My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 217

——I said that I won’t interfere, but if I really voted for Senior Xiao Muzhen, I can’t stand your pitiful and miserable expression like old sister.

"Really, this is just my choice, and it really has nothing to do with Xiaohe. Xiaohe only needs to take this matter—well, isn’t Xiao Caiyu also running for the election? Just take me for the election. Isn’t that the same as Xiao Caiyu’s participation?"

——In this way, although it may seem to relieve myself a little bit of pressure, that fellow Isshiki, and Yui sister, your position in my heart is completely different.

"Anyway, I’m the least stressed person. Although I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, I’ve been preparing for it from now on. If it really doesn’t work then, it shouldn’t be a big deal to withdraw temporarily. The final result is not ideal. Good reason, saying that there is not enough preparation time for me, so say, haha—"

——Lying, lying without suspense, it is precisely because you participate at this time that you can express your persistence in victory. If you really hold this "it doesn't matter if you lose" mentality, then you are completely unnecessary Sign up at this time, and there will be a chance next year, right?

"Of course, if you don’t know how to make Xiaohe and let Xiaohe know about this, I think Xiaohe will definitely be troubled, so this choice still has to be talked to Xiaohe, but the last thing to do, and What results will appear at that time will have nothing to do with Xiaohe, Xiaohe only needs to know this."

The expression on my sister’s face is sincere. She seems to sincerely want to get rid of the uncertainty in my heart. However, the expression on her face is somewhat cringe, like she is afraid of something, she is worried. She was wondering if I could accept her explanation.

Yui Hama is a mixture of such contradictions.On the one hand, she can make unexpected and persistent decisions for her own determination. On the other hand, she is always considering other people’s ideas. It will be because of family, group, and friends. The attitude of the person seems daunting.

——I suddenly discovered that this time, the only person who made her afraid of participating in the competition was me.

"Compared with Yanagahara who is also in the second grade, I shouldn't be much worse than her! Moreover, Yumiko and Koyuki will support me." She said so.

In fact, she has quietly received support from her friends and members of the circle to which she belongs.Before I knew it, she had made enough effort.

Then, she is now asking for "permission" from her brother.

Therefore, I think I should not trample on Yuihama Yui's rare attachment.

"I understand, Yui sister, at least in this matter of your competition, I will fully support you."

——Of course, the answer to that question, let me delay the answer, right?

I saw my sister's completely relaxed, bright smile: "Well, thank you Xiaohe!"

At the moment Yuihama Yui smiled, I felt that my choice should be right.

------------------------------------split line------------ -------------------------

Of course, I agreed to my sister's approach, but that doesn't mean that I will not question the people involved in this matter.

This should be the first time I took the initiative to make a call from Yukoshita Yukino-by the way, I don't know when I got the minister's call.Before, it seemed that I didn't need to take the initiative to contact her, and she didn't mean to take the initiative to contact me. This made me almost feel that I had never recorded the minister's phone number.

Therefore, when I found her number from the address book, I did have a feeling of discovering the new world.

"I'm Yukino." The call was quickly connected, and there seemed to be some fatigue in Yukino's familiar cold voice.

"Minister, I'm Yubihama, um, Yubihama."

"Of course, I'm not so bad that I can't distinguish the voices of you and your sister-step back ten thousand steps and say, even if I really can't distinguish your voice, I at least know that the other end of the phone is a boy's. Voice, if you think you can’t tell whether the other end of the phone is a male or a female, I think I’m going to give you another grade lower.”

Hey, it's really ruthless, but it is also very spicy in Yukino's style.

"Just in case, if the minister knows other people with the surname Yubihama, I think it will be difficult for me to do it-but I think I did have a little extra effort just now. After all, the minister has no friends. Yubihama’s people who can call you again should be very few, right?"

——Slightly miss the time of quarreling with Yukoshita!Although it is a boring thing to say that it is purely profitable to speak, but this kind of confrontation that has been slowly reduced from when I don't know, is a very interesting thing to relive after a long time.

On the other end of the phone, Yukino Yukoshita seemed a little silent. When she spoke again, she didn't have the sharpness before: "If you call me, it is for your sister's problem, is that right?"

In this situation of fighting each other with poisonous tongues, first choose Mingjin to retreat, which is not much like Xuexia's style.However, considering that her voice was a little tired when she answered the phone, this is probably a manifestation of her busy mistakes and she doesn't want to waste too much time on meaningless things, right?

"Since the Minister has seen through, then I will not hide it. I think, in this matter, I can ask for an explanation? Although you can say that your proposal at the time did not help me stabilize. Yui sister's emotional meaning-but I believe that Yukino Yukino, who has never lied, will definitely not use this kind of excuse to prevaricate me, is it?"

"Yuhihama, you are as motivated as ever in this regard. Have you blocked my escape from the beginning?" Yukoshita paused and said, "However, your sister signed up for the competition. Did it cause you such a big trouble?"

"Of course there are troubles, but it is not that serious. It's just that Yuukishita's performance surprised me a little - I think if it were you, you should be able to look at this matter more rationally - without asking you to stop it. Sister, but, I think you should be more cautious in your statement, shouldn’t it? Or, what did Yui have said to convince you? Of course, according to my sister’s personality, we must rely on reason to convince you, or Isn't it more difficult?"

"Since it is not too troublesome, my attitude is actually not that important, right?"

"Please answer the question head-on, Minister Yukoshita!"

"I have answered the question head-on."

"Senior Xuexiaxue, your principle, the justice in your heart will cry! If you continue to cover it up like this."

Yukino Yukino on the other end of the phone was not a normal Yukino Yukino.The normal Yukino Yukino should not take a solution to these problems, she should be more confident-even a self-confidence in disguise.

I began to realize that during these three-person conversations between Senior Ogishao, Yui sister, and Yukoshita, there might be more problems than I thought.

From such a hesitant Xuexia, I think, I can't get the answer I want.

"If that's the case, let's stop here, Minister—"

"——Yuhihama," However, Yukinoshita suddenly interrupted me.

"Your sister, this time, really worked hard. I hope you don't let her work hard." To some surprise, Xuexia said something that didn't match her style. More gentle than usual, but with a little envy, a reaction that shouldn't exist in Xuexia Xueno's body.

"The minister means—"

"—In addition, the executive committee, I’m still bothering you, if you can make Ishiki understand her current situation, that would be great." It’s almost the opposite of the long silence just now. Xuexia didn't give me any opportunity to continue to question, so she hurriedly continued.

"Today Isshiki has expressed her attitude to me. She will support the minister's work."

"Really, the speed at which Isshiki wants to drive is much faster than I expected! Thanks for your hard work, Yubihama."

"But relatively, I have promised her that she wanted this position for the final summary speech during the cultural festival performance."

"Understandably, after all, it's an opportunity to show up in front of all the students in the school. I think this is the biggest goal she wants to win for this position, right? I will consider it."

"Should you give me more space? Minister, in some necessary areas that you don't care about, it's not impossible to get a little accommodating."

"Thank you for your suggestion, Yubihama, then, is there anything else you want to report to me?"

——It wasn't until this time that I realized that the direction of the progress of this conversation was completely different from the direction of progress I expected.I should have come to question Xuexia’s approach to her sister’s issue, but in her almost urgent dialogue, I found that the problem has irreversibly returned to the "organizational issue of cultural festivals". on.

This is the first time I have truly felt Yukino's overwhelming obsession with the organization of cultural festivals.

"If there are no other questions--" Xuexia's flat voice came over again.

"--There is one more question, a very personal question." I interrupted Yukoshita's rhythm. I felt that if I got the answer to this question, I might understand the answer to my sister's question.

"Say it."

"Minister Yukoshita, why do you have to be so obsessed with cultural festivals? Just because you are unwilling to accept failure?"

I can imagine that under the snow on the other end of the phone should be like a cat with fried hair, and I can even imagine the gaze of the killing frozen people under the snow at this time-which makes me very thankful for us both People are only communicating on the phone.

However, I feel that this question of mine should hit the core of Xuexia's obsession.

"This is just a chance to exercise yourself!" After a long time, she replied in a more indifferent tone than usual.

"The minister means that your attitude towards the executive committee is the same as that of Sagami who is particularly embarrassed because he doesn't know what he should do?"