My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 222

Yishi looked at me for a long time, shook his head, and said nothing.

Her brown eyes did not sparkle with the bright brilliance as usual, which obviously means that her mood is actually not easy.

I always have a feeling, a color feather, it seems that I no longer trust me as before.

The price of change is still a bit heavy!

I sighed, looked at Isshiki’s eyes, and said, “Isshiki, what I hope you understand is that now I can handle the problem. Moreover, after experiencing the previous things, I believe even more. All the problems are under my control, and all talents will not make mistakes. Smart as you are, they will also make mistakes because of the jealousy towards Xuexia. Everyone will make mistakes. Let everyone not It is too difficult to make mistakes, so I am doing my best to prevent everyone from detours. I hope you understand that everything I am doing now is because of this best result."

However, Isshiki's eyes revealed a rare color of confusion, she still did not respond to me, even, as if she was avoiding something, she turned around and ran away ticking.

"The meeting of the executive committee is about to begin, Heya, don't be late." She avoided my question and said.

At that moment, I felt the shadow of a colored feather that Yuihama transformed into.However, without the self-confidence and sharp sharp angles, will it still be the real one?


Chapter 2: Stress is reflected in emotions

In the classroom of the executive committee, most of the lax executive committee members resumed their work because of the end of the sports festival.Although the just-concluded sports festival and the golf tournament have left most people in a relatively tired state, the success of these two events undoubtedly gave the executive members who questioned Xuexia a reassurance. .No matter when, capable people must rely on results to speak.

However, even so, there will be people who are dissatisfied with her decision.For example, Mr. Iizuka, who is now anxiously explaining something to Yukinoshita.

I don’t know if it’s because of what happened to Haruki Kitahara. Minister Takeya Iizuka, who claims to be "I'm sorry to meet with Yukinoshita", is now trying to explain something with Yukinoshita.If you want to list the person that Director Iizuka will least want to meet in the future, it is true that Xuexiaxue can be among the best.

After all, Iizuka-san, who is usually self-confident and somewhat dashing, still shrinks in front of Xuexia. This kind of dark history, for Senior Iizuka, I still want to forget as much as possible.

"Is it unnecessary to send members of the executive committee to inspect the work of the Light Music Club?" Although weeping, Director Iizuka managed to squeeze a somewhat nondescript smile and said, "Although we are just now I started to prepare, but both Dongma and Xiao Muzhen, including Chunxi, are very capable. There is no problem in preparing for the performance before the cultural festival."

"If you are recruiting members for your light music club, your newcomer tells you, whether it’s guitar, saxophone, or clarinet, I’m very good at it, but I don’t have these instruments on hand now, but believe me, let When I join the club, you will realize my value-what is the difference?"

"If there is such a person, I would never examine him, and let him join the ministry directly." Director Iizuka replied without hesitation.

Of course, he later realized that Xuexia was cold and didn't want to joke with him.

"Uh, I can actually understand the executive committee's concerns about us. After all, we did not enter the final list of performances through a formal selection process. But the executive committee has to send an executive committee to monitor our performances, and we will be very awkward. , Isn’t it? And the time of the executive committee is very precious, right? So, let’s make a compromise. We will come to the executive committee to give a debriefing performance at every preparation stage, so that you can let you know our progress. ,is this okay?"

"Senior Iizuka, here I can remind you more kindly. As laymen, we can only tell if your song is good or not, but cannot tell how far you are prepared. If it’s your first time When reporting the performance, I feel that your performance is not enough to be on the stage of the cultural festival. I think I have the right to propose to directly reject your opportunity, so you really want to put your club on the stage of the cultural festival. The possibility depends on several key presentations. The university entrance exam will also pay attention to your usual scores. You never hope that your usual efforts will be ignored? From my point of view, sending observers is what The greatest help for you-if the observer thinks that your level can indeed be on stage, then even me, I dare not act arbitrarily!"

"Even so," Minister Iizuka was still in a bad mood, "Yukishita, didn't we still work hard back then, wanted to put the light music club on the stage of the cultural festival? That, consider Until then, our efforts together—"

Obviously, Director Iizuka is playing an emotional card now.However, Minister, have you really considered that this card will not be counterproductive?

Xuexia is not a person who is so easily emotional because of this kind of thing. On the other hand, the thing you are talking about is not a small stain for her!

"I have to tell Senior Iizuka one thing, that is my different identities at different times. As a person who lives in this world correctly, it is necessary to recognize his different identities at different times, and it is most taboo Yes, I was confusing my identity in different times and places. At that time, as the minister of the Ministry of Service, I wanted to complete the commission you put forward. Therefore, I was doing my best to restore the operation of the Light Music Club. Let the light music club be on the stage of the cultural festival. However, my current status is the executive chairman of the cultural festival, so what I have to do now is to prevent an undesirable program from appearing on the stage of the cultural festival. Therefore, If I were you, the first thing I would do now is not to use this old story to get close to the executive chairman, but to improve my performance as much as possible to meet the high requirements of the executive chairman."

The smile on Minister Iizuka’s face still slowly disappeared. He was so reprimanded by Yukoshita who was one level lower than himself, and he was obviously a little bit shameless. Will use the tone of relentless reprimand to speak to seniors like this.

"Um, Chunxi said, he has already done it, this, I also explained to the student council president--" Senior Iizuka gritted his teeth, and then said his most unwise remark this afternoon.

"——Excuse me, Iizuka-senior, is it that Haruki Kitahara is the executive chairman or I am the executive chairman? Is Haruki Kitahara a member of the student council? That Haruki Kitahara is a member of the executive committee Didn’t he participate in the work of the executive committee with a legitimate identity, and said, “I have done it,” to the performance arrangement of the cultural festival. How much authority does he think he has? Don’t think you have been such a one or two years. Chairman Satoshi’, you can do whatever you want with this year’s cultural festival!"

Something too harsh that doesn't fit Yukoshita's character.Yukoshita's voice was even too loud when he said this, and it attracted the attention of some executive members who were not concerned about the situation there.

Of course, because of the unprecedented holding of the sports festival, Yukoshita's prestige is now in an unprecedented position, so the vast majority of executive committee members have cast their doubts on the now-faced Director Iizuka.

I took a look at Yukoshita. Although the result was good, she was still too uncomfortable to do so. Maybe it was Haruki Kitahara herself, but she could still control her emotions. However, in the face of her own ability When not as good as his senior Iizuka, Yukoshita still didn't adjust his mood.

Of course, the dissatisfaction with Kitahara Haruki is true.However, according to Yukoshita’s usual style, she would not point out her dissatisfaction, she would just crush the opponent in the way she is good at—at most, when defeating the opponent’s conspiracy, she showed contempt at the opponent. It’s just a smile.

Although through her own identity, through her own direction, when facing Iizuka-senpai, she has gained an incomparable advantage in this regard, but she is still very irritable-as if the one who has the disadvantage is herself Instead of the other side.

Yukino's mood, as she demonstrated, was not calm.Not everyone is suitable for peacefully solving problems, but Xuexia is definitely not the one who is suitable for solving conflicts with radical means.For people who understand her, such as me, or Biqigu, who is holding an upside-down document and peering at her from the corner of her eye, can feel the tremendous pressure on her.This kind of pressure does not even come from Haru Kitahara, but from herself.

It can be seen that she is forcibly supporting herself and reluctantly, continuing to work hard.

However, for those who don't know her, her severe rebuke has had a good effect.Director Iizuka finally nodded in surprise, and accepted Yukoshita's point of view.

If it was a smart person like Kitahara-senpai, he might have expected this ending from the beginning, so he wouldn't even have to entangle with Yukoshita.Of course, this is not to say that Director Iizuka is an idiot. However, to talk so much with Yukoshita is not an ideal plan.

——Of course, it is not necessarily an ideal solution.I looked at Xuexia, whose face was also slightly pale, and thought.

"So, who is the classmate who arranged for us to observe? Although the executive committee chairman may not listen to us so, I hope that the classmate who observes is only responsible for the task of observation, if it is necessary to interfere in the activities of the light music club ——Then I really have to consider, Xuexia, if you are deliberately stumbling with light music."

"Don't worry about this," Yukoshita pressed his temple and said, "It is Yubihama who is in charge of observing your situation. He will be in contact with the light music and the executive committee, so that you can Do you see our sincerity?"

Director Iizuka's gaze found me, and I nodded softly at him.

"If this is the case, then we can only agree." He said helplessly.

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After Director Iizuka left, Yukoshita put his chin on his hands, as if thinking about something.

But soon, she shook her head and reopened the file in front of her.

Isshiki around her obviously noticed her abnormality, and opened her mouth a little nervously, as if she wanted to say something, but in the end she didn't say anything.

Sitting on the other side under the snow, often hiding in the executive committee classroom, Sagami Minami, who appeared unexpectedly in the classroom today, carefully patted the shoulder under the snow.

"Student Xuexia, if there are a lot of things, you can leave it to us," she said.I don't see if Sagami said this sentence sincerely, or he had a conspiracy.

But obviously, the answer that Yukinoshita can make is still the same, or in her position, she can make only one answer when she is aware of the purpose of Sagami's existence.

"It's nothing, don't worry too much. Just complete your tasks according to my plan. The same goes for Sagami."

"People just want to help Yuukishita, so they say--"

"——So, now I have no conflicts with Isshiki-san, and Sagami-san, you don't have to deliberately create conflicts between us and then reconcile, do you?" Yukinoshita interrupted her mercilessly.

Sagami's face turned white "swish", and the words of Yukoshita obviously caused her to be outraged.

"I only care about Yuukixia, if Yuxiaxia feels it is unnecessary, then forget it, haha, haha!" Sagami Nan's body squeezed into his chair.

"Ah, I suddenly remembered that the stage play in the class today is being finalized! I should review it, that's it." Then, as she had done countless times before, Sagami Minami fled.

For Yukoshita Yukino, dealing with a Sagami is as simple as eating at ordinary times.

Everyone finally realized that today’s executive committee chairman seemed to be more strict. Therefore, the executive committee did not have the laziness that was when the cultural festival was just restarted, and everyone began to work seriously— -This can be said to be a surprise.

However, Yukoshita Yukino, who was the core of the entire executive committee, seemed to be in a state of daze after picking up the documents in his hands.

Such kind of Xuexiaxuno is not conducive to me achieving my goal!

I stood up and walked to her side.

"Yuhihama, what's the matter?"