My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 218

"If you are willing to understand this way, I won't care too much about your opinion."

"Are you lying, Senior Xuexia!"

"If you're just struggling with such meaningless questions, I don't have so much time to play these boring word games with you."

Really, it doesn't look like Yukino under Yukino, but it looks a bit like the performance of the winter horse and yarn when I got offended by me.

"I see, there are no other questions, Minister Yukoshita, tomorrow's executive committee, also hope to work hard together."

"This should be my line, Yubihama, don't be too distracting."

I just hung up the phone.

I didn't solve my doubts just now, on the contrary, now, I have an updated question.

This is the first time that Yukino Yukino lied to me—the Yukoshita Yukino who advertised that she was absolutely correct. She did not hesitate to lie, and what she wanted to cover up really made me curious!

Under the perfect snow, a crack appeared in the wall of his building, which may be a precursor to the collapse of a castle.

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Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Prologue Is Coming

Compromises between smart people do not need to be formally announced, just use actual actions to express their opinions.Therefore, when the executive committee meeting the next day, Isshiki entered the classroom with me and was silent when Yukoshita assigned new sports festivals and cultural festivals. Yukoshita should have understood Isshiki now. The position is as I said.

The biggest problem that Haruki Kitahara planted in the executive committee has now disappeared for the time being. If Sagami Minami is a person with a particularly reluctant personality, she might go to Kitahara for help so that he can help herself smoothly, but Even so, it is difficult to say whether the executive committee under Yukoshita's control can give Kitahara Haruki a chance to reinsert the nail.What's more, Sagami Minami was obviously not the kind of person who went forward courageously after encountering setbacks. Not long after the meeting of the executive committee started, she ran back to her class with some shock.

To be honest, from my point of view, this is really a person who doesn't even have enough value for use-a person who is too ordinary to be more ordinary, not beyond the abilities of others, and some are just unrealistic dreams. Moreover, there is no perseverance to hold on to this dream.At that time, Kitahara chose Sagami as a puppet, probably because of her ambition. However, what he did not consider is that the perseverance supporting Sagami's ambition is really too weak, right?

No one is perfect and can’t make mistakes. Yukoshita is like this, and Haruki Kitahara is like this. In fact, when Sagami Minan’s sense of existence was taken away by the snow, his biggest mistake had already occurred. .

To support your own puppet, the prerequisite is that the puppet must be able to function, and that the puppet is willing to be in the position of the puppet, ambitious, but not capable enough, perseverance, but not enough to break the constraints of others-choose a puppet It is also a very tricky thing.

Obviously, Minami Sagami, under her usual frivolous background, still lacks enough motivation.

After the absence of yesterday's executive committee meeting, President Cheng Ye appeared in the meeting-the riots caused by her "coincidental" absence yesterday were also a bit worrying in retrospect.But today, whether her appearance is to help round the field when she makes mistakes under the snow, or as the president of the student council to give the executive chairman a kind of spiritual support and trust, this will help today's executive chairman to regain his strength and start Carry out his work boldly.

Even Hiratsuka-teacher, who has never appeared very much, also appeared in the classroom to supervise-although the teacher will basically not play any suggestion role at this time, but with the existence of the teacher, at least the so-called complaint and publicity The dissatisfaction is hard to vent.

I looked at Xuexia, who calmly held the task distribution paper in her hand, and thought of the kind of "persistence" she revealed on the phone last night to the cultural sacrifice organization. At least, from her today, I have fully realized this, after yesterday because of Isshiki's accident that my proposal was temporarily rejected.Today, at the expense of borrowing the strength of the teacher and the support of the student council president, she seems to have to let her task assignments go ahead.

Of course, she did.

"Executive members who are unwilling to take on the work of the sports festival need to pay more attention to the work related to the cultural festival. I hope that the relevant personnel can understand, but for you, the preparation time for the cultural festival is also longer, so These tasks are generally lighter than the work of the executive committee working for the sports festival. Of course, because some of the committee members were responsible for the sports festival in the early stage, for the time being, I still made a series of fine-tunings on the work of some people based on the strengths of the remaining people. , If you have any comments, you can report it to me. So, do you have any comments on this new schedule?"

If there are opinions, of course, it is not impossible to say that if you are critically speaking, this time schedule of Yukoshita still binds sports festivals and cultural festivals together. If the executive committee itself does not need to undertake sports festivals. In terms of responsibilities, then those executive committee members who are willing to undertake the work of sports festivals are actually “voluntary”, and other involuntary people don’t have to pay for them and do more work-these executives who are very good at being lazy The committee members are certainly aware of this.However, no one raised objections.

Of course, because of the sports festival, some of the executive committee members who were assigned other tasks must have some resentment in their hearts, but they did not say anything.

Yukoshita's unrejected aura, and the support from the president to the teacher behind her, might make others feel that it is useless to argue, right?

"If you don't have any comments, let's follow the current work schedule and execute it!" Xuexia pursed his lips, revealing a meaningful smile, a bit like a brave man watching the world, and a bit like being relaxed after completing the task. A breath of comfort.However, it is obvious that no matter how much pressure she bears, the final result is still as she wishes.

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Although I did not make a clear statement, no matter from which aspect, I will be a member of the sports festival executive committee-no matter it is Isshiki or Yukinoshita, they will not let me go.However, as far as the work on the first day of today is concerned, the Sports Festival Executive Committee has not yet fully worked on it.

This is because Xuexia, as the executive chairman, still needs to handle a series of initial work on cultural festivals.When the executive committee gets up to work according to the schedule she gave, then she doesn't need to do everything by herself.

For example, the current preliminary work arrangements for the heads of various associations.

"Seno Chiaki Seno? What does it mean that the acting department proactively said that it can reduce performance time?"

"Chairman, it means literally. The drama department’s previous estimate of the script performance time is a bit too long. Instead of wasted in the planned time, it is better to take the initiative and give more space for other clubs to perform. ——Isn’t the competition for performances of cultural festivals very fierce? The performance department can allocate some time to the executive committee, which makes it easier for the executive committee to operate. I think this is a win-win result for both of us." The director of the acting department—probably the director, a third-year senior with short brown hair and brown pupils, was discussing with Yukoshita something strange to everyone.

All clubs have tried their best to buy more time for their clubs in cultural festival performances. Compared with the performances, the drama club that wants to shorten the performance time seems a bit too "noble".

"This is of course an acceptable result for the executive committee, but I don’t think it’s a good result for the acting department, so I have to express certain doubts about Seno’s proposal. I miss you It’s understandable, right? What’s more, this should be just the opinion of Seno-san himself? Have you been recognized by other members of your community?"

"Because there are more members who withdrew, the time of the drama has to be shortened accordingly!" The girl named Seno replied with an indifferent expression.

So recently Sobu Gao’s organizations tend to break up and strike when the cultural festival is about to come?The previous light music club was like this, and the current acting department is like this, but looking at the performance of that minister, she and Iizuka's attitude are completely different.It stands to reason that compared to the light music club, the acting club is an active club that relies more on members-but the girl's face did not show the panic that should have been due to the decrease in members.

"There are too many members who withdrew, if it affects the viewing effect of the final drama, then the drama department may not necessarily pass the final review process, do you understand? This year's cultural festival performance is different from previous years, it is not registration After that, you can sit back and relax. Even if you enter the final rehearsal session, if your expressiveness is not enough, it is natural to be brushed down. Do you have this consciousness?"

"It is precisely because I have this consciousness, and other people do not have this consciousness, they can only withdraw in the end, classmate chairman."

"Really? So let's do it for the time being, the executive committee will shorten the performance time according to your requirements, but if you want to restore the original scheduled time then it will be very difficult."

"No problem. What the drama needs is expressiveness and impact. It has nothing to do with time. In other words, to show a more impactful plot in a shorter time is the goal I pursue. Thank you. , A reliable executive chairman classmate." Seno Chiaki smiled and waved and left the classroom.

Yukino's brows wrinkled inexplicably.Obviously, she sensed a breath of danger from the director of the acting department.I can understand her feeling, because even from a distance, I can experience that feeling, the insight and acting skills of the actor's genius.

——The name of the last person who gave me this impression was Yukoshita Yono.

So, it is almost certain that Yukino Yukoshita would not like Senior Seno.

Of course, seeing the person who almost passed the director of the drama department and entered the classroom, I think Yuukishita's mood will probably get worse.

Kitahara Haruhi walked into the classroom with a confident smile as he always did.

"Chairman, this is the schedule booked by the Light Music Club."

"Is the light music club?" Xuexia frowned, "but there is no name of the light music club on the list of cultural festivals that I brought from the chairman of the city."

"Ah, sorry, classmate executive chairman, I forgot to explain to you. If you look at the list carefully, you can find that there is a period of free time between the third and second programs from the bottom—then Just leave it to the light music club for a while."

"When the chairman explained to me that this period of free time, he said that he would give a certain amount of buffer space to other programs before—"

"--Of course, if the Light Music Club cannot organize the performance, then this period is indeed a buffer time, but the Light Music Club can now participate in performances. Doesn’t the executive chairman think this buffer time is too long? ?"

Kitahara Haruki smiled and asked Yukinoshita.

As Minister Iizuka mentioned before, as expected, as the former chairperson of the cultural festival, Haruki Kitahara couldn’t leave enough room for the performance of the light music club. And this period of time, indeed As the executive chairman, Xuexia did not expect it.

In other words, a person who seems to have nothing to do with the executive committee of the cultural festival already knows the schedule that only a few people, such as the chairman and the chairman, know about-although his information was changed after Xuexia revised the schedule It should stop there, but it still feels a bit scary.

I couldn't help but look at the president of the city who was seriously dealing with external liaison work.

I believe that President Chengyou is not a puppet-but the problem is that, unknowingly, how much information did she reveal to him about cultural festivals when she asked Haruki Kitahara for help?

"Well, about the specific arrangements for this period of time, I will reconfirm with the president of the city. You can leave the information here first, and we will review it." Xuexia was the one responsible in the end. Yukoshita Yukino, who would not take other actions because of her own likes and dislikes, did not reject Haruki Kitahara's approach, but accepted his information.

"By the way, if I understand the light music club, the director of this club should be Iizuka Takeya-senpai, right?"