxiously, after she lost the pretense strength of facing Yukana. With Xue Nai.

"Nothing. In fact, Miss Zong Wu Gao itself is actually a selection activity that wanders between formal and informal. The school will not restrict students from participating, but on the contrary, the school will not deliberately support this activity. After all, there are always people in society who are full and have nothing to do. They will regard this selection as a way of'objectifying women'. And it seems that you still can't find enough reason to refute them. So even if it is selected now Registration has stopped, and it is not difficult to add you to the list." Xue Nao shrugged and replied.

"That's fine. If the remarks I just made caused Xiaoxue's troubles, then I would be really embarrassed! Actually, I didn’t say these remarks without thinking. Yesterday’s club activities After the end, I also asked Yomiko to test her attitude, and she seemed to support my participation. So, in front of Senior Xiao Muzhen today, I just strengthened my attitude!" I am embarrassed to scratch. Scratching his own dumplings, Yui blushed and said, "Uh-I didn't deliberately want to hide Koyuki, I just think that if this aspect has something to do with Koyuki, the executive chairman, it seems like Some are not fair enough, so I say—"

"——Yuhihama Yui-kun, do you think you are still talking about these things that have something to do with me and become unfair? You have already told me so much, please ask me so many things. "

"Well, it seems like this!"

"As for Miura-san, although that guy is not very good, she still has a certain appeal. If you want to participate in the competition and win, it is also a good choice to use that guy's influence." He spread his hands and said, "You have a good relationship with her. This is a very legitimate relationship. I don't care about my opinion at all."

"Uh, uh, I know Koyuki is the best, and I can understand me best." Yui grabbed Yukino's body, and kept rubbing her head against Yukino's body.

"—Well, Yubihama-student, don't do this, I will be very troubled."

"No, Xiaoxue is actually very cute, if Xiaoxue goes to the competition, that would be great!"

"It's impossible. Yubihama has the opportunity to think about how you should find a way to win the predecessor Ogizhao! After all, you have said so much, so don't lose too ugly if you lose in the end! Just rely on Miura. Human influence is definitely not enough, and I can’t help you too much in this regard, so besides Miura’s help, do you have any other ideas?"

"Ahem, for this, not yet, Xiaoxue, do you think I can go to classmate Liu Yuan-uh, I know I was wrong!"

"All in all," Yukino sighed and said, "I think you also know that from the perspective of the executive committee, this time if Senior Xiao Mushu can win three consecutive championships this time, the topicality is still the strongest, although this time Senior Xiao Mushu Rejected my proposal, but it is even more impossible for me to do things that hinder the predecessors. If you really want to try, I can only provide you with the kind of guarantee just provided to the predecessors— -Any negative news about Yuihama Yui will never appear, and it can only be so."

"It's okay, I also know that Koyuki has worked very hard, this kind of thing still depends on me, right?" Yui smiled lightly and said.

"Of course, there is one more thing," Yukino hesitated for a moment, and then continued to ask, "Yuhihama, um, your brother, facing this situation, it should be difficult to deal with it?"

Yui's face also dimmed instantly.

"I still have to talk about what Xiaohe has to say. I just leave it to me." Yui shook his head and showed a reluctant smile. "In fact, I don't mean to make Xiaohe choose what to do. Well, even if Xiaohe’s vote didn’t choose me, it wouldn’t be a big deal to choose Xiaomujun. All in all, it shouldn’t have a big impact on Xiaohe, right? After all, it’s Xiaohe! That kid's whole Heaven didn’t treat me as an older sister. Maybe the reaction this time would be, “Ah, old sister, what’s the use of you going to the competition now? You must lose to the predecessor Xiao Muzhen!” or “Okay.” Well, in order not to make you lose too ugly, I will vote for you first, haha, hahaha."

Yui smiled reluctantly, but looking at Yukino's serious, serious expression, her smile gradually disappeared.

Instead, there was a firm look: "Whether Xiaohe understands me or not, for me, this time is a choice made by myself, and this time, it is also my own battle. So, at least, occasionally, I still have to There is a little sister’s majesty in front of Xiaohe. This is the way to help him come to Senior Xiao Muzhen to find an explanation, and it is the same to prove my value in front of Senior Xiao Muzhen!"

At that moment Yuihama Yui's eyes were persistent, and he was not confused—even, Yukino felt a little envious.

In fact, she herself should be the one who is least confused about herself.The best Yukino Yukino, the Yukino Yukino who knows her best, everyone thinks of her like that.She also said of herself.

The only time she was shaken came from the summer stay together not long ago. When the elementary school girl was facing the same situation as herself, she experienced the sense of disharmony from the perspective of a bystander for the first time, and this was also her For the first time, I was confused about my choice.

If, at that time, helped Tsurumi to stay in the United States, it would mean denying the value of Tsurumi's choice of staying in the United States—similarly, denying the value of her own choice.

When everyone’s opinions are the same, only Yubihama’s opinion is the opposite-no help is needed, to adapt, tell her the path she has been walking is the right way, tell her that “isolation” is not It means wrong, and the truth is often in the hands of a few people.

So, like a life-saving straw, she proved that she was correct-although this correct concept came from other people, as long as she was correct, then she would not be confused.

Therefore, as long as Xuexia Xuena continues smoothly, she doesn't need to change.

However, recently, she has had too many unsuccessful incidents—not smoothly, even she herself began to doubt the truth of that truth.

What Yuhihama Yui and Ogizuma Yukuna argue about is the value in front of Yubihama Kazuya, and she knows this.

So, when he was in a dilemma, the guy who gave himself confidence at the time and then left irresponsibly, if he can prove his value and can help himself, isn’t it? All things will do. Is it different?

However, Yukino's dignity did not allow her to seek that kind of help from Yubihama.

Therefore, all she can do is to rely on herself and persevere to the end.

Even this persistence is extremely difficult for her.

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The number of words in this chapter is less than 4k, but there is nothing to write.And to be honest, I don’t know if this book is used to writing in the first person. I feel awkward when writing in the third person. Obviously my other books are in the third person.All in all, at the end of this small chapter, I can finally return to the perspective of Heya, which is torture QAQ.


Frame 38: The precursor to the collapse

In fact, if we exclude emotional interference and consider the answer to this question from a purely objective perspective, then there is actually not much controversy about this question.

The problem is that everyone knows that this problem is never just a simple question of Miss Chief Wu Gao's choice.Even though Yui sister tried her best to conceal her confrontational psychology with Xiaomu Shou-sen, in front of me, her unconfidence and uncertainty were still very obvious.As for Senior Xiao Muzhen, when she learns the news, she will also understand the meaning of the news, right?

My idiot sister, this time, you really gave me a big problem!So why didn't the minister stop her in this regard?Even asking her to think about it is better than saying that "Xiaoxue will support me"!

Maybe my expression was too obvious. My sister still noticed my frustration. She continued to explain with great effort: "Well, Xiaohe really doesn’t need to be bothered. Xiaohe’s choice or something, I’m sure Will not interfere—"