My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 220

"The minister said that after 250 years, I will lie directly in the grave."

"Tsk tusk, is Xuexia senior still violent?"

"There is no need to say these words, but from a selfish point of view, I really hope that the light music fans will not be able to perform on stage," Yukoshita frowned, rarely ridiculing Isshiki. Refutes his attack, "It's not just because of Senior Kitahara."

"Is it still because of Yui sister?"

"Do you understand?"

"Of course I understand. Minister Yukoshita has made it clear that he wants to support my sister to participate in the election. However, let alone the huge gap between my sister and Senior Ogisao, if Senior can perform a wonderful performance at the cultural festival, then Popularity will definitely rise to the top, and Yui sister will be even more unable to compete, right? However, I am still very touched by the Minister who is so concerned about her situation!"

"Wait a minute, is Yui-senpai also participating in Miss Chief Wu Gao's election?" Isshishi interrupted the conversation between the two of us in surprise.

Indeed, it seems that she just made this hypothesis with me yesterday, and now she immediately learns that this hypothesis has come true, she must be a little surprised.

"Yes, what you told me after school yesterday, is there any problem?"

"It's not a problem," Yishi revealed a somewhat weird and unacceptable expression, "In this way, I feel that my confidence in fighting for the top three has been lowered!"

"Anyway, you still have two years left, so this year will be regarded as paying tuition!"

"That's not okay. Since I have participated in the competition, I have to do my best. Of course, if you vote for me, I think I can think about it a little bit, so I don't want to worry about it."

"You think too much, this vote will only be selected among older sister and Xiao Muzhen."

"Hey, can you be tactful in front of girls?"

"If you can not issue a card to me, I can consider being tactful to you. After all, this kind of unsparingness is only aimed at you."

"—Cough cough," this time, it was Yuukishita's turn to cough, interrupting my conversation with Isshiki, "If these have nothing to do with the agenda of the executive committee, I think you two can go outside and talk about it if In this classroom, I hope everyone can still focus on the issue of cultural festivals."

I always feel that Xuexia's remarks seem a bit bureaucratic.

"In short, I know that everyone has their own goals, so, without affecting the overall process, to achieve their respective goals, understand?"

This thing of agitation is still not suitable for Xuexia.

However, this is enough.As she said, everyone has selfishness and everyone has their own goals, but there is nothing wrong with completing the cultural sacrifice together.

So, with various purposes in mind, let the cultural festival begin!

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There is still one final chapter to complete.Should there be two more volumes related to cultural festivals?Of course, if it’s a cultural festival, the main plot will still focus on the preparation stage of the cultural festival. After all, the cultural festival itself has nothing to write about. It's a bit interesting as a routine daily welfare chapter in light novels, but it's in the net article. Focusing on pen and ink feels a little watery instead.On the other hand, considering the continuity of the plot, the next volume will skip the sports festival and enter the preparations for the cultural festival.If you have the opportunity, just like the original Harumono, put a 4.5-volume separate story about the sports festival.


Chapter Final

High school stage summary by Hihama Kazuya-Part 4

I think I am still a pretty good performer of my goals.I hardly avoided my mistakes, nor did I deny the problems caused by my changes. When I made up my mind, I knew what I should do.I am very satisfied with this.

So from the moment I decide to change my state, I can take immediate action. The so-called "procrastination", the so-called "buffer time", these remarks are just cowardly remarks, they are just not sure what I should do or not. The pretentious remarks of people who dare to take the step of change.And I will not be like this. I may be a little sad to deny the past, but it is correct to correct it in time and move towards a new future.

Of course, I also admit that changing the status quo has not been completely successful. It is not a particularly simple thing to re-find that point of influence after closing one's own abilities for a long time.When I helped Xiaochun, when I helped Yishi, and also included in the final impact on Xuexia, I did enough to help itself, but the result was not completely satisfactory.

The help of flawed results is certainly not successful.Because human beings are such greedy animals, if you don’t help them, they may not expect your help. However, when you give them help, they cannot achieve the satisfactory state they want. At that time, they will not be grateful for most of the problems you helped them solve, but will simply complain about your inability to solve the problem blindly.

Fortunately, there are still a few smart people in this world-I did not say that they are sane people, but only that they are smart people. Please pay attention to the difference in my terms here.Smart people can at least realize that they can live better with the help of others, but this does not mean that smart people can be fully aware of their true situation.

As I said at the beginning, part of the result of the failure of the help is due to my own mistakes, but another part of the reason is also because of other people's "being blinded".

For example, Senior Xiao Muzhen, I believe Senior wants to tell me something—something she thinks is correct.I will try my best to understand, and I will try my best to understand the correctness of senior, but she is still deceived.Her behavior was blinded by her own emotions, and her judgment was blinded by the wrong information that Senior Kitahara brought to her.If she was not deceived, she might be surprised with me in the choice of details, but, at least in the general direction, she should be able to be consistent with me.If she doesn't, it means that she too is stuck in the quagmire of "pseudo-freedom".

For example, Minister Xuexia, although I and she have reached a strategic understanding, at least one question, I still did not get the answer-why did she choose to run for the executive committee again when she refused in the first place? Chairman.I can’t get the answer, but I can only understand that it was Xuexia’s impulse under the circumstances—whether it was an impulse to reject the President’s proposal for the first time, or an impulse for the second election. Her performance, two conflicting decisions, determined that one of her decisions was irrational.Even if Yukino is calm as snow, he will be trapped by his own emotions and impulses.

For example, Yi Huei Yu, although she made the right choice in the end, it is not so much a conclusion drawn after thinking, but rather a helpless choice when she is emotionally and emotionally exhausted.When she thinks she has a chance, she would rather give up my help, and use that irrational method to challenge the bottom line of Yukino, who is far stronger than herself-this is simply impossible Things that will be done.Having such a thorough understanding of what you want and what you want can not get rid of this point, let alone other people?

So, what is the difference between the unfreedom of these people and the unfreedom of Director Iizuka mentioned earlier?The biggest difference is that most people here, when they violate their "true" wishes, they themselves think they are rational, and rationality and understanding are also the labels they are most proud of.In other words, even these people will inevitably encounter situations where they do not understand their own minds.

This is far more serious than being deceived by stupid people.

The problem lies here, because if this is the case, is it enough to just help those who proactively ask for help?

Those who take the initiative to ask for help, at least lack confidence in their own judgments-people who do not ask for help, they absolutely believe that their judgments are correct.In the same wrong situation, it is absolutely clear at a glance whether the former is better or the latter is better.

Did they really make correct judgments about their truth without asking for help?I believe in human rationality, but I do not believe in human rationality in a society.

Pure individuals may be able to purely judge their own pursuits and expectations, but only human beings are in society-no matter how sane they pretend to be, no matter how lonely they pretend to be, they will only indulge in society for them In the imperceptibility of the large environment brought about-I don't believe in such human rationality.

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In fact, I still want to write a concluding remark for the fourth volume, but it feels a bit wasteful to open a chapter, so just say a few words here!

The first three volumes have their own shortcomings, and the fourth volume also has its own shortcomings. I personally think it is not good. Of course, everyone may not think this is bad, because it lacks the fit with the fourth volume.The plot seems too straightforward, and the dialogue doesn't really need to be delved into, and has no special meaning-I'm comparing it to the camping part of the third volume.

This is probably because I wrote too quickly during the summer vacation. At that time, I asked if the quality had declined because I felt this.The general comment is that the quality has not declined or the writing is more consistent. Of course, some people say that the chapters are read quickly, just like a running account.In fact, this is a different point of view. The plot of the fourth volume is coherent, and all the necessary transitions have been written. However, relatively speaking, there are almost no private goods. It is not good to have more private goods, but private goods If it is less, I think it lacks the kind of feeling I want to give to this book-or, if there is no private goods, then I will not give this book a high evaluation of myself.

The fourth volume is actually the first volume after the protagonist’s change. What I want to write is a protagonist who kept hitting the wall after the change, and then forced himself to develop in another extreme direction. You should be able to see his Keep hitting the wall, but I think that before this final chapter is released, everyone should only see a Heya who is constantly frustrated, disappointed, but forced to stand up again, instead of seeing a more crazy Heya— —I didn't write this out, so I can't be satisfied with the fourth volume.

Of course, the school will start soon. On the one hand, the update frequency of the fifth volume will slow down, and maybe it will find the feeling of writing the middle part of the third volume at the time, but maybe there is not enough time to write that feeling after the school starts. Maybe-all in all, this feeling is very complicated, so try your best!


Chapter 0: High Interruption Chapter-Five

Before I begin this part of my discussion, one example I would like to cite is Higiya Hachiman.Whether it is for Xuexia or Isshiki, I have done a thorough analysis of these "smart people" before.Therefore, I still want to be able to evaluate another so-called "smart person" around me.

Of course, I hope everyone will not forget this guy who always hides in an inconspicuous corner, who seems to have no sense of existence recently.

Higiya Hachiman defines himself as "lonely" and "lonely tall".In short, he is detached from the group, looking at other people's practices from an "objective" perspective, and judging the correctness of others from a "God perspective".Of course, he does have this kind of capital, he has an extremely real insight into the false masks of other people, and he also has the ability to solve problems with his own unique worldview.

However, this does not mean that he is a free man-in fact, he is a typical person who is deceived in the social environment, a "smart man" who is also deceived.

The starting point of his behavior is very interesting-the starting point stems from not believing in the goodwill of other people, and only considering the "maliciousness" of everyone. He just takes all the gentle emotions released by other people as disguise and hypocrisy. The idea of ​​denying everyone thousands of miles away is very interesting.

But I think everyone has also discovered the problem with his thinking logic and the starting point of his behavior-as an "individual" with his own inner desires, he has never considered "what he expects."What is he looking forward to? Is it the same as a normal high school boy who yearns for a better campus relationship or the so-called passionate team friendship-of course, these must have been rejected by him, whether it is manifested or The thoughts in his heart were rejected-but the rejection did not mean that there was no such desire deep in his heart.

Speculation with the greatest malice, if he really vetoed all this, he would have no reason to stay in the Ministry of Service.

Of course, this point can be solved by the forced pressure of Mr. Hiratsuka. Of course, this point can also be solved by the bet made by Mr. May teacher and Higiya secretly-but I still insist on one point, that is, if staying in the ministry is not If Higiya Hachiman's true thoughts were true, then he had no reason to stay in the ministry.

Although it seems that there are various restrictions, there is no actual mandatory restriction on the participation of the four members of the Ministry of Service.

So, in the final analysis, Hachitani Hachiman as a "lonely spokesperson" actually yearns for the collective-this is inconsistent with his performance, his own inner thoughts, and everything he told others.

Therefore, Higiya Hachiman is also a self-righteous wise man.He himself thinks that he has a unique set of logic for dealing with problems and solving problems. He thinks he has found an idealistic correct path-but in fact, all his actions and his heart are split.

Therefore, if necessary, someone needs to unite this division.