My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 219

"Ah, Wu Ye, probably because he was a little embarrassed in front of the executive committee chairman? So he didn't dare to submit the application directly, so I did it for him."

The so-called embarrassment, probably because I asked the Ministry of Service to solve the problem, but then withdrew the request to let the Ministry of Service work for nothing, right?However, let Kitahara, the person who directly caused this result, replace him, wouldn't Minister Iizuka feel the irony more?

Or is it that Kitahara Haruki himself didn't realize this situation either?

I looked at the face under the snow that was even whitish for a while when Senior Kitahara gave the explanation, thinking with some confusion.

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Regarding the Thousand Crystal Demon King, whether to make soy sauce just like this, or to have a greater effect in the future, to be honest, I am not sure.Her image is too complicated and I am not very sure about it. It is my general principle not to write if I can't grasp it, but I don't rule out improvisation without affecting the overall plot, eh.


Chapter 40: Opening

Although Yukoshita has handled the chaotic issue of the executive committee's decision-making level properly, when Haruki Kitahara said with a relaxed expression, "Take is also embarrassed in front of the executive committee." When speaking, it was undoubtedly a naked blow to her self-confidence during this period of time.

Victory afterwards cannot conceal previous failures, especially for proud people.

"If the executive chairman has no other questions, then I will leave the information here first, and I will come back tomorrow to discuss with the executive chairman." Senior Kitahara nodded politely, and turned to the other side as if to this side. The president of the city, who came to look at him, smiled gently, then turned and left.

In this way, Xuexia watched Beiyuan's back disappear at the door of the classroom with some silence, and then she walked to the chairman of the city.

"I think, President, I need an explanation." She lowered her voice and tried not to affect other people. Even in the face of President Chengyou, she didn't have any room for maneuver.

"Xuno-chan, please be considerate of the work of the student union? Kitahara helped the student union a lot in the previous two years, especially last year, in the cultural festival work. If it weren’t for Yukino-chan that you took the initiative to take this responsibility, you might end up I still have to trouble Bei Yuan. Because of this favor, it is natural to help Bei Yuan a little bit?"

"The problem is not here. The problem is, President, you didn't mention this to me before? If the Light Music Club wants to join the final list of performances, there is no chance, but this should also be a formal way, right? This kind of black-box operation has left a place in advance for a society that even members can’t make sure that it’s assembled, and how much dissatisfaction it will bring to other societies, didn’t the president realize it?

"In fact, when I handed over this list to you, I had not learned that the Light Music Club has been reorganized," the president Cheng Ye sighed and said, "At the time, I still only thought of the Light Music Club. It is estimated that there will be a shortage of people in the short term, and the time reserved for them will not care too much. In this regard, your information source channels and I are the same. The time agreed with Beiyuan was also a bit vague. I didn’t expect him to demand so decisively now.”

"In the final analysis, it is the problem that the president was vague and did not determine the specific time from the beginning?"

"Hey, it seems to be like this, but Xue Nao, you see, this is actually not a big problem, right? Just adjust it and ask everyone to discuss it, and it can be solved, right?" Still in that slow, soft tone, she used her usual best way to deal with this somewhat fierce conflict.

Even if Xuexia was already a little angry at her, she just smiled and didn't excuse herself too much. This somewhat made Xuexia's questioning feel a sense of powerlessness with a punch on the cotton.

"So, the president has other so-called'private agreements' that you haven't explained to me? I don't want this situation to happen again." Xuexia frowned and stroked his hand with his finger. Performance schedule.

"No, there is only a light music club. The situation is special, so Xue Nao-chan can solve it with a little hard work, right?"

"That's right--" Xuexia held her forehead, and she could see that she didn't like this unexpected situation.

"--President, I have a suggestion." I didn't know when, Yishi inserted the conversation between the two.

I probably also noticed the look I kept casting over there, and she showed me a weird smile.

"Yoshiki classmate?"

"I'm also one of the joint executive committee chairpersons. Senior Yukoshita listen to my opinion, can you?" Isshishi blinked his eyes and said fightingly.

"Just listen to Xiao Caiyu's opinion!" President Cheng Yu first agreed with Isshiki's words with a smile.

"That's the case. It is of course possible for the Light Music Club to occupy the performance time of the cultural festival, but correspondingly, it must prove that it performs better than other clubs. Therefore, we should be right about the performance of the Light Music Club. It has an additional requirement, that is, let the members of the executive committee always pay attention to their preparation progress. If their preparation is not reasonable enough, or cannot meet the requirements of the executive committee’s excellent programs, we can always put the light music together. This list is taken down-after all, if any show is not good enough, it may disappear from the list. We just have more stringent requirements for light music fans who have not experienced the prior review stage, no ?"

"That is to say, although the unified screening stage that is the same as that of other clubs' programs is skipped, correspondingly, more outstanding performance is required in the preparation stage, right?"

"But who in the executive committee would be willing to do this kind of thankless'supervision' work? After all, if you really want to'supervise', it means going with them in club activities. "Cheng Yi said in confusion.

"On this point, don't worry about it." It was not Isshiki who answered her, but Yukoshita who showed a meaningful smile.

Yukino Yukino looked at Yihuhuiyu with interest, and Isshiki looked back at her seriously.

"Uh, I don't quite understand what you mean!" Only the president of the city looked at them confusedly.

However, this guy Isshiki's ability to be creative is still very good!I have understood what she meant since she just made this suggestion.

"Yuhihama-senpai will be fine, right? The chairman may not know that Yuihama-senpai was also a member of the light music club! He has absolutely no problem communicating with other members of the light music club. Moreover, he must be too. I really hope that the clubs I have participated in can perform well. His review will definitely not release water, right?" Isshiki's eyes almost completed the shape of the crescent, and she happily pointed at me and said.

"Yes, if it is Yubihama, then I can rest assured." Yukoshita quickly agreed.

"Eh, Yuihama-san?" Chairman Shiro looked blankly at Yukoshita and Isshiki, who immediately reached a consensus. "Well, anyway, the executive chairman is the two of you. If Yuihama-san agrees-- "

"——My words, there is no problem." I walked quickly to the three of them, "I am willing to take this responsibility."

A very good assist from Isshiki, I accepted this personal affection.

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Like yesterday, together with Isshiki and Yukinoshita, I once again became one of the last members remaining in the executive committee classroom.

What I almost forgot was that Biqigu, who was also the executive committee, looked at me when he left, but I didn’t understand what he meant without communicating with him. I wanted me to understand the mood of a dead fish-eyed boy. Think I'm still thankful to Bumin.

Of course, compared with yesterday, the atmosphere in the classroom is much more relaxed now.The biggest difference lies in Isshiki's state. She herself is very good at assisting others. When she fell into a misunderstanding yesterday because of her obsession, she felt very unreliable.However, when she adjusted her mentality and was willing to become Xuexia's deputy, she always had a unique ability to make the atmosphere in the classroom less dull.

Of course, this seems to be an ability that makes Xuexia not very happy.

"Hey, Senior Xuexia, the review of the documents here is complete, how can I help?"

"Student Isshiki's task is completed, then go back!"

"But I can be regarded as the executive chairman for the time being. Although Yukoshita-sen is the leader, I really want to help a little bit more!"

"You don't need any more help, you are already working hard, classmate Isshi."

"But isn't Yukinoshita-senior harder?"

"Yuhihama, quickly solve this problem!" Yukoshita frowned and glanced at me helplessly.

She has never been good at dealing with cheeky and clingy girls. When Yi Hue Yu learned her sister's harassment method, Xuexia, who was unable to speak hard to her, must have been very helpless.

For a moment, I suddenly felt that there was the atmosphere of the ministry of the past in the classroom of the executive committee with only three people-just replaced my sister with the same color.

Well, there seems to be someone missing, but we don't have to worry about these details.

However, thinking of Yui sister, thinking of her appearance when she told me that she wanted to participate in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao, I was still a little worried.

"Go to be an inspector of the Light Music Club, I think you know better than everyone of us what to do?" At this moment, Xuexia said abruptly, "Isshiki student rarely has any more reliable suggestions. , But this time, this suggestion is really good!"

"I understand, thank you two executive chairpersons."

"After all, this is the reward for letting Kazuya help me. Although Kazuya finally betrayed me shamelessly, Xiao Caiyu is not a person like Kazuya who did not keep the promise!" Isshiki said triumphantly. This kind of humming and fox-like proud expression makes people feel a little awkward.

"Of course, from the perspective of cultural festivals, if the light music enthusiasts will really perform well, then they should still be allowed to participate in the performance. Everyone has selfishness, but I hope that your selfishness is not too heavy. Well, yourself Just master this scale."

"Minister, your exhortation feels like a parent who sent your child to study abroad alone, making you 25 years old instantly!"

"If you dare to continue to say that, I don't mind making you 250 years old directly."

"Eh, doesn't that mean harmony and immortality?"