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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 221

And this person must be a person who can see through the division of mankind.

So, back to what we call "freedom".I once said that human beings are not free beyond my imagination.I think it is necessary for me to repeat this sentence again: human beings are not free beyond my imagination.

When I said this last time, I thought that many irrational people who are not good at suppressing their own emotions are easily trapped by the environment and emotions, and lose their true thoughts, thus entering a state of insecurity.And this time, I have already arrived. Those who are sensible and good at stripping their emotions to make an "objective" analysis of events are actually no different from the former, and they are also not aware of their own. The truth in the heart is contrary to the actions that I tell myself in name.

If you don’t understand this, you should let people who understand it tell them and correct them.

If it is not clear what it means.

Let me tell everyone.

What we have to do is to control freedom.

Some people know that they are not free, so they ask other people for help. Some people think that they are free but are not free, so they don't ask other people for help.

However, in essence, "not free" is common.People who understand the meaning of freedom also have the same purpose to bring them freedom.

Then the answer is very simple.Anyone can be misled-even if he is as clear as me, he will be misled, so if you don't want to be misled, then from the beginning, the overall situation should be in my control.

I repeat, I cannot save the world. There are so many failed, confused, deceived people in this world, I cannot save them.

However, for the people around me, only by being under my control, can everyone truly realize their "reality".

——Yuhihama Kazuya "High Interrupt Chapter-The Fifth Domination Freedom"

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Volume 5: Freedom of Control


Chapter 1: If you don’t pay attention, the clown will wait for an opportunity

Under the brilliance of the exterior, there may be invisible borers buried within.This universal truth will never lack its market.Of course, this principle also applies to the first-year F class of Sou Takeo who is preparing for the school festival.

From the outside, it appears that since the establishment of the school-not necessarily since the establishment of the school, it is the first year F class of the first-year executive chairman in a long time, which is enough to be enviable.But only when you are in Class F for the first year can you truly appreciate the helplessness in this class.

What the executive committee needs to bear is not only the responsibility of the executive committee, but also the responsibility of organizing the cultural festival activities of the class. This is also when Sagami Minan realized that he might have been emptied under the snow. s reason.At least, in her own class, she can still enjoy the pleasure of directing others.However, as the executive committee chairperson, whether or not he was willing to be Yukoshita's support, Isshiki's focus is still on the executive committee side, which also requires me to stay there and help her. .This also directly led to certain problems in the preparation of cultural festivals in the class.

After all, the two executive committee members are not there, and they just rely on the temporary adjustment of the squad leader, which is not conducive to the preparation of the cultural festival.

I was always the center of sight in the class, and because I became a first-year executive member and highly anticipated by others, of course I won’t be blamed, but my luck is definitely not so good.In other words, the restless group of guys who were in the election of the executive committee chair began to jump out again, playing the role of a clown with self-righteousness.

Of course, the most excited guy who jumped in it shouldn’t be the first time I saw his name. I pretended to be the "Flower Protector" so many times, but in the end I was inexplicably annoyed by you. Is it really a high school student?It's just as bad as a middle school student who has not yet matured.

That's right, it's the guy called Shancheng. I haven't remembered your name yet. I need to look for it in the previous chapters to be sure. Now he is standing in front of me aggressively.

"Yuhihama, the preparations for the cultural festival in the class are slow. As the executive committee of the cultural festival, should you take a little responsibility? I remember that in your'magnanimous' speech, you But tell everyone clearly that you will lead everyone to success!"

With a slightly ironic tone, Shancheng classmate stood proudly by my table and looked at me condescendingly.

"I don't think I haven't completed my campaign manifesto. Otherwise, why do you think our class can compete to defeat so many competitors and get the right to host the'haunted house'?"

"Isn't it because Isshiki is the chairman of the executive committee and has a greater say in this respect?"

——So this kind of little character who doesn't know the truth is really annoying.It was not Isshiki who made the final decision in this regard, but Yukinoshita.Of course, I also believe that if Isshiki had the heart to ask Xuexia, Xuexia would be more accommodating in this regard.

Therefore, in terms of predictable results, even if I don't ask for Xuexia, it is a normal thing for the "haunted house" project in Class F for the first year to pass.So I decided not to care about this detail with each other.

Probably because I did not continue to reply, Yamashiro was even more proud: "Isshiki, as the executive chairman, has to take more responsibilities on the executive committee. We also know this and will be considerate. However, I did not Seeing Yuihama's understanding of Isshiki's classmates, Isshiki's classmates need to put more effort on the executive committee's side, so, on the other hand, shouldn't Yuihama classmates put more effort into the class? But you always Stick with Isshiki's classmates and stay in the executive committee-I heard that your work arrangement on the executive committee is chores. This shouldn’t be a time-consuming job, right? But you have been in the implementation. The committee does not come back, can I understand that you are running for executive committee, and you are not as high-sounding as you say, you just put a false promise to the students, the actual purpose-I know this may be I am suspicious, but the actual purpose, this has to make students feel suspicious!"

Well, Shancheng has said so much hard work. As for the so-called "actual purpose", if you say it, I won't do anything to you, because isn't the actual purpose of your own mind?Since Yi Huishiyu is an executive member, I want to get close to her through the opportunity of being an executive member, right?What a terrible way for boys to please girls!

I saw the one-color body who had been just standing by my side trembling suddenly, and she raised her hand as if she was ready to defend me.

However, I stopped her.

"Well, Yamashiro's remarks may have been a bit too much, but his proposition is still okay," the class leader and classmate who was old He Shi walked over and said, "The purpose of each class having two executive members is not here When an executive committee member cannot take care of the problems of the committee and the class, the work of the two executive committee members needs to be focused and divided. Since Isshiki students certainly cannot pay too much attention to the affairs of the class, then only Yubi Classmate Bin, you—"

"--This is the case, in addition to my previous work, but after the sports festival, I was also assigned other work by the executive committee--"

"——Yuhihama, if you are unwilling to assume the responsibility of the executive committee, you don’t have to be the executive committee member. You are so responsible for the work of the committee, don’t you care about the affairs of that class?"

So, Yamashiro, it is a good idea to retreat in many cases. I believe you are not a fool, but the most taboo of adolescent boys is to be dazzled by hormones!

"Of course, I never said that I would put class affairs aside, especially when Isshiki has no time. But what I am worried about is, like Yamashiro, will you be personally complaining about me? Instead of trying my best to implement my arrangement?"

"How is it possible? If your arrangement of affairs is reasonable and reasonable, then why do I disobey your arrangement? After all, you are an executive committee member, aren't you? If there are people who disobey the arrangement, I will be like now. Go and question him-but only if you have arrangements for Yubihama."

"Yes, right, I know that Shancheng, you are such a person who doesn't bear any personal complaints, so please ask Shancheng and the monitor to see this arrangement?" I took out the task assignment and time arrangement form that I had already prepared. , Said, "To be honest, I don't think everyone in the class is very clear about what they are good at. Therefore, when preparing for the registration before, everyone rushed to a certain project according to their own preferences. During this period, although I did not do much intervention, I still have a rough idea of ​​what kind of work all the students are suitable for. And according to this timetable, referring to the progress of our preparations, I want to Before the festival started, there was more than enough, so I trouble the monitor and Shancheng to assign tasks to everyone according to this schedule, okay?"

Looking at the mountain city that was a little staring at the pocket, I smiled helplessly.

A fool should have the consciousness of a fool, right?

"Uh, what if something goes wrong?"

"As long as it’s not someone deliberately resisting the arrangement-of course I believe there will be such a person, but I think Yamashiro will definitely help, won’t it? Moreover, my schedule is not difficult to complete, if someone If they have any comments on this, they can come to the classroom of the executive committee to ask me questions one by one. Trust me, I will convince them one by one."

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"So, Kazuki, your trick is to learn from Yukoshita-senpai?" He asked curiously on the way to the executive committee classroom.

"Student Isshiki, why can't you say that Minister Yukoshita's trick was from me?"

"But after all, Yukoshita-senpai did this first, right?"

"Well, in fact, with this simple trick, a simple-minded guy like Shancheng will be fooled. Of course, if he is not the kind of simple-minded guy, he won't be fooled by you—"

"——I don't make much use of them now, or they are still around me now I am very troubled!" Retorted dissatisfiedly.

"But in fact, you still didn't issue them a card. I think it's easy to send them a card to make them feel desperate according to how often you issue cards to me."

"Huh, but isn't this bad? They are all classmates after all."

"So, classmate Isshiki, why didn’t you think that I was also your classmate—well, let’s get down to business, unlike you, who just wants to compete with Minister Yukoshita, the situation in the class, I also There is indeed concern. Although the previous arrangement in the class was so chaotic that it was indeed a bit beyond my expectations, the squad leader’s ability to integrate everyone was worse than I expected. But these are all within the controllable range. If at first If I just throw out this plan, everyone will be more or less dissatisfied with Xuexia at the time. The method used by Xuexia is indeed to divide one group and draw one group together, and those who remain will feel that I got the benefits, and I won’t have too much disgust. Of course I can’t do this. If I do, some people will give up completely, right? So my approach is to let it go first. Everyone urgently needs it. When someone comes to tell them what to do, he will give them a schedule and solve the problem. As for the occasional small resistance that may happen next, just persuade it, right?"

"According to what you said," said Isshi frowned, "this is indeed not the method of the predecessor Yukoshita, it is a bit like—"

"——I know who you are going to talk about," I glanced at a somewhat unspeakable expression, and said lightly, "This set of methods is more like Kitahara Haruki's method, isn't it? Deliberately disturb the situation, and then come out to save World. I don’t deny this. However, my approach and his approach are somewhat different. Kitahara Haruki’s thinking is that even if there is a better time to intervene in the problem, he will wait until the problem erodes, except for him. People can't save, he will do it. And when I solve this problem, I don't have a better chance to solve the problem of unity and fighting spirit of classmates more quickly. In other words, I am choosing the best solution. He is choosing the solution that best reflects his role. I think you understand the difference between the two?"

"I understand for the time being, but Kazuya, don't you think it's dangerous for you to do this? It's like dancing on a tightrope all the time. If you are not careful, you might become Senior Kitahara."

"I remember you were worried during the summer vacation. I would become scary. Do you think that after the change, I have become scary?"